19.06.16 Arcturians, Co-Ordinates etc

Welcome James,

Come to learn, come closer my friend and let us interact.

Possibilities for a peace are given to your world of love and light, bring about a purpose of joy within men’s hearts and minds, allow them to judge the visions and the sounds of our voices within your world tonight, for we are of the light bringing a love and a joy for the purpose to all those who would listen with an objective view changing their ways.

We have come on a mission of love and a mercy this evening to enlighten you and your followers of the words of Abraham as he sits in His Heaven watching over those with tender thoughts of love and prayer, for His purpose is of need and a gratitude to those who worship Him on High. Never before has there been such an outcry within Heaven for a peace upon your earth, for all men deserve a life free of sin and filled with purpose.

We have spoken once before about the events of the coming days, weeks, months. You have seen, witnessed our words of truth that are spoken. In the meantime let us fill your hearts with hope, joy, love and a purpose to all mankind who wish peace upon their brothers. Your segregation is an irritation to that of the Lord, for you are but one and who are you to deem that one is not entitled to what the other has, or that you cannot share that God given land upon the world. Be not ashamed to stand up and say “I am a man of the Lord, I give thanks for His blessings, His purpose in my heart will run strong and deep”. If you cannot say these words with the thought of love then you must ponder upon your future, as it reflects upon your soul in a purpose in life. Target your emotions and bring them to a peace with an outlook of love and goodwill. We have no respect for those who do not obey the Lord or the word of the Father, for He sits in judgment of all, bringing a purpose to those who have a will to follow his word. Negotiate your minds with a will to be one with the Lord.

In our thoughts, in our wisdom we have come to the conclusion that yours is a purpose of meaningful intent and it is with gratitude that we allow his purpose to flow throughout mankind to archive this enormous task. Your mind must be of a will to bring about His purpose and have no fear of the consequences therein, for no one can speak the word of God without receiving a negative vibration from those who oppose His name. We of the light will bring about your purpose to achieve His end and the aims that are sent by Heaven above.

Continue with your friends to speak volumes of the words that come to your mind from our thoughts, for our love, from the bosom of the Angels and the Lord above.

Jack would like to say a word of wisdom to his daughter, thank you for the flowers that were given retrospectively within your heart this day of fathers. Your view of love, your emotions were carried on the wings of an Angel. Despite our being apart we are joined in a mission of love, our hearts respond to the many things of beauty within the world of spirit and upon your Earth. We have a need my dear, to help mankind resolve his issues. You asked me “Father are you with me, do you see me, feel me and hear me?” Of course my dear, I am here constantly by your side with the daffodils and roses of love, these represent Spring which is a time of new beginnings for all, a special time for us my love in which we had to separate our earthly bond and know my heart flows with yours. My love for your mother for the times we had in Donibristle will forever be in my heart. Your flowers of love are gratefully received this day, thank you my dear, my blossom, my flower. (NOTE: This paragraph is from my father, the place name, Donibristle is where my parents met during the war and much to my horror at the time, my father would call me blossom and flower when I was young! I confirm that on Fathers Day I was thinking of him and wondering if he was around, I can never see roses without thinking of him, he grew them and loved them.)

In response to a request made at a previous time we will accept that question with an answer and response, we are not of the negative, we are not a figment of imagination, we are the fathers of all life which was set upon Earth. (NOTE: We have questioned in the past whether the messages all come from the ‘Light’.)

We came with inspiration and focus to those creatures that ran wild within your nations, they were astounded that such things exist. We gave purpose to life with those statues of gold, for they were ornaments for the sacred souls. We are the beings of the light who gave life upon your Earth in the hope that it would flourish in unison, with a measure of peace to bring about the purpose of beauty in both Heaven and the Earth.

Our wars of the worlds have continued for so long now that peace is inevitable as man progresses in his purpose, for he will see that there is love in all aspects of life. The dark will be vanquished in the coming years as the light grows strong in those of the circles, as they bring about a peace to those that join them in the light. Your circle is no different.

Jonathan who came before (my first guide) is a martyr to the cause, his learned quest to bring you about to a purpose has achieved astounding results, for you will follow in his footsteps to help you on your way in these turbulent times upon your Earth.

Never doubt my son, that we the Arcturians, are the people’s for who Earth will respond to as we make our presence known in the Asia’s of your world. Some coordinates were given as a practice, to a place of worship, to evolve. Now in a manner of love and respect, we expect you to discover what there is that lies in this place that relates to our being to help you. You’ll bring out a purpose of love, your coordinates and map references are needed for the next step on your journey to enlighten your minds as to the truth. The purpose of our meeting.

Thomas once said “Never doubt your hearts will to bring about a purpose of peace and love, look at your family and know that they are of the world.” Thomas was a great man who brought many thoughts of love to those who cherished his words.

Combat your fears as we help to increase your minds vision, coordinates 53.10 North 65.00 East, this is a map reference of significance to your world of life to aid your purpose and your need, be guided by the light that shines within your mind for your fellow man. (NOTE: Co-ordinates are located in northern Kazakhstan, we did wonder if this could possibly be close to where Tim Peake and his Russian colleagues landed back on earth – does anyone else have further ideas?)

My name is Arcturian, I’m a fellow member of the states of your world and the universe around you. Our purpose in coming this evening is to help your task to bring about a peace to mankind. Tremendous amounts of will are required to help us achieve the same. Do not be startled as we draw ever nearer to your mind and heart, now feel our energy about you, allow it in with a will to achieve your aims.

Constantly we see heartache and bitterness, a constant flux of your world that streams out to the universe. It is hurtful to see such things can exist on such a beautiful planet as yours, you have no idea how this bitterness affects your world of life. Only those of the light who achieve their aims to bring about a reconciliation of your planet with a purpose of love and good will for each other are helping to restore the balance of life once more. Sing out your hearts with praise to the Lord as the beings of the light who assist in your work, for we are also tasked with a purpose and need to help your mind, body and soul in His exercise of love that will be demonstrated to all in due course. Allow us to open your mind and will to our meaningful purpose.

Your purpose this evening is to give the message of love to all. Help us to understand what it is that your purpose requires, for we cannot help those who do not help themselves. Your role is the master of the light that will shine upon the many to bring about a peace of mind to those hardened hearts, of those doubting the word and the ways of the Lord, crisp (harden or toughen) your mind to a will and purpose to grant those around you a vision of love. We will demonstrate our need this evening for the benefit of those around you. Be still as we focus our will upon you, have no fear.

Jet streams circulate your planet they will become of a violent nature. Merriweather once assisted with your father as he now brings his minds focus and will upon you to help reconstruct the things they were unable to achieve in their life. You know of his purpose, of their work together, we will need to intercede upon your life’s path to bring about a change and measure of will so that you to may focus on life as given to you. Your purpose has been found by those who will assist in your wake, help them to understand your will and love for they are the Merriweathers of you, their love and devotion to the words, their anticipation of the creation of a new Earth and life will be rewarded with joy as they continue their path of light, encompassing others to their willingness to give and not receive, for they have a will as yours, to bring about a purpose of joy to this world of hate and dark. ( AUTHORS NOTE: is this a reference to a past life as indicated once before? Click here to read excerpt from a book see Chapter 4 page 81, am I a part of this gentleman – H.G.Champion )

Continue in your work with a need to gather the resources required and needed to help those who watch, to understand the measure of your will and your purpose, complete your tasks with a measure of love in His name.

The priest wishes to say a prayer, “He came amongst us, when the world was at a point of degradation, He restoreth the faith into man. As He shone his light of purpose upon those disciples who had a will and a sight to see, that He the Lord our Jesus walked amongst them, carrying out His duty as ordained by His Father, our Lord. As we sit with you this evening to bring a thought to mind of His suffering for your world. With a peace said in thought to the minds of the many who listened to His words upon the mount as he sang out His cries for peace on Earth, goodwill to men. Follow in His word and bring about a purpose of love to the many who follow and watch your words with interest. For your Father in Heaven people also shine his light with an ear to listen, may you all in your homes this evening be blessed by His love, purpose and will. Know that He, the Lord above continues to watch over you with his almighty presence sheltering you from the storm that will begin in the Autumn of your time. Give praise for He is your saviour and our Father. Amen.”

Goodness knows we have tried to focus upon those who work amongst the stars of the light, they beam their torches of light far into the skies, into the heavens hoping that reflections will be bounced back, images of worlds with potential life. They are astounded by what they will see in the near future, as their telescopes of light beam back reflections from the far reaches beyond your domain. They will never know the extent of life that exists beyond your solar system. How could they possibly understand when their hearts are fixed and their minds narrowed by science, for they need an open mind to reflect upon the possibilities of extreme life existing in the atmospheres of many worlds beyond Neptune. We are unfamiliar beings that exist beyond your solar system.

You may call me Alex as a name of recognition, for you will not understand our tongue. We have come with words to the many populations of your Earth in the hope that they would accept our presence within the form of your beings. We will come with a purpose to bring a new life upon your planet, the human race will evolve far beyond men’s present imagination, for all life evolves given time and purpose. You may wonder what this new form would be, it is no different to your present, but your hearts and minds will be filled with a purpose and meaningful love of life, companionship for each other and not for the self. To restore this world that has been chocked by your industries, to help her recover from the indignities that you have set upon her in the name of progress of mankind. We have given many things to your race that have been ignored but were used for personal gain, we condone this measure, we did not give it for “oneself” we gave it for all.

A way to understand that we who are small in stature, hope to help your kind with a measure of peace and love acknowledging our purpose through this man, is a measure of our extreme help. How can you possibly understand how much we aspire to those of the light, given that they given that they have faith and trust in their purpose. We float above your skies in the heavens beyond the reach of your eyes. We know of the many terrible wars, tribulations that beset your world. Be calm for a measure of peace will be brought as our presence is acknowledged. You wear the crystal that we gave for your purpose, feel it’s life and charge as it warms on your chest with the energies that you receive from us (as a matter of interest I had noticed that it was radiating a warmth) do not be afraid of its energy, for it has a purpose to your heart.

Our cities are of many spires that stand tall amongst the mountains of Glee. The futuristic will be strange to your eyes as they reach to the skies of our world. We are many but we have evolved in the need for love and tenderness. How else could we live together if we did not achieve this level of higher being, do we ever see a purpose for mankind ? That is for you to decide for your wills are strong and set in their ways, only gradual change and purpose will teach you how to live with each other in peace and harmony. Do not be afraid to stand out from that man in the crowd and say, ” I’m here, I have a will to live with need and love for my fellow beings”. Huh, we came many times before to your planet of wonders, we watched as it evolved from the plasma of time. We cannot say how many fractures there have been upon your world, but know that as they come and go so they will return and a new form will begin. Take heart for the love of light will shine upon you all with His blessings in your meagre lives of purpose.

Traumatic circumstances will beset your world in the coming months when the Angels of light will shine over upon the country who deem themselves as a race above the Lord, they are the black, the darkness who will side with those of the swastika. The dark Angel will return to advance his purpose, fear will spread in this country with a mass out pouring of grief. Faith my son for we are here to bring about a purpose to stem this flow, to rescue those of the innocent. Your countries will need to work together to bring about a peace in this situation, for they argue amongst themselves for the spoils of war never understanding that control will be lost. They will forget their purpose as the U.N as they respond in a massacre to a negative. Consequently their purpose will be lost, their need by the world will be misunderstood by the many. Frankly we cannot abide by their rules and regulations, yet they are followed by men without logic, purpose, rhyme or reason.

Complete your missions as required by the souls of the light who sit with you. Merriweather he wants to say a few words of encouragement to you my son, “Open your heart and mind, bring about a purpose to unfold the need of the many. We were unable to complete our work but we achieved a beginning to build on, as we roamed our nation with a purpose and need to enlighten men’s hearts. Champion was a companion with much thought and compassion, take his hand, his spirit and bring about a purpose and hope for those within your world. Complete your mission with a full heart, know that we approve of your work complimentary to ours. Your basic needs will be met in the forthcoming events to unite your circles of the world in a response to those of the negative. Your hearts and minds combined will be a powerful reconciliation, a thought of those who would turn to see your words. Know that we will be beside you in your hearts and minds as you continue your work my son.

Father your thoughts, he was a man that inspired you in ways you do not know, bless his love for he has come on a mission of love, purpose for you. He misunderstood the commitment you have to your race, his mind is not of caring but he loved you deeply. His words of sorrow and regret cannot be met, he has forgiveness. Those things he taught you that affect your balance in life. He thanks you for your love and you will love a new look, Dennis ( my father who passed recently ) who will respond in kind with your purpose and heart, complete your work my son.

Arcturians we are, good night and God bless.

Welcome Yelłow Lily.

As the deer walks through the forests of life, nose to the ground, one ear to the wind, his senses are alert as he feeds upon Mother Earth. In his nature, he hears a sound, his head rises as he sniffs the air and listens to the breeze, he knows he’s not alone and although he cannot see that which stalks him, he stands there proud and tall, defiant of their eyes. A crack of the twig, of a branch sends him into a frenzy of survival. He runs at a pace not thinking and as he clears a distance between them he stops to look around, he knows he is prey to those of the forest. Once more he relaxes knowing that all is clear, he bends down to graze upon the ground and the life given energy of Mother Earth, knowing that even if his end was to suddenly be upon him, he knows in his heart, mind and soul that he will return home to that of spirit having done his duty for nature.

Frankly we can see that within you there is a purpose, an alertness to the light and the things of the dark. You focus your mind to feed upon the light as the deer feeds upon the ground, you know the goodness that is taken within you and as you are stalked you to will flee to a place of safety within the light of Heaven. They cannot outwit you or reach you as your pace picks up speed at a phenomenal rate. We will watch your back in the seasons to come in the purpose which is given to you by that of the Lord. We are of gratitude to your never ending will to continue the work that has been set upon you, feel our energy as we transfer our love with a warmth to your body and soul. You will feel an enormous surge of energy, be not afraid.

I was once a man who was given the honour to lead a nation in prayer and love. As you sit this evening, you listen to the music and see the light around you. Your purpose is to be kind of heart, to give encouragement to those who have a will to follow your lead. Let them see that you are Arcturian. In purpose and need you feel my presence around you. Your mind is weak but your heart is willing to accept that yours is a life of purpose, let us call out to your friends and ask them to join us, not to be afraid but to embrace the joy in the knowledge that they will inspire others to a purpose of love and peace. I was once the Dalai Lama bringing thoughts and words of wisdom to the nations around me. We sat high in our monasteries upon the mountains singing out to the world our chants of love and meaningful purpose. Continue your focus my son, your will is strong for the road ahead, know that others will follow in the Spring of life. Thank you oh great one for your words, may God bless you and keep you.

Don’t leave us with sorrow but with joy in your heart, with the knowledge that we walk with you as you walk the long path of life. The tree of life that outstretched branches before you form the canopy of love, be not afraid to walk upon the thinnest branches, for like the feather you will be supported as you tenderly step across the boundaries of purpose in life. Be assured that your purposes, of which there are many of your world, you need not think of ego, but of pride and joy that you bring to others. Amen.

The Buddha he once said that man was filled with burden, the purpose to bring about an end.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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