01-09-16 Rasputin, The Wailing Wall, Mountbatten etc

1st September 16

Wisdom and knowledge. The creation of man and the many blessings given by him, our Father in heaven. Tonight may answer your questions.

Despite our ongoing lectures you must vanquish the thought from those who would spite you. We sit here this evening, in your home, allowing our thoughts to intercede with your life’s pattern. Allow us to sit and communicate with your mind, for the outrageous deeds that are committed in your spectrum will be answered by an equal amount of indignation.

We speak of those who wear the dark, of the abyss. They create issues, the problems they bring to the light as they cast themselves adrift from oassa law (NOTE: The recording sounds like Oassa, but it possibly should be Sharia Law?) Let them hear these words as a prism of light as it shines upon them, tasking them to be at one and in peace with one another. Do not be blinded by the foolish thoughts of others, for those men who sit in their chairs, watching and waiting for a response to the actions of those of the negative, they are responsible for many misgivings.

Platforms of your world upon which your mediums speak of love, light and radiance. Offer her a blessing to those who grieve for their loved ones who have passed to the realm of spirit. They have fortitude in their work as mediums have focus upon those of spirit. We cannot express our gratitude for their commitment, for theirs is a task of the light and of the Lord, but there are those who would use this as a means of business, beware that you overstep the mark by promoting such deutus (Meaning of deutus). A business opportunity, for there are those who would work within the light and outside, to bring upon them a wealth of ignorance as to the true purpose.

Be not ashamed of your correspondence with us, for we are of the light and the beings, the dark will be vanquished, as the Badgers retire before the light. Never allow your thoughts to wander far from the purpose that has been given to you Michael. Beware of those of indifference who would worm their way into your affections and give you a false sense of security, for they have reason to dishonour the words of the Lord.

Matthew once said that a man who was worthy of the light and of the Lord should count his blessings and fall to his knees in acceptance of those things that the Lord has bestowed upon him. Matthew was a great man, a disciple of the Lord. He became worthy of his position after much torment. His mind worked in a way, in a fashion that obstructed his thoughts, but the master, he was there. He created a situation in which Matthew could not deny his purpose. Those times long ago were of immense cruelty, but also beauty, as the people honoured the master as he walked the earth. Those fortunate enough to have heard his sermons upon the mount, were indeed filled with purpose of the love and light of the Lord, as we bestow upon those who work within the light in your world of men, our love and wisdom and knowledge of the hereafter.

Many comment on the things said, to the purpose that it brings. We can assure you that these many constant teachings will have purpose in the time to come. It is not now that you should understand why it is that you are privy to such beautiful sermons and the teachings that they bring. Allow us into your life without constant questions, for we have hope and are determined to bring your species to a way of life of hope and love. Let those who question their abilities open their eyes, as you did a long time ago. Never doubt the words of the Lord and the lessons that he brings, for they all have purpose within men’s lives.

She cannot understand why it is we speak in riddles, how can we explain to man that which he cannot understand? For it is necessary for us to work with you in a pattern that is strange to your ears. But in that scheme of things, your minds will come to an understanding that we are of the light and we will bring a Jerusalem to a better place in time.

In the wailing of your walls they shout, kneel and pray and leave their messages of love within the crevices. We see those messages and we acknowledge that is a place of worship, of worship for all. Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, even those of strange religions whose basic belief is in our father, our Lord. They watch with interest as men wail to the wall of love, it is common to the people, a practice of worship. Men only, but aren’t women of mankind? Why do they segregate themselves, for all have passion to a worship and none should be expelled from the opportunity of speaking to the Lord in the heartland of his home. (Further reading regarding the Wailing Wall )

Never doubt our words of wisdom, for they will bring you reassurance in the times to come, when men will realise that he is just, but a creature of the Earth. His noble aspects and outlooks will be shattered when he learns of the reasoning for his living. Let us come amongst your people and bring you love and tolerance, and a knowledge that whatever comes, we will be there as your guides, as your brethren.

Tobias, mmm, masterful name which has purpose in your books of doom. You created so many things of which your people have obliterated. We are of species who brought to you many guiding lights, to shine in your world of dark. Your primitive ways and destruction were intolerable to our kind, we brought you to your knees many times within your past history. Do not think that man can rule the nations with such a murderous intent, for there is no absolution for those who carry the guns. They’re weak (compared) to the innocents of your world. Have you not learnt the lessons that we taught in the inscriptions? The book of love upon the walls of caves. And Jeremiah, his words were noticed as the men clambered in the chambers in the monuments of stone. This is not known, it is not public knowledge, for the church will hold them secret, for they enlighten the wisdom of those within their narrow aspects and points of view. We come this evening as brethren of the Lord to bring you purpose and the blessings of him. He sees the misery caused and calls to you in a way not yet understood by many of your men. Within you smell the flower, the fragrance of our being’s. Be not afraid as we approach and bring you visions of his purpose. The monuments stand tall and proud as the people clamber around to view the spectacle of the Triton’s and guards never really understanding their purpose. (NOTE: We are not sure about the Tritons and guards, the words may be incorrect, the recording is hard hear correctly, however we interpret the words to possibly mean the spectacles of ancient cities in places like Greece, Egypt etc, where many people have no understanding of the history).

How is it that man cannot see what is in front of their nose, the truth and pattern of life as described in those books, those many books, scriptures you call them. Passages of time are what are written within them. We can sacrifice many things of intolerance, we need your assistance.

Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters who celebrate their being upon this earth, must also recognise when their time is done and their purpose is seen to have been completed, then they must pass beyond this veil of life to the realm of spirit. People cry for their loss, never truly understanding that those lost love ones have been found by the beauty of the spiritual planes. Never doubt that your life is immortal, for it continues in the light and energy from whence it began. You celebrate your years upon the earth, why not celebrate the passing of time and those who have gone before you, for they are in a world of love and splendour.

Trajectories are met in the skies above England. As many witness a futile battle of ignorance. We will not bring destruction to your planet, for we are aware of your fragile being, but we will bring indisputable proof that is necessary for your nations to respect us as beings who practice the light and love. Your spears (missiles!) of ignorance, are immense. Battle your thoughts and do not disbelieve the things that your eyes and ears will behold before the dawn of the new day. (NOTE: Time may not be literal, dawn of the new day may mean the dawn of a new era) We will come from the heavens above to bring about change, peace and unity as the wars ravage the country’s. Declare yourselves beings of the light and bring about a purpose to rescue men from the abyss, the climax of which will astound your scholars. I have been and always will be, a companion who will throw light and truth upon the purpose of your being. Commence your plans to inform those of the many transcripts.

Valerie, she has thoughts to put in print. She hesitates not knowing as to whether she can justify the words. She has strength, but needs support and to encourage her. She has called upon us many times to help in the rescue of souls and we have obliged. Her mind is in turmoil as she wrestles with the values of life. Bring her to a purpose, let her thoughts be your thoughts. They are a team who will respect those of purpose.

We cannot display our thoughts before your eyes until you are ready to see our being my son. We know you are longing for interaction, a face-to-face meeting. Hmm it is not always possible or wise. We feel you are ready to witness the sight of our being, but in patience. We have gratitude for your fortitude in your work and your longing to make a difference to the beings of your planet. Allow your purpose to grow slow and steady, for as a hill to be climbed, a rush would bring disappointment, as you will be exhausted before you reach the summit. A slow and steady climb is necessary to take in the beauty that surrounds you, to see that knowledge is gained with temperance and time, and never lose focus as you climb that mountain of love, your efforts will be rewarded in many ways in days to come. We are the beings of the light. We bring you no respite as you requested to work for the needy of your world, be assured your rest will come on a positive outlook and creative mind for your purpose in knowledge in writing. You feel unworthy to complete such a task, but she is here to assist, Pamela is an author of many words, her purpose is with you. (NOTE: Pamela Kiddey worked with Doris Stokes – Further reading regarding Doris Stokes )

(NOTE: The following are the words of Pamela)

Good evening my son, I wrote but a few books, the lines of which were seen by many before her path of light. I could not help but to wonder how your purpose has not been seen. You compare yourself with that of a fool, but your words gain respect in the manner in which they are written. Let us start to imagine that you Michael, are the author of a book. Your name should not be used for it is a book of love and your recognition is not essential, for it is not a novel but a book of fact. Separate your mind from your thoughts of unworthiness, speak to your machine in a manner of worthiness. Bring purpose to your words, never start your lines with a judgement, but with an outlook of a child looking to his mother for guidance. We have seen many times, the many things, in the ways and patterns that are written of the realm of spirit. You must not allow these to influence you. By your very nature and your thought, from the heart you must write. Take pen to paper without thought. Comparatively with a purpose, I was seen by the public eye, until that time arrives, allow your mind focus.

(NOTE: We believe the following may be Pamela speaking about Doris Stokes and Margaret Thatcher)

She came to a bitter end, her selfish ways were torn from her, as her body ceased to exist. She could not understand how it was that life should elude her. She recognised that her time had come, but still her fortitude and purpose surged in her veins. She was a teacher to many, a mother to some. She brought you focus, she came for the many in the parishes and the regions of her home. Her popularity grew as a storm over the ocean. She had a magical politeness. You know her as a woman who sat before the many, bringing messages of love and hope to those who had lost their dear ones. Her purpose grew as she toured the world within her agonies. She was a humble lady who saw the pressures upon Margaret.

She commenced her journey of love in her early days of her life, her purpose was seen even then by the many. Her father sat her on his knee to speak to her in a way that she could understand, for Margaret was a girl with a purpose, with point. Grantham, known to you as her hometown, she grew and lived in that place. Her name resounds in the many chapters of her books. She was an outstanding woman who now sits with us in her thoughts offering us tea as she speaks of a life of servitude.  ( Further reading about Margaret Thatcher

Margaret joins us, she is aware of the thoughts of the many as she trashed their lives with a purpose, the focus of her politics. She too came from that place. Her humble beginnings were to her, valuable lessons in her life. Her father taught many things of the politics of the time. She had many days where she would ponder upon her path and upon her aspects of life. She astounded many with her strength of feeling. Margaret became Prime Minister of your England, she led an army to war to bring her fame and fortune. She regretted the loss of many lives, but she had a purpose to defend her England. Despite her unpopularity, she fought on against the ignorance of men. She was not popular, but she had a purpose, a vision, some would say her wealth was her purpose, but her views upon life were different to that of the common man, for how could she know how little he had. And today, politics are no different. The men of England are seen as insignificant, as the greed and avarice grows amongst the wealthy of your nations so their downfall will come soon. Never forget her name, as she would not. An able woman, she did her best as you must as well, to bring your purpose to bear you also may tread on feet. Survival of the fittest they call it. Be not ashamed of your path my son, bring focus to others to hear the words and wisdom of spirit.

Rasputin, a Polishman (NOTE: Rasputin is considered to be Russian, Poland was once part of Russia and he spent time in Poland), brought shame upon his name as he measured his life of greed, his politics, brought down Queen, the monarchy of the country. His rantings, they are of common legend. His dark ways and his practices of the dark were used to enhance his being. She became infatuated with the black heart who dominated her life and thoughts with his words and influence. Hmm, he became one of tyranny and he was not welcomed at his passing. He condemned those who would not conform to his ideals and practices, he saw them as something underfoot. As his popularity with the Queen grew, so his power began to overwhelm him. His misjudgements became clear, she was not impressed by his manner towards her husband, for the many negative practices of that house proved to be his downfall. As he cowered in that dungeon where he died, curled upon the floor as a rat. Does he have regrets? Who can say, he continues in his ways to this day, never recognising that he was just a mere mortal who is now spirit. He cannot uphold the law of God in one hand and ignore it in the other, without bearing the consequences of your actions. For a double meaning is not an aspect of light, but of deceit. (Further reading regarding Rasputin)

Our vibrations gather around you to bring you comfort and joy. Recognition for your purpose. Travel your minds with wonder, explore the avenues and possibilities given to you by the divine. Have purpose as you gather and muster those around you, shine your light of love in balance that of emotions, for becoming peace to bring the light of Lord among you.

Joshua Is here, his focus is upon you to pass these words. For his displeasure at seeing men of purpose ignored. His tribe of warriors fought many battles against those of ignorance. Terminate your thoughts of shame, bring power to your purpose with thoughts of love and a memory of those who sacrificed their lives for only one reason, to bring the love to the people.

Trevor will not wait. How do you resist. I am here once more to tell my story. Allow to unfold. There have been many travesties in your world that have brought men of focus to their knees, I was one amongst many who could not resist the temptation. My passing was not an honourable one. I staged many times, I have been amongst your men with an arrogance. My time went quickly, but not before I had my say in your world. My thought and intention was bought to bear upon them and the beings of the light as I desperately clung to life. My purpose was done, I could not change my manner. I need your focus to tell my tale as a warning to others that theirs must be a life of servitude to love. Don’t be like me, free your minds from fears, wants, needs and greed. For I was hell bent on satisfying the pleasures of life. It did me no good. Common practice amongst your men now, they seek out an escape from reality, but what is reality? In truth, it cannot be found in the tablets potions of your men, but by looking deep inside your mind and accepting that you are who you are. Be responsible for your patterns of light and how they affect others and change their attitudes. Be a man, a spokesman of courage. Don’t allow them to sway your opinions one way or another. I was once a man who walked your earth in displeasure of life. I was not satisfied or had gratitude for those things I was granted, but I’ve come to an understanding and now I see the value of life and how it could have changed others, had I not been so arrogant. I tell you these things of the pattern of my life, that you may understand that life is a blessing to be held and cherished. I am Trevor of the unknown. Stratford-upon-Avon will give a clue to my name. Thank you. (NOTE: Just a hunch, we wonder if this could be Shakespeare? Little is known about his death, other than it is noted he had a drinking session and fell into a fever, he also it seems he maybe liked a little mystery about his identity and work)

Mountbatten, I was a Lord of the Seas, I became dismembered in a blast of tyranny. My nature, may I say was of goodness, a prominent feature within the Royal household. My name was elevated to a position of trust, I was the uncle of her Majesty. Such wondrous times and here I am, house of the Lord, my time is past, but I’ve come to learn all men are equal regardless of rank. My troubled world was torn apart in the face of adversity. What can I say of her my Lilibet, she wouldn’t already know, King Charles he may, be but she will sit to her dying day. (More about Lord Mountbatten )

Tease them not with your emotions, but bring them focus to our words my son. Popularity will demand of you, your skills. Grant your mind to a purpose to enlighten others upon their paths of life. Our words have been many. Gracefully you respect them, many will fall, be cautious, for they watch, they will speak of you and of your abilities to bring about change. They are masterful of deceit and they will recognise a purpose in you that will descend upon them. Concentrate your mind on the word of the Lord.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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  1. Wonderful thank you for adding me to your group. it makes great sense in a senseless world. My path is still unfolding and feel great comfort in your words. Love and thanks from Ayse xxx


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