07-07-16 Chilcot Report, Alien Abductions, Terrorism etc


Tremendous amounts of pressure will be placed upon your shoulders and a responsibility of knowing your place in this world my son, let us take the opportunity to bring a measure of comfort to you in the knowledge that we surround you, caring for you, watching over you as you move towards your end goal. Your purpose has meaning to many lives.

Welcome James.

They watch you, some with envy, but there is no need as you all are part of the masters plan. Truly the novelty to bring messages from this side of life has worked wonders in your world of life, for it is no longer a novelty but a practice of will and trust, and through your guardians. We manifest our feelings through you to relay messages, upon which others will come to learn the righteous ways that their paths should take.

You were an example of devotion to spirit, not mitigating your circumstances by the influence of cash, nor him of a serious nature to bring the messages of the past and present to the fore.
( AUTHORS NOTE : Again I am told of my past life as H.B. Champion and his friend and biographer Rev. Jesse Babcock Ferguson, A.M., LL.D., Further information)

You are a nation in a wondrous world that beckons for peace in these turbulent times that you find yourselves. Many ask the question, why are we enduring so many tragic circumstances throughout this world, what is the reason for us to be experiencing these things of turbulent times at this time of the century? Trust in us when we tell you that each has his own path to walk and must experience the travesties of life through his own eyes and ears, to feel and see the tragedies that befall others before you. This is not a sinister message, but a message to let you know that the paths you tread are yours and yours alone, you were brought to this point for a purpose way beyond your comprehension.

We point out many things that you cannot possibly be aware of or understand, and through this man we will try in a small measure to bring an awareness, an alertness to your minds that you are beings of the light and those that fall by the wayside are not lost, but are restricted in their capacities to enter the gates of the light.

Compel your minds to listen to the words of Francis (St Francis of Assisi) as he wishes to speak with you on behalf of the Lord our Father:

Tragic circumstances befell my people in the past years, I was a man of distinction, a man unworthy to enter the light as I had not achieved my tasks in full, never aware of my failures in my life. I wish to relay thoughts to those who have purpose in your life, not to ignore the meaning of your purpose. To deliver your aspects with a responsibility to others in a meaningful manner, respectful of their lives, for they look upon their leaders as men of authority, but they are disappointed at the attitudes that they show and their arrogance towards the lower classes. I was a priest in a sanctuary of the Lord, my purpose was to give blessings and focus to the people at my church. I was a man not worthy of his purpose. I need to explain that I was a man of faith, never quite comprehending the enormity of my tasks that lay ahead between my position and responsibility to that of the people who looked to the church. The church was a symbol of Christ and not that of “The Saviour”, it was there to benefit those of our land as they struggled in their lives, to bring them peace and sanctuary, healing and a feeling of need in the brotherhood of men. Aryan (or maybe Arian?) were blessed by a purpose for which you have great need.(NOTE: Aryan meaning: Noble, honourable, respectful Meaning of Aryan or Arian – a Christian belief that asserts that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was created by God the Father at a point in time, is distinct from the Father and is therefore subordinate to the Father. Arian teachings were first attributed to Arius (c. AD 250–336), a Christian presbyter in Alexandria, Egypt. Further information)  I command you for the tasks ahead and know this, my love and guidance is with you, for you to take instruction and become a better man than I. They honoured me within the church and parish calling me a man of great faith, bestowing titles upon me so unworthy. A sainthood, what does that mean? It’s just a name, another title. For me there was more that I needed to be aware of, I appreciate the title given, but I would appreciate it more for those of the world today to look to their hearts and find that God exists within them, to follow their hearts with pride, not in arrogance or deception, but in love and peace to help their fellow man in their anguish in times of need. Blessed is he who walks the path of light and finds himself amongst his brothers, peace to you all, God bless.

Troubled times, hmm we grow weary of repeating our message to the world of life. Why is it your arrogance will not allow us in?

Tony (Tony Blair) is a man in need of love for he was shielded by his cabinet, the men who brought doom upon those who gave their lives for a cause that they believed in. Why were they betrayed through lack of information as to their purpose in demanding that peace and justice be brought to the leader of the Arab nation?

His crimes were committed many times, he never suffered fools gladly for he had an unbelievable arrogance that his nation was his and that he would rule as he saw fit. He never thought that he would be sacked by those around him as their mistrust grew, his purpose was grave and that of his family who supported his kingdom and brought turmoil in an irresponsible and irrational manner. For they brought upon themselves a mighty force that would culminate in an ending to those turbulent times. The wound festered as the dark moved in so the light was extinguished for many.

We cannot understand why it was they felt they had to interfere at this time, do they not understand that no crime goes unpunished. We are not here to judge, but to bring a measure of peace to those who have lost loved ones in this ridiculous war, and why did he take the decision to invade a land of horrors, was it to honour their name? Black gold was their target, made no difference. All there was, was bloodshed, innocent lives lost and for what? Sometimes in life things are better let be, as judgment comes to all who offend Him on High. Man should not judge man, nor should he expect intolerance. For wise decisions take wise men, not fools that rush in on a whim in a manner of strength. For it is not they that suffer the consequences of a foolhardy rush to administrate justice, it is not the politicians, the money makers who face such grievous and appalling destruction. Many Iraqis hiding in their homes were innocent victims of a mad gold rush, although the many suffered at his hands (Saddam Hussein) there were those who had security and a peace. No man is sacred unto himself, only God will judge all.

Times come and go, their needs of, must abate with time. Trust in the Lord that justice will done in your world of life.

Commodus knows of injustice, many times he has spoken of his life, but just as an example, to the men of power that their reign is but a short one. To bring light and life to people’s homes is a huge responsibility given to those with a duty to the Lord. If they fall by the way not heeding their purpose then they must face the consequences as men and women of injustice.

Nobel prizes are handed out to those of distinction who bring about a need and purpose to people’s lives. The poet laureate. Samuel Jackson surprisingly he never knew of his award but his heart was in his manner and his writings of Earth were hidden from view as he was a man of stature. Many men of such responsibility create arts in their private lives as a release from the pressures of life and those that look upon them with need, all men should escape the pressures for just a short time, art being one of the many forms that would be recommended by us for it is the creative minds of men that weave the pattern of life. (NOTE: I can find no positive reference, but could this be Samuel? )

You aspire to bring peace and justice to the world, hmmm, what an enormous task! It cannot be done by one man but by the multitude in a need for love. Your reputation grows, we implore you not to allow your mind to think that it is you who bring out these messages, we know of your purpose and thoughts, just be aware and keep a reign, a tight reign upon your mind and will.

Cleverly we have evolved our method of communication betwixt that of this world and yours. Fragmented your hearts and thoughts that such things cannot exist. Some see strange things in their lives while others go through life just being, for those who open their minds to such possibilities, they will be rewarded by their visions in their thoughts. You must never doubt your abilities to bring peace to the hearts as a service of spirit. We applaud those who work within the light in the many myriads and fashions that they aspire to. This, constantly we find, closed minds, for their fear blocks their passage of light for they do not understand that you are one. Your mind races from one thing to another as all men’s minds do, but those of focus continually learn and practice their thoughts and passions.

Questions were asked, answers are given in due course.

Planetary systems will abide by the rules of the universe as they continue to rotate on their assigned orbits. You see the earth as a vast expanse of space never ending, neither beginning, what harm the ending – know that it is – your universe exists within a parallel universe for all creation is one creation, Gods creation, this is a mindless, endless journey and none will ever comprehend. Your ships travel in space as do others, but it is an ocean voyage that will never see an end, what goes around comes around.
We cannot imagine an existence beyond that of spirit, our world is vast, as the earth is by comparison but a speck, for space is vast and holds many secrets beyond your understanding. Your men of science, they work ever harder to explain the mysteries of the earth and the universe in which it sits. Let us tell you now, they will never find the answers they seek, for their times are relatively short to time, their mission in life is a fragment of that question.

To trust is instrumental, belief in Him will bring a measure of peace to those your Assad torments, ending their lives.

Our goals are simple, to escort man to a better world, for him to comprehend that he is but a speck in the universe of life. Many nations (alien nations) have banded together, but your world is not fit for this unity as your purpose is yet to be found. The longer your focus is upon lust in your lives and personal gain, the longer it will take before you realise the many nations that watch with many eyes. You’re like a laboratory rat being studied inside and out. Why do you think it strange that we select a few so that we may understand your physical bodies in greater detail? Huh, we are accused of murderous abductions, if this was so, how is it people explain their experiences to the world? Despite not being believed they are returned as a lab rat is returned to its cage, many of you call this evil. Have you looked at yourselves and what you do? The lab rats of your world suffer as you make an effort to look more beautiful, to make your personal lives easy! We need not explain ourselves to you, we are not evil, we are the scientists that are looking to you in the hope your knowledge will grow. Can you not see that there is a means to an end? We need to bring about awareness of our being to reduce an expression of fear. Ask your Colonels of their judgment upon us, their weapons loaded, primed to tear your world apart. Their minds of war are minds of fear, for is not the world for all that live? The creatures upon it have freedom of heart, can you not learn to live together as one?

We have an urgent need to help those who have a purpose to bring peace. The flowers of Heaven will fall upon your world, one by one, planted seeds in the minds of those who let it in. Your gardens of beauty will become a forest of knowledge, be not afraid to let us into your hearts minds and souls.

Precious metals are to be found in various places around your planet. They explore by extreme measures, destroying vast quantities of your lands. In their greed they disrespect Mother Nature with their practices of blasting out the earth in search of diamonds, gold, treasures that they hold so dear, but these treasures are false profits, for what good are they to men when they die. Hum huh. You misunderstand the many things of your lives, diamonds have a natural ability, they sparkle to your eyes, they are a hard substance, their powerful secrets are hidden from you, for all you see is their beauty and not that which lies within. Your resources will run dry in your exploitation for the natural riches that extend beyond your earth in due course.

We have no need to explain our mission to you, your endless wittering of desperation, your craving for knowledge, the thirst you have for the knowledge of life upon the path you tread. Your Angels that guide you, meet with you in your dreams, the blessings that they bestow upon you should be treated with love and affection. To complete your mission we need your focus Michael, let go your thoughts and fears, allow us to traverse your mind with knowledge. Your disbelief in your capabilities will hold you back, march on or it will haunt your doubts and misgivings. Allow us to intercede with those things of your life, your tempestuous ways you must eliminate.

Truly remarkable it will be, your reaction to our coming in the corn fields. Your measures will be taken, you will marvel at the patterns. We need your focus to allow and understand the circles of your crops, blushed you are at the thought of being able to recognise the measure, play four (or maybe ‘therefore’ or even 4.6, recording unclear) point six, twelve, compare this measurement with the earths circumference, triangulation will result in a meaningful, a desirable answer. Conversely you enquire to understand the measurements given, true we need to explain, a triangle is of equal sides, its measure equates to a fraction within a fraction, triangulation twenty by four squared. A ridiculous notion you may think, allow us to intercede, 3=Pi squared, 14 degrees north by northeast, triangulate the latitude of 16, markers take away a fraction of 10, this measurement is all you need to know, for the present the values of these measurements will gauge in your response, our response. The spell have meanings for you that you will not understand, for those of medical knowledge will have use and need of them.

(NOTE: This question was posed by a young woman who follows these messages – ” I want to ask the Acturians if they were responsible for all the blue flashes in my flat and if so why have they stopped?” This is their reply: )  We are the Arcturians, those who brought civilisation if but for a brief time. Your questions are heard, the energy of the blue light is a question asked in a response, to our response, you see them as blue flashes, your dogs were unable to see. We are preparing the way for a measure of comfort and peace, your ability to see the flashes is commendable for Trion energy travels through space and time at the speed of light, it creates a friction which is sometimes seen as flashing images. Your curtains were drawn as you sat there with your book, your attention was drawn to the lights by your minds eye. Do not doubt what you see, these things occur as light transmits through space and time where energies are completely random. (Link for  Further Information Regarding Trion Energy )

You wondered if a soul watched over you? One thing does not necessarily mean another, but know this, she will worry as a Roman. Her apron. She was a mother having lost an unborn child. The house in which you live, full of regrets of Martha were many. Richards was the name, you may be totally unaware of a Mater (old name for ” mother “) of a passion to her maid within the walls of Stan House (or stone house). She cries, seldom heard, seldom seen by the eyes of man for she is in spirit reunited with the one she lost so long ago. She had many children about her, her Martha called her Nanna. You occupy a house of love, those children remain with memories of love of their lives, their father, Joe, committed suicide, he was blessed with a family, his mind was lost to the times, so sad for Monice. Have no fear for they wish no harm but to relive those tender years. Men’s eyes are blinded by spirit, they remain within the sanctuaries of their homes for their fear of moving on is great. We must emphasis that it is always not necessary to shift their souls, for their displeasure will be shown. They are happy and contented to remain until the day comes they understand the reason why their life was so tormented and they understand the love that awaits them and are reunited. Then families will once more rejoice in the light of Heaven. You have seen their cat, make no mistake it exists beyond your vision.

You ask for many things, spirit, life. Other nations exist within their own bubbles of existence, like the bubbles of soap, they join sometimes interacting and becoming one, sometimes just co-joined before they separate and go their ways once more. This is an analogy of life and spirit, meagre bubbles sometimes join, then you may see coherence of things of the past or the person. If they become one, then this is of concern, for the two should not co-join, in these cases ” hauntings ” the human term will occur, as the two struggle to live in one space that’s not intended. Huh, your ghost callers (or ghost hunters) reach out to us with their words not understanding what they do, it is unnecessary to intimidate spirit of other worlds as this will bring about things that are unnecessary and they are upsetting to past lives. You yourself have been on this journey, but you came out the other side understanding that the two should never meet, your journeys are regulated by the master of life.

Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of worries of misgivings, for their deeds will bring about death and destruction to the nations of their over intolerance to their cause. Plain to see their intentions, you have weaknesses and they will exploit them as your arrogance. Huh, you don’t see these planning for they will exploit through your nets. Feathers amongst many, they experienced such Asona atrocities, (NOTE: Asona Gold Mine ? ) his name is of no consequence but he wishes to impart that his death was that of the Eagle, not of circumstance, he doesn’t understand how it is a man can beat upon man in such a manner and they weren’t forgiving, no quarter to us was given, sigh, hmmm. We ask of you not to give up on life because such things occur for they are part of this journey as these things are a part of your journeys. (NOTE: Can anyone make more sense of this paragraph? When looking up the word Asona it seems to have links to Ghana or Gold Mining, there is of course the possibility that it is a word or even words that sounds the same and may be spelt differently. However our interpretation is that feathers are metaphorical for many lives, ‘Eagle’ is metaphorical for the way the mine owners preyed upon the weak – so whoever this man was maybe died as a result of mistreatment in the mine, it also refers to them working for little reward ‘no quarter to us was given’, finally it says ‘these things are part of your journeys’ – maybe meaning that at some time or other in our live(s) we have to experience all things in order to learn.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: – If you are of nervous disposition you may wish to miss out the following two paragraphs or at the very least be very aware of its sensitive nature and who you speak to about it.)

Continual tolerance is needed to achieve a measure of peace within your world, the crimes committed in Our Fathers name will not go unanswered. Beyond your lives your sympathies lie with the victims and the circumstance that befell them. Be aware the ships sail the seas unguarded, unprotected these are loopholes your nations have not seen. We do not wish to bring such thoughts, but you should be made aware. Airports are protected, but many things are not. The extremism will always exploit the weak. Be guarded as you utter these words, for they will reach far and wide. Hmm, our intention is not of fear but of preservation of life.

So called extremists have no care for life, their purpose is dark in the need for their domination upon the nations of many. They see you as a threat, but in truth there is no threat but in their minds warped senses. The doctrines taught to them are the evil men who administrate their ratings upon them, calling, calling together for a mighty onslaught upon your nation of Great Britain. They disapprove of the measures taken of recent times. Your government, your leaders, busy amongst themselves for the spoils of war are not focusing upon the weaknesses which they have created within your nation. London is a target, with the exception of Birmingham. Chaos will reign with a thunderous roar to demonstrate their purpose, shhh, we fear a great loss. Your nation will recover and the measure of mourning of the great numbers who will pass to us, not all will listen or heed our warnings until it’s too late. Even then they will be dismissed as the murmurings of an old man. Careless whispers in the dark should be noticed. Ah, in your presence we will afford a measure of comfort to those who suffer loss, to know that their lives will not end but will open up to a world of beauty. Some with confusion of a need of knowing, some will accept like the children, just accept for what it is, no questions, no sadness. Do not despair at your life’s end, for all are welcome within the realm of the spectral beings.

Commence your ceremonies of love and good wishes for those who wish to have a measure of peace. (strange noise heard on recording again)  Extreme measures will be taken to protect you Michael on your journey and path. Your work will increase tenfold to bring a purpose to a measure of peace to all. You will not solve the problems of the world, but your minds focus will enlighten to other aspects of life that surround them, be it of spirit, Arcturian, or others. Your gradual change will bring a measure of discomfort, be not alarmed for we will ease the situation.

He extends his hand of love towards you as he requires your help and assistance, his question was heard, “Why is it that us humans, we suffer”, know this that all living creatures suffer, yours is not of an individual suffering, for what life but an experience of the physical and Willis, of the sense his questions are great, traverse mind he would like to know of the circumstances that brought him to this point in his life, are there greater things to come within his roll? Of course, it depends on your will, you aspire to others and their abilities, but each has his own course to take. Like the flowing waters of the river you will find the easiest passage that will be yours, to enable you to flow through the passage of time with ease and without obstruction so that your true purpose will also be met. You cannot all take the same route, you must find your own tributaries, you follow the stream of life that is set for you, aspire to others you may to find your own path, you must with a measure of love, honesty, and depth of feeling to bring about a journey of life and love. Thank you for your questions. Never doubt your own abilities in life to bring about change to your world and your selves, you are brothers and sisters who must co-exist, do it with love, a respect for each other. There will always be those of disruption who will bring a measure of uncertainty, their paths are corrupted, but in time, their flow, their stream will find its path. For all who follow the rivers of life must endure the rapids before the calm.

Remedies, we spoke of cures for the nation, not a crime to admit that you’ve made mistakes my son, for all make mistakes in life, it’s unnecessary to forgive those who have trespassed against you as it is noted your warmth, tenderness towards them have freed their spirits. Once more much has been spoken of, some extreme, some not so. We wish to implore you to look upon your lives with tenderness and with a measure of care. Your powers may be extreme, they may flow like the river over rocks but know that calm will come. You read these words on your machines of life, but look beyond the words and to the meanings that they bring, for like ice it is easy to slide over the top, not so easy to see what lies beneath the crystals that form that ice are of many individual crystals. It is the wise man that looks at the crystals to see their independence, the one that stops and looks to see the make up and formation will find the answers for which he seeks. For those we call the skimmers they will miss so much. Spread the words and note them with tolerance and temperance, without judgement and explore your minds to find your path and the guidance which we teach. Tremendous powers of goodwill are sent to each and every one of you, do not block them, open your hearts and minds to the endless possibilities that exist between Heaven and Earth. We communicate our words to you with love and an expression of goodwill, our ships will not battle your thoughts of ill will, continue upon your path of life son with love and tolerance. Triumph will be made aware soon to you in the coming days and weeks of the winter solstice you will appreciate our words which you impart to many, our thanks and gratitude to those that work to bring these words to those of focus is immense, we are with gratitude that you would allow us your hearts and minds. Satisfaction will be given in measures you cannot yet comprehend your traits of purpose and will, will be rewarded with a measure of peace, we cannot bring such gifts as you request (Authors Note: I asked for something solid to show the world !) but know that our gift is our love and a willingness to work within your focus. Do not forsake the things that are given, many times we have spoken in the past to awaken your mind, to alert you of your misgivings and your future path. We are happy to see that you tread the path of love and compassion, Confucius says “He who walks upon the sands of life feels the Earth beneath his feet, it is he who is truly connected, those that wear the sandals to keep their distance, they will not find satisfaction in the tender caress of Mother Earth”. Truly you acknowledge a storm of love, an avalanche of feeling, sincerity and fear. Lead your people in the practice of love, for it is the only true path that all must take. You are not unique in this world my son but you will follow in the steps of many who have gone before, bring peace to your heart in the knowledge that we understand in your purpose.

Joseph (Chief Joseph) is a member of a race of beings who exist within spirit and his insistence for you to rejoice in the lives of the circle is paramount.

Valerie she knows of the circumstance that led her on the path of light and love, she has wandered many roads within her life, her regression of past lives are many unseen to her. She was a man of great distinction in a period of time that many were in the dark. Her life we are glad of was truly amazing to the memories of the time. As Augustus to many (NOTE: This Augustus  or maybe this one Father Augustus? There are many great people with that name). Her knowledge and wisdom is derived of many lives, she will control the outbursts of many.

Your mind is weak but your tasks are great, have no fear, good evening.

Tragedies unfold before you in the fall, (NOTE: ‘fall’ most likely means, as in fall of a civilisation, not as in autumn). Gain strength from your love and knowledge of the things to come for all, you are blessed with the light and love of the Lord to continue your work with a magnitude of tolerance to the ignorant, for their salvation will become awry to them in the coming years. Thank you, for your quest of life will become apparent to all as you progress upon the path of life. Never fear that you are alone, turn to us in your times of need, God bless.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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