05.05.2016 The Immaculate Ones, Thomas Parker etc

Who will test men and serve is worthy. Acquired to serve the purpose of the Lord, his patience is tested on a daily basis. Communicating His will is an extreme measure to grab the attention and protest are your people. Transform your minds into a place of worship allowing His need to enter and wash your minds clean before you die. You must access your life from this planet Earth. Be knowledgeable in His ways and understanding as He reaches out to those with purpose.

The comet ” Hercules ” was a masterful sign given in days past when man was born free. His past times were that of love, an existence all to soon vanished on its path.

( AUTHORS NOTE Hercules is a solar system, this is from Wikipedia ” They would approach the Solar System with random velocities, mostly from the region of the constellation Hercules because the Solar System is moving in that direction. ” )

It becomes necessary for us to inform you that we do not understand the message that is given to us from your minds, for we are polite and need the energy of love to exist in the depths of your atmosphere.

Pycorus ( I think they mean Icarus, I could be wrong ) was a master of his trade, for he knew that the sun would evolve, transform his flesh, his knowledge of the sun was limited to what he could see, he had no knowledge of the technical aspects of its make up, all he knew was of the existence and that it gave all life upon men and creatures of the Earth.

AUTHORS NOTE Link: Icarus interesting that this links with the Minotaur in other words ” bull headed, A person or people who are or is headstrong but to the point where they’re foolishly or irrationally stubborn; obstinately opinionated, especially in refusing to consider alternatives.” This I believe is what we are being told by spirit in the last two paragraphs)

Never before have we had to intervene and in what must be mans decision.

(NOTE: For serious followers of these messages, we highly recommend anyone to take a look at the work of Ann Walker, a medium who passed in 2004. Her messages warned of the fragile state of the planet. She sent letters and a report to world leaders. This link takes you to a page where you can download that report for yourself, a long read but very valid, it was written in 1992, much of what she wrote before her death has already come to pass. If we had taken more care of the planet there would be no need for ET intervention, it is up to mankind, if we could correct and put a halt to the way we treat the earth we may reduce the potential traumas facing us. Ann Walker – Report)

Yellow Lily:
The flowers of the night will blossom once more in the hearts of men, they will flush those things clean that have contaminated his mind. Your purpose is to wash the feet of men with His words of wisdom and knowledge.

Your preference is to remain anonymous is not necessary to perform such things, as an individual’s their need is great of the spoken word.

(NOTE: It sounds like we are being scolded for remaining anonymous! It is really because none of us are looking for recognition or an inflated ego! I think many people know who we are, we are willing to reveal our identity to anyone who contacts us and wishes to know for genuine reasons.)

Communardous enters the Kingdom of Heaven with a mindset of love, his mission is one of many to bring comfort and peace to men of the Earth.

Our flagships stagger in the night, waver horizontally on the path of those negative aspects forcing them below.

Treasured are your memories of times past your existence is short, one of few days in the scale of time, in that time where needs are great to understand your progress in this place of the heavens, regrets there are, but they form the basis of your being for you.

As the clean sheet continue your journey, for your mission is great. Being of our words, as they are just words, the truth is in me, she awaits your call of love to begin a journey so profound that many be upon her frontiers that you will breech journeys you will make with love to bring the news of spirit to those who would listen in their time in the presence of love of the Almighty.

The Immaculate Ones will bring peace and solidarity to your planet in due course, there must come a time when all of man must be aware that his presence is just a gift, his being is that of the Almighty.

Parker responded with love with metal in his veins, he created circumstances which blew him to the far flung places of your Earth, he metered out measurements of time before continuing on into their dusk of the night 1876. He was a man of no means, his name was rich among those who tested his metal with words to breech his mind of focus.

(AUTHORS NOTE:< Possibly relates to Thomas Parker A paragraph in this, links with the last paragraph in the message, that we should push forward our ideas to create Change)

Compel us not to respond in a manner befitting that of the Lord, for we mean no harm for those upon the Earth, our wishes are for contentment of a preacher, we join you as a group of beings to divulge our purpose unto you. Our matters are of the greatest concern, as we fear through your existence for your Earth, she is unhappy with all who mistreat her, she cannot bear the pressures put upon her, she is exhausted by the many who drain her dry. Can’t you see the damage done? She is fragile as a child, she cannot bear the pressure of the extreme measures placed upon her. Her heart beats as a drum to time, she cannot understand the purpose of your lives, she has not the will to perpetrate, to penetrate the minds of the masses, characteristics of men of purpose should be noted by their good will and humour for lacking understanding it’s not helping to bring about peace within yourself. Focus, concern yourself bound in your memories of past lives as this life has meaning of a magnitude.

Why can’t we propagate our minds and will to those of the power, they’re blind as bats. Conceited to their purpose they caress the cash a as a man caresses a baby, they fail to understand the meaning and purpose of his morals. For it is not to be shared with those of means but to be metered out to those in need and true purpose

Communardous comes with a tale of epic proportions listen to his words, focus. “Cities crumbled before us as we swept through with no mercy upon those inhabitants, those times of marauding were terrible times, for I was a part of man who’d desire and lust, failing to see my path as it was written. I served many upon the Earth as a gimmick to be seen, the trophy to be had, I was the man I’m ashamed by the beast to be beaten. I was fair with those that came to me for assistance, they gave me hard extreme punishments for the error of my ways. The pain, the sorrow cannot be taken from my heart as it aches to warn others to stop the misery before, before it is too late. ”

The creation of man was a blessed thing given to those who would see him as a saviour, challenge Him not for he loves all, all are welcome in his pass with power, should the blind man see the pass he would be astonished with the colours of the light that shone with Him, for He would know the true value of the light that shone bright in His eye, for he has never seen such a wonder as that of the Lord.

Curse your mind, focus, upon the continuance of your journey allowing those questions to be answered by us, in far flung places upon your Earth. Valerie is great for knowledge. Temper your actions and your hearts restraint for all will come at the time necessary to begin each phase of the journey, it will be hard to face the truth but necessary to scourge the evil from your Earth.

Relinquish your thoughts in those moments of pain, control is necessary to avert the situation, as confrontation with those without purpose or need.

Aspire to us in the many ways of the colours purple.

Gratitude, compromise, compassion all words, actions speak louder than words, combine your interests to compel the actions within words, Marcus Varillia ! ( do they mean ” Marcus Aurelius ” words get muddled in my translation! ) …was once a prince among men, he stood for all time as a noble man, his problem was his virility, he was fruitful in the labours of love his knowledge was weak for that which mattered most, did you not rule the nations of many in your heart of pain was he not a great man of theology, his purpose was metered out in measures.

Twilight came before the dusk for she who rules will rest in peace before the moon rises twice in the skies of Aquarius, panic and mayhem will reflect across the nations of the globe for she is a woman, a soul to cling to for many, control your emotions and thoughts as we enter problematic situations, arise, before this time is done you will have emitted a purpose in many. His response will be limited to your minds and thoughts, he will warm unto the words as they melt his heart to stay for he too must pass before the Lord in the morning light. (NOTE: Could they possibly be speaking about our Royal Family?)

It is strange to feel the emotion of the mind for it weeps for humanity, it cares for the purpose of love, strange but you do not see your purpose, who collectively we conspire to effect your will so that we, we talk of things to come. The context of which we need not worry about for it concerns those of ill will, of malevolence, how can we express our thoughts of love within your mind, your will is strong, force it to release your mind. Two others will come before you my son their purpose is to travel with you on a road of light, compel your heart to listen and understand the meaning that they represent, for us time is but a passage to be travelled for once, you have been a part of that moment, it will not return.


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