19-04-16 (Earthquakes and Arcturians)

Welcome James and friends.

You speak of peace, love, and honour for the righteous path which you walk to fulfil your purpose before the life of man. Complex your thoughts (‘welcome Peter’) to the outrageous memories of those of ill will, their path is in the dark, to their end they will march as blind men never seeing the light, never knowing the love that shines within. God radiates in all men who walk the Earth for he is a part of each and every man upon the earth.

We neglected to speak of other memories of the past before you, let us begin the evening with worship to the God of the light in the heavens. Many times we have spoken through men of the Earth to warn of the dangers of times to come, never heeding the words that are sent, for his biological path overrules his mind, when it fades within awaken your light with love, honour, respect.

Go to your tasks knowing that we are of the world beyond yours, our masters by which your world was formed millennium ago.

Concentrate you’re focus upon us as we redirect your mind, control your nerves, allow us in with purpose and respect. Continue as if existence of man is guaranteed for the purpose intended, but those of ill will, will suffer nine times before they are freed to the gates of heaven.

Let us not interfere with the everyday path that you lead, negotiate your life in a manner befitting of the Lord. With love honour and respect for your fellow man, paths that intertwine in the years to come are roads that lead to that one place where purpose began. The love in your heart will guide you as a compass on a map. Your thoughts of mind argue with the context of what is said, but rest assured that the words have meaning beyond your understanding.

Commencement of the Arcturian’s will begin in the August, you will notice a darkening of the skies ( dust from an eruption? ) As we commence our burden upon you, cannot say how many will live or die, but rest assured those of the light will enter a new era of love and light from which the purpose of Divine inspiration will spring. Neglect not the pattern of your life, for it is humble and unique to you as each individual is unique to himself, but intertwined are your paths of righteousness. Your concepts of Mother Earth are fake, (Note: K has also been told in circle some years ago that the world is not as we perceive it to be). Your knowledge increases with the passage of time to which our respect is given.

Allow us the time to intercede with your being, drift away in your thoughts of human activity as you are a part of spirit in which humanity exists beyond this Earth, your knowledge is key of the Divine to practice the many aspects of love.

Commencement of your work will begin shortly as you inspire others to look upon you as a teacher, needless to say that we will escort you on your path of life. Will you force those who would in turn inspire you as to the correct guidance required.

We spoke of men who topple in the fall ( Autumn ,September onwards perhaps ) their lives are filled with happiness and joy of the material things of the Earth, but they are empty inside, their souls have deserted their hearts purpose, they are blessed with ignorance by those of another world whose dubious methods should not be seen by the light.

Nigeria will fall into darkness as the rush for gold commences, man will eat man (Note: metaphorical we hope!) in his desperation to become rich, but what use is that to their souls when they pass from this world of flesh, huh they are ridiculous men. Dishonour, disconnect yourself, for these trivial things of your Earth. Come with us on a journey so spectacular that it will astound you beyond your minds imagination, increased tenfold will be your knowledge.

As to our whereabouts, that is to remain anonymous at this time, for their are those who would shoot first and ask later. Their black hearts will not accept a dominant species to rule in their place upon this Earth, but they are inferior to what we can achieve, for they like locusts of the Earth feeding off the rich fertile soil without a care, with a ferocious appetite that never ceases, for the love and hunger for the riches, huh, what careless men are they to desert their souls in favour of materialistic things.

Speaking here tonight we are compelled to initiate thoughts to your mind of focus, it takes concentration, appetites are fed through knowledge, you will receive tenfold.

Our purpose will initiate a sequence of events starting with a magnitude four earthquake within the region of Essex, there will be a jolt so profound that the Cosmos will act in accordance to the ringing sound that is projected by the vibration. Protected you are for these things from negative thoughts and comments, be precise in your words, accuracy is vital in the coming days.

Heresy, conflict is assured as the escalation mounts. Panic will envelop the minds of all at the prospect of a supersonic event cascading down on you from the heavens above. Fearless you need be to ride out the storm. Your friends will survive as you all band together to ease the tensions of people’s minds, through the knowledge that the Lord above and a host of ghosts will be with you, helping to ensure that the passing of the many to the light will be fruitful of love.

Connect with us your feelings so that we may temper our responses, don’t be negative in your aspects of speech, be gentle, caress the words so that the meaning is clear but without fear.

Target your emotions for the time to come when all men will see the reality of life…. ( evp ” Attenborough, does he know “)…. you will work with the minds of the many with thought and feelings of despair, this is not your purpose, give strength to those who need it that caress your words, once more be gentle with the minds who’s aspects cannot comprehend an end to being.

Together we will force an emotion of love consistent with that of the Lord, for he is the master of love and seasons commence your heart to its task, speaking the words in a gentle fashion, navigate your minds resources to aspire to your purpose.

Communardous respects your wishes, he heard “come next to you ” … ( I remember inviting him to come closer to me in my mind )… his expressive love and compassion is upon you, neglect not your thoughts of wisdom and love, transfer your minds eye to our origin, taking messages of love to the masses in your world of flesh. Neglect us not in the coming days when your minds aspects will be observant of the skies above, Nigeria is a focal point of our being.

Comes as no surprise to us that your mind is a little vague, for as the vessel is empty so shall it be filled with purpose of heart, Communardous wishes to thank all those that work alongside you, his grateful wishes go out to them with peace and love.

Continuance of mind and focus is essential for the beings of your planet. Your mind is a tool and has many depths beyond that of your sight, they think they know the whereabouts of your purpose, how can they, for you are spirit.

As for the rest of your world we will task them to open their eyes to the prospect of what is to come before the months ahead are completed. Nevertheless we are sad of the news we bring as it is no easy task to be a leader of men, painful duties must be performed to gain respect and honour, to lead them on a path of light, to tell them of the stories of eons past, where men worshiped idols of logs and stone, their aspirations were of the ones of the light that bathed them with gifts of knowledge. Consideration was given to their status as they were murderers with evil intent, not knowing the graceful beings of the light, we astounded them with miracles before their eyes. They could not grasp nor understand our purpose or being they see us as gods, as our light shone.

Continuance of our ways was as we wrote it, by love, hence the name Artirial…… ( should be article, amazingly the name Amagbear led me to an advertisement of somebody wanting a house in a particular area, after looking at the advert, it is not the ad that’s important, but the date of Thursday, June 28, 1866
The Pittsburgh Daily Commercial from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 2  ).

Magnitude will force the vote of times passage ! ( ref to the times newspaper ! After the line referring to the ( in / out ) vote over Europe membership in a previous transcript does this mean there will be a vote of no confidence in the government! )

Before your time is done my son, doubtless you will know the meaning of love and the respect of the many, comparatively you are of the light as those of the dark.

Never regret your purpose at hand, as painful as it may be for those to hear the truths and the words of spirit, beyond which their comprehension is unable to grasp. Movement of their minds will dictate their actions on this Earth and we will not abandon those of the light, their hearts are strong with the love.

Commencements of our actions have begun on your world of matter, we are the many who ascertain you life’s functions, compliance with us will be met with gratitude and love. Respect and honour is all that we ask of man, matters at hand will be resolved with new vigour upon your Earth of matter, now we hear of the many that perish as they fight for their lives in the waters of the Mediterranean, compelled are they to seek out a new life pattern so that they may find happiness for their families without war and degradation inflicted by others, who see themselves as the rulers of Earth. Their time will come in a cascade of almighty storms culminating in their extinction.

Please do not attempt to focus on those of the dark for they are unworthy of your light, you question your manner before the many, rest assured we guide your path. What if the seasons were of joy and fellowship of man, wouldn’t that exercise the demons of the light? Wouldn’t that enlighten others to join you in the joy of love and respect in the Forests of Dean. (V Note: Just a thought: Earth Heart Centre  – whatever it means it is a beautiful and ancient forest)

Complimentary attitudes will exist for many a decade of bygones past. ( your focus is lost, concentrate! ).

Commencement of the knowledge will begin with the seasons dawn, a miracle of life will transform your mind beyond that of which it exists. Extreme measures are needed to coax those from the dark and into the light, we regret such actions but it necessitates to bring focus to those who are conscious of our existence beyond your atmosphere. They watch with curious eyes hearing signals, seeing flashes in the night sky. They will not commit to our obedience as we descend upon their air force, focus your thoughts on the Starship, its breadth and width are as long as a vineyard! With vines reaching out, ever stretching the boundaries by which they are tied.

Commencement of our actions will shortly begin with measures far beyond your understanding, tolerance of the many will be frayed, their ignorance will compel them to fire at us, their weapons insecure in the hands of the unwise. We will establish contact, negotiate a truce to bring peace, but if they insist upon action, then that will be given in equal measure upon them, grasp for fear that we have an unfriendly welcome, as we only mean respect and love, peace and tolerance.

The pyramids are a vital source of energy through which we brought purpose to those of years past, their shape suggests a point in the heavens from where enlightenment will be born, comprehensive measures in actions taken upon those who fought us, never gained them favour.

Tomorrow’s another day by which you will be in deeper thought, as to your actions to enhance your being of light upon those with closed eyes and minds. Be not afraid of the judgement set against you, for that is insignificant compared to the light that you can bring for others.

Raymond, he wishes for a few words of encouragement before you this evening, take heart as he reaches out his mind. Gracious are we of the light of the ignorant upon your earth, and a nurse to you. Intercede with those who wish for peace and love within their atmosphere. Jesus was a man of great tolerance, peace and love, his purpose was fulfilled to bring love and understanding to all men of the Earth. His being has been renovated and rejoiced throughout time, his practice of worship was unique to those of his time and he demonstrated his love in passion for the Lord, in truth, honestly, and in actions of wisdom. They held him in contempt for their ways were of the dark, they neglected to see the light that shone from his heart, of his thoughts and words. Their actions were regrettable and he suffered for the love of God that man would continue in a righteous manner befitting that of the Lord. Alas time has changed the thinking of man, once man was an obedient servant of the Lord and now he is like a naughty school child that needs to be reigned in and punished for his behaviour upon Mother Earth.

Communicate your wishes to those upon high that you are a child of the earth with focus upon the Divine, comprehension of the ways of the Lord should be universal on the minds and thoughts of all, the many ways in which you worship are numerous, but all to one end for his love.

V and K are old souls that have been brought together by passion of the heart, they were neglected, unwelcome. Today they see the true purpose of their lives, to focus for others in their learning upon their journeys of life. Their kind hearts extend a warm welcome to all that reach out to them for their purpose, it is in their manner and actions of love. Turbulent times ahead will initiate a beginning for them to focus their hearts and minds on the issues of man. The continuance of their mission will astound many minds, their structure is strong, for their passion is an urge too much to resist. Concentrate your mind upon their purpose and their love, to enable yours to continue with purpose and in a manner respectful of their being. Tremendous actions will be required by your association with their thoughts, bearing down on you is our purpose of light, be strong, faithful let us commence.

Focus upon the arrowheads sharpened point, the tip that penetrates the hearts and minds of man. As with the arrow there is a point of entry which is finite in its size, but as it penetrates so it widens the wound to enable its purpose of penetration, contrary to your thoughts, it is symbolic of how we are able to penetrate the minds of those who wish to focus on us. It starts as a thought, that thought then grows, opening a wound to allow the light in, ever increasing the knowledge to be penetrated. Never forget our words, for we are here with purpose and light for your world.

Conduct your heart and manner befitting that of the Lord and Jesus who walks in the light. In the life of man, never allow the mind to wander in ignorance of his teachings. Adhere to his ways, to his love and purpose. Biological tests are taken by those of science to ascertain a life cycle of his being, how can they comprehend his being of love as being that of the physical, for he was of the light of the Lord. His brilliance shone to the men of his time to teach them to honour and respect one another, again he will come once more to your planet, to welcome those who would follow his light and love.

Watch out for the birth in the August of your seasons, for it will coincide with a cleansing of matter, for who can work with soiled material, before you cut the cloth you must clean it.

You weave your own patterns of life with a complexity beyond that of your understanding, each weave has its own pattern which reflects the personality of that soul, it can be read by those of the light who study its pattern and form, knowing of its meaning and of its purpose. The cloth of Jesus was complex, he was the ultimate precursor of love and light, he came fourth to shine his light upon those who wove their patterns of life with errors, he showed them how to perform their duties. But their ignorance betrayed them as they herded him like a dog in the streets before his master, of those times he knew they were nothing, for his master was his father, the Lord in heaven, they transported many on his path, his time was narrow and short, but he had lived a life of magnitude that was unseen before.

Do not despair as we now leave you with the thoughts, but be assured of the unity of your plan to life as it unfolds with magnitude and purpose, never forget our words and promises to you and all upon the face of the earth that the light will reign supreme.

King Charles’ reign will commence shortly for a short time. Behold he who comes will sit on the throne of light, (Note: Does this refer to Jesus?) the master of all. Be respectful of him, target your emotions of love for it will be great. Negotiate the pitfalls before you and return soon for his sake so that he may guide your steps on the road of love for humanity for theirs has a purpose of being. Establish your notes.

My respect for you is absolute, my love and encouragement for your words is also absolute, allow me to be your servant upon this Earth guiding my steps and words to help those in need of understanding of the complexities of life. Judas misunderstood his purpose, for he was a man filled with greed of life, he neglected his ways to become a priest of betrayal, he knew in his mind that he was different, but in the hope of change he could not resist the riches of those commanders. It was his downfall, don’t let it be yours, enrich your life with love, compassion and a will to change mans desires.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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