23.06.16 Before our time, Oppenheimer etc

Welcome James and friends.

Cast your mind back since before time, when the Earth evolved from the rubble of the universe to bring a purpose of life to evolve upon its surface. It spun as the star spins today, blasting out its light, notifying the universe of its presence and its life. From this young planet evolved many species, many civilisations erupted from the bowels of the Earth bringing wonders and achievements that would so astound the scholar of today. Their minds boggle at the workmanship that was cast upon the Earth. The scholars, they read the books, pages filled with words that were written so long ago. They have embarked upon a mission to understand the universe and its milliwaves. (NOTE: We have no such word as milliwaves, but maybe we can interpret it as invisible energy that we cannot see or measure)

The actions of man upon the Earths surface is regarded as sacrilege to Him who sits on high, for He created your world of life for love, so have of the beings from whence you came, for aspects and notions of life go far beyond your imagination, for what is life, is it merely creatures roaming the deserts of the Earth, or is there something more profound to be found within the soul of man?

Let me tell you now, that your being is one of spirit, of a soul from the universe of light. You amass many books to explain the origins of your species but how little you know. How much you have to learn from the pages of the books to be found within the casks hidden deep beneath the soils of the mountains in the land you call Syria. “He who believeth in me shall live forever in the house of the Lord”, these words were spoken by the Master for the Jewish faith but they echo for all man no matter what his religion or aspects of life. For men are the creatures of the Earth filled with a passion and soul, with a burden to find their way through the Jungles of time.

We have created many things in our worlds, vast structures that house many objects of beauty, but there is nothing more beautiful than the soul of the man who comes before the Lord with wisdom and knowledge of love.

Take heart my son, as the days pass you have become a known figure, your wisdom will be heard by those who are impressed with the words spoken, for they extend far beyond your thoughts to the minds of many who have an ear to listen to the wisdom and the glories of our being.

We have to confide in you that we, the Arcturians, are a race of beings that only wish to establish an alliance with the men of the Earth. How can you possibly imagine how it is that we should come so far to bring about a truth between our peoples. The men of science, they work behind the scenes exclusively obtaining evidence of our being. We have met in the corridors of power to establish a connection with those in power on your Earth, we have been met with hostilities and disturbing measures. Frankly we are tormented by your lack of understanding and comprehension.

Oppenheimer, (NOTE: Further information here – Robert Oppenheimer – ‘The Father of the Atomic Bomb’) he is known for a blast so immense that mankind now live in fear. We have to confess we provided him with information so profound and a will to open up these boundaries before your people, his intention was good but he was robbed by your military who saw it as a threat and a gain to oppose their enemies of the world. They held tremendous power within their communities, never letting on of the source of the information that led upon this road. We regret having given the information at a time when men’s minds were weak. A unified purpose was intended for this energy to allow you to embark upon a profound journey of establishment of a race beyond your planets atmosphere. Oppenheimer regrets the many deaths that were assassinated by the blinding light, as he now sits in a position of authority within the nations of spirit asking forgiveness from those that were lost. For he knows the time will come when man will bring about an unnecessary purpose and use for the manufacture of his radiation.

Competition rages within the Earths atmosphere for supremacy over man, we cannot continue to allow these tragic events to occur, we are of a mind to release information that will astound your scientific communities and bring a balance of thought and logic back to those who have an understanding of scientific matters. Perhaps you will assist in a small measure by inviting minds of a nature and a view to a spiritual outlook, for combined they will bring a measure of knowledge and wisdom to your planet.

We are not dissimilar in our appearance for we have bodies of matter just as your structure and as fragile as you, you clamour for ascension within your life, to reach a point, an altitude to which man would aspire to rule man. You cannot bring about this purpose without offending Him on High, for He is the one who would rule your world and universe with a magnitude of love, temperance and tolerance for all living creatures that are blessed with life within your solar system.

Margate is a town on the coast of your shores where an accumulation of dissatisfied minds will assemble to protest at the results of your vote. Tempers will rise as the streets fill with those who have fled tyranny. They fear for their very existence, for they may have a view of homelessness. They have watched your discrimination and intolerance on the screens in disbelief that they should flee from tyranny to find mistrust and pre-judgement within your country. Help men to understand that the tolerance should be given to all of Gods creatures, for they have entitlement.

The pressures that surround you in your world today run down the thoughts of man, for he cannot see a way out of the situation that engulfs the states and nations of the Pacific islands.

Your facets are many to reflect the thoughts and minds of those many species, for they wish to bring about a purpose of love and understanding with a measure of tolerance.

The hardship of life has led to mistrust as your nations are led on the focus of the welfare of the people’s. Moreover their interest is of greed and of common wealth to those who sit in power over the nations. Their minds are turned by the glitter of that precious metal, they so desire in its rarity upon your Earth.

Let us assure you that our only purpose is to bring peace upon the nations of plenty as they clamour and loot.

Trinity, Triads, energies of misdeeds have completed their plans to assassinate a man on high within the provinces of Asia, for his visit will spark a multitude of anger with opposition to his thoughts, unlove of his people. Be aware this will culminate in an outcry of anger and fear, they will mistrust those who say “sorry”, for they will shower a measure of revenge upon them. We have no interest in your wars, ridiculous as they are for the small things of life. But to take a soul for his beliefs is a measure too far, he has the right to speak his mind as any man. Close your ears if you do not wish to listen but do not sacrifice, all men have a purpose, a need to extinguish hate with love, sometimes it’s the other way around, hate will extinguish love, for men are blinded by other men who preach their poison words out of disrespect of the Master. Theirs will not go unpunished as they proceed through their lives in their unjust ways upon the nations of many. Unity can only be achieved with a measure of peace bought about by discussion in wisdom and honesty. A man measures his faith by his thoughts of love but actions are the measure by which men are judged.

We recall that we had purpose upon your earth, those days when men would worship us, bring us trinkets … unnecessary, but it pleased them to worship us, so we led their nations to many places so that the resources would sustain life, as in many nations long past they are still present today.

As you march through time, change will come, as it is inevitable for all things to progress. Your aspects of love and light will shine bright to the many who wish knowledge.

Let us inform you of our ways and manner – We were once not dissimilar to yourselves in our attitudes and our ways. We fought with one an other for the meagre things of life, not thinking nor caring about the many creations of God. We tortured our minds with fear and hate, never letting the love in until His being came to us saying “Let no one man be torn by another, only the righteous will live forever in my house.”

Ascension is assured for those who would look to the light for guidance. The gardens of Eden from the fire of the arrows bringing forth his petals so delicate as they radiate out their brilliance to all creatures of the earth. Like the flower you must unfold the petals in a gentle manner, holding your delicate balance between life and liberty.

Trust is a measure given to those through abundance of love. Troublesome minds will part ways with the days of terror. Come before love in a week of worship.

Significant amounts of will, will be required to comprehend the purpose of a man, he will shine like a beacon, his light of love to the many of the Earth. Be not ashamed to say that you are a disciple of this man who comes before all men. With purpose and need, your troubles of mind will be lifted as his purpose replaces those of anguish.

Clarity of mind is required to reach a satisfactory conclusion upon your path my son. Do not speculate that we do not hear your thoughts, for we are among you always assisting and guiding in a manner of love far beyond that which is required of any man. Your promise to the Lord in discussion was noted by all as we march you forward upon the path you have set yourself. Don’t look back, don’t be afraid of what the future brings for your purpose and need. We are Ascensions of beings that created many colonies within your universe, to us your minds are weak, but strength can be gained in your faith, but a new world order can bring peace to your planet of men. Combat your fears, we mean no harm to your men.

In total balance to His life, His death.  (NOTE: We believe this may refer to Jesus)


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