24.08.16 Greek Gods, Dawning of a New Age, Angels and Harps etc

24th August 2016

We will emit our motions to you. As the skies fall dark, the lights from the stars shine. They beckon you to watch as our ships of emotion shine bright in the heavens above.

They have perished today, the many on the mountains. Sceptical they were of the light, but their lives were not wasted for they have now seen the new beginnings within the world of spirit.

May God bless those who have suffered greatly in your wars upon your planet of shame.

We have come this evening to inspire the many to look beyond the words given by your men of science and to bring their aspects of love to the possibilities of another form of life entering your world. We have been before and will come again. As children, you watch the skies in anticipation, your hopes are emitted through your love. We will respond in kind to your men of purpose. Allow us to intercede with your lives, terminate your thoughts of ill will against your brethren, commit your mind not to the negative, but bring a positive attitude to all those that you meet and aspire to. For he who comes before the Lord and cries with shame for his sins committed, shall find forgiveness and blessings within the light of the Lord.

Truly your purpose has inspired a multitude of men, bringing them ever closer to the aspects of love and light. We ask no more than that, for all who work within the light to aspire, to encourage and enlighten others to follow the path of love.

Conquer your fears as we approach your earth in multitudes. We have a practice of love, we see no reason that you shouldn’t respond in kind. The men in Hungry who have troubled minds must alleviate their fears of those of the black, for they will diminish as the light shines before them in the heavens above. A common practice of love is required in your nations so that peace may rein once more upon your planets surface. We give no guarantees that we will extend the hand of friendship, for there are those who would combat us, they are the negative beings of your earth those who will not relinquish control of your thoughts and your lives, but they know, they know that we approach. Your NASA denies this fact in many words of false hope. We will issue a statement before long, interfering with your networks of vision. Your masters will denounce it as a stunt, as a prank by others to put fear into you, but the message will be of love. Consider this, if we wish to destroy your life form, would we have not done it so long ago? We have a passion for all life that exists within the solar systems, not just the earth, but of many that surround your cosmos.

Planetary systems will align in a formation to give power and strength to the thought of those who focus upon their energy. Bring your lives to the fore, allow your thoughts to extinguish your fears of the many things to come before you in this world. Galaxies are far apart, millennia separate them in time, but we have forms of transport that we evolved. You too may evolve, if only you would open your eyes and welcome the possibilities set before your eyes. Open your hearts and minds, allow us to divulge the information that will assist your progress, but beware of those men of greed and power who would extinguish our thoughts with calculated lies. Do not accept their word, as they tell you many untruths of the many alien species that encircle your earth.

What valour there in war, what value? It only serves to destroy and bring down your species, halting your advancement. For many will focus their minds in a protest on the streets of London to create possibilities of a new format of living. The establishment of old will tire of their nonsense, riots will ensue, they beckon those of old to greet them with intolerance, but you must evolve. Your heart’s desires for peace and love must be allowed to develop in the natural way given by him.

Focus your minds not on the old man, but on the practices of love and companionship. Tidal waves of despair will be immense as she blows, in the mountains, in the regions, in the hills and the valleys. The many will scatter and harvest their crops for fear of the perils to come. Your world is in turmoil. Natural disasters and mankind who beat upon one another, it is a hard life but the rewards are great if you hold your true self to the light and love of the Lord.

Forgiveness is great within the heavens as you find peace envelops your mind, never have fears of moving on beyond your natural existence for all have purpose in God’s heaven. The universe is an open book with much learning, it requires only your love to open the pages and bring forth the words to the many of disillusionment. Grasp your mind, not with fear but an openness as a leaf unfolds from the buds the tree. It unfolds and follows the light, it is nourished by the light from which the tree is also nourished from the multitude of leaves that are open to the light from Lord and of the sun. Bring strength to that tree, let its roots grasp the ground with a true and strong foundation. And so it flourishes. But its season is short and it must shed its many leaves, as they grow old they wither and turn colour. As your lives go forward so you must follow the natural course of all things within the aspects of life. Be not afraid, for if you have given strength to the tree, to your soul, then your roots will be embedded firmly in the ground and come the spring in the new season you will once more flourish with greater vigour, reaching out your branches of life, taking in more nourishment, and so the cycle rotates and goes on. As your soul lives each life, live it true with love and your roots will grow stronger and the tree will grow and you will reach out more and more.

Trees are wise creatures upon your earth, they have been there for millions and millions of years and they know the secrets of life. They whisper as they wave in the winds, you do not hear them for they are just trees that can be but a nuisance. But they live, they have hearts and souls as any living creature, for all have spirit within the living world, even the most inanimate of objects will exude an energy, a vibration which cannot be seen nor heard, but nonetheless exists within your lives. Cast your minds of doubt, open your hearts and minds to all possibilities that life will bring, if only you would see the light my friends.

(NOTE: Winston Churchill speaks again in the following paragraph)

Courage is needed indeed, myself and Winnie, we watch, wait. We would once more like to give you a lesson in life. We have been before and we are granted by the grace of God, to once more visit you in your humble home, to bring mysteries of life and encouragement so that you all may understand that you must have courage and love in your lives. For it is this that gives you the fortitude to be great and strong. You live your lives under an umbrella which envelops you, hmm, you do not understand the politics of this country, ah for it reaches far and wide beyond your shores. I was never a man to take a hit below the belt I stood up and stood firm, hmm, they could not beat me. This strength you have, is a man of England. He must be brought forward as the lion roars. Ah, yes Winnie, she was by my side, many times assisting in my decisions, she was my guiding light and still rules my life ha ha! Well she is me, my other side, as you also have your companions of life. It is no accident that you carry burdens within your lives, there is a heavy responsibility upon you all to ensure that your children and your grandchildren respect each other. If you do not change the minds of the men in power then your ways will perish. All those lives given and taken, me amongst one of them who caused so many deaths. Trials and tribulations, mmmm, I fought as a lion, never understanding the human aspect and the consequences of my orders. It was easy to sit in my chair, in my bunker, my phones around me. As I smoked my cigar in deep thought, Mary, she would call my name, “Winston, please rest.” There is no time for rest, there will be no time for you to rest either, take your words write them in the book of love. Your name grows, others will assist, be not afraid but stand like the lion and defend your ground, never let them defeat your words. Mm, they know the truth, they see. They sit, wait and listen. Do not fear them for they cannot take away your love, only your life of your body.

‘His Masters Voice’, you would sit around the radio and listen to this gentleman who spurred us on with his thoughts and his deeds. How many times have you listened to his broadcasts and wondered how on earth can we fight this battle and win. But unity grew and as always, when the chips are down, people will come together and they will fight for the right of their lives and their families and for all that is good. So it is that your circles of light must grow and join without segregation or thoughts of selfishness. For all your circles of light were born of spirit and if that light grows with truth, honesty, and love, then it will shine bright to all the men of your world who bring you dark. As always the light vanquishes the dark. We will never say that anything is certain in your lives, you have to make the effort. Believe in him who sits on the high, believe in us who assist in ways many of you would not recognise. We serve you throughout your lives. Some will understand, some will misunderstand, but you have free will and your judgement will rule supreme to set your path of life. If you falter then you will learn the errors of your ways in another existence of life.

Flowers of the autumn turn pale in colour as they fade away with the onslaught of winter. Their petals fall to the ground, the leaves will follow in the autumn of your lives. Those golden hues of reds and golds are so beautiful, for they represent the life that was. As they settle on the ground, they will go back from whence they came and the roots of the tree that you fed, will feed upon them once more. Have faith my son, do not doubt the things we tell you, for they are the facts of life that will bring you focus in your time to come. You may or may not grow old, many factors will influence your life, but know this, that if you fall tomorrow, then your words will live on in the minds and memories of those who have read them. This is not to say that fate will befall you soon, it is just for you to understand that no matter how little, and this is for each and everyone of you, no matter how little you think you have influenced others, that little bit of influence will assist in their lives, in ways that you will not understand, as all are connected and all have free will.

Dawning of a new age begins with the alignments within your stars. A natural pull of gravity will tug at your earth and you will feel the vibrations. Life is complex, but not so complex as not to be understood. We have purpose in your lives to renew your energy and resources, to assist with the healing of mother Earth in ways unimaginable at this time. We must embark upon a mission that will assist your world to breathe. Your men of greed, they despise anything that is for free that will not bring them profit, for they do not see the profit in life, how blind they are. They will tell you that we are an illusion, a figment of your imagination, but your eyes will behold us.

We feel their concern as they negotiate possibilities of how to explain such a massive cover-up. How can they tell the world of their knowledge and why they withheld the information. Their rule will linger, but as the aspects of life and light grow, so will overshadow them. She will come in the autumn to bring peace to your world, you cannot imagine how this could be, but have faith and stay true and strong in your mind and in your hearts.

Hmm, hearts, harps. Did you ever wonder why angels were seen playing harps? Oh this is a strange subject, ah but a necessary one, for their harps represented many things of those days. The many strings to their bows that they could draw upon were merely a vibrational instrument, whose tone would influence the minds of those simple men. Your world today are influenced in subliminal ways, in the same way we influenced your primitive ancestors. Humph, your progress is slow, we do not understand why it is that you have forgotten so much of your past lives. Your hysteria of little green men is laughable, we are no more green then you are. We shine like the lights, humanoid in shape, but our hearts and minds are of the light and we are of a peaceful existence despite the rhetoric of your men of science. Can you not understand that their will and their influence will be extinguished by the sight of us and the possibilities that we offer your world, magical you may say of your species, truly it will seem miraculous, but they are of evolution. You would share in this if you could only see your way to a peaceful coexistence.

Many speak of us your books of worship, how can they understand that certain aspects of your lives began so long ago before man. Evolution plays a part in all things, not just of your planet, but of the solar system and of the universe and the many beings that inhabit the many universes beyond your world. Truly you are astonished with your primitive eyes. We cannot understand why it is that you fell by the wayside, it is time to open your eyes to a new world and new beginnings. Treasure your memories in your hearts, unfold your arms and welcome those who would create a world of love. Temper your minds anxieties as there should be no fear, we are of a life form that specialise in the science of life, your DNA matches that of ours to a degree. Your potential and genius is possible if you would just reach out to the skies above.

The caverns and pitfalls of life are many upon your species. Allow us to bring words of comfort and joy to the earth men of your planet. I am Zag, a master of speech, who will inform you of many things about your past and your future. Zagreus was my full name, I once lived as a being of life. I had fortitude, strength to help to issue guidance and love. I was of Greek mythology, you see me now my son, as a gentleman of white robes, a white beard, slightly balding but white hair. I was a noble among men as they climbed the steps to my sanctuary, to listen to my words of wisdom to bring them joy and comfort in their meagre lives. I had countless battles with those of ignorance, but they report to an aspect of light and life. They followed with great joy and love. We were a noble nation, never knowing the gratitude of the countless many. We were swamped by men of war, oh the Trojan horse, was a mythological animal which brought chaos, but I am a scholar, a man of determination and learning. Feel me as I sit on my seat overlooking the Pantheon, Ruling over my subjects as a master light. I brought brought from the seas the food of wisdom, I spoke to Athena and the goddess of love (Aphrodite), her name is strange to you, believe me as I pass on the frequencies of my thought, trouble your mind not with the anxieties of life. My teaching was great of life and of those who are new to us, they were real, they existed. Greek mythology had cast doubt upon the possibilities, but know this, there are many mythological creatures that exist in our day. They are extinct, kept alive only in the memories of those minds that would read the words of the Greek prophets. Only you yourselves destroy your natural world with careless thought, species go extinct and you are not aware. Let me, the son of Zeus, explain the wisdom of the lives that you are given. Do not manufacture lies of lives and discontent, I said lives and I truly meant that. We watch in despair as you mess with your natural being. We were are a gentle people, daily prayer, a meeting would be held to discuss the terms by which we would live, councils you would call them. Ah your tongue does not permit you our thoughts. Our fears were realised as we tumbled into the seas as she shook the ground beneath our feet. There is massive disturbances at this time, you must hold fast, many will perish as she trembles. Your existent is a weak one. Tread the waters of life with dignity, do not count the time by the minutes of the day but by the actions of life and love that you bring to others, for this is the true meaning of time. Nobles we were, nobles we are, we are the Greek gods of Olympia. (NOTE: Zagreus is also known as Dionysus, this link explains a little about the twelve Olympians : The Twelve Olympians)

Despondent thoughts, minds of fear, be at ease my children for we are nearby. We assemble in your sanctuaries of life. Be not afraid, give us your love. Calls and beckons to you for we are your companions, those that guide and inspire your hearts and minds to follow your paths of your true being. Trust in our word when we say, “God bless you all, in the name of our Father and the son of life, amen”.

Andrew is my name. The climax of your life is yet to come. Let your strength grow. Bring purpose my son, do not overshadow those who aspire to follow in your footsteps, show them guidance in the light so that they may follow your path as people of inspiration must be fed the knowledge. Do not be selfish the things that you have learnt, but guide others with your books of love. Tragic circumstances may occur, as they do many lives, but this will give you strength to carry the burden of life. You humour and laughter grows, your mercy great. Become one with the light, transform your minds into that of love and caring. Be not ashamed of who you are, but stand tall and proud and firm against the onslaught of the negative, joyous times will come in the fall of life. Thank you.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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