29.06.16 – Channelled Message by Guest Member

Channelling 29/6/16

Time is of the essence, seek out solace in a dark world. Leaders come and go but the truth remains. You all lead by example, no one is better, stronger, more capable. Let the people voice their opinions, power to the people is what’s occurring now. No need to sit in silence, nothing can remain the unsaid. We see the current crisis your population has spoken, yes it’s divided but views are being aired at last. Expect the unexpected is still occurring. Let your voice be heard, you all count. Power is shifting, no longer will you all be herded and ruled by fear. The truth remains stronger. Everything is coming to light for all to see. People show their true colours now (not always for the good of all). Mankind has to face his or her own challenges, issues, as well as embrace their talents and gifts fully. Wheels have been set in motion, tides are turning. All you can do is ride the waves, some ride the storms. Your fate is sealed by your thoughts, words, and deeds. The chance for unification is prevalent. Honour, respect and equality must lead the winds of change. Testing times are an opportunity for growth, so hold fast and trust, keep the faith. 

The light workers are needed more than ever before, yes they are being tested but it is the final test of faith. People will be attracted to your light but be warned – pick them up, hold them in God’s hands albeit temporarily. The people desperately need answers to their problems and plight. You can only guide, heal and offer comfort to those in need. You cannot and should not carry the masses, you will be pulled with the undercurrent of unrest. It is their karma, their future. It must be their responsibility to awaken and change their course of action. To gain a new perspective, to lift the veil that is but an illusion, a false reality of their world. Keep moving forward, do not concern yourself with others. Send their concerns to us, towards the light but do not play the martyr and carry their burdens. You have been given a window of opportunity, so please take it, do not loose the chance to realign with the grand plan. Tune into this higher frequency of light, let it guide you forward. It’s the journey not the destination that counts. Be still and listen for we will continue to guide you. Do not falter or be buffeted by the accelerated pace of these higher frequencies which affect everyone. Time is of the essence now, just trust and go with the flow. Know it is all for the highest and greatest good of humanity. Unprecedented tines of change. Throw away your maps, your plans, you’re in the head wind and you have to let things take it’s natural course. See and believe your sail is up and it will guide you home.

If you loose the faith or if you are a non-believer in spirit as a whole, you will drift in the sea of consciousness and be steered off course. So follow the guiding light, this is your beacon of hope and hold your heart. Time waits for no man so be open to receive. This is of course your choice for what course of action you should take, we cannot and will not intervene in the free will of all men. Dictatorship on earth is but apart of the old ways, they do not and will not remain in place. All negativity comes to light and is now being dispersed to whence it came. Follow your own path to then come together as part of the collective.

To experience WHOLENESS ….
W – We
H – Heal
O – Only
L – Love
E – Eternal (exists)
N – New
E – Energy
S – Shared
S – Spiritually

Old world order breaks down, expand your borders to all countries. Never limit yourself to a single market. Free trade applies to all countries. People and world leaders are breaking down barriers of resistance. Only then will the New World Order come about. No one is mightier than the gifts of expression, of expansion beyond the borders created by man. Tectonic plates shift constantly, new lands are created, old ones are washed away. This has happened from time of old, no difference then or now. New World Order comes in a natural reformation in the mind’s of men. All working together and building bridges, just as new lands form and are constructed. See the unfoldment of the new map currently taking place. Major alignment, shifts occur to reform, to change the old. Neither money, greed or influence will rule the masses. We see the same old beliefs and treaties taking place. Names of so called leaders, governments and ruling establishments occur. The same rigid dogmatic beliefs – “My way not God’s way”. It will not be tolerated. God intervenes only to shift the balance of power to reinstate the New World Order. “Let no man putteth under”.

Everything now builds to form a new structure/pattern. To weave the threads has taken many of your so called ‘years’. We see what man has done to his own planet/world – pollution, greed, betterment, power and rule all play their part in your history. The consequence is upon you, the changes are apparent and cannot be anything other than a global issue for all to address. Separate states, land masses, people and beliefs are not the way forward. The damage is done but start now as you mean to go on. The will of the people will turn the tide of unrest, the result will not be felt in your lifetime. But by standing firm and honouring the natural course of action your world can unite and eventually with a positive focused approach to life. Do not be caught up in the turmoil which now surrounds you. Things will eventually settle. The new lands will be created but it will not happen overnight. Your strong will and determination for a pure united order will then occur to right the wrong. Until then allow this shift to take place and the cleansing of your planet to take place.

The Acturians.


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