26.05.16 Warnings, Financial Indiscretions, Marx etc


Sanctify your mind before He who comes before you this evening, to declare His love upon those of the light for their wisdom and judgment in all matters relating to that of Him, Our Lord.  Welcome friends, (EVP ” to all Gods platforms” – E.V.P. = electronic voice phenomena)

We have seen for many years the trials and tribulations of men, his fortunes won and lost with battles of the heart, but he has neglected and has missed his golden opportunity to become one with the nations of the many around your globe.  You sit in your dwellings feeling secure and illuminated (informed) by those who tell you all is well.  Their forecasts are wrong, they don’t understand the options before them and they cannot conceive to listen to one another’s rhetoric, for theirs is the way that they will tread regardless of who or what is in their path.

They have no foresight to the coming battles of humanity in which many extremists views will be expressed by the lack of love.  Knowledge of these events will become clear in spectacular fashion during the Harvest festival of the full Moon, for we know of many things of sacrifice.  Do not consider yourselves as the perfect race, you are merely specimens who walk this planet of life.

Control your emotions as we near your Earth to establish a base / basis (Authors Note: I said base then it changed to basis) on which to communicate with those in power, their knowledge of us is great, their understanding is lacking as they assume that we are here to take over, it is not our plan we are merely assuming the roll of peacemaker of your nations before you succumb to the massacre of mankind.  Treat us not with contempt but with a passion, an emotion of love, we send greetings to your brothers of Earth, please accept our warmest welcome to you.  Content yourself with the knowledge that the Roses will bloom once more in the valleys so green that were once of anger and despair.

To us your nations are criminals who wipe out the desire of a will to love, they are consumed with their own importance, establishing a foothold in the corridors of power.  Their main concern as they rush to grab all the advantages possible, is that they may achieve their minor targets.  They have missed an important step in their strides of progress, they do not realise that the Earth was created for man for all to live upon in peace and harmony, not to jettison the love that was injected into your souls.

Confirmation of our presence is heard through the corridors of power, their lack of understanding will cause great concern amongst the many nations, for their concern is only of their own needs.  We speculate that there will be a truce of minds to encounter our arrival.  We cannot trust your men of power for they are weak and feeble of mind, they are deserving of no respect for they cannot comprehend of our being.

Your natural world suffers greatly at this time from many things that man created, its very nature and fabric is under threat by those scheming to fragment the core with gases.  The warnings are given all too late we fear, for they will be ignored by the vast majority of your people, but we will obtain a partnership with you to illuminate those minds of a reconciliation with our being as we approach your Earth in a formation that you will recognise as the Arrow.

Despite our superiority we cannot interfere or intercede with those of the Earth, for the Almighty has ordained that you should punish yourselves with your thoughtless actions.  We have considered many options, we have obtained many thoughts of minds of will, but we concede that we cannot interfere.  Our purpose and words will cause minds to consider other possibilities in the world of matter.

Before you came with your spiritual thoughts we were sure that there would be one that would listen, to be frank, we have need of many to establish a basis of thought that would flourish within the minds of man.  Your seed will become apparent in the forthcoming events, as people look for some modicum of comfort, their eyes will fall upon the sites as they read the daily news.  Be not concerned with the threats and warnings as they are not ours, but of your own making.

You cannot understand the power of your minds as they transmit their thoughts of concern and worry, for what you destroy is so strong as to affect us, it is a matter of concern.  Bless your hearts for allowing us to talk in a frankness of mind to those who would listen to the words given in your circles of light.  We aspire to bring those of purpose to the forefront of the matters concerning men.

(NOTE: The following few paragraphs are intended for the author, however we leave the words included in this message, to hopefully allow the reader to understand a little of the authors personal journey.)

Your journey will be a long one, many routes to follow, you’ll meet with ridicule and ignorance, for their values are not the same, they will listen and judge you upon your minds performance.  Never understanding that these thoughts are transmitted to inspire others to the word of the Lord.  Go social with the words to enlighten others to the vast potential, that mainstream humanitarian outlooks your thoughts to send our message to those of the light.

They have looked on you as so aware, as you left their fold, your progress is not of their light but of another somewhat more profound and less forgiving.  (Note: The author left a previous spiritual circle to concentrate on these messages)  You control your thoughts with great difficulty but we are astounded by your manner and willingness to work to establish your name.  We are considering electing the words to others for inspiration of thought, their natural curiosity to look, for they will see the truth in your manner.  Bespoke is your method of communication, we welcome it with open arms as a mother greets her child, as a teacher greets a pupil.  Be aware that we will come to announce your purpose to those of the light, your thoughts will become not your own as we manipulate the words, the fragments to your open mind.  Do not be concerned as we guide your steps through the forests and jungles of life and it’s many patterns.

Turquoise was given to you to understand that minerals of the Earth are made up of stardust, they connect with temples of light in your solar system, they become empowered with loving thoughts to burden your path with our energy and gravity. They are pure pieces of stone that have grown with your world throughout time and they can be used to signify and clarify our words.  We need not tell you of the importance of the continuation and love of this connection.  Go to your people with thoughts of love and gratitude, embrace their human attributes let them see that you conquer with wisdom, go now and be one with the universe to enlighten those who stand in the dark, the darkness of ignorance.

Travel the world with your mind my son roam freely amongst those of the light taking your message of the Lord directly to the thousands, don’t stipulate rules or mannerisms, just let the words flow with the frequency of love to print upon the hearts of man with tolerance.  Cushion your mind with the love given by the Almighty as he sends purpose to those with a will to love.  Tremendous amounts of courage will be required to face the questions of idiotic minds as they challenge your need in this world, they cannot see the beauty of the mind that lies within its many avenues, to be secured, allowing it to enlighten them of their full potential.

Commonly you would regard us as not of this Earth, we are blessed with the knowledge that some will come with open arms to embrace our thoughts and our will so as to achieve a satisfactory conclusion to your existence upon this world.

Constantly we inform you of warnings which are negative thoughts to others, but they are merely a precursor to events that may happen or could happen should the course remain unchanged.  Nevertheless we must inform the minority of uniformed people, their need is required to prevent a catastrophe upon the seas of the North.

Focus your mind in the purpose ahead, travel with us to the far reaches of your mind knowing the connections, know your mind.  Troublesome minds to bear witness to much sorrow in your world, to follow will be a calm of reassurance.  Pestilence will become rife as your need grows, for need to allow us to intervene, to maximise your thoughts, target those emotions of those that would listen.

January, February and March are months and days of a new era, from which beginnings of frustration will fill the hearts of men as they clamber to hide their cash where it cannot be seen, for their greed is astounding.  They marshal others with directives to avoid payments of taxes to your queen and country.  They hide their intentions behind closed doors hoping that misleading words will not betray for their need.  Superspies will uncover their indiscretions, whistle blowers will sound the trumpets of truth.  Before they can respond, their secrets are out, culminating in a masquerade of words to cover up their indiscretions before the people’s of the united, violence.  Why should these men feel the need to betray their own kind with their wealth and their knowledge?  They can bring about change if desired, they will require duties from beyond, duties in life to impose the law and bring about a change of rule, for they have betrayed their own with their greed of wealth.  What will they do with it, for it is of no use to them when they cross to this side of life.  They do not understand the question will be raised, to intervene in matters of awareness regarding posthumous misgivings.  (NOTE: Is this about what has already happened this year, or could there be more financial indiscretions to come?)

Notable backbencher’s in a class of their own, they dictate the law of the land from behind closed doors, they secretly betray him who leads. They scurry around with their notes in hand hoping that somewhere their purpose will grow, unseating the one who rules, for their distaste of this man is great, they perceive him as an ” upstart ” as he causes uproar with his words of passion, his ignorance is astounding for he assumes to much.

Matters of opinion don’t count when it comes to love and trust, many have tried to woo the sirens (temptress) of beauty to make them their own personal property.  Their heads are strong their minds are weak their thoughts unfold in a manner betraying their trust, concern yourself not we are here as a measure of true guide to assist the fragmented words.

A meaningful respect of the Lord is required by those of the light, they call upon His name as their saviour.  His rule is supreme, of that there is no doubt, but why are their minds so purposed on ceremony without purpose or meaning?  For they mystify those who bear witness to their scenes of injustice, their purpose of being was that of caring for those in need, we see no point in their masquerade.

Charming as he once was, he elected to be part of the universe in his thoughts, never understanding the will of those of a different origin, he was a policeman, a peacemaker, Bill Francis McIntyre deserves no less than a heroes welcome as he performs his duties with trials and tribulations set against him by those masked men who need his word of silence, troubles his mind the matters at hand.  He will come out on top of the heap, exposing the corridors of power and their corruption as they dwell in their magnificence, not noticing the greater picture.  An outcome of massive proportions will transpire on the news platform of the world.   His negotiations with Prague will bring forthcoming talks in the cities that bear the name of freedom.   (NOTE: We can find no positive identification for who Bill McIntyre is, maybe it is not for us to know just yet?  Or can anyone else shed light on who he may be?

Marx is a man of history to which many owe their gratitude for bringing a way of life that was intended to be for all.  But those minds who had a will to transform his magic, his passion, they considered the words spoken and used them against fellow men.  It transpired that his remains shall be kept in a locked secret room below that of Karl Marx, they assume his body was desecrated by men of need.  They form a part of a society of underground dwellings who pass information on the net in the hope of returning to power with nationalism.  They scheme, considering the ways and nature of men to embark upon a terrible mass destruction, they first unite the men of need. (AUTHORS NOTE:  Highgate Cemetary The most famous burial in the East cemetery is arguably that of Karl Marx, whose tomb was the site of attempted bombings on 2 September 1965[5] and in 1970[6]  Tours of the most famous graves are available but, due to vandalism and souvenir hunters, visitors are no longer allowed to explore unaccompanied.)

They control the borders of Mexico with intolerance and not of compassion, for the outcry of the people is not heard by the world of the tortures of those who only permit contact once a year.   A terrible situation arose and masqueraded as an accident before the nations of plenty, the truth will uphold, will be heard in the form of a leak, by a press secretary of one of the nations.

Francesca, she became the warrior of France, defend her rights against those of domination, she was heroic in her actions to defend her home and way of life, it is true to say she was a heroine of her time, her young mind and will carried her forward despite the aggression of those around her.  She was unable to escape their punishment but her soul is free with dignity and honour, she embraces the world.   (NOTE:  This sounds so much like Joan of Arc but we can find no positive link.  There is an author with the name of Francesca who has written about Joan of Arc.  Does anyone have any other ideas?)


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