26.06.16 Blood Diamonds, False Prophet etc


Greetings my friends.

Welcome to our world, that which lays beyond in the passage of time within your life that is filled with purpose and need.

Be honest with yourself, with your emotions and focus as we supersede your thoughts in a franchise (contract) to bring peace to men’s minds who would read these words and thoughts.

Frankincense and Myrrh were thought of as precious gifts of love to Him who comes before the dawning of the light. You know His name as the Lord. He brings lessons to free the world. We have traveled many years in the hope that we are able to reconcile our differences with men of the Earth, for we are of the heavens above. Our point of view is that of reconciliation, peace and joy to restore your planets wonders and meaningful purpose as it was intended.

Trophies of war are given to those who perform their duties in a manner respectful of the Lord, for they are recognised by a multitude as an honour to be given to those of purpose. We have recognition for the likes of you that channel to bring focus upon our words. There is no reward other than love, for what is there to supersede this? Love is all you take with you when your time is done, it is the anchor by which your spirit lives. Your respect and acknowledgement of others in their purpose is needed as they work to reconcile the differences of men. The behaviour of many leaves us in no doubt that your planet is in dire need of a cure.

(NOTE: The next paragraph is in response to a question asked of spirit by someone who will remain anonymous – we leave it in the transcript as some evidence that we are listened to and help is always there for us if we ask and trust, sometimes our discomfort in life is a lesson to lead us to a better place or to enable us to help others once we have gained strength.)

We welcome your response as you initiate a question of purpose and fulfillment. We know of the heartache and troubles that she suffers upon her journey, she is a willing participant upon a path of which many shall walk. Their need is great of love and companionship, for support and a welcome healing shall be sent as a parcel of love. She will recognise the many facets of her change, her frustrations are met with a love, for she is vocal to whom will listen as she clambers up from the dark regions of her mind. Be as the light, shine your beacon, for her purpose is soon to come. Her place is marked out within a circle of luminescent beings for she has a roll in life to help others with their own frustrations and needs. We cannot say that she is unfortunate, for she has a gift that will inspire others to magnify their thoughts with reason and commitment. Monkey business is an expression she gives to those who deceive her, they delight in the torment, she feels this deeply within her heart and soul, not understanding the reasons why such things are set against her. Her financial situation needs an overview as it lacks in stature, but like all who serve spirit, she should know that her finances are of a small matter as reward is given in kind for service given. Tell her this, that her heart and mind is that of God and that her purpose is just beginning to unfold before her eyes. She should not disown her emotions for they are a teaching aid for her future path within the light.

(NOTE: We have no confirmation as to who this following message may be for)
Douglas, he welcomes her attentions as he watches from on high, for he knows her tender charms are easily bruised by those who muster around her and cause her pain and grief. His words are for her: Like the rose, the red, red rose, continue to bloom with those vibrant colours in your heart, for we were once a match made in Heaven, common only to those who had a heart and a will. My passing was an enormous welcome for me, but yours was of loss and sadness. Desperation, reconciliation, many words to describe your emotions as you tread your path through life. Be not afraid of the welcome that greets you on the road for your purpose. Teachers may come, teachers may go but listen to your heart for there is the voice of reason that beckons you to go forward with ambition, light and love. Your grandmother was of an immense influence to you, she knows the risks of life and has undergone change through many years of suffering, she beckons you to her. Call to see the Gladiolas that blossom in the spring, for they have a special meaning within your hearts. She remembers the long path in the meadow on the hill that overlooked the village from whence she came. She cannot forget your little face as you watched and admired the many things that were shown to you. Through your love you held her hand and made a promise that you would be good in all things of life. Her departure was so sad, but her joy was great as she rejoiced entering the light of spirit. Tremendous value she set upon you, which remain until this day to have a positive attitude in her love, never regretting or looking back but moving forward with your life. “Down on your knees you have been, pick yourself up my girl, don’t let the grass grow under your feet and move as the tide washes up the shore, moving those boulders and pebbles so that your will, will be done. God bless you my child have faith in the path you tread, Nanna.”

Turbulent times ahead, for there is a passionate feeling in your world of neglect, a misunderstanding to those of a multitude of Arabia. Compel your mind to listen to the words that were spoken long ago, for they have a bearing upon present day situations. Allow your mind to focus on those who worship the presence of their living God, they harmonise their vocals, their voice so loud as to be heard in Heaven. Why should we not listen to their voice? For their misdeeds are many, their worship of an idol is not permitted by Him the Lord our Father, they have not learnt the error of their ways as they trample the paths as pilgrims to Mecca, really not understanding that life is given by God for all in His purpose.

Fantastic times will create a situation so immense that science will extend its boundaries to expand and allow in the new knowledge of the season. They will accompany your minds thoughts in their purpose and will, for they have not seen such wonders before that will come before them, before the early spring.

A remarkable situation is about to occur on the shores, upon the beach as a tumultuous welcome of greeting by those who wait.

We are the Arcturians, a race many know of, who have purpose in light, a measure in will, in matters of love and cooperation.

We have noticed that many of your world have a malignant cancer of greed, unnecessary want. There will be a point in time when all their greed will manifest in their purpose of need for all matters of life. I cannot say what this purpose and meaning will be to them, but they will see the error of their ways and their misjudgement and practices of greed, of monetary value that they put above life. They will regret as those seasons change and a new beginning starts in the autumn, for they will see that they will not have purpose, but lack the will to assist others in their lives, their meagre lives. We have never seen such a change in a man before, as there was a will in change today and a need for a new beginning and purpose in your world. Be assured that we, Arcturians, will announce our being in the autumn for that will be a new spring (Note: Spring meaning new beginnings). Tremendous amounts of fear will be abandoned by astonishment as the Ark arrives, for it possesses the power to establish a new beginning, that may be threatened by those who misunderstand its purpose and meaning. For they reconcile their differences before its energy and power, some advent (commence) their will to abandon their hearts for the determination of ill will against her, for they will forfeit their right to enter the light for which you all must aspire to. A negative feeling will be felt in the hearts of the men who do not believe such things, they will say “For how can this be?” That a being of the light should appear before all with a need of purpose and love and a will to sacrifice his own life. For others upon the earth, they will say “Who is he to dictate to us terms and conditions, that we as free men can pick and choose our own destinies.” Do they not know or care about their life’s path? We cannot understand their ignorance and abandonment of the Lord. These creatures of men will have no purpose within the realms of the dark, for there they will sit concerned only with themselves and their situation, not thinking to ask for forgiveness or have a will to progress, which all are entitled to do in his light.

Focus your minds, the three who work with temperance and tolerance, love in mind, your passage through time has not been equalled for sometime now. You have been working upon a means to directly communicate with a need and passion of love. We have spoken to you in the past of formulations that will inspire others to guide your light. We picked this evening to help you further on your paths with a speculative notion that if we come before you would you be aware of us? Do you think you could see us through the mask that we wear, for we hide from man so as not to be severe on their eyes, for our differences are only physical, our spirits are of love.

We have need to bring about an end to the purpose of wars within your lands and countries of need. We are unable to reach those who matter most that lead these nations on a path of tyranny and heartache, so we must intervene with a focus upon them to bring them to heel. They will not recognise us for who we are, for they will see a man. We cannot assume that their tolerance will allow us to begin a process of love, for their fear of love is great within their hearts of black.

Today’s the day of enormous blessings upon those who have reached a point in their lives to bring about their purpose of love and joy, for we have forecast the pressures of life will be lifted in the new spring of the new dawn.

We speak of many things that bolster your enthusiasm to listen, you sit there and work upon their meaning, does there have to be a meaning? Can you just not accept these things we tell you are of a promise? We need your assistance to voice our minds in the hearts of man. A happening will occur which will bring you into focus in aspects far beyond your minds comprehension.

(NOTE: We believe the following paragraph is intended for another member of our circle who creates some beautiful channelled art with messages.)
Your skills in art will be recognised for what they are and your passion will be listened to by the ears of many as you go before them with a willingness and a love of spirit and God. Be not afraid of the many faces that will look upon the one who transmits messages with a purpose and need, we are here to assist on your journey. See the patterns before you as they formulate a new beginning on your life’s path, for your spark of life will generate interest in the many places of your world.

The fracture will begin at a conjunction that will match time and space and an equilibrium of response will knock (either Holland or Harlem? unclear). Too many times we have seen the purpose fail through thoughts of desire and love, yours will be conquered in all aspects to archive your aims. Redirect your thoughts to love and a responsibility to others to bring them light and love and purpose within their lives. Never knowing your tasks until they are upon you, you will continue with a need and a focus so great, that tenderness and caring shall pass to those of burden as they look to you to necessitate their lives with a purpose and role. Role models of you in your world of intolerance will shine, as yours and your friends whom you have met in recent days, will all work together upon a path of light. (NOTE: The three of us did indeed meet new friends who work in the light during a birthday celebration at the weekend) Bringing your various aspects with knowledge and gifts. It is not for one man but for the many to sit in circle to open his purpose to the fore, you need not know your individual roles with your lives, but know this, that as a group, as a team of light workers you will reflect the Lords words in spiritual strength to all who observe and listen to your hearts of will and contentment.

We acknowledge that we, Humanique, (NOTE: I filtered this word and slowed the replay and this is the word best that I can spell it, it would appear it is the name of their race) will bring about a purpose to help you in this task as we tie up the loose ends and bring those together who can focus with a need for the love of the Rose, for she will shine her aspects upon all, her love is great. (NOTE: The Rose is symbolic of Mother Mary) Be kind to those that aspire to you, bring words of comfort to those who seek the blessing of the Lord, for he shall come to them in their dreams with a magnitude of love and purpose. A spark of interest will be given as they come in their droves to listen to the words that are brought by the many in spirit, be not ashamed to call yourself “Michael” for it is a name given at birth and chosen by the stars. Complete your tasks and missions in life, feel our energy as we revolve around you, cast your mind back to the thoughts many years ago when you could not have imagined such a journey of faith, for you are Michael of old, with no knowledge, no companionship, treading your path like a millstone around your neck. We have bought about a purpose and you’re right to look the world in the eye and say “I am a man of faith, of God, I have no fear from those who would ridicule me, I know my path of light is good in His purpose.” (NOTE: Well they certainly do not want our channel to remain anonymous!)

(NOTE: Again this following paragraph comes in answer to a request for help and is shared for the benefit of all.)
We have a special request for this evening to bring about an end to the torment of those who suffer with ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) for she has asked with all her heart for an answer to her questions, why is she unable to see the love that surrounds her, for the matters within her heart? Her feelings of negativity are of concern as she battles with her thoughts and a mindless will in the dark regions of her mind expand to influence her in ways not recommended by the Lord. She must not commit with acts of intolerance against herself, take her hand and guide her to the light, bring her to a new beginning. With you, our healing love to her mind if she would focus upon us, her thoughts of love and caring for others but mostly for herself, say to her, sit a while, feel our love about you know that you are worthy of our love and of the Earth. Compel your mind with positive thoughts of aspiration, to focus upon the work that has been set before you, for this will bring you need and a love to cherish within your heart of worry. Aspirations of Michael will help you to focus upon his need to assist those in need, such as yourself in dire times. He cannot foresee that his healing is in the words that he brings. The healing is brought through many aspects of life, not least that of love of your family and friends. Connect with them, explain your fears and let them ignite a spark within your spirit and soul to bring about a healing within your heart. For what you feel is the physical aspect of your being. Your mental state is that of spirit which cannot be affected by such earthly things, so let go your fears, bring your arms up in a raised position and welcome the light into your life saying “I am a woman who needs no darkness but the light in my life, I am here to fight the fight for myself and others in similar circumstances who face their fears with dread,” Yours is a unique position to help those who suffer with this condition as yourself , be strong and aspire to be the healer that you are and will become.

Madame guillotine they called her, off with their heads! Those bureaucrats, those aristocrats in those times of civil war, they were blunt in their actions against their fellow human beings. In similar they are formulating a plan to withdraw their services to those of need, for they fear the change ahead with a massive demonstration, an outpouring of disbelief in the circumstances that have arisen, for their times are changing as their hearts grow dark with fear and misunderstanding. They are led by a man, Jean, who musters and gathers troops around him with a dark intent upon the continent. He amasses armies as they struggle across the borders, be wary of him, for he brings fear and doom to those of the light. Jean, not to be trusted, to be given a wide birth by those of the light, he splendours in his own magnificence calling himself “The Master” but he is a false prophet who spells doom to those who would listen to his words of falsehood. He completes his mission upon the eve of the narrative, he will astound those of his magnitude of terror. Let he who bears arms against those the light and of goodwill suffer in servitude before the Maker. When their days are passed they will come to an understanding of the wrongs, the misgivings of their deeds. September is the time of his coming, be not afraid of his banter for his will is dark and will be superseded by the light as he musters his troops with banners and placards. It has been seen by those of the service, he is watched by eyes who see his stride increase, they will pounce in due course, for this man has no purpose, he is dark. We will assist in bringing about his comeuppance for he cannot resist love of the light in those who carry His love before them in the churches of his province. Champagne will toast a celebration on his passing, he bears the name of a communist.

We now sit with you, see us in your mind as pictures, sit quietly, relax ( I do just this for a short time to focus ).

Travesties of injustice have occurred in the nations of Africa as the loss of many in Nairobi, an African region renowned for its problematic situations. An aspect of love is required upon on those who have suffered with blood. Their nation is unheard of by the ears and eyes of those of the west, their situation is dire, as those who oppress their ways forcing them as slave labour in their camps to focus upon the jewels in the ground. The diamonds for which the rich man would have purpose, never knowing the fear and the torment of those who suffer bringing them to the surface. They are whipped and beaten as dogs in the street. Why does man treat man with such contempt? The hearts and minds of man who purchase the stones of beauty either don’t know or don’t care from whence they came, only the clarity and beauty as they sparkle is important to his eyes, he observes them as one of natures wonders and something to be owned by him. But these stones are cursed for they have blood upon them of those who suffer in servitude to the slave masters of the White supremacy. Their colour is what men see, it will be announced shortly in the papers of her torment, but will men care for their labours? No, he will purchase these goods, these things of beauty that are stained with the blood of men, woman and children. So when you see their brilliance of light, know that the light that bore them and suffered. They hunger for the mere pittance of life as the masters gather their rocks. A rebellion will unleash an outcry, an outpouring of grief as many will be shot, gunned down in practice. Man has not learnt to live with one another, respectful of each other in a matter of his formation and colouration. The intolerance and injustices brought upon those who suffer will be swept away within the light of Heaven, that those who brought about the injustices will not be granted the light for their labour awaits them with torment in spiritual chains.
(NOTE: An internet search for Blood Diamonds reveals horrors all over Africa – it is also a point of interest that the largest uncut diamond from Botswana is expected to reach record bids at auction 29th June)

Commence your plans to embark upon a journey to allow those to see us through you, do not take pleasure in the highlights. Focus your mind to the will of practice, of commitment, of love and focus. We are by your side in the many aspects of your life, guiding your words and your desires. We cannot guarantee a perfect life, but know that your gift will bring aspects of light to others. You tremble with fear at the thought that your words will not be heard, their focus lost to the annals of time. We will not let these words be lost, for they have purpose in a time before yours as people reach for the blessings in the words of the Lord in their times of need. How can we assure you that these things will be? You must have faith in your purpose, your heart and soul, we are expecting your friends to expand your words. Continue in the hard work in your practices of love before the nations of the world.

(NOTE: This paragraph also refers to the request for help as mentioned before – Joseph we believe is Chief Joseph)
I am Joseph, the keeper of many hearts, negotiate your minds with a will and purpose to aspire to the light with love and joy. I am not a healer but a man of the earth who brings words of comfort to those in need, your special arts are a burden to be carried before you as a beacon of light. Do not tremble at the prospects of failure for there will be no failure only light. She has come before you with her words of sadness with tears in her eyes. I watched as she wrote the many words imploring you for my attention. She must not grieve so and think herself unworthy of the world, as I am close as she begins her journey of the light. Many suffer upon their roads with a good reason, their strength needs to be bolstered by your support. Tell her that our love for her is immense and a wonderful thing, she must not continue on the roads of her thoughts or this will bring about a dishonourable end. Let her see that your love and kindness reaches out across the globe, help her to understand to have the will and strength. She will feel our need for her, in her dreams she will see them as forests of green, streams, lakes and rivers she will see, tell her to bath in these waters in her minds eye to see the clarity and the cleansing that they perform as she washes her body clean of her thoughts of doom. Allow us to carry her burdens from her, make her see that she is worthwhile in the eyes of the Lord and should not give up hope. We are with you, be with us, your love is great. Open your heart to find our love, allow us in without fear, bless, blessings be upon you.

(NOTE: the following is to me, Jack is my father and he is aware that I feel I have not been able to do enough for the lady who has sought help from Michael)
To the daughter of Jack, your feelings of neglect are unworthy of yourself, for you have neglected nothing to bring her words, thoughts to you. Hear her concerns with an ear to listen, grant her your wisdom, your light and your love for she has faith in your words in the circle.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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