07.06.16 Trigonometry, A New Contact etc


Tonight’s guides were John, James.

X marks the spot, his deliverance in the outcome will have purposeful meaning to all. (NOTE: I think we may be safe to presume this is referring to the forthcoming referendum)

Your lives are expendable my son, to those who think their will is all that matters, they have no compassion or understanding of the light held within each soul, each life. Your understanding and will to serve is welcome to see, by us the Arcturians. The members of the race, for all to see as your world spins upon its axis.

We commence with our task to enlighten your world with psalms that praise, with thoughts of love, as we guide your hand through the dark realms that besiege your world at this time. Allow your mind to empty and let us extinguish the thoughts of fear.

Congratulations to those who have achieved their purpose within this life, for they have seen the will of God and His purpose within them, but we are left confused by those who do not see the light, their will and wisdom are guided to a place that shuts them off from the world of reality. Commonplace it seems that man must communicate with thoughts of negative emotion.

Your commerce and your business is that of the one they call Paul, for he comes when the light shines bright in the heavens above Earth. We have for the past sixteen years watched your development rise from the ashes, you were not aware of the steps taken to empower you with your belief and awareness, we tried many times to a signal you of our presence but you were unaware of what was to come. Your progress as a man has been slow and steady upon this path. This road given to you by the Almighty, whose passion for life shines out through the universe before all. The Rose, (Mother Mary) she is quoted as saying “Your love deep in the heart of man is but a shadow of his former self, for it is hidden from the whole who would deny its charm”. (NOTE: This paragraph seems to be relevant for the author)

We have established a contact to whom you will become a learner (student), his name is unheard of by you but his passion for life is as great as yours. He will come in the dawn of the morning, in the time of the moon shadows, he will assist in your upcoming tasks, for he has the knowledge that will blend and merge with yours to allow you to see a clearer picture of this work you have embarked upon. Discuss this with your friends for they know of him. Your work together will become immense a name with a word, will travel far among your nations of men.
(NOTE: The author of these messages receive this from his cousin via Facebook after he channelled these words:
” you may be interested in this – Simon is a close friend of mine – he has been a politician for many years and has a family history ie mum and grandfather in MI3 and MI6 and has extensive knowledge”
Click on link for more information Simon Parkes  it becomes apparent that he can indeed teach us more about the beings who communicate these messages)

Tonight we ask of you to bring a measure of comfort to those who have lost loved ones in the Sahara desert today, for their hearts scream out, “Murderer”, their loved ones perished in the Sun as shots rang out. The men with hats waved their rifles declaring all to their God, there is but one God and he feels betrayed by the shameful behaviour, for they cannot see that what they do is wrong. What do they expect to gain by slaughter of their fellow man? It brings no pleasure to us to have to condemn those who are like children being led by a master with a will so strong that their eyes are blinded to the righteous path that they were given. They clasp their hands and sing in praise but their words are met with displeasure. He who comes before them will be a man who will betray them and teach them that theirs is a path of narrow minded individuals whose task is to help themselves to the spoils of war. They will merge their point of focus today to discuss their plans of wickedness. Their hollow hearts and minds will not hold the notion of love but only of despair and wickedness, they will come before us when their time is done hoping to be praised by that of the Lord, but their welcome cannot be greeted with love for they have sinned a terrible sin against humanity and God. They don’t understand why it is that they have been selected to suffer these pains for their hates, their hearts are filled hate and their minds filled with poison of other minds, they scream “Why me, what have I done that is so wrong.” It is sad to see they were lost pilgrims of the world, their shame will be met with dishonour by those of the light for they cannot be entered into the kingdom of the Lord they have much to learn before they can redeem themselves with purpose once more, they will live a life of torment so that they may understand the persecuted that they have persecuted themselves. (NOTE: We guess this may refer to events in Iraq, details of which are not apparent on our news channels as far as we can see. Please let us know if you can find reference to this.)

Negotiate your mind to a will of satisfaction, to become strong and powerful, with the emotions and sadness around. For they will drive your purpose, ever increasing your wisdom and knowledge through the teachings given.

Samuel Johnson was a man persecuted in his time, his will was powerful but his mind was weak, he is with us now with a message for all men who are weak of mind: “Come before the Lord with a message of kindness, I was a man who once walked with Elijah, we were Afro Americans and we worked together in bondage of slavery. You were that of the plague of men who sacrificed others so that their will was done.” (NOTE: The author has already learned that he was not the nicest person in a previous life – before the rest of us feel any better about ourselves, it has to be said that we will all have experienced a life or two that has not been something to be proud of either!) “We suffered greatly at the hands of those white men who persecuted us for our race and creed, they see us as dogs to be whipped and herded into corrals, our women wept as our backs bled from those strokes. Thomas, he gave us hope in his teachings of the Lord as we sang our praises to that of God in the hope that one day we would be free from persecution in the South Carolina. Hubbard was a name, their cruelty inflicted pain upon us. (NOTE: A quick internet search revealed a few men with the surname of Hubbard linked with slavery) My youngsters see me cry as the whip fell across my shoulders, I was a man not a beast of burden I never blacked (passed out?) in front of them, my defiance was all before their cruelty, I only became a man once more at my passing in Pasadena. We worshiped our strength and tolerance, I was an old man, grey hair, a fine head of hair, with much wisdom to give the youngsters. Now I find peace as I am a flower of the Lord and I am happy to see the injustices are no longer as rife, but they still exist. Those men who whip us and cause us pain, they still have their weapons and show no mercy with the colour of our skin. You are a man of tolerance, you all see that we are no different to others of the human race, our lives were tormented with the sacks of grain that weighed heavy on our backs. Our hearts and minds were also heavy with burden. We had our pride, Jackson he saved our souls, God bless for your commitment my brother.”

Thomas Jackson is welcomed for his grand psalms of the burden to carry in his time. (Further readingThomas Jackson )

My name is unimportant, my words are issued through you to the many of the world to allow them to understand that my heart is a power of strength to the many. You weep as you watch the burden of man as it becomes a load unbearable, you witness many things that hurt your eyes with sadness, your compassion is shown through your love of man. Extreme measures will be taken to correct the situation within the provinces of Seoul and join us now as we venture beyond your imagination to bring you wisdom. Tasks are given to you, tend your flock, your followers. Commitment is necessary to achieve an end that will realise our purpose, revered within Heaven and Earth. Many men have wisdom and knowledge to carry these words forward with books, complete your words with a measure of love and devotion as the Angels join you to give their blessing upon you and the world.

We have come this evening as a measure to bear witness that we are of the unknown, your lives revolve around fears as you witness many things perpetrated by those of need in your world. They contaminate your soil with their poisons they exercise disregard for Mother Earth and the creatures upon it and within it, not allowing the eyes of man to see their intent and the dangers therein. Commitment by the many will help ease this problem as it becomes more widespread throughout your land, its pressures build within the soil, expanding Mother Earth, breaking her heart, her energy is released, but at what cost to you and others of your Earth. (NOTE: The last sentence refers to the movement of the earths tectonic plates which causes earthquakes and volcanoes)

We have provided the tools for your leaders to perform miracles in technology to avoid this dangerous path that they have chosen to take, but they don’t seem to understand their policies will destroy men’s minds with the gasses and poisons they have released from the earths crust. Commitment is needed by all to serve them notice that this is a mindless and deliberate act of sabotage to your earth. Why is it that man ignores the very thing that gives him life? Mistreats her (the earth) with injustice, not allowing her to perform her functions, her will is broken, she will react in a manner of extreme measures, you will feel her anger in the nights, in the evenings, in the dusks as she explodes with a tremendous expression of fire, the vibrations will be felt by many of the states in the way she lies. Nebraska, Kansas will be affected as many others will. Your reasoning for your intrusion on Mother Earth is that of need, we will reset, we have provided the means and measures to counteract your need with wisdom.
(NOTE: One man who has experienced his work towards creating ‘free’ energy being ‘blocked’ is John Searl, – The John Searl Story)

Merriweather has come once before, he assists your mind, “Let go your thoughts, communicate with your heart, your heartfelt emotions we have need of, the many who exist in your world that are of God and Spirit to assist.

In a measure that will heighten your minds will (determination), I speak with you this evening from the Cosmos in the Galaxies to talk of things to come and things that have passed and of the present. For all these things are coherent and are joined by the Master and mystical present. In your hearts and minds you are not aware of the many things that are transmitted throughout your world. References, past lives are emitted before us as we receive the messages of love with the many who sit in the hope of reconciliation.

We are here this evening to bring a measure of comfort to those of the world who wish to listen to our words, for we have come with a measure of love and peace.

My, our world was once a ball of light that flickered in the heavens as it spun, its light faded as land developed, creatures roamed for millions of years on the one you call Earth. There are many creatures you don’t know of, many you have not seen or have not witnessed, creatures of such magnitude your minds cannot conceive for they are of true existence, you once called them Dragons. They became extinct as the fires melted, ruled the Earth, they were extinguished by the waters of heaven that rained upon it from the stars above. God was the master of all, He understood what it was to be a powerful being of light, He bathed your planet with light, bringing purpose for organisms and life to breathe upon it, created your rivers and seas to flood the lands and wash away the debris of the fire.

(NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: a strange vibration of sound was recorded throughout the following paragraph, it shows on the sound wave graph of the programme that I use to play back the recording, I have never seen this phenomenon before and it also affected my voice)
His need was great of your Earth, for her poor are many marvellous creations, many civilisations worshiped Him in stone as they carved His name in the rocks of the Earth. Then came the storm that washed them away, leaving it fresh for a new purpose and a new dawn. Why do I tell you all this? You need to know this will occur once more, that in a lifetime of servitude your nations will become dry as the eastern winds blow, don’t neglect your thoughts of love, for He who created Heaven and Earth, He is your art, your saviour, your rock. Banish your fears my child for it is yet to come, but your words will carry a focus and need for a knowledge to those of the future. As this becomes reality, they will seek out the wisdom of our words and endeavour to rebuild the planet of love. (strange vibration ends.)

Many have come as envoys (representatives) and been mistreated. We will come once more in the name of His light to bring peace upon man. His resolve is great, His purpose for the many is for the light to shine bright in their hearts before times end.

Trigonometry is a measure of mathematics of angles and curves, your mind does not understand the need for the equations but they have purpose. They measure out your lives and your needs, your functions, they are present in everyday objects in the minds of many. The mathematics of life are of common use throughout the Galaxies, for the numbers are a mechanism by which life is created and given purpose. Astrology, a study of the Stars also conforms to these rules, as do we, as we measure the distance between us. Granted we are not of the same species, for our measures in numbers are as yours, given this you are issued with a number 37, 29.2 this is a number given to you. Your minds are of the light, as is a measure of the minds to enlighten you to extreme ways to carry on your purpose. The numbers are many and given many times to those in the past who have focus and a will to use them. (NOTE: The grey matter was challenged with these numbers and we are still not certain what exactly they refer to, however we did discover that the earth has 37 Billion acres of landmass which just happens to be 29.2% of the surface of our planet, we will still keep searching for an alternative explanation. Could it be to do with proportions and everything having a balance and when things are not in balance, failure occurs? Maybe we have to remember these numbers and know that if they change we have a problem? Also Arcturus is approximately 37 light years from earth, Gamma Leporis is 29.2 light years away and is in the top ten for NASA’s terrestrial planet finder program for finding a suitable habitable planet. Or are there any talented mathematicians out there who can put us out of our misery?)

It is a Mathematical certainty that life will end. That life on Earth will end in a measure of discomfort, none will survive for many light years beyond your measure, this is to come when the time is right for renewal, for as the snake sheds its skin, so the Earth will shed its surface for a cleansing and regrowth, it is not necessary to worry, for this measure is of many lifetimes before (ahead of) you but you should know that yours is but a phase in the blink of an eye.

Commodus rejoins us now:
“Task your masters with thoughts of love as their eyes betray the truth within, I was once a man who worked with a measure of discontent, dishonour, deceiving those of the Senate with my words of anger. Their words of wisdom were shut out from my mind at my displeasure. They scavenged from the scraps that I gave them, they knelt before me as I now kneel before you to honour your love of the Lord and the light. This should have been my purpose as I was a man of dishonour who had given my love to the material things and not to the hearts and minds of my people. My woe’s are great but my redeemer has given me a better understanding of my life’s purpose. I come to you now as a man of honour and much respect for the work that you are doing in His name. Don’t allow others to sway your tide of movements, bring about a purpose of common humanity, be a leader with compassion and love in your heart for I was once a man with none.

Allow your mind to witness the many things that are hidden from men. As you slumber, you will dream of the many things and the tasks to come before your life’s end, your friends are warm and welcoming for they understand your need and drive to bring about this purpose to those within the circles of your life. Give them your wisdom and your knowledge of us, as we declare peace upon you, upon the earth. The measure of our dignity is unseen by man for we come in our ships of gold to bring about a measure of peace, that we, we advance your race to allow them to become whole, as one with a measure of love of the world which gives sustenance to those that live upon it.

We have never been so far from the thoughts of man as we are today, our need is strong for what you call the light, for their alliance will all be yours to calm mans emotions of our arrival in the Fall. (NOTE: We could be wrong, but we believe fall may not mean autumn, it could also mean fall, as in the fall of a civilisation.)

Collectively we bring about a peace for the love of your world. Trigonometry was a measure given so the means and purpose for your minds of will to seek out a place of significance, a formula is that of the triangle 10 degrees west, north by north 38 east, west by south (it was also repeated as south by west)
(NOTE: We will come back to this one unless anyone else wants to work it out for us, we are not sure if it relates to the following paragraph or not!)

An eastern province of East Asia is a recommended place for our will to announce our being. You’ll hear of this through your news broadcasts, they will cast doubt upon those that have seen with a measure of scorn as if to say “You are nothing” their witness will shine out like a beacon to those who have a will to listen, a mind to see, we are the Arcturians, the ones who once ruled your planet with a measure of love. (NOTE: Korea sprung to mind, but we have not worked out if it is related to the formula above, in which case we wait to work it out or be corrected.)

Your tombs of stone were a mark of our respect and Many Moons was a name, she came before us in a tidal wave of love, her race of beings were that of a continent for years upon your Earth as you’ll glorify greetings upon the Earth, to be a sanctuary for those of peace. Rejoice in her name as she brings a tidal wave of love to your nations of plenty, combat your fears my son for we are of the light.

Negotiate your minds will to a purpose of meaningful existence as you requested. (AUTHORS NOTE: It is true that I have asked for this) The work will be long and hard, the rewards great as you muster your people in the circles of light to hear the words from beyond. Your energies will grow as your need is great, focus upon the stone that ties and binds your hearts. We are the masters of time, we are of bygone days, structures of which exist upon your Earth, quantains. (NOTE: Four sided structures) They were buildings of light and they transmitted our energy and focus with a measure of peace, they could be seen for miles, call out to the people. (NOTE: Pyramids?) The magnificence of the light and the creatures that roamed upon the Earth, we are of the Snakes, we mean no harm, just a purpose to bring life to reconciliation. Combat your fears for we are of peace, one nation of plenty with need of assistance to revive your purpose. (NOTE: Again we are not sure but we believe the Snake people may be linked to The Annunaki – where our symbol of the Cadecus, the intertwined snakes around a staff, come from. Further Information )

Trafalgar Square a place of money or many, will suffer a blow so profound it will reverberate throughout your world of men. Tarnished are the reputations of those who rule your land with unwise decisions. Their hearts are strong with ego their minds are closed of love, you allow occurrences by your openness and willingness to accept those of evil intent. Can you not see the wound that is open will become infected by the tyrants of the blue seas as they cross your oceans with no respect, no emotion, for they are of the black, their minds have purpose and ill will towards your nations of plenty. Your nobles will cry out, but their actions will be stifled by that of the lords who rule your land, for they will decree that all men have the right to express themselves and that he will have a right to be free. From virtuous, they are naive, for the world is not ready for such noble thoughts.

Your eyes will be opened by a blast of light that will cost and curse your land for many seasons, be at peace with the love of the Lord and know that our hearts and minds will bring peace and love to your earth in the Fall (NOTE: Again fall may mean fall of civilisation or autumn, although in this case season of plenty probably indicates autumn, but note that it does not indicate what year!), the season of plenty.

 Thomas Becket he calls to you once more to his nations, “I became a man of dubious intent, I too have learnt my lesson being given tasks to open your eyes to the world of light from whence I came, I served many years before the fall of my life, in darkness shaded from the light, never understanding the will and the people that stood before me asking for help and sanctuary. You know of me and my goodness of heart, but at times it would shut. My eyes were opened to that side of me that should have been closed. Don’t allow your eyes to be closed to those of need, the persecuted. Nathaniel will hear your words as they cry out with peace and love in mind. God bless your journey my friend “.

Tyrants of life will become tyrants of the past as their purpose will end with a measure befitting the Lord, they will not survive the holocaust, as the purpose of light in our Lord shines upon your planet. Let them be a lesson to all that life is a lesson of love, tolerance and compassion. There is no place for the man of intolerance within the light of Heaven, he must repeat his time until it has been learnt that love of the Lord should be allowed into all men. Good evening.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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