12.06.16 – Tree Planting, Orlando etc


Welcome friends.

Troubled minds bear witness to the events which have occurred throughout your world in the past trimester (three months).

Purpose your mind upon the light that gives life and love and peace to man.

Welcome James.

We have purpose for your mind this evening, to focus upon the many of your Earth who at this time suffer in many ways, unable to bring purpose to their lives through the torment they suffer. Why is it that man needs to control man? Why can’t they just be content to live their lives with purpose?

We of the light will embark upon a mission far beyond your understanding in the coming days and weeks of your year.

Never let it be said that we do not understand the tormented, fragmented world of yours in which man dwells without purpose or meaning, for his purpose has been lost to greed. His memories of the past fade with every day that passes, bringing him closer to a spectacular finale, for his mind is not that of the Lord but of monetary values only. What use has this in his life other than to forget with a little comfort. But surely a little comfort is all that is required to help others within this world of hate and despair.

The purpose to your mind is to be a messenger upon your Earth to influence those of money and power, to let them see and understand that their harshness towards lesser beings is seen as cruelty and not that of the Lord.

They worship and sing their hymns in their churches feeling elated and absolved of their sins, but they can only absolve themselves by their acts of kindness. For the fruits of their labour is not that of self, but of love bringing hope to those who have nothing, let him share his common wealth with the men of the world.

Who will ally for the light to those who live in dark times upon the continent of Africa? For they ask of nothing other than to live in a manner respectful of the Lord with peace in mind and happiness. It is called the dark continent and so it is with many things misunderstood by men. Is it not the garden of the Earth?

The focus of your attention should be upon the reconstruction and replenishing of the forests of trees, for they are the breath of life within your world. Who would destroy that which the creator has given to freshen your air so that your lungs may breathe.

The pointless murmurings to the worlds poor is not seen as words of comfort, they are seen as merely degrading their lives, diminishing their purpose and the right to live within this world. Yours is a world of unnecessary suffering, man was not created to beat upon man but to bring about a useful, purposeful life with need of learning of his love for your return. (Return to source?) In due course to assess the situation we will bring a measure of peace to those of your Earth that need to understand that war is brutal and unnecessary. The mechanism of love should be that which is given from one man to another. Be at peace with your mind and bring a focus upon our wisdom and kindness. Harboured are your instincts to live as a man who has a will to respect others in a manner respectful of himself, we have not lost hope that your planet will be of peace in the forthcoming events that will open your eyes to the many things of life.

Bring about a purpose and need to invite men into your life so that they may see the point in the skies above you. To the East a fragmented parcel will bring joy to those who live in poverty, your will is not strong enough to appreciate our strength for we are here to bring about a purpose of need, to focus our will on those who bring about troubles upon your Earth.

Trevor is a man who will lead a few on the path of hope for his need is that of yours, for a peaceable nation that will bring hope to all, his time is not yet but his need grows as does his purpose to be fulfilled within your lifetimes. (Trevor has been mentioned in messages  before)

Commonplace is mans desire to acquire the things of the material world, these things have no purpose other than to assist your lives.

You need to know that we have found fractured segments within your Earth, the fractures grow on a daily basis that will come to a mighty conclusion in the fall of man.

Prepare yourselves for a mish mash of events to take place within the structures and buildings of your cities, at home you will see these events unfold before your eyes, no one mentions what has caused these events, only that they have happened due to a terrorist act. They will supersede many minds to travel the world to investigate these horrific crimes against the nations, they will find disadvantage when they meet the source, for their eyes will not comprehend the tremendous amount of examined anxiety within the hearts and minds of the population. They go forward with their plans to bring about a circumstance that will eventually enlighten man as to the whereabouts of his beginnings, true we are that of a nation that has come before, before the population of the Earth grew. We are of a manner of a being of the Blue, you will know us as the saviours of man. Be brave and scout your mind for those fears and cast them out, as we bring about a peace in the minds of those who bring terror upon your world.

Their names will be announced shortly on the media that you listen to, they will cast doubt upon those who created terror in your cities, for they know of those yet to be involved in such acts of cruelty upon your race. Fragmented their hearts, the passion to rule with a firm grip. They cannot complete their mission until the dawn of the new day and the might and will of those in power are unleashed before the public.

Transmit your thoughts to that of focus as we are not an illusion nor a delusion, we exist beyond your atmosphere. We are of the peoples of the America’s, we have been once before to rule upon your planet. The Aztecs the Inca’s and all those of those civilisations knew of us, worshiped us, we did not ask for it to be in blood but to be of peace. They misunderstood our intentions as they saw us as creatures from another world, of another realm. They trembled with fear thinking that death would bring peace to them in their sacrifice. This is not so, as we are a race of beings who exist beyond your planet in a sphere of many nations who watch and understand your primitive Earth. We need to teach within the hearts and minds of those beings who populate your world who are ready to focus upon us, to see the truth and understand that their fragmented world has been created by man in his greed and purpose of mind. This was never intended, your Earth is a place of beginnings and endings, it is a sphere that can be seen by many not of your world, they see them lush green and blue in your skies, but they are not envious for they have known of their beginnings, it was also of similar circumstances. Bargain your thoughts for we are here to enlighten men’s minds to bring a purpose to those who wish to understand the truth. The love of the beings that patrol your skies, we have no wish to bring harm to the spirits of your beings as we merely wish to assist and understand your species so that your minds would distinguish right from wrong. We have hope that your world would one day join the federation of many. We sleep waiting for that time and opportunity of your species to be aware of our existence. Our planet of blue, be a joy to be seen for we have no wars, we exist in an atmosphere not unlike your own, we too have need of love and purpose. Our aims are simple, that is to assist man in a common interest for all life that dwells within the many solar systems and planets of the universe.

Your dreams and aspirations of bringing hope to those will be focused upon one man as he sits, agrees, admires the work of purpose in progress, for he is one of a quiet nature who will respond in a meaningful way to your request and with your agreement to assist in a purposeful way.

The trimester spoken of is of great importance as it will bring about a merge and a meaningful time when many nations focus upon one game. (NOTE: Euro 2016?) They cannot understand that rebellion will bring down a focus to a state of anarchy within a nation. To announce that they will anoint a lamb. Palace to identify them as an aggressive nation, their purpose is of ill will as they have a score to settle from the many indignities they feel they have suffered. Their leader is a respectful man but only in the sense for his own interests.

A glimmer of hope may be achieved by our arrival as we intercede to bring a peace among your nations, you have created a situation of enormous proportions that will have a cause and effect upon your world of man. A tremendous amount of will power will be required to observe the skies and understand our presence. We understand the fear that this will bring, but know that we are of peace, peaceful intentions upon the world of man. Our ships, our craft will be seen at night by many eyes who focus their minds, for they will see a magical demonstration of our abilities.

Complete your assignment my son for we manage and control yours and the many lives who bring about change, a change of heart and mind. We sit here with you this evening in the hope that your call for recognition will be answered by many who follow the light and the word of Him, who have an understanding of our presence and need. Surrender your will to allow this control, you can’t imagine the many things of joy that we bring, a happiness, peace and love to the hearts and minds of the many, let go. (Authors note: at this point I attempt to totally let go) This is hard, you have a heart and will, a purpose to believe in the many things beyond your imagination, we cannot supersede your will, allow us a transmission with purpose of love and light, we are that of the love and the light, the beings who control the thoughts of man in the aspects in the hopes of peace. Our admiration is for those who bring about a focus of their hearts and minds to our will, we are of a nation, a way out to bring a peace. You must not allow your fears, belay them, tremendous amounts of endeavours will be needed to cast the word upon your nations.

Our planetary system is far beyond your universe, it lays amongst the stars at a location that your satellites cannot reach. We became a civilisation with incredible insight, this was achieved through a major event by an extreme force that had an affect on our will to live with one another in peace. Our focus became strong in a manner of what you would call love, it was by this means that we collectively assumed responsibility for our planet and brought about a peaceful end to the many wars that we had indulged in. Your cosmos is vast, a triangulation is needed to calculate the distance between the Sun and the Earth and ‘Eckbitoria’ which lies far beyond your regions, between its own elliptical orbit of its Sun, with a mass far greater than yours. We live beneath the ground as it shelters us from the rays that would be unacceptable to our being. Your planet is much the same, do not think that you are any different, for your path is extreme in the ways of mans learning. Be comforted in the knowledge we can assist with measures unseen, unthinkable by your scientific community.  (NOTE: Correct spelling of ‘Eckbitoria’ is unknown, has anyone else heard of this?)

Fragmented your hearts and reckless behaviour supersedes the need for a peace and reconciliation amongst your men. Their purpose has been spoken of, why is it that you have need to possess, can you not see that all is given for all to share? We have no need for monetary things, we have a life, not of servitude, but of a will common to all our species. Frankly, we despair of the men in power who have only need for their own gain, they are foolish. Their minds have mapped out a plan to ignite a storm far beyond your planet, why do they do this? Why must they destroy all that has been created, what are they thinking, do they think that we will permit them to commit outrageous acts within the galaxies of the worlds? They think they have the right, the will and technology to do as they please, not so, for we are policed, the many nations will not allow such acts to go unrewarded. They are foolish in their aspirations, for they have created a weapon of mass, your technologies have been gained throughout time with influences that have been misconstrued and used not for the intended purpose. Do you think that we would allow your nations to bear their arms against us? We mean no harm to your general population, only to those who would take up arms in reckless behaviour against us. Trouble your mind not as these things may only occur. We hope that your men of purpose will have a vision, an insight not to take this path.

The creation of a mass electronic event within your earth will take place shortly, it will reverberate throughout your world and be felt by many, they will be unsure as to the reasons or the source but it is man made, he creates systems that will weaken the structure of the crust of your earth. They do not understand the reason why there should be a problem, guidance is needed by a higher intelligence to assist before he embarks on a measure of doom.

Tonight we have granted a measure of peace to those bereaved by events of immense magnitude. their hearts bleed and pain fills their minds, we have Nigel who was amongst many to suffer the indignities of men who worship war, his story must be told to those who would listen in a hope that his passing is a measure of defiance to those who denied him his life, “I am a man of many words, I have not yet spoken of the things I have witnessed in my passing for I was fortunate not to suffer indignities of pain, I was a man who encompassed love in many ways, my home town bears the name of a nation who grieves, I cannot express my contempt for those who would deny those of life, because of their prejudices they feel the need to destroy that which is good. Your heart is strong as mine was. My love of the light took me to a place of freedom of will, to demonstrate my purpose I, Nigel demand an audience with your mind to bring about a peace to men’s hearts, for we were condemned by many with many foolish notions decreeing that we were abstract in our ways, granted our purpose was different to what was deemed to be mainstream. We had a right to be as any man, we cannot deny that we had a purpose in life that was different to many, a belief and understanding that our hearts and spirit of minds are no different to any of the others. Bring about a reconciliation of your mind and know that our love is no different of that between that of a man and a woman, do not let the indignities of our passing go unanswered. There were many shots fired on both sides, they were reckless in their manner charging in without a thought other than to dispatch the one of terror. They did not see us as their weapons blazed, many were trampled by the confusion that reined within, they tell you untruths of our demise because they cannot admit to their own failures that brought about such tragic circumstances. We are men of a different purpose and we bled as others, those solders of law have no discipline, they deny, not know who it was so indiscriminately shot in the hope of achieving their aim. And their chief, he will deny all responsibility for their immediate actions. I am now at peace in a world of light and love with a man, go before me, like as the Rose of love in the hope that man will control his emotions and have consideration for others. Tell Job I know of his grieving. Spooner – (NOTE:  We have no idea what ‘Spooner’ relates to! This last paragraph we assume to be about the Orlando shootings, however we cannot find a reference to anyone named Nigel having lost his life unless he was known by a different name.)

Tomorrows events will be even more astounding than today’s as they bring about a purpose to command their authority upon those who would issue a statement of intent, grossly misunderstanding, misjudging their intentions. A calamity will ensure before the many to be seen as a disgrace before the eyes of the Lord. No thoughts to parliament, terror, confusion as they muster their arms in readiness in Paris, in Rome, their cathedrals of love are of intolerance and ignorance of fellow man for he betrays existence. Don’t let their hearts darken yours with thoughts of retaliation, for in truth they are of no consequence, they are bullies that bring terror upon the peace talks hoping to achieve a traumatic offensive.

Our nations of plenty, tonight we give you a gesture of hope that your world may form an alliance to bring about a meaningful peace to the earth and to those of the light. Your speculation of our existence will culminate in a massive outpouring of expression of fear and anxiety and will summon a tremendous response to target those who said it was impossible. We commence our plans to target your earth with thoughts of peace, be not afraid as we travel through the minds of those who would listen, for we are a race of beings who will navigate your minds to help those who cannot see.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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