24-07-16 Winston Churchill, Stonehenge etc

24th July 2016

The mists of time gather in the forests of the world as we tonight respectfully draw your attention to the many horrors in your world.

Destruction of rain forests is a trigger to set the emotions of man into a frenzy.

Let us come before you this evening and immerse you in the words of love and wisdom. No harm shall come as we operate through your mind in a manner. You have need of love and compassion in this world at this time with mass hysteria and confusion. Nothing can be further from the truth than to say, this world is in dire need of our Masters love. Tumultuous welcomes, should be greeted with respect by him on high, welcome his love and his purpose, open your arms and greet him in a passion of love.

The enormity of the tasks before you will be immense within your world of man, truly you feel us, do not obstruct us, allow us to speak in a manner of wisdom that should be heard by all upon this earth, this planet. We are not a master race, nor do we enslave, but we give hope for a relief from the pressures of this life to those with a hunger and lust of need of love.

A burden will be placed upon the three to bring messages to those men who have need of focus, never let go your emotions as we attempt to communicate to the masses of the world.

Mount Vesuvius erupts with an explosion and fire that will be seen for miles in all directions, your earth rumbles with discontent as the fractures within its crust expose the core of molten liquid. Why do you mess with the planet that bears your lives, why tamper with things that are not necessary? For the energy you require can be tapped from source without measures or need of destruction. Your men of science are aware of such methods, but are stifled by those in the grey suits, they do not welcome such changes, for what profit is there in this. Renewable source of energy can be found in the atmosphere of your world, all you need to tap into it is an aspect of love for mother Earth.

She binds your organisms with the temperance that only a mother can give, but as all mothers of the earth so much can only be taken at one time. She must punish those of reckless behaviour and their subjects for their want and need of the earth’s resources. Too many times we have spoken upon this subject to enlighten you to the dangers that you pose to your own atmosphere. You recklessly continue your journey to your doom. Many of you will not be aware that those of greed and the tasks they set before you are for their own personal gain, to establish, promote their business. But their business rests upon the fate of the entire world. Their ignorance is astounding as they laugh off threats from those of the environment, for they ignore the warnings given by those who matter upon your earth.

Tranquility will be gone in the near future as a rocket explodes upon the pad. A Mars mission will be announced as a failure. Your pathetic attempts to create a diversion to, hmmmm, desecrate the world will become obvious to those of science, they know such things, events are not wise in decision. We will not tamper with the evidence, for it stands out as a beacon of light that shines in the night sky. They will be embarrassed by their failure, much money is spent upon this mission, Apollo is its name, as it respects, reflects those ships of old. (NOTE: There are planned missions, but no name of Apollo has cropped up yet – manned missions in particular are still many years into the future)

Target your emotions as we draw ever closer to our being, allow us to interface with those who have worked within the fields of your politicians. The involvement of them is vital to uphold the law of the universe of the nations. He questions your judgement as he watches your words in his chambers upon high, but he knows that you are enlightened by many wise words and the truths therein. We cannot account for his judgement at this time for his policies override his personal ambitions, but before him soon will be an array of evidence that he wishes to see.

Complete your work my son in a manner respectful to those of the earth, to the eyes of spirit. We have no recollection of the time when many of earths inhabitants wreaked havoc in your world, they were before us in vast colonies upon your earth, deeply resentful of any life form that emerged, for they brutalised their enemies in ways unseen. Their hardships became evident as the walls crumbled before them, they no longer exist, their evidence lies deep within the earth. Your planet hides many secrets from those of the present day.

It is not beyond your capabilities of presenting your masters with evidence of our arrival, you must acquire a liaison who will admit that there are such beings as E.T. For he knows the truth of the matter, he has dealt many times in the past as a reckoning for his committal. Alas he knows nothing more of us than is necessary, for he remained at bay, not ready to release the information held within to the men of the world. The time is not right for us to become familiar with man, but we watch and we wait, acting on those who receive our signals, messages of love.

Your purpose is to deliver the many signals we send. Relax your mind be prepared for a jolt as we enter your thoughts and mind, humm, now we see you, feel our form, you see our shape and feel our thoughts as we whisper in your ear to the audience with who we speak. Your deliverance is nigh from the evil clutches of those who would torment the living, but know this, that it takes two to tango, so you must play your part in this reckoning to the men of violence, deny them their negative responses within your media, for you feed their thoughts and betray your secrets. Their lashing of your planet is a merciless, relentless, unnecessary thing. We will not tolerate the ignorance of those who do not follow their leader, they will betray many in positions of leadership as they begin to understand that theirs is a life of peril and misjudgment before the Lord on high. Their sorrows, their fears, pain and anger will relinquish their deeds in explosive ways, for they cannot hide behind the bricks of a nation with a temperament of injustice. Who will be to say that man is not worthy of justice, for are we all not a part of that of the Lord?

Many years ago we were able to see mass hysteria upon your earth as we entered your atmosphere, demons they called us, those from the East. For indeed we were strange beings to those of that time, demons not, for we were of love, they played out their minuscule roles believing that we were gods. We accepted their invitation to rule across their nations, we delivered any evil of their punishments. We do not intend to invade that of your world with malice, for we uphold the honour of our father in heaven and truly we bring the light. Your people of today are more knowledgeable and wise in their beliefs, but the one true God is not favoured. Why have you forgotten your promise to him, to love and cherish the brotherhood of man? We will guide your aspects of love through these words should you take heed of them. Know that yours will be a path of light in the forest of dark, green of Eden.

Ah the Henge, stones of blue, the circles of great stone, cosmic wonder it is to be said. Their reasoning behind their existence is flawed, a place of praise, worship in sacrifice, nay, it is the star sign that relates to many that are given within the regions at this time. Your circle has been measured with an outlook of anticipation. We can assure you, a figure will be reached that will illuminate your minds with fear and love. The cosmic energies race towards your earth at phenomenal speeds. We require you to calculate the distance between mother Earth and Jupiter, triangulate this with the nation of love (NOTE: Arcturia?) which lies beyond your solar system. That will equate to a figure that will be common to those in the field of physics, our mathematics an abbreviation will be this: E Versus = Starsign G, 20° North by Northwest, elevation 6°North by North East. Our figures will complete your tasks. Common sense will prevail as we disclose our position in the night sky. (NOTE: Regarding the starsign at the time of the construction of Stonehenge, we wonder if it could have been Leo, as ‘the lion’ has occurred in another crop formation and this channelled message would also seem appropriate to that: The Lions Gate 2016  Are there any mathematicians out there who can help?)

You must not ignore our thoughts and wisdom as it is for the benefit of your race.

A time Capsule is held within your earth at the coordinates given. You must proceed to a position of North by Northwest in order to exhume a vast amount of crystalline structures. North Africa is a place where such materials lay in the stone. We cannot emphasise enough our need for your abilities to bring about a conclusion of peace in your world. (NOTE: We were given co-ordinates in Africa before, these are just thoughts – could they possibly be speaking of a cave or are we continuing on the theme of Leo and talking of something beneath the Sphinx? It has long been said that the Hall of Records is beneath the Sphinx and information can be stored in crystalline form.)

Hmmm, hmmm, Confused your words indeed, the passing of instructions remains a mystery to you. Solve it you will, it’s a matter of time,

We are convinced that your nation is not ready for our bringing of tolerance to its people. Your authorities involve themselves in vast amounts of disapproval from others of a nearby continent. How can you reconcile your differences whilst trying to solve the riddles of the world? Your purpose as a people is to live free, free from radicalisation from murder and insidious intent.

We are here to gather the lives and souls of those who would listen to a few words of praise from him on high with a measure of love to the people of your nation. Why do you not see the purpose in your lives? It is to love one another in truth and honesty. I am in bewilderment that your nation has become so disillusioned from the church, yours was once a nation of great belief, sadly that has declined. As the dark cloud reaches over the skies of Britain you must empower your minds with thoughts of loving guidance from him above to enable your wills to ride out the storm. It is a matter vital, nay imperative, commands that you must follow from that of the Lord, for he is the father of the heavens and earth on which you breed and event your lives. Your temperament is short, but know this, love can be found in the darkest of places and as it reflects the light so it will vanquish the dark. Your tolerance is needed to bring those to boot who do not follow the rules of the light, show them your love, your loyalty to him on high. Let there be Love and Light in your lives staying forevermore. Amen.

– – – – – – – – – –

Truly wise words from a humble servant of the Lord but we must emphasise the fact that we too follow that of the Lord. To us your nations upon earth are mere insects, a strange term you think but not a deliberate insult, just a term. We cannot allow your thoughts to turn to disillusionment, we trust in your mannerisms, your faith, our words worry you unnecessarily, be at ease with your thoughts as we embellish them with our minds. Staggered you are of the results given thus far, let us embrace the love, so that we may respond in kind. Trust in us to bring peace to your nations, we are the Arcturians, a noble species of one that rules your thoughts. Now let go your feelings of love or despair for they work hand-in-hand to bring balance to your life.

We have a message, Sandra she wishes to convey the deepest thoughts of sympathy at this time to those who have lost loved ones in the outrageous bombings upon your earth. Faith and trust is needed in these dark times. Many suffer ill from those of the dark, but theirs is of the light that will shine brightly in the heavens above. (Note: i.e. those lost are now of the light) You will not find Sandra in your books for she exists with us.

Doubtless you will feel interaction, mind meld, be not afraid, for glories will come to he who seeks to light in the kingdom of heaven, so says the father our Lord. You have asked many times for an audience of those on high so that we may bring it a measure of trust. We have many ways at our disposal to enlighten your people of our response to their questions. Sandra is but one, you’ll not recognise her being, but she knows of his love and the tragic circumstances which bought him to a bitter end. His need was great of love, as his mind diminished with thoughts of persecution and bitterness, he never thought such things were possible in his life for he needed an explanation as to why it is that he suffered so. In truth his mind deluded him of the purpose and meaning of his existence, he shelters with us with a need and purpose of love. Forgiveness, why do we speak of him at this time? His birth date 1995. He wishes to say to his mother it’s a purpose in life to wish her well on her journey, that he could not continue at her side for his love was great of her and his family. Being reckless was part of his life , he knew the risks involved in such ventures. Frankly there are many of your world who do much the same, their bodies are fragile and need attention, the base is true and accurate, means nothing to you. Trust.

“Deliberately I faked a message of intent to mislead, so that my purpose will be met. Mama forgive me, but I rest now in peace and understanding of the life I was given for it was short but necessary, as all who live have lives of persecution, seemingly torturous at times but have a purpose, never give up your resolution of life, for it is your purpose to live and respond to your fellow man, bargain with no one, love is all you need. ”

¬- – – – – – – – – – –

Tributes paid this day to a man who lead his country, and many nations through fortunes of war, tributes were paid at his death by the masses who followed his leadership, his respect for others was great in his time. He cannot understand how it is that men of destruction are permitted shelter within the homes of Britain, for they are hidden in a masquerade of lives, waiting for the time, to the beat of the drum to call them into action.

(NOTE: On the following section of the recording, the tone of voice for Winston Churchill comes through very clearly, including his mannerisms of speech, extraordinary to listen to!)

” I was once a man of many desires and beliefs, I did not care for those who had responsibility, or authority. I was a man alone, compelled on purpose and task to follow my heart. For any hour of my need, my wisdom. My thoughts brought many to heel as we fought the Hun. How my gratitude goes to those of my family who sit on the seat of power. My gratitude goes out to them who gave life to those souls in persecution. We fought hard days indeed. I was a man of distinction who followed the rules of the lord, I was relentless as I crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s within Parliament. Benches, they found me obnoxious, but they learned to their bitter taste, I was a man with fortitude who would not heel to their demands. They fought me many times in the seats, in the corridors of power. I was there to demand justice for those of the weak, they did not see me as a leader of men, but as an upstart of the House of Commons. Hmmm, my persistence brought great results in those years torments, my favours, hmmm were met in kind hmm, for many of the earth. I relinquished no power, but stood firm as I watched the Hun increasingly torment those of the west and of the east. I need not tell you that I was a man of determination, of great esteem, I brought justice to the eyes of those who would enslave the peoples of the earth. Ha! They never met one like me before! They tried many times to extinguish my existence within this world, one attempt came close, but I was observant and I was a man who knew how to fight, and by God, did they receive a battle!

There are many secrets in Whitehall of the times when I had to muster many allies, it was an uphill battle for they could not see how we could resist such an onslaught, but I knew I knew that my purpose was to stand before them and demand justice for the injustices done to those of Germany. Frankfurt in particular held a seat of mass demonstration against him who would rule the world, they were extinguished, never seen again, hmmm the tyranny and torment was immense.

I am sad to see many of the world today have no backbone for the fight to come, you must realise that the powers to be have so little backbone hmmm Clement Attlee, ( Link to Further reading about Clement Attlee) he knew, he was spineless, ha but he never met me! Hmmm, but in secret we had talks, our missions, our failures, he was able to support me in many ways not seen by the nation of men., My purpose was not of greed but that of being British, standing up for my country with a fist of iron to beat upon those who would see us as slaves. That spirit exists in many today, as it needs to be unleashed by one man who is brave enough to take on the Houses of Parliament. Lord Attlee, he would agree, in his time he was weak. We watch now despondently, what hope have you hmmm, those Frenchies who turn their back on you, spite you in public. We mean no discrimination, for people are people, but you mustn’t ever let your side down. Muster your strengths, become one in unity and strength. You have begun a purpose upon which you must now deliver. Let the lion roar once more at the world of man, let that bulldog bark his commands to those of ignorance. Madam, show them the way of love and tolerance, not enslavement or bitterness. Thank you.

We spoke of Barbara Castle before and Margaret Thatcher, these are women of determination. Once more a woman leads your country, what has happened to man? Never in my day, mmmm, my Winnie, she knew her place within our house, but she had strength, she gave me strength in ways unimaginable, my love for her was immense. We are once more together, hmmm, overseeing not just our lives, but those of men. Have courage as I had courage against the Hun, bring about your purpose. ”

– – – – – – – – –

(NOTE: There is a long pause as the energy of Winston Churchill leaves and a very much more gentle voice comes through, as if in prayer, maybe angelic?)

The sparkle of life that shines in your eyes and sweet justice of the Lord that brings his mercies to those of temperance and tolerance in your world today. Heaven knows of those of dedication on a mission of love and grateful purpose for their being. We have never spoken before of the things of the past or those that are to come, but know our mind and wisdom, you are complicated systems, but you have need.

Graham wishes to ask for peace and tolerance of those of his loved ones. He passed in such tragic circumstances, his fears, his dismay, so much pressure. He is now of the light, singing the praises of the Lord and his mercies of him are great. An accolade of remembrance is given by those of his family at this time, he wishes to beckon their thoughts to his love and not his end, for he was a father, a gentle soul, so sensitive, never feeling secure. His mind was weak, he wishes to say sorry, never meaning to offend those who thought of him, of his love. He saw the sadness in your eyes as she wept by his bedside in the morn, his loss was your love. He is now filled with hope, for is misgivings have been forgiven. Your loss is great, “To mum I say this, treasured memories of the keep will be forever in my heart, you’ll never know of the love that I reigned within me, my temperament was short, but my heart was full of that of comfort and love of your being. Jesus turned to me and spoke with such tender words that I obeyed, as I opened my eyes on the other side of life, I could not help myself for the torment raged within me. I am now at peace, filled with love and hope, it is not necessary for me to give evidence as she will know, ‘Completely mad’ was an expression used, insanity runs in the family! hmmm, for I say this with humour not in jest of those in torment, for her love is great, hmmm, my mother kneels before me and worships the picture on the stand, she lights a candle upon the angel of love. The tears needn’t fall my dear, for I have witnessed great things on this side of life that have bought me joy and an understanding of my misgivings, but I watch over you, as I do my family, caressing their hair, holding her hand. The dogs, are they frightened? They see my being of light, they comfort you. I am pleased to see a renewed energy with aspects of love as you become aware of the purpose before you. Trust in him (the channel) as he gives you these messages with need of purpose, we have come to the end, but my mother, my Tortoise is with me, ha, hmmm, my, my love goes to you my family. Hold their hands in celebration of my life and a tender kiss upon their cheeks as they embrace your love as I once did. God bless, torment yourself no longer for am at rest in the heavenly light and beyond.

– – – – – – – – – –

(NOTE: The voice of the channel changes to a much stronger one for this final sentence)

Kevin, he is aware of my presence hmmm, he is a wise man, lean on him for his knowledge is great.


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