21-08-16 Saturn, The Moon, NASA, More Maths etc

21st August 2016

(NOTE:  EVP’s have been left in this transcript – electronic voice phenomena or words heard on the recording that we not actually spoken)

Curtains are raised as the ancestors allow their meaning to become clear with focus in the world today.

The cosmos, the stars shine brightly as beacons of light that beckon the curiosity of man, to bring forth his machines of fire. Why does he not understand, he persecutes Earth in many ways beyond his understanding. Tremendous amounts of courage are required with fortitude as we the Arcturians announce our arrival within the dawn of a new day. Common practices of misunderstanding will be of no consequence.

Tonight we would like to speak to those members of the earth who would hear our words with compassion and understanding. Allow your minds not in fear, but to be aware that our species is not uncommon to man. We have come this evening to prepare you for the way of the new era. As time grows short, be prepared to withstand a negative response from those of your earth who do not welcome change, for it depletes their power over the multitudes. Their wisdom will become unwise as they attempt to defeat our purpose in the name of God. But we are here in God’s light to bring change to your planet of plenty. Who are we to say that your lives are nothing, for your souls bear witness to many terrible things upon the surface of your planet. We have contributed before to bring man to his knees, an understanding that we will not permit his unsocial rivalry to continue, for man was not intended to beat upon man, but to bring a sphere of learning within your world. Money is of no consequence, power is held by those men of means who lust for the gold of your world. Let them know your voice and become clear that we are here to bring about change to your world, so that the many may benefit from the resources that are held by those men who will not listen.

We have targeted your emotions many times my son, to bring about your purpose in a joyous glory of the light of the Lord. How can we continue to bring a practice of love to those who will not heed the words. Your love is immense for your fellow man, you have learnt the lessons of past lives which have been many of sorrow, pain and misery. But all who are in the aspects of light must face their challenges to carve out and bring their purpose to the fore. This is not all about you my boy, but about those who need to understand their purpose is equally as high as yours. For they must open their hearts, open their eyes and minds and be frank with one another, with open arms and a welcoming greeting to their fellow man. We were formally of your planet and we associated with many of your species in the period of time before the coming of Christ. Know this, we know of many things, knowledge you do not possess, as fragments time fall away they are forgotten. Those lessons that were given have been misguided by others with untruths, they do not adhere to the good book. Such a shame to see the demise of man as he recklessly surges forward in the name of progress. For what progress is it you seek? That of the physical or that of love and caring for one another, as you are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. There is no segregation among men of the earth it is an illusion created by those of wealth and power so that their borders are secured to allow them to reign supreme.

Welcome James.

Greetings to you and your family, your family of love in the circle of light which shines. Valerie and Kevin have purpose to assist you a while longer. Their need of you is great as they stumble through the forests of life. Be not afraid of change, for all must progress. Conservatively we appreciate your valour in the words spoken, but now you must be issued with the purpose of love so that man may evolve into the beings, that was their purpose. I have to come to set before you a purpose, and need.

You watch our ships in the morning mist as they rise above the Serengeti. In a place called Africa where your humble beginnings and nature caused you to spread far and wide to share the earth with your brothers. But nations grew apart and man forgot his brother, as Cain and Abel forgot their relationship. You must master your men of light to issue change to the minds of those who would listen to the words of spirit. You control your minds thoughts with great difficulty and increase pursuance of perfection, but perfection can never be reached within the human aspect.

We have purpose for you, target your emotions to a centre point of the Earth. Illuminate the lives of the many as we provide illumination to the minds that matter. Concern yourself not with the trivial efforts of those of power as they try to ascertain their insistence over you. Trifle not with the men who would cause you pain. Your allegiance to God and spirit is commendable, but it will take sacrifice in many forms to ascend to a level of spirit that is beyond your reach at this time. Your path has come on, don’t give up now.

To all who hear these words, let me speak my mind this evening allowing you an insight into the purpose of the beings of light that surround your planet at this time. Be not afraid as we illuminate your skies in a thunderous roar echoing throughout your lands of the earth. Administrate your minds of purpose to allow us to speak. We have come, not as masters of a race but to rescue the minds and thoughts of the many, from the masters of the negative. You wrestle with your thoughts, declaring to us ” How can such beings be present and not noticed?” We wish not to be seen at this time, but will give gentle indications of our presence. They see as we raise our flags and they speak many times of what is to be done. There is nothing they can do but adjust our minds and our purpose to accept the inevitable as your world is not alone, but amongst many nations of planets. Allow us to intercede in your lives, bringing a better relationship between us and you, we speak not of war but of peaceful intentions to men of the earth. Combat your fears allow us your attention, for we bring many wondrous things to rescue your planet from the path it walks. Concern yourself not with our appearance as we are of a form unrecognisable to you. But in your Scriptures, and your manuscripts, we have been spoken of many times. You ask yourselves what form can be so hideous as not to be seen? Hmmm, we are, who we are. We ask not for your judgement, it will be difficult for your minds to cope with the difference, but we see the many who await our arrival. For the less fortunate of the world become trampled on. Strategically we are placed in a position beyond your Mercury, we await the signal of she who comes. Tirelessly we work to prepare the way for the many. Seasons will bring change, your August is upon you now. We will deliberately expose a ship to be seen in South Africa, as men and women become tragically involved in war by those of ignorance. We will show them that they must adhere to the ways of peace within their nation, for they stab themselves, to spite themselves. We cannot command you to obey our word but we do beg you to listen, with the reason within your minds that our arrival will be of purpose. A mountainous as agreed should be arranged in the summit agreed before the autumn as you gather your minds and thoughts with reason (NOTE: The first few words of this sentence are not perfectly clear, so they don’t quite make sense.) Turn to us to enlighten your tragic lives.

Too many times we are spoken of disasters and war upon your planet, they are seen as a negative in our speech, but be aware, it is for the reason to enlighten your minds to your aspects of hate. You must reach out your arms and greet those who come with a welcome. Their ships will be broad as they are narrow as they are brought into focus within the telescopes of your world. Their endeavours to cover up our intentions will fail, for the many will see ships of love that sail into the stormy waters of your world. Once more we speak metaphorically of many things beyond your understanding. We see some of you are beginning to see the reason, your light behind them, we congratulate you for your courage and words, in speaking out. His master’s voice has spoken many times in the past, but beware your thoughts don’t betray your mind. Allow the aspects of and light love to shine and know that we are of the light.

Truly your practice of meditation, brings many thoughts to bear upon those who read and watch your lines. We are gratified that their love reflects yours. For an open mind will accept the many forms of beings who will follow us. Tragically we cannot be assured of a warm reception by your men of hate who will fire their missiles in defence of what they see as their countries. Our flagships will assemble with meaningful purpose and we will gratefully receive the warm thoughts of those that welcomed the change.

Slumber tonight, for tomorrow will be seen as a new day.

Roger, a truly sensitive man, has seen us before you. His name will allow you to have focus on your lives.

We have seen many come before you with their words of regret and of their amusement. Don’t be harsh with them, but let them see the truth that emits on the pages of your words.

Bring to bear the sword of justice as we describe a feasible a mission of love amongst your men of the planet.

Truly remarkable your ability, to allow the greeting of the many. Focus your mind as that of an instrument of God, to bring joy to those who would listen to us of the light. Aspire to men of beauty, combat their fears in a mission of love.

Tonight, we are fortunate to have with us a great ambassador within your lives, for he brought many marvels, miraculous events. Be calm as we assist his arrival within your mind. Jacob a man of our own seed, Arabian by dissent, his name rings out words of truth before the peoples of the earth:

“I was once a man of low esteem, my master beckoned me forward be to become one of many disciples of the Lord. We were men of the poor, we had little but our faith. As I remember, the times in hours of fear, those hard times, punishing times, times when men fought for nothing more than to be the masters. I was a disciple of the Lord, took the word to many countries. My name rings out in many nations of your world today, but know this my son, my name is among many who have brought change to the peoples of your world, particularly Africa is of interest at this time. Their unruly behaviour that brings many to the slaughter cannot continue, your masters ignore their pleas. Their greed is astounding, but know that we are the disciples of life and I, Jacob, will become one with man once more as she rises from the flames. Goodness knows how the world will react to the one called James. We will battle together to bring purpose and meaning within your lives, with aspects of love and beauty. Target your emotions my son, allow us your thoughts of love and wisdom. You deem them to be few, but they are many, they shine bright your words, reflections of love combined will draw others to the light as a moth to the flame, for they will see an elusive figure who shines the light and love of the Lord without fear of ridicule. Let us work together to bring about this change to the men of your world, allowing him to see that his Masters are nothing more than he is”

Well I never! In all my days on earth, I never would have seen so many in distress. I was once a man of purpose, drawn to those who would share their power with me to bring a purpose of peace to the nations of the earth. Lincoln was a man with such ability, he embarked upon a mission to free his lands of slavery. His peoples now sit in turmoil as they decide what is right and which is wrong, for there are many truths within the lies told. He sees his statue, sits there proud, yet he cannot believe his nation and how it is plundered by those of ill will. Did you not fight for the establishment of man’s right to live with one another in peace? Many suffered in those terrible times when he lived upon your earth. He cannot forget the burden which was placed upon him to bring his nation together, the North and South fought with purpose that one man will not dominate another. For what is black and white is now grey. You cannot continue with a purpose of hate for those of different cultures. We are the fathers of your land and we speak now to our granddaughters and grandson’s. Do not forget the wars and atrocities that brought their land to be, the ignorance of the men who enslaved those of different races still dominate your lands. They may speak in different terms, but they consider them to be less than human. We cannot agree to allow this to continue, for one will rise to bring about a peace in a different aspect to the majority of those they call whites. We wrote lines of purpose as we sealed our nations love with one another. You celebrate these words each year in your schools and chapels and your men a power reflect upon them, but do not see their purpose. Your amendments were made so that those of intolerance can rule with shame. You are a great nation but are slipping to misery, poverty and degradation. Lift up your heads and as Churchill once said “Be a man and not the sheep”, be the Shepherd of life and bring your flock to bear.

Truly remarkable occurrences on the Saturn surface will astound those who view through their eyepieces, an explosion of immense proportions will have repercussions upon your earth. Stones will fall, plummet through your sky, some will be lost and this is unfortunate. These events are of a natural occurrence and cannot be prevented by your men of science, despite their efforts to cover up the possibilities that these will cause disasters. Tremendous amounts of waves, they will plummet in seasons to come. Events happen all the time, worry your minds not as the natural sequences of life occur. Give strength to one another and bear with fortitude. Man deems himself as being all powerful, but really he is nothing. We would like to announce our intention and our involvement to ascertain a certain amount of reason. Your men of science discover many things, but are brought to bear. They are hidden without good reason from your world. Aspects of love must become normality, or you will suffer the consequences of your brutal lives. Change your ways my people. Brutus once said, that men are weak minded fools. Perhaps he’s right. A link in the chain must be of strength, your weakest link must be given strength, for to break the chain would be disastrous. We speak of the chain of love, a metaphorical chain, but understand this, that it has purpose and meaning within your lives, we do not need to draw a schematic for you to see that if this chain is broken, then what lies before will be a terrible consequence.

Peter is my name, I am a man whose soul once knew the master. Your impressions of love give warmth to those who fear a persecution. The men of your earth, I am here to bring you peace of mind, that even though tumultuous times are ahead, my love as Peter, the keeper of the gates of my master, I am here to comfort those, to bring them peace. Allow their hearts to soar as they focus their minds upon the Lord of light. We are beings that are revered in your world many years ago. Our words reflect the things of the Lord. We had a purpose unbeknown to us as poor men, and so it is once more a poor man will shine the light of Eden upon your earth. He has fortitude and grace, he will be amongst you soon, give him peace in your hearts and allow his words and aspects to shine like the bird song of the morning, the sweet voice of the Lord sings through him. I am Peter, servant of the Lord and of man. Bless, blessed is he on high.

2+2 make 4, another sum, figures are meaningful to the minds of algebra. You must become part of the equation to understand its meaning, for figures have purpose in your lives. Have you ever wondered why it is that threes and fives, seven are numbers of purpose and multiply your natural world? You speak of them as odd numbers, but they equate to a purposeful sum. Temperance will be needed to calculate your lives within these numbers, hmmm, numbers, everything is controlled with figures of numerically.

Cats, what an independent creature they are. They have stealth, wisdom and as they look at you, they sum you up. They are a constant reminder of the independence that once existed within your world. They look to you to feed them, but they are not reliant upon you and they see you as beings of curiosity. You perform your rituals and they are happy to attend, to sit with you and aid you in comfort. But their minds are free, free range, they will not commit themselves. But they love, they are gracious in allowing your company with them, they are pack animals with independent minds and souls. Some regard them as animals of interest, particularly the Egyptians who see them as keepers of souls, of Hades. Their strength and dominance were respected, the Cat People were of a race many eons before your lifespan existed, for there have been many misconceptions of man’s arrival upon your earth. Do you think you were first, do you think you were the only dominant species? Humph regretfully not, you may evolve and you may not. They evolved, they became the watchers of the world, they watch you, they look, their messages are fed back through the minds in ways you do not understand. Those Cat People of stealth, they will ignore your pleas as you call them to come, for they will come in their own good time. They neither care, nor un-care, they have friends and they consider them useful for their purpose. They are the watchers of your world, they respond only to themselves and the light. (EVP “Malcolm” I believe this is the guide that tells the story he has come once before in transcripts).

Terry wishes a word, to surrender his thoughts to those who watch and wait. Listen for his words. She is astounded by the men that inspire and need the light of love, she waits for his words to say of his sorrow. His purpose was not of strength, ah, Carla was spoken of, she was an actress, you cannot trace her despite your efforts, but she will become known shortly. Terry spoke of her many times to his colleagues and playwrights. Temper not your love with fear, but command your performance before the multitudes, as they seek an audience with you. You speak your words, those many words, Terry wishes to thank those of acquaintance for their love and caring, to terminate ill feeling that was felt. Become one with yourself my dear, ahh, the world is a stage from which we perform our many duties, some within the limelight, some within the backstage, but nonetheless all important to bring the play of life to a conclusion, a finale of love. We were seen as jokers, as kids, ha yeah! Val, was of amusement, to play practical jokes upon those who considered themselves beyond. We brought them down to earth didn’t we my dear? We stole their hearts with amusement. (EVP “Love Paul”) To me the world was but a stage as I wrote my many words, you have performed many times compared with that of the Bard. (EVP “Paul Hope!”) Hmmm he would laugh to think that is the mischivious plays were thought of as academic, ha, and educational! His mind was great as he transgresses his words, ah such is life. Life is but a game to be played upon, that great stage of life where one performs awaiting adulation and recognition for his command performance. In truth, we all act our ways, we all perform before the master of love. Mmm, do not embark upon a misjudged life, but reflect upon the need of love to the many. Carla she was a purposeful lady who sat in the limelight for many years. Her hats were of amusement to many but she sucked in the audience as she danced. Her purpose was good, she died a poor lady, in need of love and attention. I speak of true love, not that of adoration from those who see a gift horse. She told her story as a lesson to all, that you are all equal, it doesn’t matter who stars upon the stage of life, be it the top performer or the stagehand or the one that makes the tea. You all have purpose, don’t shun each other for your status, compare yourselves not that with the Bard but that of the Lord and understand how all men are equal, with equal purpose in their lives. Truly we embark in ways of love, we announce our being as being that of the light, and that we are the limelight that shines to brighten the lives of those upon the stage of life.

Starships that gather before the dawn will bring focus upon those who have researched our being. Hmmm … 2 by 2 multiplied by 4 = 8. Eight is a number of a never-ending continuation, it is a number that reflects eternity. But we have need of those with a measure of love to figure out the combination of numbers. For numbers are of the universe, and to understand their configurations is to understand the purpose of life and light. We will bring a fraction to your minds, a number of meditation and meaning. Number 11 was given, as is 22.

A fraction of the observatory is torn apart by a storm. Around 1/8 is given away. Prospect your minds and look for the wisdom within men of purpose, the dogs of war will come once more to your planet, but a light will shine for the need of him.

Tremendous amounts of skill and wisdom will be required in the autumn of your years to negotiate the boundaries of life. For what will come will astonish those of science and men of the Earth. Be not unwise to our words, but bring them to bear on those who need understanding, that ours is a practice of love, not of worship but of assistance to those planets of primitive beings to become aware of their purpose, so that they too may evolve into a meaningful species. Evolve or perish, it’s a simple choice. Which will you choose Earthmen? We will await your answer. You may not understand these words, but it will reach the ears of those of understanding and knowledge of our being beyond your atmosphere. NASA you call yourselves. Well, you must evolve.

Your ships of treasures are buried within the seas of tranquillity, do you not know of your past? Your satellites reach out with the sparkle of interest, they see these ships. Have you not wondered why it is your men of NASA do not return to the place you call moon? Haven’t you ever considered the possibility of their discoveries? Perhaps they will never show you, but we will. For you will not be kept in the dark. Resistance is futile by those of a negative, we will announce ourselves as beings of the light to enlighten your world, to a purpose and a position of stature within the nations of planets that surround your solar system. We are one of many who wish to bring purpose to your lives. Shame upon those who will not look upon us as friends. Passive was he who guards the heavens and the earth. Amen.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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