21.06.16 – Arcturian Wisdom, Europe etc


Problems, problems.  Your focus upon man and Earth have a purpose and meaning of intent to watch over those of your fellow beings with a passion and love as comparable to anyone who would sit within these walls of light.  Your heart is strong and has a purpose to fulfil the mission that was set before you many eons ago.  Continue upon your path my son, as we walk with you at a stride with purpose and focus to demonstrate our willingness to act as emissaries of the light.  Clear your mind and focus upon the words as they flow like the waters of time, commence your journey on the path of many words.

It is a maze from which man must seek his own destiny and bring about a purpose of his mind, it was once said “The man who walks the path alone is the man that is a stranger to himself.”  The moral of this story is simple in truth, to be part of the world around you, to involve their hearts and minds with a purpose to bring love and joy throughout the lands of Eden. 

Your world has many issues and problems that cannot be solved by man alone, we must indeed include ourselves to bring about the eventual outcome of peace within your world.  As we approach at great velocity your hearts and minds sing out for reward, what reward?  What would you have us give other than to bring a focus in your lives, for there is only one reward that is worthy, that is the way of the Lord.

Your planet has become a mystery to many in the universe of life, why is it you have not evolved to fulfil your purpose as required by us, the Arcturians?  We cannot understand how your minds work in such a unorganised fashion, be brutal with the answers to yourselves, for you must recognise that your failures are apparent to all in the heavens, see a watch.

Transport your minds to a place that will eventually have purpose for you all in the coming days, weeks and years, lest we forget that man was once just a creature of the Earth who bore his children with weak and pointless minds.  We stepped in, we gave you purpose, a mind and a will to fulfil your destinies.  The seed was sown in those primitive times to enable you to live a virtuous life.  You have failed to complete that mission and we will not stop until we have corrected the burden of ill will that is upon you.  You must muster those of an opinion and a mind of light to band together, and as your minds meld they will announce a new beginning of mankind.

We once wore many garments to protect the layers of our being from the atmospheric pressures of your world.  We developed a suitable means by which to communicate, you call this telepathy, power of the mind, we use it as a significant tool to bring purpose to those who have a need for the vibrations.

You were not born once but many times and as your lives passed so your knowledge grew.  Your mind is that of a human, it cannot hold all those things that you and many others have experienced in their past lives.  Commonly man will deny his existence in previous lives, for fear of letting in that part of him that would terminate his minds will upon the finer things of life.   His need of love is great, hmm, indeed his mind is beset with issues that brings forth a multitude of issues and problems which cannot be solved in a wink of an eye, but must be resolved within his own heart and mind to become one with the universe.  You must first acknowledge in your own thoughts of still being, allow us to sweep away those memories of injustice before you,  but before you go into the night you must recognise that we are not perfect, we have a cause to fulfil in the Masters name to bring about a purpose of love and light to your planet, helping you to inspire others, who in turn will interact with those of a similar disposition.

Your names were heard in the annals of time, man must live as an individual source upon his path of life, learning to negotiate the perils and pitfalls into accepting his beliefs that God exists for all those with a will to become one with the light.  You must not allow your mind to trample on those who’s will and determination is set upon a course of no return, for their path has been written to allow them to experience a situation in which they themselves have set.

Problematic times ahead with issues for many will bring about change and uniformity.  Uncertainty, commitment will be necessary to establish a link, a chain with those who have knowledge of the wise ones.  Be guided by your own mind.  Focus.

Commencement of our plans to bring about a situation is not heard of by the general public, for it is hidden behind the walls of the mansions of the White House.  The Kremlin will be aware as their knowledge grows of the hidden information set to be broadcast within the near future.

Compel him to answer questions of his purpose, for he of the dark heart will respond in a manor blinding those with facts and figures that are non existent.  He will bring about a force upon nature that will astound the many of the world of his arrogance and ignorance towards all forms of life upon your planet.  We cannot stop this, for that is the path that is written for no particular rhyme or reason, but it just is.  Your lives are expendable to his thoughts as his mind turns to cash and his greed.  Be humble in the face of arrogance and ignorance, allow your light to shine in a manner reflective of our love and being, for we rely upon those of the light to beset the ignorant and allow the knowledge and truth to be seen by all who would ally to believe and see.

Common place it has been for men to ignore those of esteem with wisdom and words of beauty.  We cannot contemplate a world without purpose or meaningful life, please assure us that you will ascertain a path of light to begin a process to assist in our development of your species.

Jack, who came before knew of our words of his love and his passion for the many things that were of the light.  His name resounds in those of his family with pride and joy.  Jack has come before to see the voice that speaks to the minds of those of intelligence.  (NOTE: I believe Jack is my father, I have been told virtually the same by another medium some years ago, he apparently watches over me as I write.  Before I allow my head to swell, I will confess that it is the minds of intelligence that keep me on the straight and narrow, I am more than capable of making errors of judgement!  V.)

Your forthcoming events will be met with an attitude of disbelief, for how can they be of purpose?  They have no need for religious aspects of spirit, what a ridiculous notion to call themselves beings of the light.  Fear not, be responsible for their minds thoughts.  Blessed is he who comes before you this evening as he retains his will to sit beside you and announce that his coming will bring about a massive outcry.  Tumultuous times in the lives of many, they have need for the arrogance by the ignorance of the masses, for they feed upon them as a vulture feeds upon the flesh.  They know one simple truth, that is how to blind a man as they steal from him.  His attention is distracted by the events of the Far East while his black motive relishes the thought of deliverance of a blow so immense it will astound those of the streets of the parish,  Wycombe/Wickham/Wykeham.  (NOTE: There are various spellings of this place name that sound the same, so it could be any of them.) To announce such things is to fall on those of an outcome of untimely ends, for mass murder in reckless behaviour upon the streets of your home.

We have mentioned previously that we cannot intercede in the events that formulate your lives but we can bring about a purpose of love and intent through those who would spread their words of wisdom so that the many would recognise that our power and strength reaches far and wide across your globe.   Yes, we have travelled time through many light years to bring about a peace to your world as the cosmos is a living being.  An infection needs a cure, as your vibrations disrupt those of many worlds we cannot permit the infection of this planet to cause a whiplash throughout the universe.  Therefore on the Monday morning we will arrive for you to bear witness that of our intention in love of healing your planet will commence shortly in the blue moon.  (NOTE: We had a blue moon in May 2016, we believe the next one is January 2018)

A tumultuous welcome will be granted to those with purpose to come before us in a manner respectful of the Lord to plant the seeds of love and light into the minds of many.  Your intuition will cause events for the words to resound within the realms of the light.  A sequence of events will be caused to bring about mans desire for peace, he must take no part in the resounding of those with an attitude of ignorance and stealth, you must remain neutral in all aspects of love and consideration.

As the bell rings out change in your countries of Europe, a mass outpouring of anger will alleviate a pressure that has built in the regions of the poor in Brazil, a united front will be deemed necessary to control the masses as they surge, hate reveals.

We cannot underestimate the amount of fear that will be shown as they stare in wonder at the third star that burns bright, it will bring forth men of a similar disposition to yourselves.  Regard us as friends, as beings of the light to assist your way on the path, be good to those with a nature of love as they will bring about your purpose in a manner respectful of Him.  (NOTE: Could this third star be a space ship?)

As I listen to the chants and chimes, I am reminded of the times of beauty and peace upon your Earth.  Such a shame these times were lost to mans desire to own and possess each other in a manner unbefitting of the Lord.  If all men were to sit and listen to their inner selves that broadcast messages of a necessary need and want, they would wonder who this person is that wants so much yet has so little.  For their hearts are empty in their lives that are filled with the material things that bring them essentially unnecessary pleasures.  For the pleasures of life is to sit in the winds of Mother Nature, to hear her call with bird song and the whistling of the winds as it rustles through the leaves on the ground, to hear the spring waters flow, whispering their words softly as the ripples flow over the rocks, caressing them in a manner that will bring forth a purpose to the streams of life.  We have never heard such things before as those boulders become rocks and are smoothed by the waters so they become the pebbles of the stream of life.

Gradual change will be evident as you progress at speed.  Hear our call to the many of the world for a change of heart in the new season of life.  I am the Master that all men would aspire to see, however nature of that of the Lord who brings about His purpose upon your world.  The many hearts that cry out in need are heard within the heavens of the light.  Never betray your thoughts my son, where aspects so good.  Your progression will be noted by those of spirit.  The fellowship of man is paramount for the need of reconciliation.


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