28.06.16 Brexit Protests, Spirit Rescue etc


Rome was not built in a day, a week, month or year. It was built on the foundation of slavery and greed, persecution, retribution and the sins that were committed therein were not of the Lords standing. That city of Rome that so many aspire to visit, it was where so much suffering was held within its walls, that even today it continues to radiate a mark of the men of violence who fought and swore an oath of allegiance to the Emperor Aurelius (NOTE: in the recording I said Alegus as I struggled with the pronunciation. This is the closest I can compare it with – Marcus Aurelius.)

We can only express our contempt for those dark days when men bled and fought each other as prize fighters, “Dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t,” for theirs was a purpose of extinction (fight to the death). Why come before us with your bold hearts claiming that you are among those who have not witnessed such terrible things as these? In today’s world, we see no difference from the Gladiators of Rome, to those who persecute and bring ill will against those who only want love and an understanding. Can’t condemn the many, by those in seats of power who wish to descend upon them with a marked interest of modern day slavery, building hopes then destroying them by their illegal practices within the city walls of that super-state that was.

Continually we hear cries that beckon us, to those who wish to confess that they are in need of assistance. Blessed is he that calls upon the Lord with love in his heart and an understanding of man. We see many faces before us as they pass through the portal of life, they come and go, their time is marked and interceded with joyful aspects of life when their time is done. They re-enter the world of spirit, not quite understanding what has occurred, but are willing to listen to those of the light. Some are of a hardened nature and will not accept that their passage is done so they linger, continually feeding on the energy of those of life, despairing at what they see but can no longer have. Their energies feed upon those who would listen to their pleas, they are many within your world as they stagnate in the zones between life and spirit, getting more frustrated at their inability to pass over from one side to the other. Their assistance is needed by the army of healers who call out to them “Come, follow the light be one with the light and the Lord. ” but they shun this for they fear retribution, they need not worry for all are entitled to healing and progression on their journeys of spirit.
(NOTE: This is really helpful confirmation for those of us involved with spirit rescue work, we certainly experience a draining of energy with some that pass our way and we do experience those who are fearful of punishment.)

His blessings are given to those who have a knowledge/insight into the ways of the Lord, but mark this, only those with the strength to persevere will walk once more in peace in the light of the Lord for they have a task that needs to be reaffirmed in their commitment to work through the lessons of life. Shortcuts cannot be taken, for life is a path of learning from which there is a beginning and an end. As you progress, your lives, your minds mature into a being of light, you cannot take this away as it is a purpose for all to ascertain their positions in life.

A remarkable occurrence will astound, as a new beginning to those of the word in the fall of life. We have never seen such a commitment by so many who seek knowledge and interest in the sight of spirit. We cannot focus on all, but rest assured, we will be seen and heard in those deep green grasses of life that flutter in the wind as feathers on the birds back as they blow in the wind, their colours change from dark to light and as the Rays penetrate their hollow stems so they are filled with warmth and the light of the Lord is upon them.

(Is this a personal message for someone?) Douglas has a message for some or Sam ? Who cannot respond, his present time for their purpose has not yet unfolded for the world of life.

You were noted as saying that “all life is precious” and so it is without exception. From the humble bee to those who walk the earth and all in-between have the Lords focus. We care not for those who cannot perceive the world around them, for they are blinded with the material things of Earth.

Encompass your minds to swing towards a new beginning, the arrows will fly in the months ahead as we progress and draw closer to your world of life. We have a never ending story to tell to the peoples of the Earth, allowing them to understand their meagre life’s value within the kingdom of Heaven. For are we all not that of the creator? He who made the heavens and Earth, who held our hands as we walked in spirit guiding us through the portals of life.

Richard was a common man, his work preceded him in the annals of time. He was of great value to those who saw him as a purpose, his name rings out in time never being forgotten by the many who study their history. He cannot contain himself at the thought that someone might recognise him as a man of mediocre means, despite his status in life he has never found fortune in war only grief. He is totally in agreement with those of the Earth who pursue peace at the talks to be held shortly in Vienna and in the capital city of Rome, from whence was a great civilisation. They will negotiate between them how progress and standing of the United Kingdom, for the turmoil that besets them will become calm once more as their focus turns to events in the North Sea which will bring great concern to many nations of the Earth. (NOTE: You could argue that this would fit anyone from Richard the Lion Heart to Richard Nixon, so many Richards in history, does anyone have a strong feeling about who this may be?)

Be not afraid of those people who would harm others, as their purpose will be done in a blast of light of radiation, we are concerned for the safety of all who are unable to shelter from this massive explosion of the heart, the tempest of the storm will carry on it the winds of change to the many thousands in the regions of the North, we cannot understand why it is that this has to be, we are unable to prevent catastrophes such as this, as it is mans desire to beat upon himself in such terrible ways. Never let it be said that we of the universe did not try to assist in a small measure.
(NOTE: This message was channelled the night before the bombing in Istanbul, could this paragraph relate to that? Istanbul Airport Bombing )

The parting of the ways of the many will become clear shortly, as a tidal-wave of love washes over those of purpose to bring about an end to hostilities within the regions of the commonwealth. Frequently we have affirmed our message of peace, love and tolerance to those who would listen to the words of the Lord, for His presence is great amongst the many who suffer at the hands of tyrants. He watches their plight, unable to intercede as it is the plan of their life to suffer. We cannot perceive sometime soon, a lasting peace on your planet, but there will be a reconciliation of loving, a response to our demands as we circle your Earth in the fall of your planet.

Why is it that we, the Arcturians have to announce our plans prematurely to allow those of the Earth a warning of something so astounding that hearts will pound in their minds. Their eyes will behold a mother ship that circles your Earth, it is blinded (hidden/denied?) by your men of science. Compulsion will lead you to extreme measures to face the truth of what is to come, a purpose in a new beginning will fall upon man as he begins to understand the many things of life that have true meaning, in the words set by the Lord so long ago in your history.

In the streets of Babylon of Nairobi there is or will be a tremendous outcry for politicians to listen to those who suffer in the street without homes, babies and children struggling to survive within the networks of those who see themselves as masters, the super race. What, what can I say, they will be dammed for their torture and intolerance, they think they have a good handle on everything, on things of life, in truth they know nothing of living. An Angelic gift of generosity will be given to those who have meagre resources.

( The next few paragraphs appear to be messages from spirit who have taken the opportunity to speak ).

His blessings are given to him by those who watch over his moves within life. For she cannot understand why it is that so many misunderstand her purpose in life, she wants you to know her heart and soul is crying out for justice, and grief to be poured.

My hate upon the loss of her grandson who died in the month of May, he became ill through no fault of his own, a suspected tumour was a probable cause, his passing has to be remembered at this time, he casts a shadow over those who cannot understand why it is that he had to go without saying goodbye or interacting with those of his loved ones.

Todays thoughts of love are bonny to him, cascades of flowers were sent by the many at his passing, he is grateful to those who were kind to his mother as she wept at the coffin, for she could not understand how it was that such a young man was taken so soon, for you have called to her many times in her sleep to bring about a narrative in her mind to discuss her feelings with Timothy. Contracted out was he to a company of oil in the fields of the North Sea, his mind was in a whirl, in truth it was a merciful end, quick and easy for him.

(NOTE: We are not sure if any of the above paragraphs are linked or not. It would be interesting to know if anyone can make sense of them or feel that they know who the messages are for.)

Tonight we have gathered the many souls around you who would listen to your words for they hear us as we speak in phrases with meaningful words to the peoples of your Earth.

Tonight we have become a victim of circumstance, we are alleged to have taken a member from your Earth? You cannot imagine how deep the pain runs when you mistrust our intentions upon your beings of life. Hum,hum, you are of target for wanting Caucasians. (NOTE: Has alien abduction been used as an excuse used to cover up trafficking, sale of a child for slavery or an another form of abduction?)

There are those that cannot understand your purpose in life as they see a man, an old man babbling on about things he could not possibly know. In truth you don’t, it is by our wisdom that you speak the many truths of spirit. It is by their ignorance that they will not listen and try to understand the purpose of these words and their intentions upon your world.

(NOTE: Another personal message, can anyone accept this?)
Samuel, your energies in the hope of awakening your consciousness to our presence – within your mind your abilities to connect are very strong.

We are of the regions beyond your earth, we come as a matter of importance to assist those under extreme pressure from domination of those of war. We know of the problems that beset your people, we cannot allow this to continue. A stay of peace must be contracted between the nations. Comparatively, you are a simple organism with a soul of great strength, but your weaknesses are your failures to comprehend who you really are. We have fed you with information of this century to allow all, your purpose to meld with our own.

Those of a negative outlook will accumulate in a congregation of protest upon your streets of London, saying that “out” should be “in”, they will persecute those who have voted with “out” in mind, they cannot understand the issues deep within those nations of Euro corruption, the mindless energy. A secret purpose was to gain control of the nations so that their energies conglomerate to advance their own needs.  London Protest

We have remarked before on the circumstances involved with your nation, as the turmoil kicks in so does disruption and irritation. We cannot see why it is that people cannot work and live together as one. We are in condemnation, love, tolerance and a means to an end. Michael is nothing more than a man with an energy and need that sits with him to bring comfort to those who are unaware of the massive neglect who fall into the nations of wealth. Compel your mind to help those in need who are around you in close proximity, for they are in need to live in peace not in terror.

Tremendous amounts of good will, will be required by the many for a sacrifice of purpose is needed to calm the situation that will arise at ten of the month.

(NOTE: We believe the following paragraphs to be more personal messages for those who can take them – it would be wonderful to have any feedback)

Beacons of regret, indignation, frustration have beset him as he watches others of your world receive messages of love. He cannot understand that we cannot reach him for he is shielded in mind. Grief besets him this day, an anniversary by which you would know and recognise as being a day of a great loss. Rest assured that your concerns merit an answer, for who are we to deny their right to a question upon which much feeling is embedded.

We forecast that those beings of need will come to witness the truth.

Hillsborough continues to be a place where worship for the many that were lost continue to this day. As a pilgrimage of love of blue, red and white. His loss was great, they know him from the hurts of his battle, there is an outpouring of grief so profound, until the day that you’ll understand how it was that he should succumb.

Gate nine is another place where the many shared a purpose in their passing, the game of love was of ill will that day as the multitudes watched in horror, as the game was played out in the terraces above the pitch. Fragmented hearts set about a fire that caused indignation so great. They knew they were lost, the panic ensued, here was no escape, they were ushered by fear and gripped by terror. They are blessed now at peace and an understanding.

Do not relinquish your love as it holds the key to your heart my son “He who believeth in me will live forever.” These are words of comfort to those who have lost.

Malcolm was an honest man with a tremendous will to live, to continue his work within the boundaries of the walled city. His loss was felt deeply for those of his family.

For John who you think that is, honour, rest is a concern, we know not of this only that he has come forward in a bid to awaken the memories of those of Hillsborough, to reassure them of their peace of mind as they play the game of love, of memories in the world of spirit.

Valerie has a purpose for which she does not understand at this time, she has brought together many souls, for healing. They muster their minds of those who call upon her, for her services be strong, give aid to those who bear countless crimes that healing is required to bring about a peace at their passing. Her name of fallen energies grow. As your purpose proceeds, be not afraid, for there will come a time when you will have succeeded in bringing happiness to many of those who have crossed your door. (NOTE: I can take this message, yes I know there are many who come to us requiring help and reassurance in their transition to the light, I don’t always understand it and frequently think it is my imagination and that I am making it all up as I talk to beings I cannot see with my eyes but ‘feel’ with my heart and mind.)

Alice Springs will amount to a disaster to be unfolded within the springs, have mercy, those who will suffer loss and a tragic time of a plane, parked are the wings upon the pad.


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