18-09-16 Potential Interruption of our Internet, Freedom of the Press etc

18th September 2016

Nathan was a purposeful man in his time, he was followed by the many of his age as their light shone upon his brow so he took it upon himself to become the master of ceremonies. His thoughts grew. The words of ignorance as he became embroiled in his own importance and magnificence, we cannot permit such things. As men of the Earth you must bow down to the Lord of mercies, proclaim his name as the master of all on earth and in the heavens above.

We bring you messages of joy this evening, phrases and paragraphs to enlighten your minds we raise the curtain that envelops your world at this time. Speak to those of like minds, let them know our words and that they should spread them for the good of all. We speak from a heart of love, loyal devotion to our Lord, our father in heaven. We praise those who follow the path of light to become worshippers of the Lord and to know his brilliance, his masterful strokes upon those lives in your world.

It is with sadness that we should speak of many things of man’s demise, for there has to come a time for all of ignorance to be enlightened by the words of the Lord. Temper your minds of his harshness, but with a joyous heart to openly accept his words as that of the Lord Almighty. Bargain with no one, your faith and trust in him. For your loyalty will bring rewards to your earthly bound soul. Navigate your minds to a practice of love, to be sincere with yourself and others and for those who have mistrust, gently nurture their thoughts and persuade them of their need to open their hearts and minds to all possibilities within the realms of spirit.

Greetings Michael, we are those of the light who bring messages of words, love and wisdom to your families upon earth. We cannot presume to reach all who read the words, as there are many who will not have heard. As their hearts and minds are focused upon the living and the struggle to survive these dark times upon your earth. We of the light are there to guide and help mankind to a better way of living. We once roamed your earth in multitudes, we had practice of love for each other as we walked and sang his praises upon the Gardens of Eden.

You know of our purpose and why we have come, to spread the word of the Lord to those heathens who will not listen. Despite their ignorance there must come a time of awakening, when his purpose is to be heard. Help them to escape their bonds of ignorance and issue them with a statement of love from those of the light. Come one and all to join in merriment offered to their once of “The One” whose time has come before and was ended so abruptly. But his peace of heart lived on through the ages and centuries of your life, now it’s has come to a point that he must return to bring servitude to those who would practice their ill gotten ways.

No one can be forced to see the light, but it can be presented to them for their choice with a measure of love to be given an acceptance. We are the Angels of the light, the Lord has sent from on high. Be not afraid as we speak our words of wisdom through this man. It has been many times spoken that the Lord Jesus was just a man. Why cannot all seem to understand that his purpose was genuine love for the people of Earth. He made a promise to the Lord to bring salvation to mankind, but mankind turned upon him and bit the hand that fed them. He was astonished to know that his fate of doom would be issued by the very people that worshipped him, but still, even in that betrayal his mind was not of hate but of love for those, despite their misgivings.

Tonight we must issue a warning, a statement, that your hearts must endure pain once more before his coming. Open your hearts and minds to the possibilities of love everlasting within his name. She has not been received despite her many callings. Ambassadors of life we are.

Thomas a Becket, spoken of once before as a greedy man, a man of possession. His world revolved around a frantic array of misgivings. His promises to uphold the law of God were lost in his need for gold. He was a poor man of faith, mistrust was his soul and his salvation was that heart that beat within. He comes now with words of wisdom for you to focus upon tonight. “I am that I am and no more, I was a man impoverished by hate, love and greed. My purpose was tenfold to the many populations that walked beneath me. My heart was humbled by him on high as I came to the world of spirit, for I never understood the words written and their true meaning of love. I was a poor man in the ways of life, but my ignorance grew to many things. I hid away my heart in pursuance of riches and gold. I am a humble man now, one who has learnt the lesson that time gives. Tremendous amounts of skill will be required by those of equivalent positions within your time, for they are ignorant of their wrongdoing. They think that their lives are all that matters, how wrong can they be! They do not respect the lives of those who walk beneath them in the streets of London, Paris or Rome. Those who struggle to survive their lives with mediocre finances and little possession”.

Look to the streets of your cities and see those in need, those impoverished people of your earth that are neglected and walked upon by those of status. Soon her politics blend, she must come to a conclusion at her time as Prime Minister is all but done. Your country is in disarray filled with malpractice, punctuated by greed and wealth. Those men of greed have no care for they will see that your England is but a place of indignity. They have allowed the situation to grow unabated by their laws. Though man has freedom to walk the earth and live man, he does not have freedom to do as he pleases and bring racism, fear and dishonour to others.

Your countries have borders within many states and regions of the lands, some are closed to the many, some are open to the few. Still your lessons are not learnt, that the Earth is given to all, but your leadership causes aspects of hate. They despise those who call themselves refugees, as being scoundrels, scroungers of the state. Despite this they welcome them unabated as the evil within them spreads and nurtures others to a path of the dark. Don’t become one of those who instinctively hates, because one man is not as the other. Your knowledge is great of the world of spirit, greater than you can imagine, but your problems and circumstances upon the earth are widespread and it will be necessary to begin a new time, a new season as all must change. Do not be frightened by these words of love, that sound of terror. We need to have your trust in the knowledge that in the cleansing will become a new time of peace and harmony, when men will work together once more to support his families is with love, not be reliant upon the resources of Earth, for which there are now little. The poisons of mother Earth must stop, the negativity of man must be issued with a purpose of love, for you are but a creature of the earth no more different than the lion who walks the jungles and the plains of Africa.

Many think themselves above all creatures upon the earth, how little do you know of the intelligence that walks beneath your feet. Who are the insects? Those creatures beneath your feet, for you yourselves who infest, decay and destroy in your path are the locusts of man it can be said. Harsh words with the temperament of love, but how else do we get your attention to focus upon the needs beyond your own selfish ways.

We come this evening with a matter of concern for all as they prepare for war. Your Masters they deny you access to information that should be made public, for their greed is astounding. They do not know when to stop and what is enough. They have targeted many countries for terrorist acts in the hope that these would have need to buy arms and protection, to isolate themselves from the evil deeds of others. Who orchestrates these terrible things? Men of plenty, who have need of many things which in truth have no value. For what man takes is deeds and his cash beyond this life! The richest men of all are those who leave behind a passion for peace and love, they carry their riches with them, which far exceeds your material needs.

Come before us with a focus of love and obedience to the Lord, your father in heaven.

“Trust in me”, says the Lord and so you should, as he grants you peace in the hereafter after regardless of who you are.

Circumstances have become apparent to the world press that all things are not as they should be, they broadcast between themselves statements that should be issued but are withheld by those who would have need of silence. Their hands are tied by the wicked, who would deny them the freedom of the press. Frustration grows as the Internet proclaims many things that cannot be said by the media of your world. Hmm, this will not be allowed to continue as these men will put a stop to the many things upon your Internet. There will be a breakdown of services and you will speculate that the aliens have destroyed the satellites. But who is it who can gain from this quiet, truly it is not us, the beings of other worlds, the Arcturians. It is man himself who gains from this silence to put a stop to speculation that would thwart his efforts. What a terrible place your earth has become. It is doomed to a life of misery, but like all who oppress others there will come a point when men will exercise his right to be free, to be masters of his own life and not controlled by the puppet-master.

You speak of many things with Valerie in regards to whether or not to publish certain comments. You should not be frightened, as love will reign supreme. Have faith and trust in our words of wisdom, as they will defend you from others who would obligingly give you cause for concern. Hmm.

Tremendous amounts of pressure will be required to release the vacuum apparent within the Earth. She will shake with a ferocity not known before. Your earth is a fragile living creature and as the youth erupts spots, so the earth erupts her acne upon you. Aww, we use the words of your mind, you know what we speak. The pressure is below the surface cannot be withheld for the fractures of the earth, do not be misguided by those who would sacrifice your lives for their wealth, for these fractures will spread, the crust will shatter if you do not heed the warnings. You cannot crack an egg shell without it leaking, nor can you crack the earth without the consequences to follow, for she will spew her lava to cleanse herself of the impurities that have weakened her walls. You only have yourselves to blame. Concern yourselves not with the wrath of God, for this has nothing to do with it, this is to do with your ignorance and the men of greed. You ask how do we stop such tyrants from dominating our lives? In truth it will be a difficult task that can only succeed through love, not war, not aggression, but love and teachings from him on high. Many will observe that the words given are deliberately religious based, well, we are spirit, what else would you expect from us?

Companies of men will reject the proposals as he prepares to call it a day. Jackson was a man, a president, a noble being of your race. He sat upon his seat of power in awe of the possibilities open to him. He had a reasonable heart, his mind was of great focus within his time. The speeches, his pledges, were broken many times by the pressures of dominance of others. Their statutory rights are outdated. They must resume a life of honour, like the birds of a feather that flock together, they must bring peace by the multitudes.

I have nothing more to say but to give you God blessing and praise.

I am Gilbert, a speech maker for the House of the Lord. I was a brother, a monk, I greeted within my house of love those of the poor and impoverished. They found sanctuary within the righteous brotherhood that was created within the monastery walls. The circus of Rome reigned supreme upon the world, as I was a monk of love, in great demand. Latin was my language of choice. I cannot presume to understand your modern ways, but I see a deliverance coming for the impoverished of your world. My Latin tongue has no words but to say, Emporium lectus.
(NOTE: roughly translated: Eemporium:- market place. Lectus:- chosen/selected)
Your mind does not comprehend, allow my staff to guide you my son. Become immersed with love and light and know his words. Sanctuary can be gained with a Christian heart. Your communities of your world have been issued with fair warning by the brothers of love. Many have come before us in times past, in ignorance of their ways. How is it you have not learnt those many practices of the book of love. I stand here before you this evening, with great respect for your need of courage to bring baptism to the world in a pool of love and light. John was once known for his voice and language of love to the Lord, he blessed the one Jesus, with a heart full of light and love. I was once a brother of the monastery that sat upon high of the Mount, we overlooked the seas and saw the tide of, hmm, hate rise. We strove to bring our strength to those through our wisdom of the words of the Lord in a common practice of love, that they ascended the hill disrespecting the promises of our Lord. They tore down the walls that bore witness to so much love and wisdom. The brotherhood was banished with shame upon their brows. Their physical was indeed truly beaten, but their spirit was strong with their love.

Gather round your people, as the spokes of a wheel to centre around the hub of life. Those on the far reaches of the circumference must be drawn in to give strength to their love. A spirit of love has come at a time when many fear for their very existence. Bring them a love of the master.

Mary responds to your calls. Welcome her my son, as she is Magdalene, the heart and soul of Jesus. She once knew his love as a man of faith who forgave her of her sins. She became witness to his miraculous ways in aspects of him. We can say this, that as he forgave that woman so his forgiveness will reach to those who deem him the Lord upon high.

I am James, the one who calls your name from beyond. Your call has been at my son, I tread with you upon the path of life to bring joy to others. Your task is much, my thoughts are with you as I bring you news of joyous times ahead. Many of interest will walk the path by your side, they will respect the wisdom carried within the words in the book of love. You once were a man of ignorance, but you saw the light, you followed the path to right a wrong. Now lead others in that same path, they will think of you as being one of as being one of the righteous nature but you are merely a man. You know in your heart that you will deny your ability to others that you have a connection, but you cannot hide the truth to those that would see. Never advance above your station my son, you are a man on an honourable path to follow, you will lead many to salvation through the words of the writings, you know they are not of your words but from the heart of spirit. Do not flay yourself with fears of ego, for your practice of love, we are aware of your humble being in your practice to assist man in ways of the Lord. Combat your fears my child, for we do not feel that you neglect the trust given.

Oh happy days, oh happy days. When Jesus walked, ha, a song of love, sang by a man of innocence. Maybe! For those words were inspired from those of beyond as he meditated with his sitar. Ah, George, you know his name, Harrison. His life was terminated with an illness of pain. He worshipped others, not realising that in truth it was of God. Harry Krishna was he called. An alternative religion you might think, but nonetheless, regardless of your naming, worship of the Lord will take many forms, many practices and as long as that heart is true to the words of love, then what matter a name. He came within anguish, a need of love, his song rose the many spirits of man. Combat your fears my son, of the evils of your world. For you live in a time of choosing when the negativity is high, but the blossom of truth will open to the hearts and minds of man.

As negotiations fail in the Geneva conference, a reckoning will come to all who have mistrusted and mistreated those of their responsibility. Leaders are not chosen by man, but are placed with purpose to bring outcomes of peace and those who choose the negative practices, should be aware that their sins are worst of all. Promises made should be kept and not pardoned by the rules of man.

Welcome Peter, bless you my son. Your purpose has become focused to many as we sit and speak tonight, it has been awhile since we spoke as many have given their thoughts and purposes to you. Have an open heart, a forgiving mind, a practice of love to those who wish peace. I am Peter, the one who sits before the Lord. I come this evening with pleasurable words of joy and comfort to all, to let them know that their many loved ones reside in a place of love. You all have purpose in heaven’s eyes, some will fall, but most will receive the blessings. Give thanks for your lives as they bring you many gifts of knowledge. Some suffer greatly in your world, impoverished, beaten, slain, starved and imprisoned. So many awful things to witness to allow their spirit to move on. You were no different, you were a man of slaughter my son, you put fear into the hearts of many, enslaved by their weapons. Their hunger for bloodlust is well documented upon your earth and well noted in the heavens. Hmmm, you have liaised with one in particular many times my son, this is no accident he is there for your strength. She is there for your tolerance, as I am here for your brethren. Trust in the Lord and allow him your lions heart to face those of ridicule. Encompass your lives, be not afraid my son. Forbearance is a word that means to trust, complete your missions and be aware of his love. Many will scorn you as being a con artist, a man to be mistrusted, oh, how mistaken will they be when they have to eat their words upon their arrival on the side of life, but we shall not concern ourselves with them other than to say them, open your hearts and minds my sons and daughters, allow your mind to be free and open to possibilities far beyond your aspects of life. Don’t be sheltered and shuttered in by those of greed and domination who would hold your lives with fear, for there are no chains or prisons that can hold your spirit of love.

The dark ones await expectedly for the demise of man, but still the light shines and it will grow. For as long as there are those of the light, then the light will not be extinguished. We need to feed the flame of love, allow it to grow, for flames will consume all in good time with a measure of love. We wish you good fortune in life, not in aspects of material pleasures, but in that of love.

Teachers of the world unite. Within your circles of love you must emit radiation of love to others. Common practice of man should be upheld within the light and love of heaven. Be not afraid of the dark that surround your lives, have faith and trust in him upon high. To those of the light I say this, complete your missions of life with love and your tasks with beauty in your hearts, enlighten the minds of those of the negative.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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