04-09-16 Freedom Movement, SpaceX Rocket, Saturn etc

4th September 2016

Tonight we would like to make ourselves clear to the world of man and the politics that hold him hostage. The brethren of the light will come once more to speak in terms of peace to your men politics. They whisper in each other’s ears of their concerns to relinquish their hold on the United Nations of the Americas. Common practice it has become to not associate with those of the negative.

As the freedom movement grows, so their thoughts of despair will call out on the winds across the plains of the states. Harmonised their movement will become as they call out for a change, resisting their capitalists who prey upon the poor souls of that United States. Disillusioned are many by the men in black, who constantly ignore their requests for information and affirmation as to the truth of our existence. We will show them what it is to be open and truthful, their will to hide us will be denied as our aspect grows to bring comfort to the people of the nations of Earth. We are of the light, we accept no bargaining for their reason to exist.

We can demonstrate many things to your world, but we hold back at this time, as what good will it do us to become so obvious as to strike fear into men. Your conditioning has begun as men of the earth to accept the knowledge that we came here many times before to enlighten the peoples of your world as to their true beginnings. Mmm in the 90’s there was a movement that brought up and set up a pace to bring people’s thoughts to the possibilities of an ET existence.

We find no words of comfort to give to you at this time, as your men of war deplete their resources and search out new ones with the hunger and lust of that of the hungry wolf. For he cries out for information on those who would betray his kingdom.

(Personal message to author)
Your father has become a member of a species of the spiritual realm. Hummm, his existence, his purpose was not found in his time. He continues on with a smile and a laugh to beckon you on in your the dark days to come. For he knows that you are of strength, one mind and body. He never saw in you that strength until he became one of us on the spiritual side of life. He’s astounded by your practices of love and your many aspects of light. He thanks you for addressing him as a father. Never losing your focus and love, he brings you comfort this evening as she, who was Lily (Lillian Grace is his mother, my grandmother) welcomes him unto the fold. Concern yourself not with how his life ended, for it was good for a new beginning.

Your selflessness in extreme measures of control will be required to announce a burden upon men as we enlighten those of the traffic in the skies, which will become normal. For visions, sightings of us as we command our will over those that rule your nation, their mistrust demonstrates their ignorance of attitude towards change for the better. Those who work within the avenues of light know best how to bring out an outcome of peace within the nations of your world.

Very shortly we will announce our intentions to your Masters of the world and they will be astounded of our point of view, but they must kneel before us and ask forgiveness for their terrible ways and their guilt in their controlling of the general population. Hmmm, we can sum up your lives as being that of a student of life, you must be aware that your status in the scheme of things is but a small one, a spark in the night sky that shines bright, but it will grow as a fiesta of fireworks explodes over those nations of intolerance. We cannot hide our purpose from those of the earth, our intentions are good. Let us speak now of our good intentions towards man as we circle your planet unobserved by your men of science. They think they have a good handle on things, in all aspects of secrecy, but there are gateways, loopholes in which they are unable to vanquish. We will exploit these to bring a peace and love to mankind.

Exploitation of the many populations must cease, for it is not right to be above one’s station. Can you not see that those men who would have you believe that we are just a figment of the imagination, thought of by few as saviours of your planet, they will scorn those who bring evidence. For they will deny our very being upon your box of vision. In a fortnight we will display another demonstration of our irritation towards your men of science who will attempt to block our signals. They cannot succeed, for they are but nothing, we toy with them in ways you do not understand and they barrack us with their intolerance. Be extremely careful, for they will turn on those who would suggest our thoughts are real and that we exist despite their disapproval.

We will watch over the many of the light as we cascade love upon them. Have no fear, life is for living and death will come soon to all who live a life upon the earth. This is not to be feared but to be rejoiced, as new beginnings within the realms of spirit. Each and every passing is unique to the individual for it is their choice to experience that side of pain, some will immensely suffer, while others will glide into the light. But yours will not be revealed, that is knowledge, that is not of value. Live your life as you intended, be not afeared, for many will pass in the beginning of the new dawn.

Day breaks. Hmmm, dawn comes and we listen to the many prayers of those who whisper in our ears of their displeasure upon being disrespected by those of mercy. Your doctors and nurses have many intolerances, but in their aspects of their purpose, they put up with so much indignation by him who rules their words. Medical Staff require a sense of self-expression to perform their duties, to bring love and respite of those who suffer illness and injury to there being. Why is it they disrespect them so, think them as a burden upon their purse strings? They will shortly announce the privatisation as they will indicate their inability to support such an institution. The country will be in uproar but little will be done. The will and backbone of the people no longer exists as they succumb be to the words of ignorance. Those men of grey are careless in their actions. They will, I am sure, rue the day they elected to become indifferent to the nation of their people. In certain circumstances events will unfold that will highlight their plight. The public are taught to defend themselves against their pickets. Sometimes in life it is necessary to hold up your values and state your name, shout it loud and clear, for those of intolerance are deaf.

(Winston Churchill)
He spoke to you once before, this man of courage. He wishes a focus: “Our nation is grieving for the democracy that has gone. I was astounded in disbelief that our health system was to be punished, not for valour but for greed. Common sense must prevail, when those of the Tory party must oblige the people, that the privileges of life that they consider themselves to be entitled to. Tremendous amounts of courage will be required by those of small means. They will be inspired by the one who steps in through the door of Number 10 in the fall, in the autumn of your years. She will not become an asset to the government of England, for she has an agenda by which her name will forfeit the right of the party leadership. He will step forward, mmm, to announce his interest. His name resounds among many of the backbenches, they applaud his unique ability to reach the people as the lion did. I cannot be there to cause disruption amongst the house, but I know that my spirit will intervene as he gives the information of the treacherous intent. We have become accustomed to our way of life and our situation and are pleased to announce that we are of a spiritual being. Still we watch, in hope that the impoverished of your world will stand up and rise and once more become heard. It will take much discipline, for they, mmm, must be in agreement to participate. How can you compromise those minds of greed. The state of the nation is of great concern to myself and Winnie. The barbarians of life will shortly be answered in a menacing attack on the public. Their purpose grows within your Internet. In leaps and bounds they cover up and hide their intentions, mmm, what a mess, what troubled times you will once more endure on the streets of London and lands of England.”

(Francis of Assisi)  Francis wishes a word once more to bring words of comfort to those in desperate situations:

“We are in despair of the multitude of intolerance set against man. I was a former minister of the Lord, I also brought justice within the realms of the church to those sinners who could not see the error of their ways. The master taught us to be gentle but firm, for his teachings are of a great need in this time my boy. You have inspired many to look beyond the words of wisdom, to see the secrets therein. His purpose will be upon you and the father of heaven will guide all of the light. I was once canonised by the Pope, John Paul.  I was unworthy of a position of state, my status was of no consequence for I wish to shine a light of the Lord upon you all now, with the sermon of love direct from the world of spirit. Come my people, sit within the light and the love of the Lord as I stand before you as a witness to God. He interprets life as that of his own. His guidance is assured to those who whisper his name with love and gratitude of their being. “Let there be light” he once said at the beginning of the dawn and so it will again, he will shine his light of love and purpose upon you. Allow your thoughts to become that wisdom. My name is Francis, I am but the masters guide upon your behalf. We welcome James.

A pleasurable evening to you all. I have become aware of the circumstances within the brethren of the light, do not fear these beings who bring peace and hope to you all in a physical way. I was once a Masters teacher, I am now honoured to sit in the presence of the Lord our father. He once gave me a commandment to reach out and send the Lord’s words far and wide within your world. I was a man not capable of understanding the true meaning and power of his mighty voice. Now I bring you hope that he will sacrifice once more, one of his own to bring you purpose in your lives. Don’t despair my son as you witness the many atrocities against the people of the earth, their spirits and souls suffer many things. You have witnessed much sin that will be seen by him upon high. I have guided your hand these past decades, you have not been aware of my being and that’s all right, you finally found me as I reached the hand of the Lord to you. Do not delay in bringing about the task of immensity beyond your imagination. You cannot know your true destiny for it is hidden from you my son, but be the child of the light and bring together those that surround your life, hold their hands, encircle them with your love and light, allow our words to shine through and give blessing to those who would listen and read of their content. He once told me that my purpose would be great, I never had doubt, as you see the things unfold, become that man of destiny.

It has been witnessed many times in these past decades, men of science finding new discoveries every day. Truly they inspire others to bring about change in purpose and lives. The utensils of life are your spirit and soul, they are there to ease your burden. You must not behave reckless ways, so as to damage that delicate balance of life, but bring yourselves to an aspect to search your heart and soul for that place in which you need to be. We are here as servants of the Lord and Master, our father to shine the light of truth upon your people, they require assistance. Many times our thoughts have been banished by those who would not listen, we need an ear to combat those of ignorance, so let it be heard, let our names resound the minds and hearts of those who practice within his light, for his mercies are great. Common valour will be needed to dispute the outrages set against you, as your need must be realised.

We have spoken many times of your purpose, but what of others? Of those who follow your words and feel inspired. They too will be heard, lift up your voices and speak, as you speak to your neighbour, for we are there beside you awaiting your call, we will not ignore or misunderstand the reasons behind your purpose, just once in a while open to us, unto our love and guidance.

Truly she has need of many arms around her when she considers the possibility of a burden set before her. Hmm, Valerie, she has come with purpose, for a life of love for which she bore foundation to many of your world. She came before in life to enlighten minds of ignorance. She sacrificed her burden in those dark days, in those times when women were not heard or seen by the vail. She has lived many times, her secrets are to be revealed in her thoughts of the mind. She will be astounded to know that she was a figurehead to those of misfortune. Mmm, her healing practice was born decades ago before her present time, her purpose unfolds the magnitude of love. Her thoughts are for her husband as sits by her side contemplating the mysteries of our being.

Trevor once more would like to intercede on the pattern of his life. You was he the Bard, for he is a man of mystery. Complimentary you are to him with your thoughts. Treasure your books, for within the pages the secrets are revealed. The pathway to eternity can be found in the plays of life. Separate your minds thoughts from that of the Bard, for he delivered wistful, amusing stories. They were magical to the population of those times. Trevor cannot say that his identity would make a difference to the understanding of man and their ways of error. Navigate your lives and follow your purposes to become the playwrights of the future. For he who sits on top of the mountain and shouts the loudest, will be the one who reaches the minds and souls of those who watch in despair. My connection is not known, for my minds thoughts were many. I acted out his plays, the sombre impressions of love. I could not control my emotions as I stood there and performed as many words of inspiration of such a playwright. His focus upon me as an actor of life was great, Howard will give you a clue. Huh, I see your realisation my boy (the author suddenly realised who he was speaking with) but focus upon the stage of life, do not allow your emotions to overstep the mark as your future is bright. Behind the scenes, men of aspiration who cause change are seldom seen by their peers, for remarks will be made as to the transcripts and their relation to life. Ah, they cannot hide from the Almighty eyes of the Lord. There, I have spoken my name, rest assured peace will be upon you all in the forthcoming days that act out lifes desperation. Be a poet of life and stride on the stage to enlighten those with a common practice of love to defeat those who would betray your trust. I was once an actor upon the stage of life, as you all lead your paths of life, you also perform the many acts in the creation of the Sonnet. Be blessed with love and good fortune. Never let it be said that one man is equal to another, for all men who hide behind the skirts of fame are equal in his eyes.

Your tactics of love should shine bright within the stars of the night sky. Tremendous amounts of energy will be felt as the rays reach Saturn on Earth. Focus your mind on a prayer of love as this radiation emits from a distant star. The question has been asked of Mercury, a magician. The rays of light emitted were caused by a massive explosion within the core, for its balance has changed. Immense ferocity will be felt soon, those solar rays of luminescence will be streamed upon your planet, you are shielded by an array of magnetic lines, but slowly they will be eroded by man’s own doing.

We disposed, ha, ha, of your toy, you were to send into the atmosphere of Earth, you thought you would dominate mans attitude to other civilisations. Huh hmm, we know. Our birds of prey were upon you. We felt the need to acknowledge our existence to demonstrate our will in the forthcoming events that your satellite would have supported. Tell them, they cannot destroy that which they cannot see. Their immense power is negligible in our eyes, we cannot trust the men who call themselves “military”. Hm, hm, we’ll not yet harm, but to prevent the situation that must not prevail upon your world in a secrecy and pathetic attempts to hide their weapons of war within innocence. It will cause an outrage amongst the men of peace in your world if they were to understand. Rockets, ships, huh, what do they know. The vast expanse of time cannot be explored by sitting in your secret bunkers, hmmm, by infecting us with your demands. Once we were condemned as parasites upon your world, but you know different. We have told you many times, we are of the light, hah, but counter-productive are their attitudes in regards to us. Despise us they do, for what we bring. Don’t let them bring you down to their level. We will acknowledge our presence, ah, before the dawn of the new day as foretold. When you ask is the dawn of the new day of the new era, the Bible will tell you many times of the recreation of life, we do not aspire to be God, but we are the light of silver, who will bring his purpose to your lives, for we too have a faith in the Almighty of your world.

The Sandman calls and sleep descends upon your earth, as night falls the nightingale sings his sweet tune. Commonwealth of love and respect is given to you all by the Angels of love that are not seen. We have come this evening to a welcome mind, to bring his purpose to you. Travel your world with your hearts and mind to see the circumstances and plights which befall many within your Africa and desolate regions of your world, as they fight for a battle of love. Shame upon those who bring his name into disrepute, for they are the wicked who will be dealt with in a manner befitting them.

Strike a pose she sang, indeed, for your purpose you must do the same. Strange you think, that Madonna is summoned. We need to create respect, hmm, hmm, riddles, easy! We do not expect you to bring burden on you, but respect not the maiden of pop, but her of the love Almighty. Crystal clear are the thoughts that you welcome into your mind, bring a focus to those who you visit to the near future. Allow them to see our words as we respect their attitudes. Commence your plans within your writing, do not delay for time is short for man on earth. She (Pamela) has brought you focus, do not betray her thoughts but bring them justice. Treasure your memories of love and the thoughts and concerns that you harbour, hummm.

(Doris Stokes)
She was once a lady who became a woman of great stature. Her name resounds in your mind as a teacher, as a guide, within her books of love let her mind be a focus upon yours. She once said that she would bring proof, come back from the dead to bring evidence. Do you not wonder why this great lady was unable to do this? Ah, the carnation she shows, (author sees a red carnation in his minds eye) she loved her flowers bless, but now she is happy with her blessed son. She did not feel the need to bring the evidence that she taught to many who brought her love. She shone her wisdom to those of the audience on the stage of life. Her thoughts are with you as you perform your duties, be solemn my son, work hard, with a keen eye and ear to bring a focus to the words of love.

“It cannot be said that I sat on my bum, I worked bloody hard. Indeed my life was of pain, ah my John he brought an aspect of love to comfort me. Compare me not with those upon high, I am a mum and a lady as before. My pain has ceased, my deliverance was just. Be not afraid of your paths, ridicule will follow you, but their need will be great. Have an open heart to those who wish to speak with your mind Michael. Reverence and justice are the keys to unlock the love that is held within your spirit. There may come a time when you will recall the many blessings awarded to you, but the greatest blessing of all is to work within the light, with a true and honest heart and belief that life ever after exists for all. I sat there giving my readings, I called them out before me when I sat on the stage of life. As a woman of mediocre means I was privileged to sit with him, my husband, who followed me shortly after. We reside now with our John, you know of his name. I am pleased to see you recognised the teachings I tried to get across in life, scripts. God bless you, follow the path of the light, others will follow in your footsteps for you are one of many in this pattern of life.

Creatures of the earth we call upon you to recoil from your nature. We interrupted your broadcast as we have need to create a peace. Solitude has become our friend. Your ignorance of us (Note: on the recording there is a humming noise the background during much of this paragraph, almost like a distant helicopter!) Do not despair, do not fear that of alien life. We feel your desperation to shield yourself from those whom you regard as negative. (author’s note, I felt this was threatening but I continued) In all, words will be pleasing to your mind, but respect our wishes as we insist that your men of life do not react in a manner regretful! Hmmm, they will know of this conversation, but tell them their focus is lost in the explosion. They will understand.

Complete your tasks as required. God bless, good evening.

Hmmm, do not fear them, they mean no harm to your population. You see within your minds eye the flower of the lavender, this will give you encouragement. Many words are spoken this evening, tragically many suffer within the minutes of the hour. I am the flower of the light, your humble companion. You know me as the flower of love, do not disappoint those who look to her of the Lily. Your concerns are great son, my child. Not all words are kind, but they are necessary to bring focus, which is commendable as you sit within the light. Rest now and know our purpose and will, will be our fortitude in love, there are many.

How the mighty fall, I should know, I am Commodus, ruler of many in my time. Ah,I once sat on the throne of Rome, declaring that my thoughts and actions should be obeyed by those of the lower classes. Hm, I was a man of intolerance, my strength grew as I fed my ego. Why, I was the man the master and ruler of all who came before me. I come before you in a manner of love Michael. You were of the Roman nation you know, you followed my orders, mmm, and you perished. I surrender my love to you, hmmm, my power was my weakness of mind. They torment me my days of intolerance, I now have the power of the light within me, the master of joy gave me blessings. May I bestow upon you my thoughts in the days to come. Power is but an illusion of the man of mind, does not respect the thoughts of the light as it is all consuming as the greed grows and the strength of mind denies the logical side of life. You become embroiled in darkness. Rome fell, many other nations will fall, for unless you know the light and loving, you cannot sustain power and greed. Your men of intolerance who rule your world of business, will learn this lesson in the downfall of your economy. How the mighty fall before the blade of truth. Commodus I was, with a heart now filled with sadness. Have my thoughts to inspire those. Begin a life of love and not ignorance, my Roman tongue would be strange.
(NOTE: The Channel at this point attempted to repeat the words in his mind but was unable to understand – sounds like: pen, intuatus x se Assisi, aromaximus deity.)

Claudius Roiaximus Maximus, men of Trojans we served you.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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