20-04-16 (Comets and Tremors)

Welcome friends.

Nature brings with her the trials and tribulations that fascinate in a moderate way, for man does not see the beauty of the world upon which he steps, his focus is beyond that of beauty but of monetary value. He sees the leaf fall to the ground, he steps upon it, for to him it has no consequence, but that leaf was life, it served its purpose in being, giving life and nourishment to the seed that it bore, never knowing its life and its purpose. It worked, it’s magic, not with the need of anything other than Mother Earth and the light that shone upon it. Now that leaf is upon the ground but its purpose is not finished, for that leaf will nurture the earth below its parent and bring fourth new life, new seed to populate the Earth and bring into being its brothers and sisters. So next time you see a leaf on the ground be aware of it’s presence, allow it to sing it’s song of life to you and give thanks it was here, for it nourished you with the air you breath.
(Author likened this to The Parable of the Sower, Mathew 13:22 –

To summarize the point of the Parable of the Sower: “A man’s reception of God’s Word is determined by the condition of his heart.” A secondary lesson would be “Salvation is more than a superficial, albeit joyful, hearing of the gospel. Someone who is truly saved will go on to prove it.” May our faith and our lives exemplify the “good soil” in the Parable of the Sower. )

Feathers are given to those of mercy, you triumph and perform. Their purpose can be of great importance for it changes the path of the lives of many of faith. Conscious are you of the beginning of the wars of the world, gracious thoughts are given to those who conquer their fears and go forth, for they are soldiers of the light, they fear nothing for they are on a mission of love and purpose.
Conservatively we wish to announce that our being is upon you, rest assured that your thoughts of doom will ignite a purpose within you, contemplate the meaning of your life as it unfolds before your eyes in deeds of purpose, for we are the light and the purpose within. Each man knows His purpose but it is only for those who allow it to unfold and seek the truth, the finer path of light and love.
Consciously we are aware of the many issues surrounding your lives on planet Earth, your emotions are high at the prospect of impending doom. We bless your thoughts as they are just a moment in time, for each life is given which must be returned. As the purpose unfolds to its climax, concern yourself not with the matters of man for they are insignificant on the journey of love. Lovingly, why haven’t you attended your purpose until now, for it is to late to begin a mission of love.

(Note from V and K: In our opinion the doom laden messages are much like the way a parent would talk to a wayward teenager, if you had a child involved with drugs or crime and they were about to destroy themselves, you would speak quite harshly to them, but you would do it from a place of love in your heart, to try and avoid any further harm for them. Out of interest I found this quote from David Wilcock (his work is well worth looking up, he is the author of many interesting books), “EVERYONE GOES THROUGH RESISTANCE AS THEY LEARN THIS

Everyone has initial resistance as they are confronted with this information. It is very natural, if not inevitable. I certainly went through it myself.

I spent weeks, if not months, feeling deeply saddened and traumatized — not to mention extremely paranoid and fearful.

However, once you break through and really get it, you are amazed you didn’t see it before — as the signs are all around us.

The evidence is voluminous, overwhelming and obvious. Fear is what holds us back from accepting reality.

There is a hidden thread weaving together the trail of “beads” left behind in so many headlines we see every day.

Learning and accepting the truth, and doing whatever you can to counteract it, is a key part of the awakening process.
Yours will unfold before the Master in a new form, a new day as you enter a new era of life, depart from your old ways and make amends for the purpose and need to enlighten your path on the road you are now set.
Tragic circumstances will bring a mass of media attention in the spring concerning fire on the sea bed, for your neglect as humans you’ll be repaid by tremors of the Earth. Never has there been such a time as that which you enter at this moment in time. Through mans perspective of the world, push a matter of change in the new beginnings of life that will unfold before your eyes in the new season.
(V. Note: Again we are given warning of impending doom. Let’s turn it around a little, as ‘lightworkers’ we also have the opportunity to add our help, through the power of prayer, meditation, distance healing or whatever method suits your personal belief system. If you are aware of things that may possibly be about to happen, know that we all have power beyond our understanding to use prayer and healing to have an effect on the world, you only have to realise how being in a bad mood affects those near us and being in a good mood lifts everyone around you – using the art of dowsing I have even measured this effect on inanimate objects! Every little helps! Try doing a google search on ‘using meditation to heal the world’ there are numerous sites to look at, this is just one that I randomly picked on: www.artofliving.org/uk-en/healing-power-meditation )
We cannot say that we have not noticed the changes in the atmospheric pressures, your scientists are aware of anomalies that are mounting around your planetary system, their lips are sealed by the men of money who wish for no panic as their world of luxury and trade crash in the pole of the Earth, this time we will rebuild your monoliths and your structures.
Caring of those who have suffered, we intensify with love of the human mind. Your knowledge and your passion for knowledge, your weakness is your heart, attend your mission and focus in purpose, always striving to reach the pinochle of your life.
Fashionable ideas become muted as the signs of our words become apparent to those who would have read of the ones in bygone days, let your heart fly with love and respect.
Continuance of your purpose is expected of you, you cannot hide from the truth of our words for we are here to reason with mankind and his ways, why would you want to stop us from bringing a better life to your planet. Naturally we expect the shock of our difference to understandably startle your nations, but we come before you in the fold of the new year, negotiate with your mind as we emphasise our purpose is of love and peace.

(Author’s Note: Could the ‘fold’ of the new year mean half way through the year?)
(V and K Note: Wonder if this could refer to the fold of the new year: SOLAR SECTOR BOUNDARY CROSSING: On April 28th, probably late in the day, Earth will cross a fold in the heliospheric current sheet–a vast wavy structure in interplanetary space separating regions of opposite magnetic polarity. This is called a “solar sector boundary crossing,” and it could trigger geomagnetic activity around Earth’s poles.)
Magnitude of epic proportions will tear your love of one another, eighty days and nights have you to finalise your issues with the Lord of the light, we speak through this man (meaning Author), our purpose to issue you a warning and notice of intent. Our purpose is that of love and healing for your Earth for she has suffered indignities for far too long. (V. Note: This sounds harsh, but focus on the last sentence! I believe they again are speaking as a protective parent urging us, (as in humanity as a whole) to wake up to what is going on around us.
The creation of American structures is a sign of your power and will to achieve things seemingly impossible, but as big as they are, they will fall into disrepair as the financial markets crash.
A dogged fracture inflicted upon the Earth will begin a force unstoppable by man, it has happened before in past history before man walked the earth. (V and K Note: Could this refer to the Pacific Ring of Fire, tremors and volcanoes seem to be triggering further ones).

Confusion will reign as the storm approaches, it will breach your atmosphere ten days from now (Author’s Note: this takes us up to 30th April), the comets dust is filled with matter to anoint your earth, it will land in the Aegean Seas, fallout from the skies as rain, they will survive for a continuance of time, the seas will well as the shock waves vibrate Mother Earth.

The world as you know it will be changed, commence your work as never before to enlighten your friends of the Earth, your gratitude is your pride to those who would bring peace.

(V and K Note: I know if you have managed to read this far that we speak to the converted, but obviously care needs to be taken who you speak to, I am sure like everyone, we have friends and loved ones who out of fear or anger at the thought of their comfortable lives possibly changing, would shun us totally if we spoke of the content of these messages. We also have no proof that events will take place, so we advise great caution, please don’t get on a soap box on a street corner!)
Constantinople was a place of intrigue, regarded by those of science as a place of magnitude.
Reach out and grasp the yellow men let me force you nestled in the hearts and minds of men is a love so profound and needs to be. (K & V Note: Could this mean send your hearts and love out to those who are suffering in earthquake zones?)
Chechen, clue is “we come in swans of the Earth”, complex feelings pursue your minds as you strive to reflect your lives on the planet Earth. Know this, the hearts and minds of you all are a part of the universe of love that glows, those who’d stray from the path go their way but they are lost upon a road of indignity. (K & V Note: Sorry, we are drawing a blank on what this means at the moment, is anyone else good at solving riddles?)
Naturally your motives progress is to connect your hearts and minds with those of the five foundation, (K & V Note: As this paragraph seems to be about greed and money, could this refer to The five foundations of economics? Which are:- Incentives, trade-offs, opportunity cost, marginal thinking, principle that trade creates value.) the life has failed it’s purpose, mans greed and indignity of the earth shames us, it’s ours to admit. Amount a sequence of events to occur in the minds of men to awaken their souls, blissful are they who worship their money, they cannot see what is to come from the great beyond. Never doubt our love, our purpose is intended for those who would open their minds and hearts to us in spirit.
Mansions will fall will fall before the waves that roll in across the sea in an epic cleansing.
Clinton towers, Massachusetts will crumble into the sea with a force of magnitude eight, the water rushes in. We are of sorrow that not all will be saved, and those who come before us will welcome a new form or the new era as we guide the steps of those of purpose. Do not think to talk of life as you know it, for there are two kinds of men, one with purpose, one without.
(Author wonders if Hilary Clinton is the link,  – K & V Note: We have checked this area on google maps. There are no huge towers that we can find, it looks like a pleasant area. It is by a large lake, but not close to the coast – so we will ‘leave it out there’ and see what happens)
Never let your fears become your burden my son, we speak to you through the light of your love, your need is great at this time, for knowledge reads of comfort, continue your journey in a manner respectful for all of us. we know it is the only way to serve for the light. Men will fall as they climb the shadows of the mountains, perhaps their fall was a mercy.
Some believe to cheer your mind for its notes are as sweet in the thousand of the Lily. (Author’s Note: Lily of the Valley hohave
Consciously we are aware your natural feelings are service of other men, observe your life your conscious mind, collate to ease the tensions of those minds of fear, guided you are for the purpose intended.
A kaleidoscope of colour will effect your skies, they streak across your Earth in the dawn skies. (K & V Note: worth keeping an eye on spaceweather.com for information about solar flares resulting in aurora borealis shows, not to mention meteors and comets!)


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