03.07.16 – Crop Circle, Prince Harry and more


Welcome James.

Tonight we will give a sermon of love and respect to all who follow the light in the name of the Lord. Make it a practice to give thanks for each and every day. May His presence make you aware of His love and being to bring about your purpose of need and aspirations. A feeling to cleanse your mind, filling it with thoughts of love and joy, never regretting the path that you have chosen.

As we walk together upon the road of life my son, never let it be said that we didn’t achieve anything, as we have achieved so much to bring you these messages of joy, and wisdom to those who would otherwise have had their eyes closed to bring about a purpose of love, mandatory love.

You must exercise your will in the fragrance and the scent of Lavender.

Uniformly embrace the world with all its problems, for it has such potential to bring about joy and peace to mankind, if only man would desire peace within his time. Your unique circumstances have brought you to this point this evening, allowing us to comprehend your mind and to speak freely of our thoughts and will of love.

Your John is tender and loving ( a long time guide of mine ) as he approaches to bring you news of an event that will touch your hearts in the coming years, of life, your joy. Although you will be surrounded by that of a willingness to serve His name, the Creator, never relinquish your intentions, as your purpose brings joy to the minds of those who seek a need to continue upon their paths in their own directions, seeking that which can only be found by those who look beyond their minds and thoughts of the physical. Nevertheless we have come this evening to bring you news of the purpose required of you, you must evaluate your needs. Valerie subsequently issues you her joy. A gift will issue you a purpose of belonging to the world of man, your hearts desires may value many things in your life, but your need of His will grows stronger.

Fishermen of men you are, casting your nets in the hope of snaring a few that might listen as you sail the seas of life, hoping to find that one thing that all men desire, a purpose, a need for love. Never let go of the things that you hold dear in your life, for a tremendous amount of will is forecast by a need to bring about an end to the disruption soon to focus upon your life. You live in a town of many, divided, restricted by your streets of intolerance that surround you. You must regain the will of the people in a need to worship the Lord, our Father. For if this is lost, no more token (indication) to be left, for mankind to live with his brother in peace and harmony.

Our reputations have preceded us for thousands of years in the expectation that the Nazarenes (Jesus) words will flourish in the hearts of men. Alas they have faded, men no longer have a hunger, nor need of faith in our Father. What has happened to the sons of Adam, the daughters of Eve, to have brought you to this point in time? Forecast so many times before by other prophets, your will is as strong to persist, master us to reignite a spark within man in an attempt to bring hope back to the world of man.

A farcical performance was seen by many, as those of the governments clamber for the seats to reach that pinnacle of power which will lead so many on a ridiculous notion, that is to think that they have the will and the need to assist in mans needs, for their purpose is of self. The abundance of intolerance in a bitter divide of rivals will increase to bring about a mass demonstration by the Houses of Parliament, for they have ignited a storm of fear in reckless behaviour. The masses they surge towards the heartlands in the hope of bringing a resounding result to all. Fragmented your lives, of a silly way to practice together a passion of peace.

A marvelous event is soon to take place in the East, culminating in the West giving a display above your nation. A focus upon which man will surrender his thoughts on the meaning of life, for he can not bear to resist the tender charms of the one that comes. Persuade those around you of the mercies of the Lord, let them know that Her purpose and reason is that of love. Consequently your minds will banish your thoughts of intolerance and ignorance as you sit in awe by Her presence. Your commonwealth will mass together in a hope of denouncing such things that don’t seem possible, for they have fear and dread in their hearts, that their positions in life will no longer be of focus and have a low purpose, because we are aware that there must be leaders, those of merciful hearts, who tend to souls to guide those masses in the world to bring them together in a focus of love. For if we cannot achieve this, then what hope for man, what hope for the world.

We were needy of men’s purpose, for a soul to speak in their minds and thoughts and prayers of love in their hearts. Consider yourself a magnet by which a means to an end will be achieved. You may regret of taking this path as it will bring much disappointment in your life, but know this my son, that all men of purpose are to suffer the scars and indignities that are set upon them.

Commodus he speaks once more to the nations of your world as a soldier, as a humanitarian. Alas his mind was weak with fear and terror as he drove his purpose home through the hearts of men. Humph, what merciless times they were, of murderers, pointless processions. I could not perceive at the time how the masses would react to the laws that I set. My disappointment in others was repaid by treachery, their hearts, their minds, compelled me to act in ways that were regrettable. I became a man of valour only to fall into the pits of hell for the actions I took against my fellow human beings. Those days are past now, my lessons learnt, my future bright. Do not forget your lessons as you progress in a myriad of ways to bring your focus upon the light of Him who sits in Heaven, for His splendour is great. His need of you is required to bring about an ends to a means. Suffer you may, but your knowledge is great. Her Herculean ways, image (represent), men, who strived to bring about peace during those days, those awful days of darkness, dark times indeed. We had no rest for we were driven by the masters whip. Commodus he tore us apart as a man then, but his shame was greeted by love and he grew in stature to become a figure of that of the light. He conquered his fears in the oppression of his people to bring love and purpose to the common man, for his fight was one of a battle of love. Never let it be said that his heart was torn from his body as it beat in the hands of the Lord, never be ashamed of who you are, for we speak through you in ways you cannot understand. Your mask shields a man who is meek and mild in manner, your heart beats strong in your focus and purpose.  ( Commodus – who he was )

Weather the storms that will bring disasters to the East and passes to the West. Focus should be upon these weather systems that bring a front of relentless storms that gather over the Oceans. Their winds will blow of a magnitude of force nine gales on the shores of the lands to the East. Many will be shocked by the ferocity in the lashing, the endless lashing of the winds.

Mmmm, your world is a mess, the fragments beneath your feet in ways you cannot understand as yet, you drive home your purpose with your drills, hoping to extract that which sits in Mother Earth, why do you think it is kept in the Earth and not released to the light? This poisonous gas will suffocate the earth in such a fashion as to cause warming, bringing about storms and gales. Adverse weather in regions so remote and the unexpected will occur. The gasses released that caused these adverse conditions were caused by mans exploitation of her resources. Neglect and ignorance will bring about the deaths of many, for they cannot withstand the power of nature in their habitats upon the islands. (NOTE: Fracking)

The Aegean Sea is a place of natural wonders yet to be seen by the eyes of man. You cannot possibly understand our focus upon you will bring about a purpose in many, for what is buried beneath the sea is a temple of magnificence, set before the storm as being a wonder of the world. Most astounding are its structures that they marvelled the people, the people’s purpose. The seas roared as the lands moved, we felt a shift, the blast of air, she rolled in on us, washed over us wiping away many souls. We exist in spirit, we live on through the lives of many, our souls remain impervious to the destruction caused. (NOTE: Could this maybe refer to a fall of an ancient civilisation – The Minoans or even previous inhabitants of the area that is now The Black Sea?) We need to focus once more upon your planet in the hope that our presence will be meaningful to men once more.

Your minds are tranquillised by means of irrational gains. Compel your minds to work together so that we, the Arcturians may once more serve as your masters and assist your planet, nurse her back to health. For we have wondrous ways in which to carry out such feats of magnificence. Your science with little knowledge of the many things that we possess, they are aware of our being, they have a need for what we know but cannot possess, nor will they until they have learned to live as one, man with man upon the surface of your Earth as it fades slowly, succumbing to the masses needs.

Triumph of the many will be achieved in a storm of protest. Intolerance and greed will muster the minds of many intolerant. They are astounding, their arrogance and attitude, as they must have the many riches that Earth provides. Why does man beat upon man, why does man have his hearts intention of the negative things of life? They fail to see their true purpose in the position given, you must compel the light to work with an attitude of arrogance towards her, your insistence of the lights purpose will bring about change in many men. Their influence and tolerance will shine brightly in the glint of your heart.

I am Alex, we have spoken once before, you need not know the many things that bring us together. As we caress your Mother Earth we cannot help but see and feel the pain of so many pictures of burden of your beings. How they change as we focus our light upon the seas of mistrust. The seasons are a mess we have left it to long to help the majority. Mother their need is great, but you must help them see that strength lies in their hearts and minds. Their lives are focused with one of time as the clock ticks and the bell tolls. We respect their own differences between them, counting the days that their purpose will ring out once more to influence those of troubled minds. To accumulate a mass of a oral (spoken word) among your men. Gather your thoughts my son as we near your Earth before the season of the sun sets in the East. Do not think that we do not know of the terrors that await. (NOTE: Alex has come through before, in this paragraph it almost seems that he is also speaking with another, he refers to Mother, possibly Mother Mary?)

Buddha once said “A mans strength was his forbearance of others” as he sits in his temple he remembers the days of the mozelbete (NOTE: Spanish for young lad or youth), sit as he does and focus your will. We implore you to listen to these words from Alex, he is a member of a race of beings that frequented your Earth many times. His circles of half moons will appear to astonish men of science in their complexity. Their purpose and meaning is for instruction to those who have a will, a mind to see their patterns upon the ground. (NOTE: Crop circles!) Truly you must measure the distance between the marked grasses for they will equate to a number that will be measured, Eastern coordinates 10 degrees west, 9 degrees south latitude and longitude will be measured by the circumference of the Earth multiplied by three. In the forth dimension you will need to bring your purpose with fortitude to help us assist in the measurements, in the degrees. (NOTE: Could these co-ordinates be galactic ones pointing to a place in space, are there any mathematical minds out there who can help us understand these?) We are a people beyond your vision, our thoughts and will are heard through the minds of many who regard us as spirit. We have unleashed a measurable amount of love many times. The task of many as you mediate between those of your earth and those of the stars. Huh, they, you, re-trust Arcturians, we have a will and purpose to bring peace within your solar system. Too many times we have witnessed the wars upon your earth as they rage. Oh such shameful sights are seen on masters of service, why do we find it necessary to focus our love and light upon the children of the earth.

A Raven once more approaches, offering a ring of service, her Rubies represent our hearts, they are the colour of red. (NOTE: In Greek mythology, the Raven is a messenger of God). Shine out a beacon, your minds focus, purpose. Once more feel us as we draw a purpose from you to project our words, countless times have we spoken in the past to many souls we have worked in the circles of light, in their séances, in their rooms of darkness. They have heard and seen us, beat our drums, whistles, play our flutes and the people’s response is one of shock and horror that such things could be. Not once did they open their minds to the realms of the light and see that these things that we demonstrate have a purpose, we cannot say how we commanded respect for we gave love in a manner of goodwill.

Tumultuous times have paid a heavy price, as thousands listen to words of discomfort spoken by those of plenty (wealth). Task your minds with reason to the possibilities of boundaries to be broken, trust in our words as we trust in you to focus upon us with a loving heart and tender words.

Michael, you begin a journey of love to assist those who need forbearance (patience or tolerance), for their attitudes are twisted, missing the point of their purpose. You register our thoughts on a machine that sits beside you and we all affirm ourselves on your machine. (NOTE: They are referring to the recorder.)

As the Ravens fly, so the Crows will flee, so it is that light will vanquish the dark in a heavenly struggle that will be fought upon your Earth. (NOTE: Symbolically, the Raven is the messenger of God, the Crow is the harbinger of doom or bad omens) The purpose of man is to bring division between light and dark. The struggles of men are incarnate, go to your purpose with need and love reaffirm our commitment to bring about a peace to the masses of the Earth with tender hearts we must grow or perish.

Apple of my eye you are, as your thoughts of love. Cherished memories are warm of times past, can you recall on the many occasions that we fought the struggle of love? It is hard for me to contain my emotions as I look upon you with feelings of tenderness, and you shock me by the way you have been able to focus on the many things I couldn’t. Continue your path my son with love and honour. (NOTE: This is a personal message for Michael from his father who passed recently, Michael confirms “It is true we did fight like cat and dog during my teenage days, never seeing eye to eye on many things. He also had a gift of Clairvoyance, constantly seeing his mother, father and brother Jack. It frightened him and he would never admit to being psychic as he did not want it. We did have those loving times when I was young and also in the last few months of his life that I will cherish.”)

Johnson came at a time when his nation needed him most, their apparent unrest will reflect in today’s terrible things. Those states will dishonour the power struggles within and will culminate in a mass outpouring of discontent. Why is it you have never learned the amendments of the contract made? For we were the fathers of a nation, a new and wondrous nation built on the lives of many in honour. It is true that the land upon which we lived was stolen, the hearts and minds of those indigenous braves were torn from them in our thirst and lust of greed. They have come to see how wrong we are, that all nations should live together as one with focus and purpose. If I had to sail the seas of life I would hope the breeze was of love as I cast my nets upon the water, and the fishes I reaped were the souls of men who were lost to the depths of the sea. (NOTE:  President Lyndon Johnson )

Ferguson he calls to you “Become one man worthy of your nature, your facets will change as you strive to reach a finale of your life. Go with it my son, be strong with the will of a Lion to fight the masses who would denounce your words as trash, we were a team (NOTE: again reference to a past life of mine as explained in previous transcripts) and built a reputation. Allow yours to grow, your right hand must be that of strength, your character of vigour must be strong to bear the stress of insults set against you. Away (apply) your mind to the wisdom within and to the many words spoken.

Prince Harry will become a man of displeasure this season. His words will be heard as intolerance, his mothers strength lies within him, not to bandy words with people, to be outspoken. To speak his mind will shock those of the establishment to realise that he is a man, a figure with purpose so underestimated by that of the media. Know that his strength will carry a burden like no other for his monarchy will shine a light on the nation of your people as tragic circumstances unfold within the nation and the establishment. Fortunes of war is what they call it, purpose in being is what we give. (NOTE: Could this be regarding the Chilcot Enquiry?)


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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