22-09-16 Merlin, Churchill, Pamela, NASA, Butterflies and Bees etc

22nd September 2016

As we sit with you this evening have a thought for those in anguish at this time, for their peril is great, their need is enormous of the love of mankind. Many notions of war are but a feeble excuse to combat fear. Ring out the changes, let them know that your love encompasses the regions of the earth.

We are masters of the light who wish to help you come to terms with the situation developing in the Nigeria of your world. It stems from their the evil of money that funds those of intolerance.

Blessed is he who walks the light of the Lord, for he is the one who will shine most brightly in the coming of the dawn. We the Angels, will be there to guide those who succumb to his fortune within the terrors of your world. Be not afraid of us, but welcome us into your hearts and homes, for we are the love and joy of the master in heaven, we bring no bargaining chips, for we are the masters of light who will dominate the presence of man.

More often than not man’s reckoning will be of recompense, for he has many delusions of life and how it should be lived. You run without a care as you consider yourselves to be immortal. Let us say this, that your fertile imaginations will bring about no reward in the hereafter.

We gather once more with the light to help you inspire others to follow the path of the Lord, to bring them to an acceptance of worship. Why be ashamed to worship the one that gives you life, he is a part of you as you are a part of him. Let it be known to the world that we will no longer tolerate the wisdom of your beings. You have stepped across the line with a massacre of innocents and children, your heart weeps for them Michael, but weep for them know more for they are in heaven. Punishment will be given where it is due, and those men who wage war in Syria will soon come to know that their meagre lives have no meaning and their cruelty and behaviour will not be tolerated, for they must reconcile their differences with the Angels of the light.

They will not conquer the hearts of those who believeth in him and brings his love in all aspects of light.

You are all truly immersed in an awful situation of your own doing. You never learnt to live with one another in peace and harmony, arguing over what? Possessions, money, land? For what good do these do you? They serve a purpose to some, but the greed of others will not have a care as they trample on the feet of those their fellow man, their neighbours. We have said once before, what do you expect a gain from your meagre possessions, they have no gravity where we are, they are but an illusion of man. Brought to be by the concept of their minds. The true purpose of man and desires of men have been lost in the battle against evil.

Those tyrants they call leaders of man, withstand a tremendous amount of ill will towards them, but it will be nothing compared to the ill will that will be felt on their passing. Their purpose has not been fulfilled, they do not complete their missions given, their pattern of life is distorted by the face of greed. When will they learn that only the truth that shines in the heart of the Lord and of men of the light, is the one true possession they do not have.

Never let your thoughts stray far from that of the light. When you encounter life and life becomes difficult, then shelter within the light of the Lord, do not be ashamed to call out to him and ask him for prayer of consideration. For there is no shame in asking for assistance. The only shame comes when asking for the riches of life, for that is not your task and nor is it our father’s.

Bring your minds to bear upon the newspapers of tomorrow, for there will be news of a tremendous crash which will inhibit the men of money. Ah, do they scream in the corridors of financial success, ‘How could this have been, what is happened to our savings?’ Well you call it a great loss, but in truth it will release you from your burdens. Many will take heart at their financial losses but their gains will not be realised by the many.

Destabilise your nations, so it will. Bring turbulent times for the men of the world, but those of meagre possession will gain the upper hand. For what have they to lose? Ah, nothing. Only their respect and love which they will hold onto as the men tumble from great heights. We will smile at their efforts to bring their reserves to bear, but their money is of no consequence.

Who is it that fishes the net, who is it that enters their minds with greed and avarice? They do not recognise that they have been plundered from within, for those very people they support and their investments in arms and weapons. Of utilities of your earth. Hmmm, nevertheless they would bring to bear servitude to others in their desperation for the quest of money.

They will restrict movement within the borders and regions of Serbia in an attempt to stifle free movement of man. Their borders will become inundated with those of meagre possession attempting to cross the borders for a better existence. Riots will break out, ah, tremendous amounts of pain and suffering is forecast for their children will be the brunt of it. When will men learn the world is for all? When you accept the love for one another is the only thing of value, then you will deservedly reap the benefit of your ignorance.

Commonwealth fighters have begun a task against those of indignity. Iranian forces have little, but they will need a great deal of compassion to fight those who would betray their country. Ah, lack of understanding, but just acceptance is all that is required to understand our words. Fragmented minds will come closer as they predict turmoil in the streets of Beijing. Their control of the red will unleash a tremendous amount of intolerance upon the civilians and students as they scream out for independence and social activities of the West. Their masters who rule with an iron fist will respond with careless actions with thoughtless motives, for they will not relinquish their power and hold over their citizens. There will be one who will stand up and fight for his liberties of freedom, but he will suffer for his forthright voice. God will bless him and his passing, for his manner of speech and for his courage. For many men who bring freedom to others, as through the passages of time are recognised as those freedom fighters of the Lord.

Many passions raise as turmoil hits their streets. Outrage, as he is arrested for breach of the peace and speaking against the communist regime, hmm, he is young of man, who incites unrest to bring freedom to his people’s.

Sometimes in life one has to speak the truth regardless of the consequences and the pain given. Many of your well-known teachers have suffered indignities within the walls of prisons. Mandela, he suffered greatly for his beliefs of freedom of the coloured man. He now resides with us, rests in peace, with an understanding that his purpose was great before the world. But now it is being neglected once more, as apartheid will once more rule that nation. For man only see the colour of the skin and not the spirit within.

We despair at your problems my son.

Only one with a passion of love will penetrate the dark minds of those of tyranny within your desperate planet. Mmm, they will come to assist the ET’s that surround your planet in a spectacle of love and light. The men of NASA are all too aware of their presence beyond the stars of your earth, for they wait and they wait for the time to come when their intervention will be needed most. As the gravity of the situation deepens those Arcturians will become masters of your earth to lead you to a better world. Your beliefs in the Lord are commendable but you must have faith in their leadership, be not afraid of them. Their leader will be first to arrive in the mothership, performing feats of wonder to your men.

The Australian regions of your world, in the outback beyond the eyes of man, they will base themselves creating an outpost on earth from which their possibilities will be abound. They will be unseen by man for they are shielded. They are not reckless, but a guiding light. You have conversed with one my son, he is not ready to announce his presence, but he knows and tests you, consider him a friend.

Hold your nerve as you are given many tasks to communicate with those of intolerance, they will not believe you at first but they will see the truth in the words as they are issued, published. Your thoughts of love are great for others and your focus needs to sharpen my boy. She is with you as a guiding light, hmm, you know who I speak of, the situation, but it is only in passing, she is your strength, your right arm.

Consequently your life will be better for her in the days to come, you will become reliant on each other as strength weakens your bodies. Be not afeared of age my boy, for as just an illusion, spirit never dies but will grow stronger as you come to a reasoning with the Almighty.

Bring purpose to man to have an outlook of love and light. For the many who read the transcripts will recognise the words as being true and good, for how can this man that some know bring forth such words of wisdom? He doesn’t seem the type they say. Good old Mick, the old boy, humph! Well, their love and strength is there for you, God bless them. For their knowledge and wisdom that assists you at this time, you know of who I speak. Valerie once more is mentioned and husband Kevin, the strength by which she gives. Their mutual interests in the many words spoken and their forbearance of others is an inspiration to all who should look to the light. Their are many who watch you, who also have purpose who have not become aware as yet. Give them strength in our words of encouragement, tell them that they must focus upon their minds and their wisdom. Do not be tempted by material things of fame and fortune, for that will surely divert your path. Be humble when you approach, never speaking too loud, but gently guide with wise thoughts and wisdom in your hearts.

Many go to see the mediums of your world, to interact with their loved ones who have perceivably been lost. As you know, no one is lost but just simply evolves to spirit. Those that work tirelessly upon the platforms of life are deserving of a measure of peace. Their sacrifice of time and money will be rewarded in other ways.

Circles of light will grow with a storm of love as others see a purpose within them.

Men, they hold back, hmmm “It’s not a man’s job!” Women they see better and have a more gentle approach. Be assured that all will become gentlemen of the light.
Forbearance will be needed as they cast their minds adrift to explore the regions never thought of before as being manly.

Many emotions will be felt at the sacrifice of the young ones within your Syria. Who cares of their plight, their needs? The men of Russia will enter soon to provoke a situation, we need not tell you of the gravity that this will bring. The United Nations will argue that they have no right to intervene in another man’s war, but who cares? He doesn’t. They will push the button of fear in the hearts of many, he is aware of the tender situation and plans to be another war of the people. His values of disruption will ignite a storm in the vast complexes around your world.

Be not afraid of the doom and the words spoken, hmm, for all can be avoided with a measure of love and goodwill. The common man, he possesses the power within him to change his world. A forthright voice should be spoken in numbers to illuminate the words of peace and love. Combat your fears before the many as they rise to listen to the focus that you will bring. You are just a good man, I hear you say, but your need is great. For all men who have a passion within them to carry out a purpose given by him. Some will fulfil his purpose, some will go through life never knowing, or even needing, huh, for they have a good handle on things they would say.

Many are surprised when they crossed the side of life that their minds were so closed in those days of living. What is this? Where am I they exclaim? Where have I been brought to? So many questions, if they had just open their minds within their lives to have look to the answers all around they would not be so bedazzled. Frightened are many of the new that they have become. Their misery and shame put aside for their lessons and our words as we give them once more. No man has the right to forgiveness without a meaningful purpose of love, we are the voice of those beyond your world, we are those Angels of the light who speak through this instrument of man. Be blessed in his name my children, that we focus upon the words to bring you joy and love in your world situation. For our father in heaven he watches over you all bringing peace to those with hearts of love.

Let’s us talk of the things to be, to come as your spirit enters the realm of the light. Do you imagine your scientists can understand the very essence of life with their chemicals and instruments? Ha! They have a lot to learn of us, the beings of light. We are a focus upon your bodies, we are the spirit in your souls who will bring you deliverance at the end of your bodies days.

Never let it be said that man is not a purposeful being, for he has many purposes. I am James, the deliverer of many words through the mind of this man. I once walked with the father of love, never understanding truly his purpose. He was a friend, a man of equal measure who brought the light to my eyes. He once said to me ” James my friend, never be afraid to let go your fears in the face of adversity. For there, for thou art with you, in the world of love and spirit. The mere mortals of man is but a fast, passing phase in the life of your souls being. Come with me, be a man of love and light and rise to the glory of our Lord our father. With the heavenly right to baptise those who would comst to you. Comfort those of meagre means and filled with sorrow, hear their words with a compassion of the heart and bring blessings to their lives with meaning and purpose. For thou art with you, the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost, be praised.

You are a fisherman, a fisherman of love, you Michael, must angle the words and fashion them in a manner of love. She will escort you in the days of your writing, be not afeared for her energy will surpass your mind. She has wisdom in her years to bring you knowledge of the words in the pen. Be fruitful, allow them to flow in the hand of love as your master guides your hand. She is Pamela (Kiddey), Oh she yearns to once more become a part of the words of men. She found joy in the writings as you do. Bring her justice in your love and accept her abilities as a gift. Be calm and observe, and absorb.

– – – – – – – – – –

(Pamela now speaks)
“Together Michael we will write, no fear of the words, the punctuation will come. A brief is all that’s necessary to bring about a meaningful page. Let the rhythm flow like the waters over a waterfall, for as they fall, they grow in energy and as the water hits the floor below, so it rebounds in a flurry of white mist. Mmm, we will work together a practice of love my boy. Doris Stokes is a member of a family I knew well. She rests now with her Michael, but she sends her wishes and a bouquet of flowers to all who listen and read your words, for as in life she served the Lord our father. Her head rests with her son. Ah, what a scene. I am Pamela, I will be there to assist, call my name. Bless be to you.”

– – – – – – – – –

Combat your fears of avarice my boy, for what brings multitudes, you know in your heart that giving is what matters most. Ah, time to let go and be the man you once were in those combat days, when muscle and brawn were your gift. Oh, you fought, there was no glory in this arena, spectacle of blood and fear. You have grown since, become a man of faith within your heart. What purpose did that fearsome time hold for you? You murdered and slayed many, but whose heart suffered most? You know the answer, those days are gone you are a different man, but keep that strength of heart, not for slaying the innocent, but for being powerful in mind.

Welcome Peter, you were not of noble birth in those times you were but a peasant boy brought to bear in the circus arena of those days. Marcus Aurelius (circa 161 to 180 A.D.) was your master, he tormented you in many ways, you were servant, a slave, but you grew. As you grew you learnt the many ways of the combat arena. Glory you thought, to behead a man with one swipe of your blade, to hear the crowds roar as the lions. They shouted and screamed. In your heart you knew your sorrow and the shame you had brought upon your soul. Still you thought, hummm, glory be to me. Humph. What a lesson you had to learn. As the Angels of light who have guided your hand once more from those desolate days, they are glad to see your purpose unfold.

Shield yourself from those who will harbour indignations to your words, hummm, they will think that you want the glory for yourself. Further from the truth they cannot be, we know your gentle soul and your purpose is true. Neglect not your gift my son, for it is your purpose, and yours alone to issue words of comfort to the population of Earth. You think you’ll not be heard. but have faith in us my child, you know, we know what’s best in the hearts of men.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Churchill speaks:
“Conservatively they will crush those who would shout against them on the floor of Parliament, they are the Conservatives, they have no need for upstarts. Would I be there to greet their indignation! I would give them hell my boy, humph! They look at me and think ‘Who is an old man who stands before us in defiance of the new ways’ I am the party leader, I was and am a man with much strength. Hmm, I may be a spirit my boys, have no doubt, my will exists still within the party members, hmmm. We have fought many times in the benches, in the corridors of power, hmmm, I had my time, aww, I gave them hell, hmm they did not forget me you know in a, in a hurry! When I would call to them and say I am your leader, you will follow me. Humph, ah, days are gone, I had my time, but I respect your words my boy, humph. I am here, as I know you were once a man of intolerance too, you were a warrior, a fighter, now a leader of men as I was to the many. I know war is a disgrace and brings no pleasure to anyone who has a heart and a will for peace. My Winnie, ho, what a woman! She would care for me, she knew that it was time, that big rest. Hm, I would pace the corridors of the home. Day and night, no rest hmm, I was a man not to cross. We rest now, in this heavenly place, our time done and although I bring you words in the voice of that man, know that I have changed. I’ve seen the light and the errors that I made in my life. Some aspects must be retained as we march on through our days.
What I know as good ones. What is to become of me? Well, time will tell. The halls of learning are great, my mistakes were many, I will work to resolve, repent those errors. Your sincerity is your weapon of choice my boy. You will audit a sense of love. We will focus on you once more, when the time is needed, my gratitude to my party friends for their loyalty was astounding.”

– – – – – – – – – – –

Butterflies and bees. Ah, quite the opposites. But they are both of the insect world nonetheless. One will sting and one has beauty, but both have purpose in pollination of the earth, with its fragrances and fauna. Does man really look upon these creatures and know their true purpose?

He is careless with his chemicals of war. His greed for his crops, bring down these many wonderful beings. One day, when it’s all too late you will realise what you have done, you must understand that all creatures upon the earth are reliant upon one another to survive and nurture life within your earth’s atmosphere.

You plunder her resources, devastating the bees and those that work on your behalf. You will get the sting in the tail my peoples, you will feel the pinch when the beauty that you see in that butterfly will be gone. Persecute not those smaller creatures of life that enable yours.

Old farmer Jones, a man of indignation against the creatures upon the earth that he called his. What an ignorant man. He did not understand the cycle of life and its greater purpose. I call upon you now as beings of the earth to look to your brother and sister and ask, “What is it we want from our lives, do we want a life of love or of hate?” Look to those who starve upon your earth and know that this is your doom, your creation, man’s hunger for the unnecessary things of life.

Give us your ears in your prayers and thoughts and listen to the words that we whisper in your minds when you consider things are not correct and listen to your inner selves, for those other voices are the wise ones who give you guidance. Your masters of the Earth are ignorant in their understanding. Hmm, they are foolish creatures. Time will tell.

Cry ye not for your brothers who perish but rejoice in their new beginnings, for men of the earth are intolerant creatures of the night. You live your lives shuttered and blindfolded to the true purpose of your beings. There are the few who understand and recognise and they are the majority it is fair to say, but the few who carry those indignities and overshadow those of the light in their estimations of war. Pray for peace and it will be given in ways you cannot understand or perceive, but never let your side down, as the light will continue to shine before the dark. Release your fears and become a member of the passionate of life.

– – – – – – – – – –

Focus on your minds eye, allow us in.

Merlin speaks:

“I am here. What is this I see before me but a world of dark. I have come into your being as a friend, you feel my energy, allow me to speak.

Mystics, fortune-tellers, sorcerers of life, he he he ho ho ho! What do they know of the mysteries that lay before you, hm? I was Merlin, I know many things, magical things. A figment of the imagination. Ah, little do you know of the magical things of life that will occur if you open your hearts and minds. Granted, there was misfortune in my day. Arthur, a figment of imagination you say? Ah, maybe so, but he was a man nonetheless. Admirable aspects of life we had, I was a master magician, ah, I cast my spells in ways they did not understand. The sciences? Hmm, mysteries to be observed and understood, but only in part. I knew much, but the mystery of life eluded me. Hmm, I sit now in the afterlife, surveying the scene that was. My forthright gestures to him, Majesty, were not always greeted with a customary smile. Hm, You must live your lives as intended by the Almighty. Magical spells, potions, lotions, they ah, have a place, but are illusions nonetheless. The power is within you all, within you. Continue to grow, we will speak once more. Thank you for a measure of time.”

– – – – – – – – – –

This evening was a focus be guided by your thoughts and not by your Masters of the earth. Greetings to all those who read these words.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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