Channeling from A.A. Raphael 20.06.16

The following message has been channeled by another friend of the Cornish meditation circle…..

Channeling from Archangel Raphael on the Summer Solstice. 20/06/16

Roses are blooming, its your time to bloom. Time is of the essence so Go for it! Your heart’s desire calls you forward to dance to the rhythm of nature. It is nature ‘s heart beat, why wait? Push forward all endeavours. Ask and it shall be given, we want you to succeed and proceed. It is a new time ‘prime time’ so use it wisely, lead by example, as you give so earth/Gaia takes. Please help, do your calling. We need you to rally to the cause. Time is of the essence now – no time to waste, don’t look back, don’t hold back, just go for it (no time for fear). Just do what you want to do, don’t wait, don’t hesitate!

Do not despair, all is never lost. Travel your journey with head held high, look to the stars for guidance.

We are with you as you walk your path on earth on the road to enlightenment. I saw many things, done many things, it is not a lonely path. Let the light of the moon direct you, follow your intuition. Trust your inner knowing beyond your 5 senses. There are no sensory perception here in the spirit realm. We are one with time and space. We float on the ether. We breathe as you breathe but we breathe as one. Merge with the sense of all time, swim in the waters of your ocean. Tides ebb and flow, taking you places to new shores. We offer you stillness, depth of knowledge, peace beyond your understanding. All we ask is you believe in the higher almighty power. The current that you now swim in. Let the current take you to new shores. Let it wash over you. Hold your heart and truly believe in your true calling. Be ready to let go and let it flow. We offer you no riches, fame and fortune but we offer you eternal peace, blessings and manna.

The portal has opened now, it is your choice alone if you accept this offer of pure intent, to step up in your awareness, your consciousness. So much is changing in your world, yet you do not see or believe, so many of you on earth are lost and lonely, unhappy with your lot. Yet you don’t reach up, accept your fate, relax in the reassurance there is a higher plan unfolding. Wheels are set in motion – tides are turning fast – swim in it or be swept away. Trust, guidance being given if you are open for it. Take that leap you will not falter if your heart sings with joy in the ‘Glory of God’.

See the natural beauty around you. See the rose in full bloom, coming out to show its splendour, its beauty. It’s petals now unfold, to reveal it’s centre. It’s scent is light, airy and sweet. We are also describing YOU as a natural gift, so do not hide in bud, leave your slumber, open up to the light of day, so bright. You all have many gifts, so unfold your petals. Be proud of who you are and show your unique beauty and true colours now for all to see and enjoy. You have been gifted a perfect pattern, to open up to. Now is that time of ‘full emergence’. Do not be afraid of pest, dis-ease, winds of change. Let nature take it’s course. Use this primetime of unfoldment to accept who you are, for what you are. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to bask in the wonderment of your multi-layered perfection. Your first instinct when you hold a beautiful rose is to bring it up close, to your physical body and to take a deep breath, to breathe it in slowly, fully and deeply. This is all we ask of you at this time. So think of the rose
R O S E (Relax, Open, Slowly, Easy!). So blossom now, be in full bloom. Be a part of the Garden of Eden. This is a ‘New Dawn’, so take this opportunity now.


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