31.05.16 The Arcturians, Animals etc


Broken hearts and dreams are many in your world of troubles, despair, anguish they scream out into the night, fear us not for we have come bearing greetings and love.

Needless to say we are pleased with the progress and the continuing work to enlighten mans mind to our purpose and need. Into your souls the purpose, a combination of will is required to achieve a satisfactory conclusion as we approach your earth. We will transmit utterances of respect to those of the light. We need your complete willingness to serve His purpose of light, for we bring a measure of goodwill and comfort to your planet. We know of circumstances surrounding issues of war, their reasons are given as excuses to battle those who would disrespect the Lord and His people. ( evp ” Roland ” ) (AUTHORS NOTE: EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomena heard on the recording, I believe this link may be Roland )

We are aware of the many things that affect your lives upon your planet, your world. Do not disregard the purposes for which you were sent, for your need is great at this time. Frequently we have asked for those of purpose to transmit their thoughts of love and compassion, without fear of ridicule, without insecurity, for those who work within the light are free of mind and fear as they battle the forces of good and evil upon the plains of your Earth. We admire your fortitude and your willingness to proceed amongst the many that have gone before, for they have received gratification within the light of love and honour.

Frequently you ask of a reason to give those in your life a measure of comfort, we need to ask you, is it your will to continue the journey? (AUTHORS NOTE: I swore in my mind at this point and as I write this that it is my will ) Then we will empower you to impose our will upon your actions and your mind for the need of the many and your nations upon your planet. Together we must communicate with purpose and need, troubles of your mind, you want to negotiate and release their energy for they inhibit your abilities to focus.

Our minds are of great power for thought, we transmit thoughts to the many who’s ears are open within your world, we find that some are reckless and their actions transmit in these words to those of your Earth. We need patience and tolerance as feelings run high amongst your men on the topics so violent, the time has come for us to give them/you a lesson of tolerance and need of purpose, focus your mind as we intercede with your thoughts. (AUTHORS NOTE: I go quiet at this point) Feel our energy draw close as we sit with you within the light. We are of small stature, a people of great wisdom, knowledge has been gained by many trials and tribulations of our own planet. We speak here tonight to give you a view of our lives and aspects of purpose, we are time keepers of the many, we travel through into your universe with ease in our Starships, as we exceed mans ability to travel the Stars. We have seen many worlds beyond yours capable of supporting life, your telescopes they see us as a speck, they cannot know the true meaning of what they see for we are of love, a creation of the Lord to enhance the powers of the light. Our focus is upon you as we sit among your people of the Earth influencing the minds of those who are willing to commit.

Family affairs are a matter of concern to many but moreover they should focus upon their neighbour as their friend and family. Comparatively your life is of need within a structure of love and tolerance, we need your support to bring about peace upon your planet.

Contemporary men of purpose will astound the minds of others who design many things of need, we cannot emit our being upon those minds who will not see. Craft your mind as the polished crystal and allow our words to follow contemporary men for the need for wisdom and knowledge to achieve his aims, his purpose is that of greed and not a measure of love, we have no need for money or men of greed for theirs is a purpose unworthy of the light.

Our name is Arcturian and we sit with you to guide the many who believe in the existence of other Forms and Races. We exist in your minds to ease the burden and the shock of our appearance, many have seen us and in their wisdom do not believe, for they cannot imagine such things exist. No trickery, we exist. We travel your world incognito, dressed as man, look into our eyes to see the measure of our purpose, we have been many times to your Earth, creating an atmosphere in which we may exist in hidden places around your globe, they are deep in caverns. Do not expect to find us as we have the ability to hide from those eyes.

We cannot imagine a world full of destruction such as yours for it goes against nature, for what a waste to beat upon one another without reason or rhyme. Yours is a curious race of beings, no respect, no guidance no thought for others as you traverse your lives filled with fear and devoid of love. There are those who shine the light of love but they are few, most are concerned with their very being. The context of your lives are filled with need and want. Why not open your minds to its full potential, linking your minds with nature as was intended at the very beginning of time?

We have sent many envoy’s amongst your men, we desire peace and reconciliation, they have been mistreated and punished for their thoughts as you will be for your words, take heart at these lessons, it will be hard but the rewards are great within heaven. You must sacrifice your will to work in a world far beyond your own allowing us free speech to your people as they see us through your eyes.

We are a race of noble people with no wish to harm or jeopardise your world, but to restore it’s glory to its former self, a beautiful brilliant blue planet filled with life which now diminishes quickly as man infests the Earth. Come to us with a measure of peace as we answer the questions of love.

Commodus, he wishes to speak once more in a manner of love and peace: It was long ago that I was a man forced into servitude by others whose will and desire was to own man. They punished me for my disobedience many times before the whip, I suffered great pain and the agonies of death. Many times I felt the needles penetrate my skin they were as knives cutting away a piece of me with each stroke, my mind was beaten into submission. I looked into men’s eyes and see them weep before my blade, my own heart sang out “Why am I forced to do this?” but in truth it was always in my power not to commit these crimes against a fellow man, my ignorance was not an excuse, my feeble mind was not an excuse. As I came before the Lord and He whispered in my ear, “Commodus, why as a man did you take other men’s lives, could you not see the unjust wisdom in your actions? You were not forced into servitude as your will is strong, you should have fought against the master.” but I understand your weakness as you sit before me, your obedience and your suffering will not go unnoticed. We of the light, of the wisdom, know of the pains and suffering of men, yours has been great, you cannot expect that I can overlook the crimes committed against humanity. As I look, I become aware of His noble presence in my midst, I asked forgiveness for the things, those many terrible things.  Click here to find out who Commodus was

We call upon you this evening to ignore your will to fight those who would lower your nature. For as a man you are only flesh and blood, your soul is precious, do not be tempted to overstep the ways of the Lord, your nature is good and I am pleased that I have been permitted to connect with your soul, for you once were also obliged to do many things, many terrible things, you paid as I did and learnt. Combat your fears, gather your strength of arms but use them for the good of the light and to embrace the love of the people’s in your world. Do not allow your offences to affect others in a manner of disrespect, God have mercy on those of ill will. Purposely we have attempted to bring about a man within you, your mind is weak but your strength is immense. Focus on those who will support your words with wisdom.

One comes to hear your words, we will speak with him and ears will listen to the words of wisdom, you must unite to bring about a combined strength to carry forward the words. Your abilities are given to you as a measure of respect for your compassion and feelings towards others and of all creatures upon the Earth. Do not tremble as we approach, we all feel different, tremendous amounts of love and sorrow that emerge from your planet are like storms of the season to us as your vibrations bounce between us. Your storms of fury will gather as the seasons progress, they are severe to the extreme, they bring about change upon your planet, change that is unforeseen by those of wisdom whose words will try to reassure you. They know the truth, for what is about to happen you must not fear nature, for all things have a cycle and a purpose of being. Yours is no different to many others in your world, you see the suffering and despair that stabs at your heart and mind, yours will be no different, for all must equate for each other’s suffering.

The temples of your mind are like valleys with rivers of emotion that flow through with varying degrees of current. Open the floodgates of emotion to a franchise of will and determination to be a beacon of light upon those of your Earth who will listen to the wisdom sent by the many of the light.

Countless measures will be set against you as men see you as a threat to their own glorifications as they aspire to bring messages of love to those who have lost, or perceived to have lost their loved ones, for they still live in a spiritual world upon the many plains that surround and intercede with your world. (NOTE: The work of all mediums is valuable and they have a wonderful gift, some may concentrate on bringing forward messages from passed loved ones to comfort the bereaved in spiritualist churches, stage shows and the like, some sadly may not recognise at present, the importance of channelling other beings of light, it can indeed take us all out of our comfort zone at times to hear messages such is this!)

Can I express our thanks and gratitude to you and others who shine the light and wisdom of the Lord. Be a temple, a place for those who have questions, we have much knowledge to share amongst you, you need only but ask. Forgiveness is great within the light and it is up to you to ask for His Divine light and intervention into your lives.

As the Rose blooms and the petals fall back, so the beauty will radiate out with a scent of love that you will be drawn to, as a Bee is drawn to the nectar of the flower. Be not afraid to approach as the light shines, for like the Bee, the honey is sweet, the nectar of life is there for all to taste, you have only but to ask of the lords forgiveness. Even those of intemperate minds who have fallen below the light, in due course they will be asked if they wish to taste the nectar of the light and life, it is their choice, their own souls motive. If they do not choose then we will regard them as needy, they will refuse to see the light for they fear redemption that may come to them, they do not understand that all are born of the light but only fall into the darkness of their own choosing.

You asked of animals, of their service in life and of their peace at their passing. We understand your concern, but rest assured that all that live, all that are, are one with spirit. Some will tell you that an animal is just an animal, but they don’t look at themselves and see that they are but an animal themselves, a creature of the Earth, given life and soul in the purpose of need. An animals respect and love is only given when it is given in equal measure to them, they have purpose to serve mankind in many ways, their lives are not wasted. Their souls are rejoiced and brought to a heavenly place of love and light, for they suffer greatly, not being heard, with no recourse they are persecuted as lower forms of life, but know this, they are no different to you, they feel the pain that you feel, they feel the sorrow, joy and happiness that you do. Animals of burden carry a load to which many would buckle, their purpose is given to assist all, to carry their burden. Look at the horse, an animal of strength and power but with a mind as free as the wind, yet he capitulates to mans desire. His will is broken to serve in many ways, his skill and intelligence is beyond your comprehension, for he has a strength of mind that no man can break, he represents power and strength, his purpose will be served in many ways, but in the end he will rejoice in the fields of heaven.

Communicate your minds intentions to those of a will to listen to hear the words of the Arcturians. Yes, we feel fear, fear of failure in our purpose to bring about a meaningful peace within your peoples of the world. Their hostilities against us have been seen and unreported, they see us as freaks to be examined. We are no different to you, we feel pain, desire, love, but our minds are balanced in unique ways to yours, our radiance of will shines out to those men who would listen to the sound waves of our words.

Colours adorn your world with clarity as prisms of light reflect our need, come together as one, as a prism of light to reflect upon those who have doubts and negative wisdom to accept that our will is one of peace, not of destruction. You will clamber to see a spectacle before you, your vision will be blurred at the site of our coming, feel our need for love and respect. We do not ask you to worship, but to respect our being of purpose. If you cannot understand these simple things then we regret to have to embark upon a different course.

Your men of power they will drive their point home in their machines of metal, how primitive beyond belief that you do not have the wisdom to understand our determination to bring about peace, an alliance of men with those of the light. Let venom meet those them that bear arms against us. Fear us for we will have no mercy upon those who pull their triggers of anger upon our ships. We will spare those who relinquish their ways and for the world will see a battle of wills. Fear will be promoted by those of wisdom who negotiate their own minds as to the rights and wrongs of the actions of men. The wise ones will see on our purpose and need to bring about an end to hostilities, to form a peace among those people who wish to live in the light of the Almighty. He who brings about his purpose before us will be rewarded with love and gratitude. All material things are unnecessary to the spirit and soul, you’ll be well aware of the need of love and your climate changes will be of trivial concern compared to that of the hostilities that will be brought against those that condemn others to servitude and hardship. We don’t mean of trivial things but of those who suffer greatly at the knives slashing away their life for no good reason other than to bring respect upon them. Huh, they just don’t know how awful it is in the eyes of the Lord to see His people tormented by the dark shadows that linger in life.

You will have noticed before how a glimmer of light will brighten up the darkness, so it will be that the light will shine and drive out the darkness in the world. For new beginnings, we see a Race of beings with tolerance and temperance, love and admiration for the Lord for the blessings given. We need a commitment from you to transmit the thoughts of our minds as you draw on the energy of others, our strength will increase tenfold, you will be unaware of the things said, your heart will feel immense upliftment as we enter and use your mind, you will feel our love, our immense strength so much so that you will be left feeling rewarded by Heavens light.

We do not intend to dominate the lives of those upon your Earth but to recreate a structure of a loving nature within man. Frankly we cannot abide war, we despise those who create hell on Earth. It is time as children that you grow up to the knowledge that was intended and emplaned in your minds before corruption and greed set in, before the dark overshadowed those men of power, of greed, of want. We will illuminate their minds once more and they will capitulate to our measures of tenderness, for if they don’t they will feel a swift answer to their anger in equal measure. Compel us not to do these things, give us reason for hope that men will turn to the light to begin a new life and dawn within the world of peace and plenty for all. With the common good given to all by mans desire to live in peace. I respect your will for independence but you must live within the light, consciousnesses of the dark will be extinguished and they will not shine again upon the Earth, but like all they will be given an opportunity to re-emerge to learn the lessons that they failed.

You were once a man of dishonour your extreme measures brought fear and tyranny to others, your mind was weak but you have come to be a power of strength and love, loyalty and compassion, we admire those who turn with a purpose. You will achieve many things upon your spiritual journey, the teachings of the Lord run deep within you, allow Him to shine His light within your soul to bring peace and joy to those who enquire as to His nature. You see the Angel in your eyes, She is there for guidance, reassurance, Her healing energies will radiate to those in your presence, let them feel Her love, warm their souls for She is that of the light, an Angel of love.

Commence your journey to archive your aims as you were set before this Earth. Mother Mary she walks with you, embracing your love and tenderness for others, frequently you ask “Why me?” why not? Are you not worthy as any other man, are you not of the light to bring words of comfort to those who need peace in their lives and love in their hearts? Temperance and tolerance shall be theirs, as it will be yours, be of a nature of love to dominate men’s minds, to illuminate their lives with the love of the Lord ,of the Mother Mary for she walks with you by the name of Lily, enable Her heart to beat within yours to bring a peace to men of the world.

Five stars will point the way to a world beyond yours with tremendous attributes, their wisdom and knowledge is great. They have no need of machines, they are spirit, they have no need of material things for their sustenance is love and light. They are the Angels that bring warnings and their love to the many, they point the way to joy and happiness that can be achieved within men and you upon this Earth. The snowflake falls and as it does so it resembles a star, but it changes as it lands softly upon the ground, it merges with the earth and melts away. This is a symbol to you that no one man can make a difference, but should there be many snowflakes, a storm of white light of love will fall gently to the Earth and as they do so they will form a cover to hide away the impurities as a clean white sheet of love, and as the gentleness caresses the Earth, so the Earth becomes one with the flake.

Truly I see before me a tremendous will.


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