21-07-16 The Gift of the Stone, The Youth of Today ….


All too often words are spoken without thought or meaning to those audiences who are anticipating and awakening. Their minds are focused upon the medium to bring messages of love and joy to their ears from the world of spirit. Their pursuit of happiness is based on the understanding that the medium is honest and true, both in spirit and heart. We acknowledge that many who practice on the stage are welcome and dignified. But there are others who’s practices that counter their productive pursuits, for there are those who would use the words of wisdom to further their careers as a stage medium. Let us be clear that the practice of medium-ship is a noble cause and should only be done with a true heart and love for man and spirit.

We beckon all those who have a will to come with purpose and join us in our efforts to bring peace to man with the knowledge of the spiritual realm. Gordon was a man influential in his time William Baxter was his name. He conceded his life for a noble cause in that time of destruction, never quite knowing what it was that had occurred. Only being aware of his fragmented mind as he opened his eyes to a world of beauty beyond this of earth, he never understood why it was that his time was now. But as the angel came and extended a hand of warmth and love in greeting, he could not resist the light. For he knew there was a purpose to life far beyond that of his knowledge as a man. He gave a tremendous amount of ability to his work, transforming the minds of the many to the phrases and paragraphs as those words, he wrote truly his name will live on through the memories of man. (NOTE: We have not been able to verify who this is yet.)

Commence your task my son to become one of many to who messages will be received in the forthcoming days of tyranny that will beset many countries of your world. Your task is clear, being that of a guide for those who need comfort in these traumatic times. Be careful not to upset those with a temperament of injustice. Let them see your tolerance towards their fundamental being. Persecution stares many in the face, in the eyes of justice. In the departments of your law courts, many unfair readings are heard. Persecuting them or deliberately causing mayhem, for their minds were not negative but meaningless in purpose. They forfeited their lives to bring a justice to what they see as injustice. Their comprehension of man and well being is not of this earth. The law courts of your country need only ask themselves, ‘What is this that justice brings to the many?’ How they operate their facsimile machines is not of tolerance but of ignorance, for they only see black and white printed on the paper before them, never having any interest into the circumstances that brought these men and women to justice. Don’t let me lead you to assume that all are innocent, for there is so much guilt in the world today. But for the minority, a few, there is injustice as it is convenient to close a case before it is heard. Your masters have need of a conclusion to satisfy those of parliament that justice is being done with measures of tolerance.

We are gratified and pleased to see that measure and a will to bring a purpose to those minds of so many in your world. Your work will shine through in the darkness as its words ring out the truth. We are the Arcturians, those of many worlds unlike yours. We are seen as angels, for we bring peace to those who are dominated by intolerance. Your words of wisdom are set in their books and they follow the path of light within the kingdom of heaven. Be not afraid of the many things that you see in the world, for their paths are truly tremendous. Those innocents that suffer at the hands and the will of the men of means, will see justice done in due course. We have seen many things on our exploits throughout the galaxies and the worlds spread throughout your universe. Yours is the exception, mans brutal state is a worrying concern for all nations that look upon your earth. Where will it lead, one wonders, will they never learn to live as one, to bring about a peace and a restful mind to those who struggle throughout their lives? Frankly we see no intelligence of the minds that lead the poor, they are of a greed of unnecessary wants in their worlds within your world.

Today’s actions will be clear to many as news bulletins ring out a change of policy within her government that will see a forecast of change in the state of the union. Her abilities grow as the numbers who follow will listen to her words as she speaks of her reforms and committees to those members with closed ears. She is of course a woman of great ability, still she needs support, for her policies will be vague to those who do not understand her. They will they will scowl at her comments but their choice has been made, never happy are the men who rule within the house, never satisfied until their will is done. She will not pander to their wants and whinnies, she will stand firm remembering that Margaret. A common thread is seen by those of the media who will focus on her strength and her antagonist ways as she promotes her business within the house.

Churchill once said, let them hear my voice before I pass, the truth to be heard by the many of this nation. Whosever breathes a word of untruth and injustice will be seen as a traitor to this county. Now he sees a bitter divide within the policies he masterminded. His knowledge was vast, his strength was great in a time when war waged throughout Europe. It is coming to pass once more and sadly man will be once more thrown into battle in the European elections. Many countries despise the fact that you have left, for they see your country as a tower of strength and a pillar that supported their networks of industrious greed. Now they are left in turmoil, negotiating with the minds of those with money to find a back door in which to process their misgivings. Hmm, Churchill would not have agreed to such an unfortunate circumstance, for his policies were steadfast and his mind set in the ways of old, he knew what Great Britain was, he was the back bone that is needed, whereas she is a tremendous character but more needs to be done to bring to boot those of profit and doom. She must stand in the house of lords and face judgement by those who sit in their seats of honour demanding that she goes their way. They will not allow her policies to proceed without a battle, but she must stand and be forthright and announce that the lords will be a minor concern in her government. Her strength in her voice will ring out to the people. Her term is short but vital in the next election.

Never let your thoughts belittle the words that are given in our name, for we are wise, there are many things that you as yet do not understand. Why come before us for wisdom if your minds would change the words given? Our tongue is strange to you and you think that your words are mixed, but we give them as we see them, through your mind and your character. We will relinquish our hold upon those who do not wish to communicate with those of beyond, but yours is a stature far beyond theirs. Commencement of your tasks will be in earnest in the near future, as your thoughts fade away and ours will speak through your mind as an honest and true account of our well meaning. Frankly when you discuss our words you use your common knowledge in an effort to translate the many things.

Welcome Lily (Mary Magdalene) , she has joined us now to wish you well on your journey and the path that is set before you. Tremendous amounts of will, will be required to carry out the tasks set before you three, for your work has just begun. Correspondence to those of purpose will be heard shortly as they comprehend the meanings of the words on the written on the pages of the net. Quite frankly you have no idea to the extent that they will reach throughout the world of man as they listen to the murmurings of an old man. But they will see the truth behind those words and recognise the details as being accurate from source.

Your minds struggle with the complicated mathematics given hence, tell him that in order to solve the puzzle he must reach out his mind and focus on the square root of the area given. We were pleased to see so many of interest in the puzzle we set. In your thoughts and minds you react in a manner respectful of us. Count the numbers of the circle to see the answer of the star-gate given. Transform your thoughts, not that of man, but of another dimension, 1 and 1 equals 2, an easy task, but not so in dimensions. Follow your abilities as best you can. A mathematician will come to figure out the secrets as given. Lets just add a little more interest this evening as we gather the thoughts of those of interest in your world. The spectres of light have been seen, mmmm, in many places around your world, they send out their beacons of light to the heavens, they are of reference points, they are figured out by maps provided, they are star signs on the floors of your fields. They communicate by means of which you’ll not have been told. Their connection with us is a tentative one as they seek to know our intentions upon what they perceive as their earth. We cannot underestimate them, for their potential of violence is great, we only come in peace to seek the will of man to bring it together once more within the light provided by heaven. But mans attitude and ignorance overrules his sensibilities …. huh, what sort of race are you, that cannot see the potential of the welcome arms of our beings? We know much more than you know, we watch your everyday events with concern as it escalates out of control upon the continents of your world.

Your races ,they muster together to mass in the streets to demand justice to those black people who feel unjustly accused of crimes and the innocents that were shot. There will be no respite from this, as a massacre will occur in a place little known by many of the world. For their hearts will be torn out in desperation as they seek to justify their actions in the sight of man, but not that of God. How can they possibly understand the meaning of life? Temperance and tolerance are paramount to men of violence, their minds are weak never forgiving those of weakness, for they dominate them in a way so as to gain a fear over them. Persecutions of the many will soon be apparent to the men of the world as they focus their attention in the south of France where so many live in secret. Universities are insecure for they harbour many of ill will.

Jasper Carrot, a man of humour, weak of mind, why do we mention this man, what is it to us what his performance is, for they were many. He is a star to many on stage and screen, carrying out his comic acts with bazaar movements. His master strokes illuminate the hearts of many as they watch his sadness inside, never understanding how he truly felt within his shell. For many of his stature harbour a secret need of love, their outlet allows them to express themselves, never really understanding why it is they feel so awkward. But in truth their minds are set on a course they do not understand, for their humour is wild, wicked, as they pick on those vulnerable souls who seem to amuse them. In truth it is them that are vulnerable, that are the weak minded. Strange such to talk about you may think, why mention a man who is a alive and not yet passed? We want to tell it straight, how many of your world think at this time. They have a great sadness within, not understanding their purpose or how to express their love to one another, for their needs are great for the forthcoming peace to be given. How on earth can they be part of this world, for they feel there is no love, no honour, nor pleasure in living. They congratulate those of achievement, deeply thinking jealous thoughts. But there is no need, for all men have an equal opportunity to bring about a peace of mind within his life.

Complicated messages are heard through the rhetoric of those well meaning souls, but they do not reach the heart of the problem of mans desire for peace. Tremendous amounts of will and courage will be required in a time when it reaches its optimum point. We recognise that many will fear the final reckoning. Their eyes are shut to the light of the Lord, so therefore, their fear grows as they see no simple way to reconcile their misused thoughts. Their patterns of life become complex, no matter that they don’t understand. Truly we need your thoughts to bear witness to our frustration, that we as the angels of the light are unable to reach those minds. A conclusion is required as we reach out our hands, grasp their hearts in a manner so gentle. We have never been so truly underestimated within the lives of man, for his teachings are being misguided, misunderstood by many of your world. Whosoever calls out His name shall hear the truth of His words. Practice your thoughts and prayers on a daily basis, together, together, the angels of light to bring focus upon your world in a measure of peace and love.

Archangel Gabriel, he once was a man, he lived a life among your peoples, he never wrote of any experiences and you will be unaware of any existence. We all live to experience that of life, so we truly understand your purpose, not just of man, but of life in general, for it is truly complicated. For the practices and ways of man are unfocused to that of the Lord, bring this light of truth to those in your circles my son, reach out your hands, extend you love and thoughts to Him on high to enter your lives to bring you peace and comfort in the knowledge that all who worship the Lord will be of the Lord. Commencement of our understanding will begin, but in the meantime never let go your faith and the promise that you made to the Lord, that you made so long ago before your birth.

Commodus, a man of distinction … hmm …. really needs to learn to some manners, but we admire his progress, he wishes to speak once more on your path of light as he can see a man of singular purpose. For he once fought in the ring many eons ago, without a thought for others lives, for his battles were great and many and the people loved him for his courage, but they seldom believed in him. For his words were harsh to those who would oppose him, in the senate they cowered as he spoke his rhetoric, demanding that the people love him. You do not gain respect by demands. He wishes to say how sorry he is for that stupidity he brought upon his people. He wishes to say it aloud, without his apparel, sit back and listen awhile, be not ignorant of the peoples demands, listen with an ear of sympathy for their love is gained in a manner. That you should discipline is not necessary in a world of love, for each know their place and part to play. Retrospectively he wishes to commence grand words of wisdom and joy to those of woe who hide their books of knowledge, be that of peace, bring out those books tell the people of the changes they’re in, do not hide the thoughts of the Lord within your chambers, for they are for all to read and abide by. Their content is of the truth, not of the wicked. Father Demetrius, he guards the many scriptures therein, he works day and night, deciphering, understanding their meaning. He relays the information to his master who denounces them as works of another author. Pope John Paul II, he knew of the scriptures, he now sits with us, in sheer delight to see a man once more in the seat of power of Rome who will listen to the people and not be afraid of the rhetoric of those who demand him to be quiet. He is a man of peace, he has the power to change the world at his feet. To call for a blessing from the Lord to those people who follow that sect, be not afraid of him, for he is a man of distinction, a worthy man to sit on that seat of power in Rome, where once stood the palaces.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

We will announce shortly our being to those of the world, we will accompany their thoughts in ways they do not understand. The right to know movements towards a new beginning, but we need co operation and temperance from them. Your will is strong to follow the word of the Lord and so it is right and fitting that we tell you of these things to come as they pass beyond your vision. We seek out no favours as we circulate your earth in our starships of gold, but we do ask an audience of man to hear these words of our wisdom and intent to bring about a peace upon your planet. Our relationship goes unseen by mans eyes for they are terrified with stories of men who seek their purpose in their wicked lives. We are not evil we have been many times to your planet, seen and unseen and we bear witness to the fact that our world was once as yours, full of life but now extinct, for our ill practices were as yours, to gain precious metals, substances of that of our world. Our resources ran dry, we were doomed to a life of darkness, but we acquired a sense of being, knowing of our role we forecast a similar circumstance to your people should they not turn back from their ways, for doom awaits every man who do not honour in their lives to see the world about them and how it diminishes in energy.

Saturn’s influence upon your world grows strong in the forthcoming years this energy will transmit waves that will bounce within your atmosphere. You will not understand these measurements, readings that are given, for they are transmitted on a frequency only known to us. You think this strange, but know our minds, for we have purpose in the things we tell you. Saturn is too far away to influence your world you may think, but do you know? What do you really know of the world you live on? You can’t even understand the destruction that is being carried out in the name of man, so how is it possible for you to understand the forces of nature that work around the universe?

Tested your thoughts, your memories, today’s bygone, careless whispers, walls have ears, wise words indeed. Your thoughts are betrayed by your actions and your deeds on your world. Too many times we have witnessed condemnations of those of the coloured race. Bring back slavery we hear, for we are the masters of this world. Now you can understand that there is only one way set upon your world and that is of spirit, good and bad, it’s your choice, take it or leave it. There are many colours in the spectrum of life, but it is their energy in their heart and soul that are equal, their outward appearance is insignificant. Your arrogance disbelieves this in your world of men, but the truth remains so, it is all meant, not your brother, for he is a man and a woman as you. Bring in an understanding of peace between your peoples and a mix of pleasures to interface your nations of plenty with those of meagre means, for unless you do there will be a bitter end, in a bitter battle for world domination. People will cry out in shameless acts committed, for unless you band together in your hearts and souls and bring about a peace, then the forecast is gloomy. The colours of the grey will emerge if your favour is lost for they lay in wait for the time when it is appropriate for them to seek a purpose upon your earth. We would not permit such a thing, but it is your choice to make, ie that of the spectrum of colours or that of the grey and dark, it is your choice my friends. Sing out your hearts in praise of him the Lord and give thanks for the special positions you have been placed in. Amen.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Too many of today’s youth are undisciplined, ill mannered, outspoken, not respecting those of authority. For they have become accustomed to their wants and needs being filled and met by their parents. What a shame, a wasted generation for they are the future of your world and it is your responsibility as given by God to lead them on a path of light and away from the influences of the dark. Many are lost to the mindless games played on the screens, their thoughts turn to violence as it becomes normal in their world. It is so sad to see the demise of man, but it can be rescued if you open your eyes to the prospects of the future these games will bring. Denounce them as being intolerable for they will darken the minds of the many in your world. We cannot express our emotions of the loss of these young people. The will and trust needs to be regained by the youth who have seen the path of life for they are the only ones to reach them.

Your connectivity to us is outstanding for a man of the earth, we wish to speak our words of comfort to the men and women, children of the earth, be not afraid of that which comes, for he is a focus upon life to bring happiness and joy to all who will turn to Him. Commence your work of love with our blessing to bring a purpose and need to the men and women of the earth who will listen to your words from the Arcturians in the purpose of the light.

I was once a man who gave all to the master in my belief in his words, this promise to us of life ever after is spoken in truth as we lay our plan.

The church of today denounces the souls who have not turned to him, but that is their task to reach out and bring balance to all. We cannot express our love enough to those of the light, but it is your responsibility to bring a need to the world. Ask yourselves, ‘What is my real purpose in the work that I do, is it for myself or for those who need to be escorted through the valleys of sin?’ We will not reach all but your words will enlighten and inspire where there is a heart and a will to bring light. Cast out your doubts for you inspire the many, the trio of light will grow in their purpose.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Rays of light that shine a pattern upon your earth will be measured in degrees, the angles of which create patterns upon your earth. It is necessary to focus your attention on the patterns as they sparkle in the morning light. Complete your studies. We will announce shortly our prime motive. Who are we? It is unimportant for you to know at this time, concern yourselves only with the welfare of man.

We will issue instructions shortly to those who will listen upon your earth with a measure of love and honesty. Transmit your thoughts in worship and prayer, truth and honesty in your everyday lives. Mmm, blossom your hearts in the white fragrance. It will inspire you and you will commence their journeys upon the light for they will see the need in their hearts for love and joy. We need not tell you of our commitment to those who work with a special purpose. The flagships will be seen in the night sky in the half moons of August, displaying our aspects to the many. (NOTE: Half moons are 10th/11th and 24th/25th August) We cannot continue hiding in the shadows of your clouds, for we have a purpose of love to bring, joy and happiness, our influence upon your world will be spectacular. Be not afraid we are a species, alien to the eyes of you, we are not a member of the human race but we are a species of life as you. Triumph will only be achieved by those who have sight of vision and a want of salvation. Our technologies are great, you see the tripads, you see the triangle of the pyramid in your minds eye, in truth it should be six sided as opposed to four. The pentagram is a measure by which your minds will reach a satisfactory conclusion to your efforts in the field.

Narrowly you have missed the point of focus, the stone in the grass is just a gift, measure its weight and bring a balance to the calculations that are given in the field, for its true purpose is to enlighten you of a response by us. Triumph will be achieved. (NOTE: Our channel asked for a gift of some sort to be left in the crop circle.  We went to visit it and in the exact centre of the circle was a stone which was different to others found in the field. He has measured its weight as instructed – 9.5g, that is virtually 3 x pi, i.e. 3 x 3.142 = 9.426, they are trying to draw our attention to the calculations made in this crop circle! Dr Horace Drew has also been working on this, using information from our messages and he feels that pi has possibly been encoded in the geometry of this particular crop circle at Stonehenge, produced on 7th July – work on it continues!)


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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