05.06.16 – World Events, Kim Jong Un etc


(NOTE: We asked if it might be possible for the identity of the beings who give the messages to be revealed, their reply seems to be within this evenings transcript!)

Puzzles of your mind are like pieces scattered within the cosmos. As you seek out the pictures, and the pieces of the pictures to put them together, so your minds will come to an understanding that a purpose far beyond your expectations have your need for us. Our wisdom is generated by the dove (NOTE: dove is symbolic of peace) that shines from your hearts and the wisdom of your minds. Compel us not to be your burden for we are of love, intent on the minds of defiance. Question your abilities with life my son, there are many words of wisdom that can betray your thoughts of mind.

We are here now to assist in the ways of the light and the Lord. Your response to our needs is gratefully received with a measure of love. We will issue you with a purpose so profound that it will stagger your minds in disbelief. Our need is great at this time as your world slips into the abyss. (NOTE: It is our belief (therefore not necessarily factual) that the last sentence refers to these beings having a greater understanding of how important our planet is in the grand scheme of the universe(s), if we destroy our planet it would have an effect throughout the cosmos. Therefore every reason for them to keep a watchful and caring eye over us.)

The negative minds who dominate the masters of your life are reckless in their behaviour and their attitude towards me. They have no need for the material things of the common man, they cannot conceive what it would be like to live the life of a poor man, indeed, they neglect their duties as God gave them, they have failed their purpose to overcome the trials of temptation which was put their way. Be not afraid of what matters most, just believe that our wisdom is keen and sharp so as to penetrate the minds of those who have knowledge and need of us.

We know of contemporary minds with a backlash awaiting you. Because of their need for love and freedom they will suffer in deeds with a measure of grievance set against them, but they will compel others to bring about a purpose with the minds of those with need. You are one with the light who will accept the responsibility to enlighten those minds to their needs of the contemporary man.

We are not of the negative is our response to your request for identification. It is for you to understand that we consider you a channel of love, but temperance and tolerance is needed to ascertain the needs of the many to a way of life that cannot be measured by the injustices of those who would set against you. Your need of information is great as we feed you within our weak words to enlighten those minds to be free as a songbird, to allow their light and wisdom to shine through the shadows that overstep their marks.

We are not here to obtain or grant your world. For what need have we of the things of your Earth? Our only interest is that of peace and reconciliation between those nations that would seek to destroy in the name of The Golden One (NOTE: We interpret the Golden One to be God or Christ). We find it hard to accept that these people who would have ruled in your nations cannot listen to their minds will, for they are told “This is not right.” They are goaded on by those in the background who sit in their comfortable chairs coming up with tales to tell contemporary man that all is well in your world.

Of course we know the many things of tyranny that have occurred and are occurring in your world at this very moment. That you breathe these words. Africa is a nation of many who wants to be recognised as having the need for love and purpose, her people suffer great indignities at the hands of the dark ones who slash and burn at their lives, not understanding, not caring of their need for love and a reason to live. We don’t see that this nation of the star should suffer in such a way as to bring poverty and destitution to those who inhabit the land of the Maya who cry out in their words of worship to the Lord, “Save us from these men of the long knives, why have you forsaken us, what have we done to deserve this?” They do not understand or see there is a need for them to suffer. Their promise to God was made before their time that they should enter Earth and become the slaves of men to highlight the evil intent of those who rule the country’s of Africa. Theirs will be a glorious ending in the sight of God, for their journey will be hard. We will support them through their minds and their will, don’t neglect their need for they are a nation of glory. (NOTE: There are aspects of this paragraph which we find confusing and could be interpreted in many ways, for instance the nation of the star could mean a nation with a star in its flag or could they originate from star beings? The land of the Maya is basically Southern Mexico, in which case the land of the star USA is potentially likely to cause problems for those who come from that area, but then Africa is mentioned and there is certainly plenty of violence going on all around. We wondered if some of it was coming through muddled. Unless anyone else has wisdom to offer we will “leave it out there” to maybe understand at a later date.)

Fragmented minds we’ve brought together to read the wisdom of our words, they know in their hearts that this is true for they see the many words written to guide them on their path. But still they question why it is that you are chosen, what is your purpose, do you want the help? Or are you just another looking for fame and fortune? We can tell you now that your mind is a whip of micro connections culminating in a soul of purpose of need to this world. Don’t let others discriminate against you as you walk the path of the needy to bring about a purpose to enlighten their lives. Their need is great of you. (NOTE: This paragraph is obviously meant for the author, but we leave it in as some verification. Those of us who know the author understand he seeks no fame or fortune, anyone reading this material for the first time may believe otherwise. Note this blog is not edited or posted by him!)

In times when man is in servitude to the masters who rule the lands of the East, the West negotiates and bargains for peace with those of the East, offering them many things. Many nations are thwarted at their presence for they have no need for the things offered. Their president is a man, a tyrant whose mind works on a level disregarding all for his own purpose, to achieve his own goals in his world of lies. He doesn’t understand that his rule will be terminated with an elegance befitting his status. We cannot name him for he is a man, a master of the dark, his needs of that of the rich, his purpose is to deliberately mislead and enslave the lives of the many for his glory. He is wicked and no good shall come of it. His purpose will cause uproar in the minds of the many as he leads an army against the South infiltrating their structure to de-stabilise.

Kim Jong Un is a treacherous man, his name shall be known to you through the newspapers of the world, through the media, they cannot see his poison for he hides it within his walls, his palace. His murderous intent and greed for the world will become clear in the September. Be not afraid of this man, for he has no power in reality. He will deceive those who consider his word as being good, they will be fooled by a generosity, but his purpose of mind is of the dark.

Continue your work my son, allow those minds for your willingness and the need to listen to words of us, the Arcturians.

Total of woe that will beset your world. We watch and wait for the opportunities to be given so that we may assist in bringing an outcome of peace. For many men of your Earth are of goodness, but it is tainted by those of the night. Come to greet us in the dawn of the new era and be blessed with the light of the Lord as we enter your system to bring you peace. Man has indeed a purpose to bring about an equal amount of peace.

Our activity, to resist the chance of the man mentioned. His words ring out through his nation of slaves, they are misled and kept in a life of servitude for which there would be no end. Please help us ensure that our wisdom is communicated through you to the many of your Earth.

One will read the many notes, his mind is that of wisdom, his knowledge is great as he follows the light shielded from those above. One knows the ridicule that would beset against him should he release his information to the nations of the world. Name is John, but we must refrain, for on Earth his nature to be revealed, for he is a man of courage who will shield you from those of tyranny, do not be afraid of him for he is of peaceful intent upon your Earth, never neglect your purpose my son, allow it to stand proud and tall and to be seen and heard by those who would listen to sense.


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