13-09-16 Trevor Howard, Churchill, Einstein etc

13th September 2016

(NOTE: We have left this message without comments or notes.  For much of it the meaning will be obvious, other parts, if true will make truth seem stranger than fiction.  We leave it ‘out there’ for potential verification. )

Your thoughts intercede with our actions Michael.

Beware those who watch warily from the side lines at the scriptures you write, for they know the truth therein. Do not be ashamed of who you are and the purpose that has been brought to you by the angels of the light.

Many requests have been heard by us from your followers, asking for messages of peace and love. They scream out, “May we have a visit from our loved ones.”

Dawn, wishes a word to her parents, she was a beloved child to those missionaries of love. She constantly sits by their side as they ask, ‘Are you alright dear, are you comfortable, are you free from the agonies of life and the pressures that brought you to your end?” Well she will speak in her own time to her beloved parents of her best wishes and love sent through the ether of spirit and life.

Mother, who cries by her bedside, crumbles to her knees and asks forgiveness for unnecessary things. She is aware of the many pressures set about you, but she would like you to know that your generosity and love were a welcome gift in her short life of being. She completely obliterates those memories of bitter times where she tries to grasp the situation that was set before her. So sad these tears and yet so unnecessary as the Father in heaven welcomes all with open arms. New beginnings they will find in the dawn of the light. Rest assured my dears and Arthur knows that there is peace at the end of the tunnel, a beloved light that envelopes though some will such troubled times.

Merriment, will bring forth joy in your forthcoming events.

Grossly negligent view of life will be heard, those of intolerance as they attempt to deceive you of their notions. We are aware that you are a target for emotions, but be strong my boy, be fair with those who would ask questions of you, of tolerance and most of all with an open heart of love. Stretch out your arms and welcome those of the many nations who will speculate on the words of wisdom within your books.

Comparatively you are a toddler, filled with emotion, ignorant of what goes on around you, but you are sure in your heart of the resurrection of the Lord. Be not afraid as we instil memories within your mind. Focus upon the light that guides your hand with strength and valour to bring purpose to all. Lead your nations in love my son, not in panic or disarray. For the strength will find you with an open heart and the rewards will be vast.

Many ask questions of you, about your integrity and your loyalty to the words that you follow and give them in script. Let them know that if they have doubt within their hearts, then they should let go their dark emotions and be open to the possibilities of the realms of spirit. Too many times we have witnessed those of the negative shut their eyes to the masters words, they cannot see that there is a way, a path to resurrect the beauty that once shone in your world of light.

We come as an army of the light to bring peace to the many millions who suffer at the hands of tyrants. Their misery is heard and felt with such emotion, their crime is simply living. They are no consequence to the men in power, other that something that stands in their way. Their negativity will become obvious before the dusk of the beginning of the new day.

Say what you will about others, but do not despise those who bring the Masters words to you. Trust is a matter of the heart, given to those who would open their eyes to see the truth that shines within.

Tormented hearts filled with joy as the many celebrate in enormous gratitude as the armies of the north recede. They bring about a jubilant joy of relief. Commanders sacrifice themselves before the Lord as they will not devastate the Earth through policy. Become one with your hearts and minds, have a will and power of strength to resist the measures set against you, as the masters dictate their words.

Do not allow their fragmented hearts to bring misery upon the millions of the nations of mother earth.

Contentment of heart will be required to observe a nation of mourning. She is come before us. Hilary, her heart and soul was her gratitude to those who supported her cause. She suffered many indignities as she followed a path of disgrace. Hopefully she will begin a new practice of love. Your men hide the truth of the matter before your screens. She cries with dissatisfaction at the manner of her death. But who are we to dictate the manner by which you pass.

Welcome those who desire peace without arms deals or indignation set upon those of a nation of love.

Frequently we ask you to listen to our words with a hope that man will listen to the meanings within. We constitute a magnitude of peace, we can offer those who bring a negative response with their actions of intolerance, but to those who carry the torch of light. Rest assured that your armies of the light will triumph with a magnitude of degrees, never seen before.

We seed your mind with love and thoughts, and as the seeds fall on the ground, some will grow, some will falter, but those that grow will become multitudes, those that fall on stony ground are but a few. In the light they will grow out in the darkness therein.

We are ever hopeful of a satisfactory conclusion to our negotiations with those of the Pope. Their congregations have become widespread throughout your world, their dissatisfaction with the laws set against them will become apparent as the mainstream will rebel in the coming conference of the Lord. They argue, to and fro of the meaning and purpose of the books held within the vaults of the sanctuary of ? they do not wish for the general public to observe the words of truth that lay within. We will impart a portion of importance. It reads that the sanctity of man who rests his head upon the pillow of love will reap the rewards of the master who comes before the new day, the date of which will become general knowledge, for this date is forthcoming.

Be prepared for a new biblical proportional era.

The book tells of the men who would picket the lines of the church. Congress will argue as to the rights and wrongs of their doings. They will come before the multitudes, who respect their wishes as indignations grows against them.

In the book of love, the words are spoken of a great rebellion within the Catholic Church, the Pope will be the master of the heart. His name will resound for many years following his passing, for he is one of gracious love and great wisdom and his words will muster the many armies of that religion and they will force the hand that holds them back.

The Irish communities of that States of America, will predominately ignite a storm as the words that are dictated by him. Never doubt that our thoughts are linked in ways in a manner of the lord. Cast your mind out of doubt, for we are the ones to assist in your reform of planetary love. Come before us with gratitude in your hearts for love and joy given and the blessings of the many, who outweigh those of the dark.

Surrender your thoughts of love my son, for they are a passion upon which you will build. Never doubt your abilities that you possess within. Your mind begins to open to the possibilities you never thought possible. Teach your mind to be aware of those positive things that you are capable of. Do not deny yourself the right to be heard within the nations of men, for their policies will denounce such mortal beings as being insane. But who are the insane ones? Is it the man who speaks of peace, or the man who speaks of war and tyranny against his fellow brothers? No, it is the man of love who will triumph the adversity of the hate within the establishment.

Give your heart freely my son, they are willing to hear our words as they are mysterious to so many of the nations. We are the Arcturians who speak of many things to come. We mean your nations no harm, we respect your will in life of freedom. Hmm. Combat your minds of fear, for we are the extra terrestrials of love, not hate. We will show our hand in a mighty blow, a strike of significance against those who would cause us indignities. Those satellites of Saturn will cease to function, you will not understand why. Your technology is weak. We will not compromise your minds will of peace, but to those who would fill the heavens to demolish countries, they will feel our wrath. They speculate our moves, but they cannot defeat our will.

Thomas, given by your hand, we have come, we are not afraid of him for he is a man of good will.

We have your satellite you will be astounded to hear, news will leak, but denial will be rife. Nevertheless, we know that you have troublesome times indeed.

There is a practice of love, is denied. The peoples have a right to demand responsibility from those who would degrade their existence. Trumpets will sound, whistles will blow, in thoughts of those who protest against those of ill will, who shout and scream in a manner disrespectful of your masters.

Disasters will ensue as they attempt to put down the discontentment of the hearts of those of the Earth. Tremendous amounts of will and courage will be required for those demonstrators as they embark upon a journey of love. Bring those to look out for their crimes against mother earth in the seasons to come. There will be joyous raptures as they begin to understand the pipeline will not proceed. Their voices will be heard amongst the men on high, who do not wish to make a scene. But beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing, she will demolish their hopes and saturate their dreams with much indignation. The spirit of the plains will weep to see his people trampled upon once more by those who swamp the nations that once belonged to others. The warriors of past will come to sweep away the fears held by their people, for they know much happiness is to come, as their dreams are swept away by those of irresponsibility. How will it end, we can only but speculate, but end it will.

She was once a secretary of state. Her will was strong as a horse, she navigated the corridors of parliament with a will in mind, a woman determined to have her voice heard. She corrupted her mind in a masquerade of intelligences, she forfeited the light to become a master of the people.  (NOTE: We wonder if parts of the message are muddled, could this belong with the section about Hilary – we wonder that truth may sound stranger than fiction if elements of this transcript are accurate.)

Triumphant whispers will be heard and sounded in those places on the plains.

Tasked you will be, as your heart aches for those nations who suffer at the hands of him who will wheel that monstrous machine, for he has no heart, no mind or stability. Nevertheless, he will become a monster and tyrant who will wash away those he feels are interrupted the will of his nation.

Tigers will roar, but in the jungles of life. She saturates their minds with nonsensical excuses. Here we are once more, listening to the rhetoric of those who dispel the hearts of doubt, behold your name will become a measure of her will. Hope springs eternal, is a phrase that is well equipped to suit this situation.

Never let your mind doubt the practices of love that dwell within your minds thoughts.

You have come once before as a man of immense strength and power. You used to defeat the opposition in their circles and dreams. The masses would gather calling your name, Brutus. Julius Caesar, he was known for his ferocity and his roar of discontent to those who would not kneel before him. How would you not know that your future path would be of a tyrant. You are but a simple man now, those days are past when “Hail Julius!” was heard in the auditoriums of the circus. Still your strength lies within as a man of the light to hold up his battle shield and cry for freedom. Yoke this strength that is within Michael. Your bodice is different, you wear the clothes as man, you are no longer a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but a lamb of the light.

Share your knowledge and your wisdom from within as you speculate upon your being, you know your strengths, your power and your weaknesses, you have learnt many lessons throughout time, you have won battles of the mind and body to become the man that you are. We hear you say, “This is not about me.” But we say this, all that you are, is what you are, never be ashamed, that tower of strength is held within. Your sins of those days are past, you walk the path of light to guide others with strength and fortitude, in fervent hope that peace will reign once more within the world of man and that Mother Earth will breathe once more the clean air that she once did.

Times are changing, the powers to be will lose their grip as the nations see the indignations committed against them. The loved ones lost through greed and power will no longer be tolerated as an outcry of immense proportions will be heard. Bring their minds to peace, help them to be inspired by the Lord with the words of truth. He forgets the man that you are and once were.

Valerie has come before to bear witness to many things, of possibilities within lives and in the different realms. She is witness to the sacrifice of love. Her heart is a haven for those who require peace of mind. She has fortitude and strength within her being. She has assisted many as the nightingale as it sits with the lark of the dawn chorus. Her husband, he has immense strength within his soul. He was once a man of generosity and fortitude. He is also unaware of his past being. He was a creator of much ability, he bore the name of a man with fortitude in his heart. Cast no doubts upon practices of love which they express. They ask no favours other than to bring peace to those who have passed this life and are but lost. Valerie, she would like to know the many things that Bruce was responsible for, he was a creative man who designed many things of your modern day. “Within the light”, will give you a clue, ha! He was a fortunate man to have expressed his views to the nations of the time through his powers of mind. Ah, we hear, you ask for his name, would it be wise to know this? We will consult. Valerie, you must excuse expressions of you, for we have many who would bear witness to your loving soul, you were a sister of mercy to which they came, you were a nun of ancient times. Carlas ….. ?

Aye, the pipers that blew as we marched upon the hills in the highlands of our homeland. Angus McShee, he remembers well those times of the clans who fought for freedom from your kind.

He’s proud that a daughter of his should have been welcomed by the ways of the Lord, for she of Rose knows her name, her past is vague, but her Nanna sings her songs of praise to her. The Rose of Tralee.

Tremendous amounts of accounts of our torturous battles. The Clans rose, raised the shields against the might of the English as they bore down from the hills above, we were defined our clansmen, we screamed and hollered, shouting indignations of insults upon them as they rushed towards us, banners raised, horses galloping. Our weakness was in our strength of numbers, but did we fight, a battle not to be forgotten. Win she will be remembered, heartlands. We cannot express our contempt of those who would banish our homes for their need of domination.

Limbs were lost, arms flayed, the stench of blood was intolerable, trampled upon those who had fallen at our feet. What a squalid terrible affair. Ah, the roar we cried as our triumph became obvious, but what of the massacre as many souls bore the brunt of our blades. What could be said for their courage, men of England went to the blade, their hearts bled on the point. Praise be to God we say as our salvation set us free from the tyranny of those of England. Strange irony, ha! As I speak through this man of England, he is a channel by which I must use. We suffered greatly as we passed to the other side of the bridge of understanding the atrocities we had languished on those men of war, we were victims of our own pride. Can we express our sorrow for such actions. Many will fall before the new dawn of the new day. We will watch and respect those who fight in the evening. Pride in yourselves, fight for freedom and liberty, we watch and despair at those who will fall before the blade once more. Carnage is a terrible thing and should not be employed as a method by which freedom is sought.

Desperate times.

Once more my friends I get to talk upon the stage of life, you know me as Trevor. My words are of speeches and phrases written by men of times past. Your knowledge of me has become apparent. I worked upon the stage of life to bring amusement to man in the planes and seas of your globe. I fought in a war, little known by many in my time. I also acted out in peace of my mind, my outlet was the stage of life. Bernie she adopted me, gradually became the man I am. I cried and wept upon the stage for many during my performances. Little did they know the tears I wept were for tragic times within my life. Oh yes, I seemed to be a man of strength, standing there, speaking my words to the many who sat before me with expressions of love and joy, sadness and the Kings of Doom whom I portrayed, Charles sat beside me as I donned my robes to walk out as the king of misgivings. Spoke my lines from my heart. I donned my shield many times to hold back the memories of those awful times, to see my mates fall before me in that war. Trevor I was, a performer of life upon the stage of life. Hidden were many things, secrets held within my life. My daughter, she has focus in the books, she has my talent of theatrical. Its a shame, such as us are seldom seen beyond the screen, that silver screen where dreams are made and broken and the clowns of life will unmask themselves to become a fearsome.

My plays were not heard, well, I was an actor of renown, I dabbled, frequently unheard, but some with a knowledge of my writing would kindly oblige. Thomas a Becket I played, you have mentioned him before. You didn’t realise who it was who commanded the performance. I played many roles, many kings, many of sadness. I was a performer upon the stage of life. Your keen eye will represent many, your weakness is your inability to see your own strengths. Combat your fears my boy, stage fright is nothing but an illusion of the mind. I always suffered greatly, it is not well known. I beg of you to inspire others upon the stage of life as King Lear was crowned a man of many seasons, mmm, how I miss those times, jolly times. I hear the bell, I must leave. Blessings upon you for your ability. Charge I say!

Tobacco road, tuberculosis, you felt my pain. Smoke they said, will bring you joy, hmm, so I did. It brought me pain and sorrow, I regretted the day that tobacco became the word of pain. Those companies, players of many deaths will rue the day they told us pipe tobacco was safe, humph, lot of good that did me! Albert you call me. Hahaha, yes! Einstein is in your mind. A man of great intelligence they say, ha! How intelligent is a man who would listen to the men of those tobacco people. I smoked a pipe, the symbol of my being. My one regret is that I, Einstein could not express my fortitude. My theory of relativity is well known, my passing is least known. As luck would have it they came to me with an expression of love. I played a part of such awful times, I cannot deceive myself that I was merely a player and they were men. My thoughts brought indignations upon me, my fellow men. I am Albert Einstein, the man behind many explosions.

Trinity College, the masters room, ha, many times I spent in there making my excuses for my intolerable behaviour. Hmm, you know me Michael, I was a man who would not be ordered by anybody. I had a natural ability to withstand punishment dished out by the masters of that college, they knew my name, “Winston!” they called, pah! They called me and demanded me their adulation. Boy I was, grown to the man, changed the course of time, do I wonder I was a most indignant young man, my youth of officer and gentleman of the British Army, a Cavalryman, I sat there upon my horse, proud to be British, “I’ll show the fuzzy wuzzy’s a thing or two.” The strength of my hands, the romance in those times egged them on to many hopes and dreams. My ancestral home was paramount in my mind. I miss it so, I seldom go back. Many times as a boy within that palace, I would lose myself, they would call my name and search me out, but I hid well within the walls of that palace, hahaha hoho! If only they knew! My hidden treasures, still there to this day. Well, what do they know. Of the hand of steely courage, a hidden place to be discovered, emblems of my state. The palace is gone and I am no more on the spirit of man.

Jameson was my friend.

Come now Michael, open your heart and mind to steely courage needed to exploit your mind, thoughts of an Englishman, that of the lion within. God Bless and Amen.

Matron of life wishes a word to bring peace and encouragement to all who all who walk upon the face of the earth. Acknowledge one another as a fellow spirit. Combine your thoughts of love and shower them upon the people who experience many terrible dark days. You who work in the wake of light must display your courage with fortitude. Become those, the torch bearers of life, so those who have a will, will follow to the kingdom of heaven. Mary the mother of Jesus is will you all as your problematic lives become lives of adversity. Trouble your hearts not my children, for as a mother I will comfort you in the face of dictatorship. I will fold my arms around you as you speak the words.

Fireballs from hell will fall, they will disperse in the heavens. Star ships will gather to ignite a storm of love and fellowship. Be not afraid, for we are here, as masters of the beings of earth. We are the guardians who bring about a purpose of peace to reunite your nations in a manner respectful of him upon high. Trouble your minds not as to the rights and wrongs of life, for guidance will be given to those who open their hearts and minds to the aspirations of the Lord. Bring not with you your fears or condemnation of others, but have love in your heart and forgiveness within your soul. We are the angels of the light who will bring the new dawn of the day, a focus of love and the memories of those who you deemed lost. Share in our glory to shine the light of the lord across the lands of the Earth. Illuminate those dark areas with the light of love of the Lord on high. Amen.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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