15.05.16 Crop Circles, Michael Jackson etc


Welcome James and to others of the spirit of light.

Capitulate your mind, body and spirit for the tasks ahead which are right here.  Your purpose and deeds will be of historic importance to those of future years.

Welcome friend, you have in life your tasks of a purpose needed at this time to enhance the minds of those who wish to connect with spirit, to communicate their feelings of joy, for they will be rewarded in the hereafter.

Many years ago we came to seek the one who would bring peace upon your Earth, his name Michael is measured by his will and testament.  He could not have foreseen the enormity of the tasks that awaited him.  Allow your need to bring about a peace within men’s minds, for their confusion is enormous, their minds are awash with fear of having nothing, but what do they consider as being nothing?  For their lives are filled with the joy and pleasures of mans reckless ways and greed, they concern themselves with the everyday fundamentals of life, never looking for that one thing that is within their minds and souls, their purpose of being.

It is a mountain to be climbed to reach the minds of those who would not listen.  One will see the words and not recognise their beauty, for they will now say this man is not worthy, but all men are worthy.  If they were to just release their inner emotions and allow the light in through the window of love.  It is crystal clear to those of purpose, for they have wisdom beyond their years to acknowledge the light and the joy that it brings and a peace to their hearts and minds.  We know it will cloud in other men.

Irrational is a word frequently used to describe a form of emotion, the inertia of this emotion can only be measured by the abilities to let the spirit flow.  Constantly we are reminded of mans inability to allow his free will and mind to acknowledge all those things that God provides him on this Earth of plenty.  We feel the time has come for us to intervene and bring joy to where there is sadness, to enlighten mans heart to the ways of the Lord and His purpose within them.  Constantly we fear for mans existence, for he is determined to bring about his end by means of his own hand.  Concern is great among us as we observe the tragedies unfold, they aren’t necessary, for the weaknesses of man will bring about his own destruction.

Complete your mission with a will and a mind filled with purpose and love.  Our aspects are upon you to bring about peace and joy to those who would listen and acknowledge our words of wisdom.

Burnt memories are faded.  Caustic are the minds of the men of the north who wish to bring terror on your individuals in their planned itinerary missions.  Concern yourself not with the things you cannot change, be positive in your outlook, let the negative fade away as the burning embers of the fire, for they cannot feed upon the ashes of men whose hearts are filled with desire for love.  A negative aspect within man should be tempered with a heart of goodwill towards men, giving flavours of love to all those that encompass his diet of purpose.

Tomorrow will come and bring about a main event that cannot be but  rendered this time, but we will have assurance we are unable to directly convince them.  It is not necessary to deceive us for we are of the light and masters of all.  Continuously we strive to bring a measure of peace among your people.

Your wisdom is required to enhance the words that we bring, never reflect on them as a negative for they are positive in desire.

The soul is a point reference, in which the soul escapes the burden of humanity, climb those mountains and bring about a purpose and need for humanities sake.

Welcome Peter.
The words are spoken in truth and honesty, we are a group of Angels who focus upon those who would listen. Travel your world in a way of man, allow them to have purpose in your voice as you will speak of the many things that bring us to your nations, for we offer guidance and wisdom to those with focus around your globe.  You need a temperament of love to bring about their need.
Forecasters display an ignorance, for they see the winds of change (NOTE: I believe they are speaking of solar wind) that will bring about a global catastrophe on such an immense scale that it will go down in the annals of history.  This is a warning to those of need to prepare yourselves to witness a massive amount of radioactivity that will enter your Earths atmosphere in June.  (NOTE: This web site will keep you informed regarding geomagnetic storms and solar wind etc SPACE WEATHER   also note that although the month of June is mentioned, the year is not!).  Your conscious minds will be unaware as the sparkle of the light affects you all (NOTE: Aurora Borealis?), its immediate effects will not be recognised until a later date.  They know of its effects and of the radiation that will become intense around your globe.  Panic is not necessary, for it is a natural phenomenon, but its strength is gained by your weakness, for your planet is a target of further attacks.  (NOTE:  This link informs us of the weakening magnetic field of our planet  EARTH MAGNETIC FIELD )  Your cumbersome ways have disturbed the cloak of peace that wraps itself around your planet, you have polluted the air you breathe with carbon monoxide.  They spoke of a hole in the dense atmosphere, you created the situation.  A phenomenal amount of effort is needed to bring a peace with yourselves.

Confirmed it is, the spectral analysis that Norway discovered recently by a team that works hidden beneath your seas.  They forecast a change in the weather and they hide, knowing of what is to come from beyond your planet.  Constantly we have heard their chatters on the waves of your radio, frequently we have intervened with the radar, they cannot understand why the disturbances occur, it is because their eyes are closed, they hear only what they want to hear, see only what they want to see and know only what they want to know.  They are foolish these people of science for what do they truly know of the ways of spirit, their hearts are closed to the possibility of other realms within realms, they cannot conceive the idea that dimensions all play a part on each other they see only the one of their own.

(NOTE: At present we are struggling to find an absolutely accurate piece of evidence for this last paragraph, but during our search we learn that Norway has EISCAT, short for the European Incoherent Scatter Facility, it is located at Ramfjord, about 20 Kilometers South of Tromsø in Norway where the Blue Spiral in the sky was seen back in December 2009. It’s been said that the “spiral test” or “experiment” caused all kinds of side effects.  Some of the following links may be of interest.  




Ferguson, he was gifted in these matters, his words were written many times but dishonoured by those of these communities, they said “It is not possible, how, where does it happen?” Huh, he came to us with his knowledge.  We inspired his work through many years, his magical touch had cleansed many who believe in the world beyond.  However he could not establish a weapon with which to breach the minds of the blind and ignorant.  (NOTE: Not literally a weapon!  It metaphorically means a way to make his messages understood) He joins us now with words: ” Be not ashamed of who you are for we all have a purpose in our lives, continually you’ll strive to be recognised as I did but their focus isn’t upon the spiritual aspects of the human existence, their minds are set on practical impartiality’s, they need a reason to shake them.  I was once as they are, a single channel focusing on a point of light, I could not recognise that that point of light had many aspects, the rays, the beams are focused upon the point of a word and breached their target”
( AUTHORS NOTE: I found this, J B Ferguson; Biographies of Classical … Medium, channel, and one of the founders of modern Spiritualism PDF of FERGUSON AND SPIRITUAL WRITINGS  What is even more extraordinary is on page 86 of this pdf, Mr Ferguson and Mr Champion visit Mr and Mrs Merriweather.  The synchronicity seems great, Champion is our authors name and he is also a trance medium.  Is this the Merriweather that is mentioned in the previous message of 12th May and this one?  The author has also found records of Mr Champion’s trance readings  PDF OF CHAMPIONS SPIRITUAL MESSAGES  ).

We constantly strive to connect to Tompkins, Merriweather their names of which you are not familiar, nonetheless they exist within the bounds of science, persuade your people of the need to focus, for their lives are dependant upon their spiritual being.  All too often we have failed to reason with man to generate an interest in aspects of purposeful meaning. (NOTE:  It may have no connection with this paragraph, but there are two actresses with these surnames, who featured in science fiction: Lee Merriweather was in Star Trek and Darlene Tompkins was in a time travel   film, ‘Beyond the Time Barrier’ – we are led to believe that it is possible for TV and film writers to be influenced by E.T.’s to produce story lines that educate us – could ‘the bounds of science’ refer to science ‘fiction’?)

Welcome, we are a noble people who come before you this evening to bring words and messages with love and focus to the minds of many of the planet Earth.  Comparatively you are a feeble race not knowing where to turn on the path of life, we have established a point of reference to focus upon your earth, Atlantis.

Continually we inhabit your atmosphere we watch, glide with purpose and intent we ( evp ” Merryweather! ” ) you cannot obstruct them as their all seeing eye will protect, penetrate the layers of the crust, the protective layer before us is of great importance as their energy fields ( evp ” Tompkins” ) upon our habitats your crusts are thin.  Our many protect  your planet, the reasons are obscure but they have valid reason, all must sacrifice a part of themselves so that the majority become illuminated.   We are regarded as a race of beings who are worthy of love, but we know love.  We regard you as primitive beings but you are of the light.  His mercies reach far and wide throughout the galaxies and higher.  (NOTE: evp is an Electronic Voice Phenomena (something heard on a recording that has not come from a human voice).  If the reference to these names in the paragraph before is correct, it possible that they are trying to tell us that the subject matter of this paragraph is dealt with in the films/TV programs that they were in?)

We have noted your intent on us as we patrol your skies, we see people watching us they marvel but cannot understand what it is that they comprehend, they must achieve their relationship within the nations of the Earth and unite their communities that plunder your Earth, and target ours with intent.

Why is it that we of the Grey need to speak of humanity, when humanity itself cannot contain it’s anger, frustration, you wound each other deeply not knowing the reason why, you figuratively speak in terms of peace but where is it?  We see no evidence to the contrary, your nations of war will escalate in measures, not of peace but for need of domination.  Is it any wonder that we speculate that your people are all denied their own existence.  We watch with interest the calamities as you move forward, rest assured we cannot assume to impose ourselves on your race.  Others who also watch, some with anger, some with calm, waiting for reconciliation of your nations.  We have hope that one day you’ll be joined in a common purpose, technology was given to enhance your being, its purpose was to advance your nations, but instead you have turned that gift into something that was not intended, we regret having given it to your man, for their prudence that waste our wisdom at this time, allow us to intervene to bring peace to your hearts.  (NOTE: It is clear that E.T’s do not wish to interfere with our free will, however they do not want us to destroy our planet.  There are many web sites that will give information regarding possible E.T. Technology passed to humankind – try searching ‘Alien Technology given to humans’ – don’t forget that information and ideas can be channelled to humans and does not necessarily have to be physically given)

Continuance of the existence of man is vital as mans purpose was to unite beings of the light, to give them focus of themselves but upon lesser creatures who walk their paths. We will commence our journeys with small steps.

Paris regrown, feverish the pastures within us, as our stride increases as the knowledge grows, culminating in a attitude of serenity and peace.  (NOTE: Does this refer to the attitude of the Parisians in overcoming the bombing last November?)

Commissioned are you to bring a holy explanation to your world, never forget that the man is given to unify your minds, to bring about a strength of purpose beyond your comprehension at this present time.  You are the vessel, they are the carriage by which the vessel will be heard, commence your journeys with joy peace and love on a mission to bring peace among your men who would listen.  (NOTE: We believe this refers to the author and friends.)

It has begun, a chain of events cannot be stopped, but your will is strong.  To cope with this evil we will try to intervene to bring obstacles as they try to eliminate your focus, you are in control, see the light.  I had to bramble hate in your mind, in your mind, in your heart and soul.  (NOTE: Could ‘bramble’ mean something like scramble?  Maybe a way of ridding negative emotions – do they mean that something or someone else is trying to block the channel in our author?)

Contemporary man has his purpose, many eons ago the sparkle of love was true and honest as he made his temples of love to the creator, and our mission has failed, huh, because mans desires outweigh his need of love, what strange beings you are to choose evil intent over that of love and peace.

Constantly we are reminded that figuratively speaking you are insecure you have no guidance, for those who have assented to the top, they are weak minded with greed, and of those other ways that they will not shine the light to guide others in the need of love.

Our father wishes to thank you and those that follow you, for your obedience in these matters that raises thoughts set against you, but theirs is their own downfall as their aspects are negative.

Determination of will is required to generalise the formation of circles upon your land, they demonstrate much intelligence ignored by the vast majority, you call them crop circles.  Their purpose is twofold, to draw attention to a mind superior to their own, their messages are of peace and hope, the key to their complex meanings lies in the catacombs of your pope, purposely withheld for fear that man will loose focus upon their church.  In time gratitude will be rewarded to those who bring about a purposeful meaning of love, we cannot express through your mind the complexities of the messages for they are intense with purpose, as circles demonstrate the intelligence of beings of the universe.  Their configurations dictate their intent upon your ways.  Do not look at them with eyes of logic, see the patterns that they form as they describe the universal energy, the same energy that created man, descriptively they made you a bond of minds, of logic, figuratively speaking they are yours to behold, for not to understand their purpose will be a mistake.  (NOTE: we are about to commence the ‘crop circle season’, keep an eye on CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR   they are rarely reported in the press.)

The Rose she carries the insignia of the purpose, ahh she knows of your quest, she’s happy to join you on the path of love.  Figuratively speaking she is a vessel of love, she emits and transmits messages constantly to the universe of light from which she hails.  She connects with minds to reason of purposes of the light with the entities of many nations, of many solar systems on a massive scale.  The power of her mind is immense, she drives the will of love, her will upon you is to succeed in a purpose far beyond your comprehension upon this life.  She knows of the many who worship her in their cathedrals, they ask forgiveness, forgivenesses and they ask “Our mother, why has this happened in my life?” they do not understand that theirs is not unique, because for many a purpose has been given to enlighten their souls of the need, not of just man but others who require guidance.  There are many primitive beings who are on a path of destruction for they cannot comprehend the meaning of their existence within the planetary systems, they think they are alone.  Why do they not listen to the words that are written in their own tongues, how many times will it take us to unify your world, too many times have we been ignored but still we were driven by love to bring about a peace for the Almighty.

How do we understand the many complexities of the human mind, it is vast. Our computerised systems can deal with vast amounts of data , yours are complex but not unfathomable.  We will reach an opinion, may you always bring about a purpose in your lives, communicate with each other in the ways of love, target your emotions for the happiness in the knowledge that peace will come to all who seek the Lord for His name is on high.

Merriweather was not understood, to open and understand, he is not a figment but an instrument by which we connect.  Her purpose has no meaning to you, huh, you look you can only feel her need, figuratively we name her for your benefit. (NOTE: Ok we give up!  We are confused!)

Jack of all trades he was for many, his field of knowledge was that of emotions set against possibilities, for he knew his time was numbered in those days when the sun shone upon the minds of youth.  Commonly knowledgeable was he, community fever, he ran a place of purpose, outstanding he was.  Triangles sang out for she played them to the school bands, they rehearsed in the hall, he, Jack listened intently to the music that was played to his ears, they were deaf to many things until her voice, as she sings to him the many tunes of merriment.  He frequently asks to be remembered of those days of school when he would pick you up, the Porsche he would bring.  The path of peace, a distraction to the mayhem in those days, she was a sunbeam.  (NOTE: We believe this could be Michael Jackson and his daughter Paris)  Tragic circumstances befell the man that awoke on the Sunday to be of service to those of a nation of intolerance, for he felt a need to indulge in meaningless things.  The communities around him gave him purpose to sing, tragically he awoke to the world of spirit not understanding the wisdom, ( his words ) “Why this act of crime, why am I here before my time, what was my crime?”,  We told him his crime is for greed, the need of substances not required by his body but only of his mind, you say invalid his will, the manner of the Lord.  His youth was tainted as his years were long, forget-me-nots were given as a sign of his passing.  Tunes are played of his life’s experiences enhancing the memories of many of the beautiful songs like peace of the world, his knowledge and experience were that of a child within a man.  Michael, he gave his heart to many, his innocence was untold, for those men who would seek his fortune betrayed him.  His needless pressure for that abuse displayed an ignorance to many, he was unaware his innocence was to mislead those who focused against him, for his name to many became familiar.  Tranquillity his heart, he sang the verse of love before you many times and out putted those of fortune.

Displayed Sahara Mr Watson. (NOTE: We are not sure about this seemingly random sentence, but there is a story of Sherlock Holmes and Watson in the Sahara Desert, on waking one night Holmes asked Watson, ‘Look up, what do you see?” Watson replied he could see hundreds, thousands of beautiful stars, which Holmes interrupted, telling him that their tent had been stolen.  Maybe someone else has a better reference to the meaning of this?)

Never giving or letting anyone know his thoughts, his imaginations were great, business as usual was resumed.  He generated a vast empire, an empire of song to justify his words to music, to a beat of time.  Tragically his loss was felt throughout the universe as his purpose was extinguished. you may recall the verse “Starships they gather” (AUTHORS NOTE: I think this refers to “Starship Lyrics” a lyric writing company.  ALSO NOTE: We cannot find a direct link with this line and Michael Jackson, although of course it may be something by another artist).

Today’s world is obscene, no justice, only tragedies occur.  Temper your minds with love and an aspect of light to rise above those of hate, bring about peace in your purpose, focus your minds upon the will of those who remember those days of love.  Terminal velocity was reached when negative aspects brought about by thoughts of many in your world.  (NOTE: Our power of thought and intent is greater that we think, we only have to realise how our moods affect those around us, multiply that and the effect is far reaching)  Transit your minds to the task ahead which is great, your going to understand. Tragically your minds are to feeble to accept the surge of energy needed where you’ll transmit in a purposeful manner acceptable to our minds,  (NOTE: In order for higher dimensional beings to communicate with us we need to raise our vibrational level and they need to lower theirs more information on this link RAISING VIBRATION TO COMMUNICATE WITH SPIRIT )   Our minds reach out to you through the elements of space and time purposely to exist in your atmosphere.  You must give an assurance to our energies of love and peace, for we mean no harm, we merely wish to bring about a purpose of peace among your nations.  Our choosing a name with wonderment concerning a field of knowledge so unique it cannot be copied by man.

Rosemary will bear witness to a massive change in the field of economics, she will encounter many fraudulent practices, her speech will be announced by the masters of ceremony, their vocal will bring about a mass of confusion amongst those of your society, for their negative aspects will fall upon the ears of those who do not want you to hear of the sins committed by them in their roll as your masters, for they know of their sin, they will regret the day they worshipped money they have a love for.  (NOTE: We have no idea what this means or who Rosemary may be yet!)

Constantly we tell you of many things to come before you in your living world, you need not know of all things that will affect your lives they are beyond your control.  Continually we inspire to give you words of comprehension to ease the burden of the masses, your society’s hates and fears of the many must fall away as He appears before them in aspects of colour far beyond their imaginations.  Tolerance will be assured unbiased for the many, we understand that man is taught by man, the chain to be broken, for men should love from his soul for spirit.

Regrettable we will announce our arrival on the dawn to be announced shortly, your masters are aware of our presence beyond your vision, they will not tell you what they see for fear of a backlash.  They know of many, how it is an open secret for which they have denied all knowledge for so long.  The markers, the circles will determine time and place, do not be deceived by their reports of insignificance as they attempt to cover up what they know to be true.  See the markers for what they are, the complexities of the Raven will be astounding to those who have not seen before, the birds will mark our spot.  (NOTE: We believe the ‘Raven’ may be a forthcoming crop circle, we will wait and keep watch – we bear in mind that time means little to other beings, no time scale is given for their appearance)

Turbulence of your minds will be uneasy at the prospect of a new world. Contemplate your manner within, negotiate your minds will to that of the light, to update we bring information to help you in your hour of need.

Jackie calls to her son to enlighten him of a message, she recalls that his weakness of mind was not a weakness but a positive demeanour.  (NOTE: This is a message for someone known to us.)

I call upon you to bring about a peace in the minds of those who would reconcile themselves in service to the Lord, for He is the master of life of many nations beyond yours, understand His will is of love, sacrifice your lives in His service, for your gratitude should be great.

John the Baptist he argued with those in authority, not allowing their thoughts to enter his as he was focused upon the Divine, he spoke of the days when all of the worlds would bring together a peace everlasting.  His words of truth are heard by many, you baptise them in the waters to make them strong of spirit to give them the strength of the Lord.  He washed away their sins in a meaningful way that left them beholding unto him, for he was the precursor to the wonderful one, the master.

Undignified was his end, his death defiant of those who murdered his soul for their own purposes and therefore we know of his suffering, in short his need of you is great to bring peace in the minds of those who read.

No doubt that we communicate through you to those of the Earth who are wise,

Good evening.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

2 thoughts on “15.05.16 Crop Circles, Michael Jackson etc”

  1. There is a song called Aldebaran by a Canadian group called FM (not the British one) in which there is the verse

    “Now the starships gather here, their holds are filled with men
    All waiting to leave the port
    Soon with dreams of other worlds, the starships leave the Earth
    And they reach out to touch the stars”

    The song is on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE0b5_TePzE

    But no Michael or Sahara or Watson involved.

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