02-08-16 Diamond Lasers and Space Travel etc


Castles in the air, they stand proud and tall on the peaks of the Himalayas. Those people who worship there ask for life and strength with a purpose in their lives. We are the Knights of Templar and we bring news of the Lord of hosts. He does not neglect his flock as he watches upon high, upon the glaciers and the ridges of the mountains, He sees all of man’s misgivings, he cares not for those who would defeat his thoughts with their evil intent, they are of the dark. Their own laws of discontent are frequently heard throughout your world as they bring chaos and terror to your nations and cities. Their focus is upon a meaningful way to harm and bring indignation to those of the Christian community. Their basis in belief is misled by those of greed as they stand back and watch their purpose unfold.

Bring yourself to understand my son, that life holds many mysteries upon which you may ponder, but alas, those mysteries become realities, bringing death and destruction to those innocents of the cities upon your earth. We hear the cries for peace as they scream out our name. When will they understand they hold the key and the power to negotiate a position of peace. Your men of intolerance do not wish to bargain for peace, for they are men of destruction.

Arcturian’s are here for the purpose for you to negotiate your mind to the realms of spirit and those beyond your earth. They hover in the skies out of sight as they watch you scurry around. They poise their ships in a position of observation, not knowing the reception that will be granted to them. So they tentatively reach out, their fears in the minds of who watch the skies, in the earth beneath your feet (underground), we cannot comply with their demands as they seek a solution to bring us out into the open, to use our skills to assist in their malicious ways. We will not be tempted by such trinkets. She will encounter much opposition as she denies us our right to counsel.

Jerusalem is a capital city of the East that binds the Jewish community around your world. They will be hit by those of thoughtless acts to entice and beckon war. To join their ranks, they gloat at the possibilities that theirs will be the superior race of beings. We beg to differ, for their path is not righteous, it is unworthy of the Lord.

Tonight we will give you a lesson in mediumship to beckon those to your call as you write your words and accomplish the mathematics given. We are too strong for your mind, but we will feed you knowledge granted by us for the many of your world. Aliens you call us, indeed we are not of your earth, but we sacrifice ourselves to bring peace to yours. Knowledge is the key to wisdom.

A fracture in the minds of those who lead your nations will soon become apparent, as the courts rule that their actions and indignations are legal and they will face judgement by those of humanity for their course of action. They must be compliant with the laws of God to bring justice to those who bring terror upon your streets, we will not allow their actions to bring chaos.

Your mind is weak, clear your thoughts.

Diamonds have a quality far beyond your knowledge, we have mentioned once before of their clarity, the facets that they reflect, they hold an energy far beyond your abilities to understand. They are crystals of strength and durability, they hold the many keys to energy. Used in the laser construction to focus the beams of light, the points so fine, that they would blind the eyes of those of indiscretions. Their focus is upon the world beyond yours as they investigate the possibilities of travel using this laser light.( More Information Regarding Laser Space Travel ) For everything carries its vibration and is recognised within the universal law. Guilty minds know of their use to fracture particles within your cosmos, a chain reaction will occur if not negotiated with care. Nothing can be done, as this is out of your hands, but we will assist to arrest its power.

(Diamond Lasers at Cern: More Information regarding Lasers at Cern
British Version of Hadron Collider: More information
Strange clouds over Cern: Link to Strange Clouds over Cern)

Creations of the Earth are a gift from him, he seeks no reward for those things he gives, his purpose is of life, love and joy. We bring you news of many events that you should be aware of. Tributes are paid, flowers are laid at the feet of those who suffer injustice. Yellow Lily brings purpose to all that have sacrificed their souls in the pursuit of justice.

Creatures of the earth hear our voice as a whisper upon the winds. That is how our Lord knows that we have friendship in mind. You categorise us alien, in truth you are also an alien. Our minds meld as princes of love, to be bold and make those aware of our true existence. Blind your hearts of fear, never comprehending that it could be joy. We are strange to your eyes, but we have need of your love.


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