11-08-16 More Maths, Winston, Time etc


Know he is my friend. Once more we meet to bring the words of wisdom to the many upon your planet. Be not afraid as we draw near to your platform. Allow us to intercede with your mind and bring the messages for the many.

We are a nation of beings who practice worship of the Lord within our own boundaries of life. We have no negative aspects but positive affirmation that we come in peace, to proclaim our presence upon your earth, to assist in a manner respectful of the Lord. You have a purpose to fulfil to the many in your world, but be careful not to allow your status to overshadow your purpose my son, for we wish only to assist.

Complaints are heard about the matters and the failures within your world insisting, why? Are these people permitted the right to act in a manner of intolerance before the many nations? Their choice was made long ago to bring about an aspect of peace in their positions, alas, the wicked ways are now set in their minds and their purpose has changed. We cannot assist on your planet, as your nations change their values to that of dark. We need to reassure you that we will endeavour to incorporate messages of love that will shine out to those and bring them to a point of view that life has more to offer than the almighty dollar. Complete your mission as promised before time. Allow your mind a focus, for the issues of the world cannot be solved in one clean sweep. There are many aspects that truly need to begin a practice compliant (amenable), tolerance.

Time and time again we have asked you not to interfere with her that brings life, she is your mother Earth and you torment her so in your practices of drilling. Your feeble minds put aside the obstacles presented by those of mother Earth who seek to protect your environmental ways. We have great need of their purpose to find a path, a route by which man can tread within the boundaries of light. Look at your mother as she weeps, for your earth is a living being.

How do you perceive your world my son? Do you see it as a ball of light spinning through the cosmos, or do you see it as home and something to be cherished and nurtured? For it is unique amongst the planets of your universe, its make up comprises of many, many compounds and your atmosphere is becoming tarnished with the poisons that are kept within the surface. A tar like substance will ooze off the shores in a sequence of events to begin shortly. You will be astounded by the sheer complacency of those who run the ships, who allow the tar to seep from the barrels into the seas of life. Have you not learnt your lessons, do you not understand how the oceans and the life within affect your atmosphere? We really are astonished at the complete ignorance of those who value money over all living things, when will they stop to understand that yours is a short life and you leave as you arrived with nothing of the physical, but only love in your heart. If you lose that love before your time for the sake of money, then you will have nothing but a bleak future.

We regard many of your race as being intolerant to our species, we have communicated many times before with arcs of light situated within the heavens. They confirm our presence but deny our existence, how strange! They cannot see our purpose, we are the Arcturians who gather our forces to defeat those of the negative aspects, we do not intend to dominate your world, we merely wish to guide and nurture your planet to become a part of a vast cosmos and groups of beings that exist within it. An alliance of beings who sit in Council are astonished by your warlike ways, many times we have visited upon your earth, watching and waiting for a sequence of events that would be favourable for an appearance. You know our hearts and minds, you have no reason to fear us, for we may be of strange appearance, humanoid like but different.

Complete your tasks of illuminating the minds of those who study your words looking for answers within their lives. We cannot promise complete resolution to satisfy the many, but we do promise to be guardians of the Earth and if at any time we feel it necessary to defend her, then we will have no choice but to act in a measure of intolerance towards those who abuse her for the riches, for the wealth.

Your Commonwealth may see her. These people in their ivory towers practice their ways, they turn a blind eye to the masses of objections set against them. How is it they don’t hear their own people? They do not respond, they have no wish to respond. We cannot say with any certainty that our words would reach their ears, but they sit in interest watching, scanning the skies, they know of our existence and they watch us from behind the shadows. Glaring eyes feeling the need to ignore our attempts of communication. We focus our minds upon many of your earth, our various methods are seen upon your platforms of life. So many things we want to say to bring about a purpose of peace and love, but how do you communicate with those who do not want to see or hear, for they fear their position will be threatened. Surely advancement is the natural way.

To bring about a manner of peace for them, reach out your words, we are the Lords of the sky who once ruled your world with a strength and attitude unbecoming that of the Lord. We have evolved through many eons and terminated our ways of savagery. Do not fear us, we wish to cause no alarm or to cause offence, but we see your world as primitive. Surely you must wish to proceed upon a path of wisdom and knowledge, rather that of a path that is bloodstained. Your peacemakers they are two-faced, they speak in a manner unfitting of their position, they cover up many things within your world to deny your eyes and ears the truth of what they know. They fear your response will be of intolerance should you know the truth, but my children, how does a child learn if you do not show them the way, and speak honestly of the things to be?

We are the masters of the universe we come this evening to enjoy on the beings of your planet. We will not intrude unnecessarily within your lives, happiness can be gained by a common love. Rejoice as the solar system begins the journey of light. We have never mentioned this before but truly your tasks are immense, with fortitude, strength and light, you must consider your options. Does a man desire peace or would he rather war until annihilation? We cannot tolerate those of ignorance, but understand this, we will not be held back by your modern weapons of war. We have come to fulfil a promise made long ago, to bring peace upon your earth, to enable your civilisation to advance to the next stage of existence. You hold yourselves back, denying yourselves the promise of a future. Soon will come a time of understanding and realisation that your masters are deceitful and do not wish to relinquish their power on the masses. Their imagery blinds you to their true intentions. They have no compassion, no tolerance for weak minded, you are a nation who have bred men of intolerance. We recognise the symptoms of the sickness within your world as you squander your lives in pursuit of the meagre things of life. How can you understand the true purpose of life lies within your heart and your soul? Compassion is needed to resolve an intrusion into your lives that will result in minor clashes with that of other nations. We once more bring forward a friend who will speak. His name is well known to you and to your nation, help him.

– – – – – – – – –

(NOTE: The voice and manner of Winston can clearly be heard in the recording over the next four paragraphs)

Once more unto the breach, I am Winston who has spoken before. Messages of doom and gloom cloud your mind. Wish I was there to assist, ah, I was given hell! All those promises made at the end of the war to unite the world in the new United Nations. We plan such wondrous things in the hope that war would not rear its ugly head once more, but once more our nations are slipping towards the inexorable, final, driven.

Winnie and I are a astounded that our nation has not learnt to love, learnt to live in peace and harmony with tolerance. I was in the Tory party, not a popular party, but nonetheless we see the country through tumultuous times. We raised the banner of love as we formed a united stance against those of intolerance who would wreak havoc in the world. Their purpose is lost, their fundamentals have been put to one side as the nations use them for the purpose not intended. Ahh, despairingly we watch as our countrymen become intolerant of the nations around them, allowing negative forces through the back doors. They stand by and watch and scream “Equal opportunities for all!” You have become an open island and like an open wound, this will fester.

Mmm, a beautiful dream to see a world shared by all with love and tolerance, no hatred, no despicable wars. We cannot understand why it is that the peoples of the nation of Britain have not learnt, my children you play with fire not understanding the pain that will be brought upon you.

Not all is lost, for there is one who will come soon in a manner respectful of me, he will not be welcomed, but he sees and knows the values of Britain as a nation, as a lion. Once more we must come to the rescue of those Europeans who sit in turmoil wondering what the hell to do! Sorry for the language, but it is needed. Mmm, complications will occur within the talks surrounding your freedom, they will not relinquish or allow you to terminate your alliance, they will batter you with much indignity calling upon your nation to pay an outrageous fee, for they know the strength and unity that Britain would bring. Mmm, once more you must batten down the hatches for the onslaught to come, be a leader of your nation with your words to bring a focus upon those in power, who may or may not understand the ways to keep Britain safe. Complemented you are by those around you who assist and help, for they are your backbone. The many to understand the need for peace. Mm, enough we will leave now, but contemplate your options in the final stand off. Countless sheep you are, not really knowing which way to turn.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

We hear your call, it is not easy to bring wisdom in light to those who will not listen, but you have purpose and your thoughts are true. We are sad that our messages alarm you so, but we speak the truth that others will not tell. You ask for wisdom, for words of praise, rewards are given only to those who deserve the reward. Many of your people do not ask for the position they find themselves in, they reflect themselves within the light hoping that a meaningful end will turn the tide and bring solidarity to the nations of the world.

The bear, he walks tall. His paws are huge as he stands poised ready to defend his right to exist. There are many of your world who live in fear at this time, quite so, as there is much to fear. Your solidarity to your loved ones is all that you have, hold them close to your heart’s. Create a circle of light and love within your families to extinguish the dark as they endeavour to interfere in your lives of peace. Never be in doubt that love overrides all, we will vanquish the dark but you must hold strong, never break the circle of light. Strength is in your bond, peace will reunite the world. It seems like an illusion to you, maybe one day man will learn to live with each other in harmony, in a cooperative manner, to share with each other the knowledge and bounties. All too often we see so many poor, unseen and hidden behind your city walls, they are there to be seen, just open your eyes and look closer to what is plain to be seen. We have constantly embarked upon a mission of love within your world, sending disciples to assist in many ways and practices. Comparatively your species you must evolve.

Flowers in the Attic. Such wondrous things to be seen in the magnificence of heaven. Your minds are deluded by life, for a purpose, for a reason far beyond your comprehension as you live your lives, but deep inside you look to your heart for contentment, never understanding that your lives are given so that you know you are the students of life. We cannot say how many it will take to bring pressure to bear upon those who dictate to you, but rest assured peace will come at a cost. Your journeys will be far and wide to help those to an understanding of the wisdom of the words spoken before you. We have numerous ways of interceding with your lives to bring about our purpose to shine the light of the Lord within the hearts of many of your nations.

Contemporary thoughts would have an attitude of ignorance as they despise those who would shine a light within the dark. You must have strength of mind and character to overcome the burdens that will be set upon you, for there will be many who would scorn you, a liar, a lunatic. Hmm but they too, at the end of their days will understand the purpose of your being and what you have tried to enlighten them with. Their eyes will be opened to a world of beauty in which they must with relinquish their ways, their passions, their wants and needs, for they will be no more than they were. Constantly we hear prayers for assistance, we answer a few, but the many is for self, you cannot gain by prayer for the physical. Prayers are thoughts for love and caring, not the use of meagre things of life. We strive constantly to bring minds into focus of his being, but your dark world is hard to intercede with. Nevertheless, there is a growing number of you who have seen the light and are beginning to illuminate your dark world, and purpose is growing within many nations to vanquish those of war, to bring peace and love and happy home to live, for they are tired of the want and greed of those of the Western world.

What would it take for democracy among men? That is a question of epic proportions. It will take time for the balance to shift from the dark to light. One will come in the fall of man to guide the hand of those who wish peace and serenity and life upon your planet. She has a purpose, need of your love and many will survive. Some will not relinquish their ways, but they must terminate their thoughts of dominance. A clean sweep is required to wash away the ignorance, extreme measures you think, but how else would you clean the mess.

We are beings of the light and we are happy to announce that your words will spread far and wide. Philosophy is asked for, your own philosophy is of peace and love what more would you have us say? Don’t let them help themselves to your words to the negative, yours is of light, carry on with your purpose my son. You have been contacted by many other beings, for you it is strange, have no fear, for they have come full circle and will attend your needs in the coming years to shine the light to those of a negative practice. You will not change the world my son, but your words will linger in the years to come and remind those of the love of the Lord and they will say, “How was it that this man was not able to bring peace and love?” for truly you make a difference, have faith that even if you change one mind that is worth a million.

We feel your pain, your body is tired. Refresh your thoughts with love and a promise that an end will come to all of us, our true beings will illuminate your lives in ways not imaginable at this time. The olive branch has been given to your men of authority. They read the circles and have come to a conclusion they are false. Hah, they do not wish to see what they know to be true, our communications are seen and you have formed an alliance. Combined purposes bring strength in knowledge.

Dorothy has a purpose within your world my son, you will meet her shortly on the platform of life. She will adopt an attitude of tolerance to your words, bringing them to a meaningful conclusion.

I am James, the keeper of souls who once more speaks to you of love and light, to allow you to understand that we have purpose for those who shine the light in life. Your purpose reaches many minds in ways you do not understand, they are drawn by aspects of their writings. This is good, I have been your constant companion but it is time to relinquish to a higher purpose, your need is great, revelations will come before the dawn of a new day to allow your purpose to grow in aspects of love my son. Be not afraid of she who comes before the world, for she is of love and light.

– – – – – – – –

(Another new voice comes in -it sounds very old, very frail)

We are the fathers of time we follow a path of life unseen, faith and trust is required. James he assists us on your burdens. Have faith and trust. With honesty we intercede in your lives of love, we are the fathers of your being.

– – – – – – – – – –

Truly his name is been spoken you must obey the law of the Lord to bring about a practice of light and love. Hmmm, combat your fears allow us an audience, we will assist in whatever way is possible, continue your journey with focus. Our need of you is great at this time to bring focus to the many, your concerns of him are unfounded, he has purpose in the circles on the ground. Combine your aspects, for will bring many to focus on the messages given. Truly your names will ring out. Time, questions you ask are many, not afraid, speaking, your minds are many. I will join you shortly, before the circles of light.

Time travellers we are, we travel vast distances through thought of mind, not of the physical. Your minds are young and able to withstand the wisdom, the knowledge. Like child you look at it, play with it, not truly understanding its purpose. Einstein once said “That a man’s prerogative was his ability to change his mind, his will.” His calculations led many to believe that physics was a way to unite man. He truly was a spiritual person with much knowledge, but he failed to bridge the gap between humanity and that of spirit. His theory of relativity was correct in many ways, but only in a singular fashion, a phase. His mind did not comprehend another way of time travel. It is not necessary to think of travel within the physical, you know yourself as you hear these words in your mind, you know you call them telepathy, we transmit our thoughts and you are the receiver. You have the ability to reply in kind, to travel the universe in a way unimaginable by those of your science. Why have telescopes when you have a mind of focus? Why have vehicles when you can travel the stars in your dreams? Forget the physical dimensions of your world, cast an eye to the impossibilities becoming possible with focus of mind you will get clarity of all situations of life and its beginnings. Whispers of love are given as you compel your mind to the tragedies of the world. Focus your thoughts to become one with the universe of love. He calls to you in ways you cannot imagine, tells you things you need to know. Be brave my son, I am that of the master, I am your companion James, God bless.

– – – – – – – – –

The ticking of your clock beats out time, minute by minute, hour by hour, what a way to live! Free your mind of the aspects of life to that of spirit where there is no time, no relentless tick–tock. Freedom of the mind and servitude in peace and love of the Lord. Only time carries the burden of life. Pointless views of the many continue to be a burden upon you, theirs is of no consequence. Truly you must become purposeful in your life, tick-tock, the clocks ring out your short lives. Be free of the purpose in mind of spirit, do not be shackled by the mechanisms of man, allow your mind to be free to travel the universe and speculate upon possibilities so profound that your desires, whims for life will fall away as the seconds fall, giving time to minutes, as the minutes fall within the hour. Time is limitless and not measured by beats of your devices. Open your minds and arms to the possibilities that exist from the release of your mind. Your energies shine out like beacons of light, how bright they are, you must follow your path as given by Him on high, when release comes you will know of what I speak.

– – – – – – – – – –

Four becomes four, you ask of the number 13, why it was given so randomly. Numbers represent many things beyond your understanding. Ready, 4×4×4 will bring you to a number to assist in calculations, to be expressed in a triangle, a matrix of life will assist to bring purpose. Embark upon a journey of turbulence as you begin to understand that numbers are a sequence to events to come. Be not afraid we mean no harm, four times four times four reoccurring.

(NOTE:  After a conversation with a superb friend who follows this blog site, he has presented us with some very interesting food for thought.  13 = Metatrons Cube which is composed of 13 spheres held together by lines from the midpoint of each sphere.  It is also representative of 13 Archangels and 13 Sacred Keys of Creation.  More information on this link: 13 and Metatrons Cube   – Also regarding 4x4x4 it could possibly be linked to DNA, the building blocks of life, see this site for more information: DNA and Binary Code )

P x 4 × 4 × 4 this represents a value equal to that of Q divide by M squared. Tasks to be given, you must equal. In your minds you understand the terminology of our words, we are not ready to give our final analysis. Be strong, tokens of love to be given, time is of no consequence, time is an illusion of the mind. Fractions occur many times in your world, they will accumulate to affect the many. Be strong and brave.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

2 thoughts on “11-08-16 More Maths, Winston, Time etc”

  1. More information emailed to us today:

    I Have been having a play with the planet alignments on my software, Probably nothing there but may be useful to have the information.

    The Jupiter, Venus, Mercury right angle triangle happens just as Jupiter crosses the meridian due North at 02:44:25 BST on the 22-08-16. I trigged it out to be within .004 of a degree.

    At 01:37:19 BST on the same night the was an isosceles triangle formed between Saturn, Mars & Star Graffias.

    The other Jupiter, Venus, Mercury triangle on the 23-08-16 at 18:19:57 UT also happens as Mars crosses the meridian due South.

    This triangle not only points to Virgo but also Arcturus.


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