12-07-16 Political Events, Art, 2nd Coming etc


Treasured memories of a past life should sustain you for the true torments to come. Be not afraid nor in fear, as the forecast is grim as we watch your Earth descend into mayhem. The masters that judge you are also judged in ways they cannot comprehend by the many eyes that see them through their minds eye. They watch and wait in turn, waiting for the time that they might make an appearance on your earth.

Your forensics and skills will be needed to ascertain the correct pattern of life held within the circles (crop circles) to the East. Frequently they are questioned by the many, for what is their purpose other than to please the eye? Their focus is upon you to assess the situation at hand and bring about the terminology required to assist those of science to come to a conclusion of the meanings and aspects of those circles.

You are no genius, but your mind is clear and set upon your targeted devotion. Be clear as we extend the hand of friendship to you and your nation.

A remarkable occurrence is a timely event for the marching of people. We may never know exactly how your minds distinguish trust between light and dark, as there are many avenues in your thoughts to be explored.

Today we will focus on messages of purpose.

Granted permission to you to relay these messages through your mind of silent regression.

We have considered many things in the aspects of your world, today has been no exception, for miraculous events have occurred in the regions of North Africa (or North America – recording not clear). Your news broadcasters have not been allowed to display this news for fear of an outcry by the nations of the West, but their joy will be announced shortly as it is released upon the net. We have come to bring focus to the many lives who see the truth in their light, their master. Our Lord Jesus, is once more risen within the world of men, she sits and waits, waiting for those of power to relinquish their limelight, she admires those of focus as they connect with many minds of past and present.

Your attitude towards us is good as we are friends on equal footing in the world of spirit. We do not understand why you should be unaware of our presence in your everyday life. Know this, we stand by you as you perform your duties in a manner and will of love and devotion. You sit quietly reminiscing of many things, your future is that of boldness, your path must be trodden in your manner. We cannot influence your mind as to the path to take, but we can guide with reassuring, nurturing messages of love, as we provide guidance for all who have a heart and a willingness to be by our sides.

In the fall of your world we will be there to assess and illuminate the many dangers that will befall you. For circumstances will be a measure of your spirit. You know that all must pass and stand before Him at the gates of Heaven to declare their love and purpose. Yours will be no different to many thousands who pass at that time, but your awareness of the possibilities of continuation is strength that will bring you good fortune in the world of spirit.

We will teach you all you need to know in your term with us. We know from the past that you have sinned and regrets are many, but we now see a man of the light forfeiting his life to the devotion of the Devine spirit. God bless you for your awakening and your practice on behalf of spirit and man.

We cannot assume that all in your world will see the forthcoming events, they negotiate their fears behind closed doors, not allowing those of the world to see the truth set before their eyes. It will become clear within the near future to all mankind, their lies, subversions will be seen by the many. The troubled minds will have the answers they seek as to the truth and power of the spiritual beings that will be seen in the Far East.

Nevertheless the sceptics will scorn those who say they have seen and believe, there minds are shut, unable to open the door. All it takes is a little oil to lubricate their minds to loosen the lock and open the door. The key to success will be in the performance that you can give to those of closed notions.

Your abilities grow in strength, we all know you for permitting us an audience within your mind. Let us take it one step further. Managing your safety is our prime concern, no harm shall befall you.


Three steps to be taken as we announce our purpose, your masters will announce their purpose before all as the fall of love becomes clear. Their hearts are in their mouths as they swallow humble pie admitting to the knowledge of unseen objects. Why has man grown so secretive to his brother, we cannot understand why he thinks there shouldn’t be a common interest in the men they will rule, for allowing them the knowledge and wisdom, will ease the situation and bring understanding.

Capable you are of withstanding the news of an asteroid that commits to its purpose sending shockwaves throughout the world. Its focus will be upon Asia in the south, its fall will bring extreme weather conditions, darkness to the region as it plummets to earth. The shockwaves will be felt around your globe. The nations will say, “How could this be, why weren’t we told of the imposing threat hurtling through the skies above us?” Their lives will be forfeit. Consciously we ask that those of a nervous disposition disregard these remarks, for there is life to those who have strength, who run with these words because all will be lost before the wave. We cannot say how many will survive, but structures will fall with a magnitude of an earth tremor. Dark times indeed. (NOTE:  Please note that no time scale has been given for this event and in previous messages are told of future events, so please do not have sleepless nights)

You ask about a light hearted story, would you have us tell you a lie or the truth as grown children with respect? We will be there on hand to help those nations restore their love for him, as they cradle each other with open arms giving thanks for their assistance. Never forget that your mind is a tool for us to use, to enable others to understand the greater purpose will always outweigh the smaller. We know you have many questions, some of which have been answered most recently. Your times of life are short and are filled with a measure of purpose for each and everyone of you. God gave you a plan to exist in the world at this time so that you may understand the feelings and purpose of many. We will remote speak upon the men.

I am James, the keeper, I am the master of all who pass to spirit. Our commitment to all living creatures is a guarded one. Your paths must tread on a specific direction to attain your goals in life. We cannot help but notice as your friends remark upon the words, only love is obvious, hmm, they tremor before the words, for they are of the living. Their desperate minds cling to the hope that God may forgive them for their sins before they pass and hope that their knowledge of spirit will guide their path. (evp “May God forgive”) We grant you these words to give to them, “Their sins will be forgiven, for there is no sin that isn’t unworthy of forgiveness for he who confesses to the Lord of his crimes. He must apply his caution to those who would lie and attempt to cheat their way, as they would be found, they cannot hide the truth.

Lily, (Mary Magdalene) she is aware of the creation of the master, she walks before him guiding the steps of the light. Her memories of childhood in Jerusalem are of fond ones, her faith in the Lord was immaculate. She had to follow her thoughts, guidance of her mind, and she did so without favour to others and a blind faith in the Lord. She was absolved of any sins as she was bathed in the light of the Lord, for her commitment was absolute. Yours too, as the peoples of the earth must come to this decision ” Do you believe in him or not?” If you do, rest assured of your salvation before him in the light, if your are sceptical, look to the words of the book, make your judgement, for each has a path to tread of free will. But those who choose the dark path, bringing misery to others, pain and suffering, know this, yours will be of equal measure as you cross to the dark side of spirit. We know there is no sanctuary that you can hide in, your trust and belief must be of Him of the light. To those I say, open your hearts and minds and look to the light of Heaven for your salvation.

The murmurings and whispers of the old man speak the truth of the mind of spirit, for he is an agent of the Lord who works within the light to assist and occupy your minds with those of love, tenderness and prayers. Open your hearts to the way of the Lord and bring self respect to your purpose, for he will grant you eternal life in the light of Heaven, where all pain and suffering is replaced by a beauty within.

The Forest of Dean, haunted by ghosts they say, ha ha! What ghosts? They are the agents of other worlds that bring the news of mass destruction in the wake of events to come. Their purpose is twofold, not just of doom and gloom, but to show direction and a means by which man can find his salvation. Follow their words very closely as they watch and guard over you. For his simple mind is an open book, for your words are a symbol of our truth – that we come freely and with peace, to encourage and assist in ways you cannot understand, for we know of your suffering. And those who turn the knife within the bodies of the poor, they sap your strength with their greed and needs, but your strength is derived of your spirit and when man is left with nothing, he is always left with his soul and an eye for the Lord. Although this will not sustain his body upon the earth, his soul would never die, his learning will become symbolic for his new pastures green, when all must return to relive the memories.

Like the brushstrokes of an artist the fine lines and detail must be absolute, there must not be error of judgment as the painter strokes his brush across the canvas. He sees a picture before him full of colour and vibrancy, as he paints his vision he is a master of his art, bringing pleasure to the eyes and the visual affects the heart and mind. Only those who look deeply within the strokes of the paint will notice their form, how they move, how they flow across the canvas of life. Your lives are no different, you must be as the artist, allowing the strokes to be accurate, filled with purpose and love. As you create each brush stroke, allow it to flow as in their own rhythm and pattern of love and life regardless of its angle or position, for the composition will come to life with each stroke of the brush bringing a life of its own. Allow it to speak in the words of comfort to the eyes of man.

She was an enormous attribute to the arts as she drew her pictures of the old ones that sat before her. Her work generated much interest in the societies of the rich and poor alike, for she had the skill in her love as an artist. Norma Baker was regarded as a skilful technician of the crafts. As she moved her pencil across the canvas she saw each detail, minute detail, allowing her brush stokes to follow the pattern that she had drawn. In her light, she had beauty in her eyes and love in her heart and an enormous amount of gratitude for that loving heart. (NOTE: Every internet search we have tried for Norma Baker brings up Marilyn Monroe, we have not been able to find any evidence of her ever having painted herself, however the channel of these messages is the medium, so he naturally has the feelings that we don’t experience, and he tells us that during his trance he truly felt that it was a reference to her and of paintings done of her. She was certainly painted by many artists, possibly most famously by Andy Warhol)

Be like the artist in your life, focus upon your minds eye, draw yourself to the attention of the light so that you may see the strokes set before you and follow their path with love and light, creating your own picture of life. Within life, allowing your heart to flow and your mind to flourish with these words of love

We have never mentioned before how much we appreciate the minds of those who paint the pictures in their minds. His brush strokes affect those around them with pure and perfect perfection, greeting those eyes who have not seen such wondrous things before and teaching them to open their eyes to their own patterns and drawings that they should follow in life.

Never regret the choices you make for they are divine and absolute, it is only those who shut their eyes that turn to darkness in frustration for their lack of vision, but they must understand their opportunities are just the same to focus upon the art within. The art of love painted with light in His name and memory.

Constantly we strive to assist those who neglect their emotions, we send them a tidal wave of love and reassurance. Your terminology is difficult to understand, we will not neglect those who are lost on the path of light, for we will always illuminate their way with an opportunity of reaching their goals within the light, for their spirit is divine upon its purpose.

Necklaces of gold, strings of pearls, what celebrations there will be in the forthcoming elections. They gather in the streets of Downing to bring about a purpose of she who would rule your country, all but for a short time. Her mind is set, controlled by others as a puppet on a string. She has no control with the words that she speaks. She is knowledgeable in the ways of spirit as she is in politics, but like all who enter that extreme corrupted practice, she will be guided by those of a negative attitude to bring their purpose through her words. Barbara Castle, she was a lady of strength, she strove for their purpose, forthright in her manner, disregarding those who set against her and denounced her with their indignities. She still exists in spirit watching over the heart lands. She knows of the tasks set before her and forthright her fortitude must be to overcome their onslaught from Parliament. They strive to keep things in check, those who would stay to the left, to the right, their politics is where they guide them.

Your world is strange in their manner, in their extreme measures to their fellow man. They never care of their path and their true abilities. They are set on the regime that they should follow in the words of the bureaucrats who sit behind their desks, chanting and creating passages of speech. Nixon, another man of extreme measures, he forfeited his world for the sake of a dollar or two. The errors of his ways are there for all to see, for men of extreme measures will always be found out. A trap will be set for those who conclude that she will be the one to be President, as Nixon was set up, so will she, over her bridges to cross. They have no care in the States of the length that those of power and wealth will go to.

The states of Louisiana suffer with incredible degradation and a enormous amount of poverty. Their Governor sits in his seat of power overseeing those who will not comply to his regime. They will suffer the consequences for not following his rhetoric, for why should they have a life, he is the master, who is there to challenge him? His forgiveness is low and weak, his powers diminish in the forthcoming elections and he will realise that he is a “nobody”. His spirit and soul will regret the rescissions (the undoing of a law) made against those of colour and race.

We establish in your mind the right and free will to announce your passages to the media. You will not block your efforts to gain the trust of many to bring her to their words of light and Christ. She will not attest against those who brought her to power. Humph, why should she forfeit her right to be the leader of many. Her in her purposeful way, her mind blank with the outlook and responsibilities it will bring others are guided like sheep in the field by the wolves who lurk in the forest. Their dens of iniquities are many within the establishments of your world. They sit there discussing their terms and their attributes, their desires to rule over their working classes, they are nothing but upstarts in the Wolves eyes. They sit in their house thinking they can dominate and have a right to do as they will with the world. How wrong can they be, their position is given by Him with trust and honour. Some face their issues with love, but the vast majority are without heart in their House of Lords. Pipes, smoking their Cigars at their own grandeur that was bestowed upon them for favours done, what do they know of life? Other than the riches and spoilers gained by ill gotten means. They hide their money and stash their assets in other countries of wealth so as not to be seen and accounted for. Their eyes are filled with gold, an illusion to many for it does not bring happiness, only sadness and sorrow.

Life is not an illusion but a reality, a fact, for a white rose is sent to signify our blessing upon those who follow the light with a good heart and open mind. Commence your journey my son with our blessing, may peace be with you on your journey, Amen.

Tonight we will establish a link to your friends, as the three interpret the readings. They sit by the fire discussing tactics as they drink their wine. Their hearts and souls are clean and bright as they guide others on their path and journeys with an intensity of love that burns into their hearts. How can we deny them the right to the knowledge that shall be gained by spirit? Their paths crossed as they were sacked by others, they were not under an illusion for so many things of torment. Their light shines bright in their purpose of love, honour and devotion. To bring them joy in your love from spirit, their hearts meld together in a single purpose, to assist those of the nations of the earth. Your efforts (the three) will be rewarded shortly in a response from those with a greater purpose, for they will see your contribution to the minds of the many. You cannot resist our energy, nobody.

Allow us to intercede on your behalf and bring the vision to those who have a heart to look. Don’t fear the consequences Michael and know your purpose, have a will and strength to follow your God given gift and allow others to see what lays in your mind. Transform your hearts and your value of respect.

Our congratulations is apparent to those of a wedding anniversary in the forthcoming events, 25 years have passed in their lives.

God bless.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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