24.05.16 East/West Events, Princess Diana etc etc


Welcome James & shortly followed by Peter.

Together we will walk in the good times and the bad as you tread your path in this life of yours.  Have no fear of the circumstances surrounding the issues to the forewarnings given.

Together you will make a trio who will make a stand in the progress of man in the annuals of time, bringing together your purpose and need for those who serve the light and the Lord.

Reflections of light are mere shadows of the purposes that all must endure at this time.  A relative peace will come before the storm as you negotiate your paths of life, be not afraid as the trio for your strength will combine into one.

The masquerades of light that would dazzle those within the population of your Earth are seen for what they are by the minds of the Jewish people, as they clamber to the wall to make their feelings known to Him on high.  Their rush will cause a panic of devastation, their hearts, their minds will not focus upon the reasons for them being there, for they know not why events have come to their door.  All to often they have been persecuted by many of your world for their faith, is it not a faith of all?  For ultimately all religions are one, that of the Lord.

Aspects of light will shine upon those who preach the gospel with focus and love, never knowing their purpose is to bring joy to the minds of the masses as they struggle to cope with their everyday lives.  Continuing battles of freedom become more intense, but as the months roll on their wills, will grow stronger to establish a foothold in the hills and mountains of Sinai.  They cannot contest the light, for that which God made is not theirs but for all upon your planet of life.

Negotiate your mind to a will of need and trust, as the hours tick by so you will see our true purpose and intent upon the people’s of your world.

Father Augustus, he knew of many things in the ways of the Lord, he vanished into oblivion making his mark upon man before he left, the circumstances surrounding his departure are vague in your world but he knew the risks that he would face on the wall by the public, why?  (NOTE: There are obviously a few priests with this name, one we came across was Father Augustus Tolton, he was born into slavery and became the first black priest in America in 1886, he naturally suffered much prejudice.  He died aged 43 after ‘spells of illness’.  – We are not sure if this is who it is or not)

Termination of events abroad will commence shortly in the East in a province unknown to most, as Syria is a region of vast emptiness where a man has a will not to be seen, consider his name as not being that of a man, but of another world.

Contrasts deliver a sequence of events to which many will aspire as they rush to reach the pot of gold, it is an illusion, all that man desires is given to deceive him, to test his will, his fortitude on his life’s path.  Your desires and needs are satisfied with the everyday things of life, not many will look beyond his eyes and consider the possibilities of other realms where there is need of His love from our many forms that can be achieved and not that of the physical. Our fear is of a spirit who’s a soul of many minions within the cosmos.

Your atmosphere is a cataclysmic time bomb as your dense air thins dramatically during the hot weather, the heat of the day will bring many terrible things to those exposed to the Sun, be aware that your bodies are but as thin as an eggshell, delicate as lace, take extreme care in August.

They thrust, she was an angel born to rule the many, her life was a trial of many issues, a mother of love.  She came to us unaware of the events that took her, and the reasons being of comfort, of a need to her love, (evp Pennal) to stand up her love.  She became a flower in heaven, her boys, her pride, her good humour are seen by many to this day.  She watches and waits for the time when her name will become that of the martyr, for she too knew of the things that was set against her by the diplomatics of others.  Her characteristics, her values live on through her children, they will enlighten those of stiff upper lips of a heinous crime against her family.  She was not aware of the reasons why she needed to be, but truly she was an angel of light.  She triggered emotions in many of the world as they watched in awe of her beauty, the beauty of her soul could not be hidden from those of need, she embraced many hearts in a manner befitting her roll. Diana came to us, her gracious manner. Storms in a teacup, a term frequently used by those of men who have need to explain!

(AUTHORS NOTE: ” Pennal ” a place in Wales, I have never heard of this place before in my life. It was given in an evp whist I was speaking of Diana as were other words, but more interestingly read what is written in this link, Pennal – Could it be a reference to her being Princess of Wales? )

Troublesome hearts are in need are of a caring heart, for their rages and outbursts cannot be measured by men’s minds.  They trash in rages over the little things of life, their minds are a maze of discrete intelligences that are unable to express themselves in the usual manner considered to be normal by many.  Men who do not see their rages that dwell within them, these poor souls, as they attempt to express themselves in the only way they know, they flailed in rants of anger and frustration seeking an outlet.  Consideration of their feelings is all that is necessary to allow them to express their minds will, for their purposes are obstructed by a mind incapable to withhold all that they are.  (NOTE: Are they describing those who suffer Autism?)

They knew their mother of their birth was an angel of light, for she would cope with their indiscretions, tolerate their ways as mothers often do with the ones they love, they are a breed of human that is special to each man and so it was that Mary was also deemed a special lady to her sons ( evp Asylums )… her bright eyes would light up their lives in times of oppression when man was not his own master.

Gertrude, wishes to say that her mother joins us now with a message of peace for all of the union, ’twas in those days, those turbulent times that our family was massacred in the name of the Reich, they established themselves in the village where we dwelt, they stormed our lives with their boots of hell, they punished us for being who we were, not for being human but because of our love of the Lord, they were dark as the night and they had schemed for many years to extinguish our light for they were jealous of the things they felt they couldn’t have, but are there for all who welcome the light.  Their atrocities are known across the globe but they march on, deceiving those today as they did then.

They assumed a different name that are masked, the boarders, until they reach a point where they feel they can once more tread upon the lives of the innocent. Tensions mounting in the East will trigger the emotions of the West to react in a manner unforgiving, they will see their chance to put their mark upon the world once more and they will chant as members of a race of the dark.  Become aware of the intolerance’s that are unseen by the eyes of many, for they dictate their thoughts and feelings through the net of the web of life.

Task your minds to release an emotion of caring to those who cannot see their loved ones, for their will is blocked.  Complete your mission to release these words to the needs of the people of the world, some will harken to the words whilst others will turn to the dark, hold on to your faith my son for deliverance will be at hand to temper those of courage to follow their purpose, caressing in your mind that will is strong, do not mask your thoughts and emotions with words to please others, be yourself and become one with that of spirit.

Julius Caesar, he fought with the courage of a lion he did not know fear but the backlash against him was unworthy to his end, he was toppled Domina court they made foundations of men who would be unscrupulous in their dealings with each other, they clamber for the pennies of life, they would see the great nation fall before their eyes. Comparatively your world would see the same end, the time has passed.

Focus your mind, we need for others the foil to be strong to cope with the pressures to come, forgiveness and tolerance is essential to ease the burden of those of the many nations who will see a tidal wave of despair.  Frankly we cannot see an end at this time it must be brought about by the compassion of those of the light.

His fiery outbursts will be recognised by many of intolerance and misjudgement.  He persecutes those in need of attention he raises his hands against those who would denounce his ways, frankly he is a tyrant in sheep’s clothing. His purpose and will, will drive the force of unprecedented violence as he erodes his national symbol to a mere glimmer of its former self.  His nation will tremble at the thought that he is a man unbalanced in his mind with power and greed.  We know of his antisocial behaviour towards those of a coloured race, he leads the clan in many areas to destabilise her attentions.  He will continue his plan of action to succeed in whatever manner he feels fit, his outrages will surpass that of tyrants in times gone by.  He has a will and a mind to use the resources at hand, don’t assume that he is a man, for he is negative, convince your loved ones of his need to dominate those of the States in which he has power.  Don’t neglect the things that are spoken of by him as they contain his true meaning.

Tremendous amounts of goodwill is required as your scope increases.

The Dalai Lama is in need of assistance for he is a man of goodwill and humour.  His very presence exists because of his purity of mind and spirit, for he sits with us in his meditations transforming his mind into the vessel filled with purpose.  His eyes are open to the needs of the many who sit beneath his mount, they worship him with a fondness of a loved one.  His will is strong, he will ally with the Pope and they will be an outlet for love.  Their combined strengths, when they negotiate matters in high places that most cannot reach, their purpose is for humanity and the love of God.   Comparatively yours is of equal measure, of less importance to those around you, your whispers are heard many times, many places beyond your ears and eyes, they are watched by some sceptical minds but they are eager to learn of what you know as they have need of those that communicate with the ones above.

Lavender will bring a measure of good fortune upon those who have a will to be one with each other.

Many speculate that life on Earth will vanish without trace many eons from now, but why should this be?  It is only mans desire to self destruct that will bring about this end, but if he has a will to open his heart and mind in the ways of the Lord and to his fellow man then his survival will progress to establish a world of unity.  At this time he knows of one thing, that of the disturbances brought about by a man known to all, as one of the beasts servants, he calls out for positive actions disregarding other’s lives.  The dogs of war will bark once more as they call to him through the ethos of time to bring about a purpose of his will, of his state of mind to others.  Truly you need to sit within the light to create a balance of minds against his.  Trouble your heart not of his intentions for he has a downfall coming of mega proportions.

Cast your mind back to those days of your childhood when your mind was free and your heart was lifted by love, can I not see that you are still that child?  Discard the baggage collected to free that mind once more for the purpose intended, compliance of your mind is essential to bring about a purpose and will to assist us in ways by which you will only understand.  Try to understand we are here to help, the warnings given are to enhance your minds with knowledge, we’re not to speculate upon the outcome of your planet or your lives because they are in your power to change.  Ask yourselves a simple question, “Who is the master of your lives, is it God or is it the man in the street who thinks he knows all above our Lord?”  Of course you know the one true master is that of the Lord, caress your heart with tender love and bring about a change in mans desire for peace, topple your thoughts, allow us in.

Congratulations to those who have persevered to win the battle of the light, their heroic efforts to surmount new possibilities of life will be rewarded by the immense energy of love and goodwill.  They have frankly a determined mind and will that should be aspired to by all of humanity who desire peace.



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