29.05.16 – Disclosure, The Congo, etc


Frequently we have asked for man’s co-operation to connect with the universe of light and love for the purposes of love and goodwill to all men. We have seen these past days many things that trouble us in the universe, yours is but a small insignificant troubled world, you cannot imagine the vastness of time and space, how old the galaxies are that you occupy.

Our task this evening is to you, a message of hope to your nations.

We are told that man has fortitude and will to see through those days upon which men of war hurt each other, catastrophes are looming in the regions of the far South. Before the year is out, a new dawn will begin for some, for others it will end. But rest assured that all will receive an awakening of sorts.

Francis of Assisi, he wishes to speak of the things to come in this world, his purpose is of goodwill to those who would listen:

“My memories of Earth are long and vivid, for I was a man of reputation for good, my path was illuminated by the Lord as he came to me once before to tell me of the things that are to come in my life. I sat in my chambers, my head bowed in prayer to praise Him of the light and to give thanks for my being. I complied with those of power, not understanding that I had issued a notice of intent to those on high. My disregard for the people’s of my own nation was my downfall and my love was that of a man and not of spirit. My mind is now in focus and I give thanks that I was able to shed light upon the Lord and the Angels of life. Frequently I was spoken to by Merlin, who whispered my name in the shadows of the light. I am no longer a man, but that of spirit, many worship my name but in truth they worship that, that made my reality. The Lord was my focus, His blessings were many, but I did not understand my purpose as they came for me. The Shepherds of light will once more shine upon your world to face the challenges before you. You must obey their lead as they guide you through these dark times you must endure. I sat many times in my chamber, my head bowed in prayer in worship to the Lord, I could have done so much more but I was focused upon Him, not understanding my responsibilities to man and those within my parish. I seek refuge now in the light of the Lord, I obtained His forgiveness and my passion has evolved, my ponderous mission will begin again to bring about a peace of mankind.”

Trooping of the colour will be matched by a terrible event in the North.
(NOTE: Trooping the colour takes place 11th June 2016)

Beware the arms will extend from the East as they reach the shores of Brittany, casting a shadow over events by which you will have no control. Your leaders will shout, details will be hidden from view as they usher those in distress to shelter, matters of concern from all.

We have to announce that our appearance will be announced shortly to the world. (NOTE: If you look up names like Stephen Greer and David Wilcock, they are two notable names working on ‘Disclosure’ both of them forecast that the world will be told of E.T.’s) We forecast much disruption as we emanate from the skies above to bring forth a new era a time of peace. Fear not for we are here to adorn you as a measure of mind of purpose, complete your mission as required for the salvation of your kind, your intentions are good towards your fellow man but strengthen your mind to the purpose at hand as we intensify our minds with yours. Companions will follow to breathe new life in the aspects of the words, your friends of the light will have a need to bear witness to your point of view.

Frankly we are appalled by what we have witnessed in the Congo today your news editors will regard this as unworthy for their pages we know of these terrible things, your Lion roared and his teeth sank deep of the hearts and minds of those who perished, why is it that your people cannot be trusted to convey love, their punishments will not go unheeded. (NOTE: We have searched the internet for anything relevant to this message on 29th May in the Congo. There is so much violence in general in that area, we cannot pin point any particular event to this date, but there is a great deal that could apply.)

There will be a vacuum of love and intolerance to your major cities as their armies spread.

Imagine a life without pain, wouldn’t that be something of great value? Ours is a world of love and light, temples shine like diamonds in the mind, their clarity and beauty signifies our love and intent towards others. Defeat your objectives, bring about purpose of mind so that others may see a new beginning. You are trapped within a body of flesh but your mind is free with purpose and need.

Contemporary art will once more signify the need of free speech among your men. (NOTE: Graffiti Art?)

Jefferson knew of the meaning of free speech and mumbled words to Jackson many times during his life upon Earth, they were formidable but their views differed and they were unable to maximise their united embodiment of minds. Read More:  Presidents Jefferson and Jackson

Tasks are given today to those of purpose to open their minds that wisdom and will of those of the light. We are here to teach those who would open their hearts and minds to their spiritual purpose, Gilbert ‘O’ Sullivan, he sang the tune that tells the story of a love, his voice rang true and clear relaying a message to the ears of men.

Scheming minds, reckless behaviour of the men in power will immerse the nations in turmoil, for their need is of their own and not that of all. They will desperately hold on to power, provoking and hoping that such an aggressive manner will hold the minds of the many, but they are seen as scheming individuals not worthy of thought. Their house (NOTE: Do they mean The White House, Parliament or both?) will collapse before the new world, watch as they scream “What has happened, what have we done?” and they do not see their own misgivings. Their fortunes they will hide behind closed doors so that men cannot see of their wealth.

Tuberculosis will affect many as the smoke rises in the morn. (NOTE: Cases of T.B. are on the rise, however it is a bacterial disease so not caused by smoke but possibly made worse by it.)

Allow your hearts of freedom and will to speak ill of those who will condemn your minds to servitude, connect with your deepest feelings within and allow your mind to breath easy.

Continue in your work my son, the blessing of the Lord helps you regain your energy, proceed to bear witness to the misfortune of those who cannot abide by His law in your nations. Too many times have we seen democracies fall, nations collapse, they have gone down.

Yellow Lily live, Yellow Lily calls to you, “Don’t persecute yourself.” Allow your thoughts to travel beyond your mind, focus upon the light. Pray He will navigate you, your mind to a place of beauty. Your star system is one of many in the galaxies, a light of heaven. You are not alone as your world leaps for freedom of mind. Don’t classify us or regard us as alien for we are as much a part of your world as you are of ours. Our need of you is great. Temples of your mind are focused, travel with us as we use your voice to declare a peace upon those of your world. Call upon the Angels to bring a love purpose and need to your world, let them shine the light as your purpose grows.

Purposely we have come to bring you news of a windfall to the minds of those of purpose, your needs are few as you live your life, be inspired by the words of the poets of the new dawn, for they speak of things that reflect our minds and the beauty of the Earth.

Treat yourself with respect as the Earth rotates upon its axis wavering as those forces of light affects its spin. Knowledge of this is beginning to emerge into those scientific minds of your Earth, they know that soon the time will come of immense change as the spin of your Earth changes by 1 degree, this will bring a tidal wave of currents to the shores of many. More information:  Inuit Elders tell Nasa of Earth Axis Shift

Ignorance is bliss they say but knowledge is of wisdom. Let us reassure you that our purpose is good and that we are here to assist those who survive these dark times to bring light and purpose once more to your Earth in His name. Tremendous amounts of courage will be required as the burden grows, trust in your light, bring peace to those who come before you we are here to guide you. The Arcturians.


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