18.05.16 Arcturians, Flight MS804 etc


Welcome James and the spirit of light.

Masquerades of people in power who don’t understand the needs of the nations of the Earth, they protect false profits as they clamour for the spoils of the Earth, their purposes and need are of the dark, their will is strong and ramifications will felt by them throughout the world.  (NOTE: Definition of masquerade to a cover up, to hide or pretend to be something you are not.)

Peace will come to the hearts of those who would listen to the words of the elders of the light.  We are the ones to vanquish the evil of corruption that sit in the seats of power within your nations.  Consequently we aspire to reach your men of wisdom, for knowing their knowledge will fill the hearts of man with the blessings of the Lord.  Through eternal strife man will find peace.

Mans heart is open to many influences of the negative, he must control his emotions in times of pressure, as the Fahrenheit (NOTE: temperature or heat!) rises in the East, to the West, temperaments will grow and reach a point of no return.  To us this is not a situation that we will tolerate, come with us now for a journey of love, speak your mind to those who would listen to sense and who have purpose in their lives, that is to say they follow the light with need and joy, knowing that prospects of new beginnings will bring peace amongst your people’s of the Earth.

Control your emotions as we speak through you, allow us to shine our light, our voice through you, for matters of great concern are upon you.  They need attention of the utmost urgency, for they will illuminate mans hearts and desire with a passion of astounding grace.  Comparatively your heart needs to be strong to bear the brunt of the situation that rises in the East before the dawn breaks of the new day.

Easter (or could it just be East?)  will become the centre of attention for all those of the scientific communities, we have studied these matters with great urgency.

Commonwealth games (NOTE: Do they mean The Olympics? The Commonwealth games are not until 2018) to be announced shortly will tarnish the reputation of those of the red, for they can see no wrong in their manner for they are just games.  Their meaning is twofold, to bring together nations in unity and to dispel the fears of what is to come before you.

May and June are seasons of the Sun, intense radiation will increase tenfold, your minds will fear these things as you don’t understand their purpose and meaning.  (NOTE: This puzzles us a little, it could mean several things, naturally we have more sun so solar radiation is increased in the summer, maybe our ozone layer is thinner than we believe?  It could be localised?)

We are shielded in the cities. (NOTE: We are not sure if this sentence is connected with the paragraph before or this following one – we could be shielded from the sun in the city or could our star friends be amongst us unnoticed in the crowds?)

With tolerance and forbearance the shame that is set before us cannot be unanswered.  Let them know that we Arcturians are the creators of a race of beings that inhabit your Earth, that we have dissatisfaction in the wonders of mans creation as we tolerate no evil, how can we express our anger at those who tell us of love, yet the anger that they display towards fellow men.

Our nerves are shattered by the news of the masquerade as it blasts out his music.
(NOTE: We wonder if the last sentence is relevant to the rallies of  a certain presidential candidate?)  Common knowledge dictates that all men are equal in the eyes of the Lord and so it is, but intolerance against others will not be permitted, how can it be that man has not learnt to live as one, in peace, harmony and with gentleness of mind.

Our thoughts go out to those of the communities who suffer greatly at this time, never understanding why their purpose is of sacrifice, their hearts cry out for the simple things of life, their need is great to carry their burden with pride.  The president (Obama?) he hears their voices but is rendered powerless by congress to act in a manner befitting his nature.  He has become a man who sits now for invalid reasons, his purpose was lost in the rush for gold, his nation suffers defeat now from the men of money who have swamped the cities.

( My voice now changes slightly ) We came at an hour of need, our frustrations are felt when the shockwaves that were seen in the skies.  (NOTE: Could this refer to flight MS804?)

Warnings were given not to interfere with those of peace but they have been ignored, why is it that man takes it upon himself to think that he is the creator, for he is nothing, his purpose was that of the immaculate.  As men lust for more, their souls purpose and intention are lost to them, their hearts are filled with need for the material things, theirs aspects of love are distorted by extremism.

Congress will announce their intention to impeach the one who sits upon the throne in the near future, for he will not allow their actions to deny him his right or his will, for he will lash out before them in a manner disrespectful of the Lord.  (NOTE: Could this refer to a new American President?)

Combine your thoughts and your purpose to take the messages of the Arcturians to the people, the masses of your planet, for she who stands before you as the Mary Mother.  Her need is of love as that of a mother for her child, she cannot stand to bear witness to the sacrifice of men, for she knew a sacrifice.

The mysteries of life are the events of which only God knows, for the purpose of his creation upon your planet, we are here to defend His right and His will amongst your people, his course of action will assume authority before those who relinquish their arms to the many, for he is the master of all.

Penny for your thoughts is a phrase of interest, strange how it seems that we baffle those minds of science for we are of the natural world beyond yours, combine our strength to enhance your will.

Elegance of the elite will soon be tarnished as money collapses in the regions of wealth.  They will scramble for their pittance in the hope that some will be saved.  They brought this upon themselves, in the end they will forfeit their right to their position of need and wealth.  Cursed are the people who tread upon those less fortunate of your world, for they are the meek who’ll inhabit the dwellings of those who mistreat them.  We fear they will carry out their intent upon being heard among the nations of the world, their extremism will shock many but their purpose is of good, they just want to be heard, like a dog in the street howling for attention, they will sound off their music to those mind of men of money and power.

Negotiate your mind for a meaningful purpose of love and accept that we of Arcturia will stand behind you as we watch your power grow.  We anticipate a new beginning will be upon you all with meaningful purpose.

Focus on the Divine, contribute your minds power and energy to matters at hand so that we may transmit the words of faith, for He who sacrificed his life for the many will return in a gust of wind.  He will not tolerate mans self destruction, you will know him for His mind will penetrate the thoughts of many, know His need is of simple things for He is sustained by your love of the many that follow the light.

Cast your mind back to when you were young, in those days of dizziness, your obscurity was a purposeful thing, for we are content for you know that you are still that child of the times past, you have figured a reason, your purpose, it is now to go forward and take it to those who would listen and obey the word of the Lord by your command, for you are a part of the eternal universe, as all men are a part of that great machine that brings life and love in a meaningful purpose to the nations, the many nations of the worlds, of the galaxy’s and beyond.  Your insistence upon work is good.   We appreciate the things that obstruct you, the narrowing (NOTE: Narrowing meaning focusing) of your mind will unleash a transmission of enormous possibilities, compel us not for we are the birds that will bring life to your souls.

Tumours will grow like cancers upon the earths surface, you will see them rise in the evenings photon breaks.  (NOTE: This is a strange sentence to untangle!  We believe photon breaks to mean sunset or dusk, earlier in the transcript we are told of radiation being tenfold, when radiation hits earth we have the aurora borealis, seen at dusk.  We are open to other interpretations.)

We need not tell you of our concerns for we see many things in the past and the future.  We aren’t dependant upon your existence, but we cherish all forms of life with potential, encompass your mind to being strong, of will and the need of purpose.  We are a complicated race of many that exist in and around your world and the reasons that we are not seen is because we masquerade in many forms.   (NOTE: could this also relate to the sentence of being shielded in our cities?) Completion of our masters mission is our purpose, our goal is not to harm but to bring mercy and gentleness to temper the extremism of your world.  Man is an animal of the universe who needs to master his creations before they master him.

Guarded are your emotions for fear of neglecting your duty, have no concern, we are to guide, take care of your mind.

Complicated matters, intriguing designs. (NOTE: Crop Circle designs?)  Desires for peace will bring a multitude of people together in the common cause of the love of man.  They cannot permit the minority of the nations to overrule the majority.

Configurations of access to astounding places will be found in the jungles of your earth.    (NOTE: Schoolboy finds lost Mayan City in jungle by studying the stars, we wonder what inspired him to look at the stars for a lost city, an astounding story ) Man’s desire for peace will grow as these discoveries will announce us as beings.

You cannot stop the progression of time, for time is a law unto itself giving its need to its purpose.  Your souls are a part of the universe of matter, you think they are strange but spirit is the creation of Gods great plan.  Unique is your species which inhabits your Earth, with much need transform your minds for they are weak with desire, allow the meek to inhabit your minds and understand their concerns.

Matters at hand will help to bring about relief columns sent to far off places of urgent need.  A respite, it will take an enormous amount of energy and will to bring about a peace of meaningful proportions so that an entrance is created of love.

Uniformity of man is the desire of the beings of the light, never neglect your responsibilities to others who are less fortunate than yourselves for their desires are as great as yours, but their loss is their inability to break the chains of persecution set against them by the nations of the wealthy.  What do they have to give, their issues are of little importance to those who sit in power in the West and East, their minds will not be heard for fear that they may learn of the oppression that is set against them.  Consider this as part and parcel of love, as forgiveness and tolerance are all equal in the eyes of the Lord.  (NOTE: Could this be referring to the refugee crisis?)

Magnify your conscious mind, devote and allow us to control your thoughts in a manner respectful of love and goodwill.  Target your ambitions and fix your eyes upon the goals to be achieved, for natural selection will assist in mans desires for peace.  Who are we to tell you of these things, we will not interfere directly at this time for it is the creators rule that man should evolve in his time.

Regrets are heard of those out of control spiralling, tumbling as they fall unaided into the seas they were not alone in their hour of need for the blow was cushioned by a pillow of love.  Common knowledge have men of corruption who have caused this disaster, it was a fault of mans technology.  Hidden from view, expense was a concern and it was thought practicable as the chances were low.  The engineers knew of the design fault and neglected to fix those essential things, ailerons.  (NOTE: Aileron – strange that one of us immediately thought of this as a reason for the crash as soon as we heard about it, we hope that terrorism will not be used as a cover up for human error, unless of course this paragraph proves to be incorrect!  Also note this has been written before hearing latest news updates and the orignial transcript was written before any reports of wreckage etc were found.)

Their masters will not allow them to speak for fear of retribution, they have no concern for those who mean nothing to them, they are powerless to act as they are chained for life to obedience, congress will mark the time of need for men to sit together and become one, gentle reasoning will persuade others that the truth needed to be heard in order to bring about a peace for most of its people who despair.

Truly your heart needs to open to allow the love and light in, yours is a manner of compassion but insignificant to this world of matter.

Jonathan he gave his name to those of sterling progress his faculties were intact, his strengths, his weaknesses are overruled by those who would dictate.  (Jonathan Swift  )

Many say things about the circumstances that arise in the Far East. Caress your heart with need and purpose for your Lord, a time will come when you ask ” is there no rest ? ” your purpose will be found before the dawning of the new era, rest your mind before the season of the sun, allow us to intervene in need and purpose upon the Divine will of our Lord.

You must establish a relationship between yourself and those of the light to join in a common need and purpose to help others aspire to Him.  He who sits in high authority and watches all with despair, that His creation has a flaw, an illness and needs tender love and attention to bring about a healing.

The commonwealth games (Olympics?) will be a focus of a need upon your Earth for they will inspire a need for peace not reckoned with before.

Triumph over adversity will begin when the East meets the North, (NOTE: Could this refer to Syria and Russia?) and the West will dictate a measured response before peace is resumed among your nations, your tribes.

Your will is strong for the purpose, continue your work, we will light the way on your behalf as we inspire others to lend a hand.  Comparatively you are weak minded but must follow the laws of the universe in a manner respectful of the Lord.  Take heart that we watch your progress and will burden you with much and your needs will be great, you’ll blossom and bring about a need in men, follow your hearts desires in grace and dutiful need.


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