10.5.16 (Alberta and Oklahoma etc )


Turbulence affects your mind for the reason that demands acknowledgment for His purpose, a tumultuous welcome is for those who follow in His words and the wisdom.

Band together your brothers for we are the Angels of the light and bid you welcome, bring together your love and purpose so that man can see past the illusion of life, let your minds go.

Complete and utter devastation reeks havoc in your world this day, His purpose is to cleanse. The fires that will descend upon you all for the reasons that you cannot comprehend.

(NOTES: This must refer to the fire in Alberta, but it doesn’t take long to find other points of ‘devastation’ around the world:)

Fire Alberta, Canada   Albert, Canada – Fire

Landslide in China  Landslide in China 

Earthquakes M. St Helens Earth Tremors – Mount St Helens 

Tornado, Oklahoma  Oklahoma Tornadoes  

Earth Temperature 2c rise – this is also warned of by Ann Walker  Earth Temperature Rise Graphic 

Algae killing sea life, Chile  Algae Killing Sea Life in Chile  

Nigerian Oil Crisis  –  remember the message of 16th April regarding Nigeria and Gold?  Think of ‘Black Gold’ and it makes sense Nigerian Oil – Wave of Violence 

Take note as we descend upon you, for we are here to enlighten those of the reasons for the full purpose given to them.

We stand back and watch as we tell those in authority of our purpose in coming, nevertheless they disregard the messages that are sent and given by us in love.

A Trojan horse will be sent by the man who dictates his word to those of the north, his murmurings of peace are of that of deceit, his commerce and purpose is to rule over those who would listen to his words, his menacing ways affecting many across the globe.  Comparatively your purpose is that of the light to counter those measures brought from the dark.  (NOTE: Metaphor of a Trojan horse is something offered as a gift with the intent to deceive since its actually a threat not a gift.)

Have courage to face what comes before the end of June, for your name will be written in the minds of those who seek the knowledge of the pastures green.

Your purpose is to command respect for those who will plant the seeds of life in the minds of the fertile.

Complete your tasks as given by us as we descend in cycles around your planet, the effect felt by many as we complete our purpose.  Fend off those who would interrogate you about our words, for they do not understand forgiveness or retribution, they are the ones who will not tolerate peace in their minds, they are governed by thoughts that demand satisfaction by means of material things, for they cannot see the Divine light that shines for all.

With purpose your wisdom will define your answers in days to come.

Marcus (Marcus Aurelius) he wants to tell you, to help you of the days in the arena where he once stood as a man, he of plenty, he couldn’t foresee what was to befall him in the light of the dawn, he knew of the uncertain times that faced him but he demanded respect from those who saw him as unworthy in their kingdom, they denied him his right to rule convicting him in celebration for his name was written to torment those of great power.

Condemned are men who satisfy their higher lust with the pleasures of the world, for they seek pleasure in material objects that are of no consequence.

Two spirits pass, they contribute nothing to his souls journey, for it is love, compassion, goodwill and humour that make a balance between life and death.

You’ve got to do a massive amount of tasks before you ascend before us in the light.  Your burden will be great but have faith in the powers to be, as we will join you with the masses of Heaven and Earth.  Trouble yourself not for the mindless concerns of those who necessitate anger as they are wicked and see your words as a mighty weapon used against them in their darker thoughts.  Know this, your strength will strive far beyond their reach for they cannot understand the purpose given to you by Him.

She will join you shortly to attend your needs of the morrow, be gracious and thankful for the heart of love, for we descend upon your grace without fear of your people, for we know the acceptance will be hard.

Tasked are you to ease the tension in the minds of those who reach out to you for words of comfort, believe in us, for we are the way, the path to everlasting peace and serenity.

Pastures green before you are fed with the love of the mother of Spirit, she nourishes the pastures with her thoughts and wisdom, as the pastures grow so will the love of those that feed upon her knowledge. Contract your mind to thoughts of love and peace and bring about purpose in your heart.

Today’s tragic events will materialise in your news in bits and pieces, they formulate a story that deceives the minds of those who listen in awe, the story is to be given wholly to the population of man for it is believed it would disturb the minds of many of those of the Rose as She descends with need upon your planet, listen now to Her voice in the wind and trumpets blow they sound the call of a love of the Lord.  (NOTE: Voice in the wind and trumpets – reference to the tornados in Oklahoma – State of Emergency declared in 15 states?  Oklahoma Tornadoes – State of Emergency 

Your path is one of many to be taken, give it to those who need your love so that they may find the light of Heaven that shines within them all.

Forget Me Not is a rhyme of love, the message of purpose, tragic circumstances be fell the man who wrote the words of beauty for his love of life was extinguished for no great reason other than a compulsion to silence the words of beauty.  There is always a negative to the positive you too will attract those who mean harm for they are shamed with a burning desire to extinguish the flame of the light, meaningful are your words, truthful in their aspect.

Trooping of the colour is a performance of might, it is unnecessary, Command your hearts to love Him without ceremony but with praise and admiration for His coming.

Compel us not to act to bring about peace with your nations, they tamper with things they do not understand, men negotiate with minds without purpose.  Continually we see a man of faith who works for the Lord, his name Gerald!

We ask men of purpose to unite in this world to bring about a peace so profound that Gods will, will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, for the fight is a profound one, a measure of need to illuminate the lives of the peoples of the Earth in His name and glory.  Be prepared to meet those from the higher place beyond your kingdom of man for they come with reason and purpose to bring about a peace that cannot be withheld by those before.  Counterbalance your thoughts with extreme measures of love and tolerance, know your mind to be of faith, in the hearts of them you’ll walk your Earth to explain to my children knowledge of Eros, (NOTE: Eros – God of Love  Eros – God of Love  given by the light to those minds that are capable to comprehend their messages.

Your need will come, demand not for those of the light, give with your heart in His name for He believeth in you as you should believeth in Him and of the many of the light.

There’s two of them. ( AUTHORS NOTE: the second time this phrase has been mentioned ” there’s two of them ” )

Care not for those who care not for you for they are slaves of the system, in chains, the many souls.  The likelihood of a compromise is great in the minds of those of peace, command your mind to listen for His sake, his memory was given to those who acquired His mercy as they sought peace in their time.  Gravitate your mind to the purpose of peace within your soul, be still.  You are in the place of the light your mind releases the energy, we connect the wire for He knows, He sends a purpose upon your nations throughout the lands of the world, descends his chariots of fire,  torches blazing, igniting and uniting powers of the light in a fire of love.

Your protests of the Earth and the nations abroad as they have effect on the evil intent on the commanders of the Chiefs, their noble ideas are but a fragment of evil intent, decades from now they will say why did this happen?  Why did we do this?  Your task is not to measure the attitudes of men but to enlighten them of the words of the psalms 10-12  Psalm 10:12

Moses was captured by a frenzied mob who demanded his mercy upon them, he focused their minds upon the freedom of their wills he said unto them “Friends be on your way, for I am only a man, my desires of a release before your bondage of man, He came unto me with words so bright that fire in mind but not seen, He filled me with purpose of love and encouraged my mind to follow the path of the light. ”

Complete your tasks. Tremendous amounts of will, will be needed, focus your mind, ascend in your way with purpose.

Dramatic scenes are played out, for Damascus will fall before the dark that will bring about a meaningful protest of the world.  They will not stand the progression of others for the United States and the United Kingdom words have been expressed of concern, they are not heard by all for they are silenced by those of power. ( NOTE: Not surprisingly this is not the first time that Damascus has been mentioned in the transcripts. Today’s news tells of 50 dead in bomb blasts in the capital of Syria Twin Bomb Blasts in Syria )

Truly your mind is weak but your purpose is good, who will tell the tale of the times when pastures were green and man walked the Earth with mobility and pride wanting for nothing, needing nothing he called upon Mother Earth and she obliged with love, for She knew his will was good his intent was of peace, his mind worshiped those of the light as they planned out before him His gracious purpose.  Enlightenment came with the Guardians of the Earth to the men of ancient times.  They whispered and denied their masters for their fear.  Masquerade before them, command ye not of wishes to be granted for we are the ones with need of your love.  Tell us and give us a sign, for his friends from another world are trying to get the message across, for we are seen by your men who seek to destroy, they plan, scheme against your nature in their dark foreboding places.  (NOTE: Does this last sentence speak of communications between E.T.’s and Governments?)

 Plant your seeds in love so that the mountains may grow, illuminate the darkness with light and love of the Lord, channel your love before us so that we trigger emotions of all of me in your heart for need, so that I know of the man the Lord.  (AUTHORS NOTE: Believe this or not but the last two lines contain words that were not heard or spoken by me but were recorded, the words are ” all of me, so that I know of the man of the Lord “


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