17-04-16 (Migrants and Maastricht)

Welcome James, welcome Peter.

Four score and ten is a number of which our purpose will show.
(Note: Four score and 10 is 90, possible reference, Queen’s Birthday, maybe the emphasis is birthday – new beginnings as mentioned in previous messages, new beginnings July/August?)

Come before us with gratitude and honour in your heart as we focus upon your being of life.

Temperaments are frayed between those that argue about the purpose of the energies present, they see that which is written and they hide their heads in the sand as the birds of the desert hiding from the burning sun. Contrast are you to those who do not seek the truth in their lives, your temperament is bold with purpose in mind, caress this thought that we are here with wisdom and might to spread the words of the Lord to those of your world. Combined, our strengths will reunite those of intent.

Commence your work as instructed let no one hamper you in your stride as your purpose is to focus on us, clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and let us speak through you in a manner befitting that of the Lord. Combined words will seek out those who need instruction on their paths of light, they are unaware of their focus upon us, they assume that they work for spirit by bringing messages of love to those in need, but in truth their purpose is twofold they see one side of the story without ever looking deeper for the true meaning of their journeys. Comparatively you are the opposite to them, your mind is working on a different level / vibration that hums with intent and purpose. Complex your mind, it’s needs are many but focus on the simple things that we bring.

Comments are made on our words and it is good that they are seen and questioned as questions bring knowledge and purpose to those who are looking for answers.

Guest are you in our presence, complex our minds, unfathomable to you and your like, fashionable trends seem to be with comments of a nature of bygone days when life was simple and problems few, today’s world is complex with the needs of the many, it cannot cope with the pressures put upon it so there must be a release, a source to which their minds can focus.

We do not need to speak of our intentions to those who would not listen, by the focus of your mind you constitute a release, do not assume that you are the one to whom this gift is solely given, your next steps will commence in June as Mother Nature warms up.

The minds and the hearts before we are destined to Her new beginnings never doubt that we are not close by, for we are neither man nor beast, we are the light, a simple focal point in time, in our wisdom and network vast among your people, we adhere to those who have purpose in their lives.

Complete your tasks as we guide your steps, common knowledge now you’re purpose grows. Take steps to show your sincerity, formulate answers in a manner fitting of the Lord, work closely with others to combine your thoughts, the mind power of the light and by your combined strengths you will enlighten those on the brink of indecision. Tasks that you are all are given represent the true nature of us.

Your mind is weak, relax let us in.

You observe the moon and the star in the night sky as if you have never seen it before, your enlightenment and awareness of us intrigues you, you look to see motion in the infinitesimal universe. (Note: Moon and Jupiter are highly visible just after sunset at the moment, before any other stars appear) Your attention is drawn to many things and how it will dictate that which is necessary. Your motives and needs are many, truly we know of your stance. Retrospectively we commend you for your work of which there is need in your world of matter.

Today’s events will unfold before your eyes on the noon of the morrow, you have no idea of the sadness it brings us to see such awful sad times in your world of matter, (Note: the following day hundreds of migrants lost their lives -)

Necessitate your awareness as needs be to educate your thoughts and emotions that drive your purpose before you, you can’t say that you are unworthy as you will be tasked. Immense fortitude to carry out your purpose, you’re heart belongs to the light, use it to bring happiness to those who need guidance. Comparatively you’re at odds with your thoughts, still you’re mind, allow ours to enter clearly and freely of your will.

Goodness knows of the happiness it brings us to see your awoken heart before you, knowledge is key and required by all who task you to give answers to their questions, transmit your thoughts of love and desire with an open heart to us of the realm beyond yours. Lasso your thoughts in regions of love and commitment. Let our thoughts flow as the rivers run through the valleys of your world, for as they flow, their energy builds culminating into a mighty force that cannot be stopped by man or beast, it is the flow of life that runs through your veins targeting your memories of past lives, your comprehension of which is unclear in the heavy atmosphere of this world, relax your mind, see the light allow it to flow. Progress your mind and fix it upon your heart of love.

Nature will take her course, and in due course, Her veins are filled, (fjord, phyllopus) of life that tarnish your beings upon the planet, her motions can be felt by the tremors in the islands off the Pacific culminating in a mighty explosion of expression. (Note: The reference to fjord, phyllopus, fjord meaning oceanic rift valley, maybe referring to pacific ring of fire and does the phyllopus refer to the plankton and upwelling of life from the heated area of water currents causing a unnatural blooming of plankton?)

Communardous wishes to express his concern for the Polynesian-peoples, their focus is on life and the hidden dangers beneath their feet cannot be seen. Your instruments that measure vibrations are at fault, they cannot see what is to come, a disaster of epic proportion will unfold before the world of life, but take heart that these events are designed to clear the veins of Mother Earth so that she may breathe in the love of the light.

Topples the mountains of love, they sing the song to the world of the lands, (see lyrics of the song: Mountain of Love ) she cannot hold her emotions for the abuse set upon her, like an itch that has to be scratched she will act in her nature on the Earth. The foolish who built their houses, their dwellings upon earth in strategic areas will suffer an amount of loss that will shake the very foundation. Knowledgeable are you of these events to occur in the month of May. Perhaps in some way the words will make sense to those who will not listen, culminate your feelings of despair at the fracture of the Earth as she jolts, we cannot say how many will be lost but know they will be welcomed in their new life.

Disappointed we are to see that some of your flock disrespect your abilities, how can they say they know of these things when we have not spoken to them, they should listen and be observant of the condition of their minds for their need is not of aspirations of love but of focus upon themselves, they need to check their minds belief.

Guided are you by those of the light, task yourself with thoughts of love with the memories of those that have gone before you for they are your power, they are your spirit. Choices that you have made in your life that have guided you to this point were unseen by you at the time of decision, but know that you’re focus is on track. Don’t allow the mind to prepare unconsciously, respect our words as they come from us and know that tolerance is essential, publish your notes for the purpose intended for they are to be seen by the many and not the few.

Your rivals will unweaken the de-carries. (K & V NOTE: maybe it should be awaken the decries – decry meaning to publicly denounce? We are not sure about this sentence, anyone any ideas? It would seem this sentence is maybe about those who would go along with the blinkered views of the general populous?) with the flow. They exorcise their minds in a manner not fitting that of the light, although they are few, they exist, their purpose driven by greed, can’t they see that what was given, was given in love for them to use as a tool to guide others in the obedience of the Lord.

A parachute descends from a tower, trouble your mind not as to the wisdom of this, for they are seed who’s imbeciles torture themselves, disrespect their lives and base jumpers they are called, their numbers grow, unwise decisions made as they descend on a pillow of air, what are they thinking.

Complete your tasks assigned to you, let your heart flow with the love of the Lord, blessings be upon you and those who adhere to the words that are given by us, their names of the light are heard in many places, Gabriel, Homer, Demetrius)

She is unseen but there are complex levels of spirit far beyond your comprehension, your minds tasks are few and trivial, we are the Enlightened Ones who would bring purpose to your life and meaning to those who are willing to see the light before them. Task your mind with the purpose before you, allowing no other to intimidate or redirect your thoughts, your mind is true, our words our strength, complete their meaning with your love. Trouble your mind not with what we say but let the light in to refurbish your mind with beauty and love.

Toppled are men of ignorance, by those who see the beauty of the light, for they and their purpose are false upon your Earth, many members of many States upon your Earth will reveal to you their knowledge of the ones they have seen on their scopes. They cannot contain that knowledge for as water leaks from a hole in the bucket so information will leak to the world, the true knowledge of us beings of the light. Inspectorates beyond your vision will announce their arrival in the mid to late seasons, your month of August is a start.

Acting out your mind to the thoughts of spirit, pressures upon you will increase, command your purpose, devote your time to that which needs to be said to the world of life. Convey our wishes and thoughts to those in your networks, allow us to extend our greetings to mankind through your words of love and wisdom, confide in us your concerns and we shall give the answers needed to restore your strength. We cannot control your body only your mind and thought, you can feel us, sense us as we part the physical, comparatively your brain will shudder at the intellect that connects, don’t be afraid of what comes next, it is meant to be in the purpose of time, don’t dissuade, think that of we, you and our present, but know our strength and wisdom will drive you forward at a pace uncommon to you.

Prepare your mind for the knowledge and wisdom, and focus your thoughts upon our Starship that nestles in the skies above you, prepare yourself to be amazed by our appearance, for we are of nature that would be strange to you, may you feel our focus in your body, relax and let our thoughts in. Tremors of the mind are a natural reaction to vivid thoughts of colour in spectrum.

Test your heart by means of love, extend your arms to those that reach to you, caress their emotions with your heart of love, we now feel your mind has purpose, your emptiness will be made full in the new fall, you feel us, our body ( this is not imagination but I did feel overshadowed very briefly ! ) naturally we are strange to you. Concern yourself not for the words spoken for they are not for you…… ( my voice now in a higher pitch ) …. But for the many, gratitude features in many hearts of love, our nature is that of peace and hope for your planet, do not despair as we enter your being of love.

Controversy will spark a rift in governments who seize power over others…. ( could this mean that we stay in the E.U but our government will be split by this decision and lose power as the E.U will put restraints on this country’s power? be warned if you vote to stay in. ) (K & V Note, also at present the Brazilian Government are impeaching their own president for corruption).

Your knowledge will ease the minds of the many who follow the light, commence your plans to ignite in the hearts and minds of those all the love of the Lord, and his blessings and countenance be upon them.

Turmoil in your world is necessary to wash clean those men of dishonour, many will fall before the light of the new dawn in a battle for humanity, man against man and the Beast, unite your hearts to combine your strength in equal measures.


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