27-09-16 Binary Codes, Harsh Warnings, Mother Earth, Peace Meditation, Robert Hardy etc

27th September 2016

Mercies are great of the Lord upon the peace of mind.

Tumultuous times exist within your world today. Man against man, brave against brave, with no mercy or surrender. Countless times we have witnessed such terrible events upon your earth, merciless killing, shameful behaviour and misgivings of many. Corruption that’s rife throughout the regions of your world as men clamber for the meagre resources that remain.

We have come this evening to bring a focus upon the many things of illusion of your lives. The trinkets of life that you call amusement are in fact instruments of fear and delusion.

Why do you not respect your mother at this time? She is a creature, a life-giving planet which is your host. Why do you disrespect your host by the use of chemicals in your skies and upon the surface. You poison her to extract the gases that seep within the shale. Consequences of this will be seen within the near future, hmm, as gas mains erupt with immense pressure from the shale you seek.

We are of the opinion that your planet is unworthy at this time to receive our presence. Your armies of the North dictate their end to you. They will surface in a mighty roar, that your nation’s become immune to the sanctity of the Lord.
We have never seen so much indignation as we do today upon your planet surface. You are like locusts feeding upon all the come your way. You never respect the planet that bears your life. How do you exist with such a temperament and arrogance? We have no wish to interfere or draw attention to ourselves, but we are inclined to bring about a matter of importance to trigger the emotions of man to come to the conclusion that his being is not of this earth. For you are no longer worthy the to become a member of a race of beings that watch over your planet.

We have asked once before with a measure of love for those of intolerance to bear their arms no more. But they massacre many in the wilderness of your desolate areas. The eyes of this world do not see the many that suffer at this time on the surface of your planet. We must bring your attention to a fact or two, that your species is unworthy of a life. For you have no respect for one another.

We hear you argue for those who follow the light, and your point is taken my son. It grieves us to say these things, but man’s awakening must come shortly and to those who have a practice of love and light be assured of your resurrection unto him within the light of heaven. Gloomy times, but necessary words nonetheless.

We have spoken before of the march of the men of evil, they would take the opportunity to exorcise sanctions against the poor. As those countries who suffer war of indignation, it is all very well to bring these measures against them, but you cause more misery and pain by that very act. There has to be a better way to bring their focus on a purpose of life.

They scream and shout, The Ayatollah he comes in a cloud from the seas of the sky and they clap their hands with approval and praise of him. His curtailment upon his poor people will become obvious in the spring of your years. Compel your minds to a measure of peace that this will bring in the spring, for it is a matter of concern to ask that you hear these words so that you may focus your thoughts on the spring eternal.

Trigonometry we have spoken of before, to bring you a focus of measurement of time. We need to enlighten you once more of a message to be brought to your world, and accuracy of numbers is required to achieve the required measurements. We have adorned your planet with life and it has grown wild and uncertain future now exists.

Trigonometry and biology, partners in the creation of life. For what makes numbers equal 10, 2.4 is the maximum that can be achieved in the light measurement. We have complete in measurements to avail you of our intentions on your planet of men. We do not seek pleasure from bringing about a measure of peace, hmm, but we cannot bear to witness so much destruction. You have hampered your own lives too many times before to be trusted with knowledge of beings of light. We can assure you that our words will have a measure of ridicule and will berate your societies for their disobedience, hmm. Trigonometry, a pattern of life spelt out in numbers. It is not necessary to know the facts or why we bring these estimations to you, just trust in our words and our logic is sound. You once asked for measurement of purpose using a binary code of numbers situated within your planet’s orbit. We can now ascertain a sequence for your man of knowledge.
Tell him the binary code he seeks is of ones and nil’s, the sequence begins:  x 100  (NOTE: one, zero, zero – not one hundred), 10 (NOTE: number ten – not one zero) Mark (NOTE: or mach)  9, .111, new line, 011001, equals a measure of life (NOTE: life or five, recording not clear)x 6, 01010210 x 4, new start.  The wheat is a symbol of 010111× 2, a fraction of a measurement will sound the alarms to your nations as we speak in terms of peaceful agreement.

(NOTE: Some feedback has already been received regarding part of this paragraph: verse 10, Mark chapter 9, New International Version: And he said to them, “Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see that the kingdom of God has come with power.” – the wheat is a symbol of binary ASCII 010111 = decimal 23 or “ET B” meaning “ET Be or exist”)

Be obedient to the Lord with a measure of love and ask nothing of him other than his love. For he is a tolerant being who will come before you in the very near future at the fall of man. You must have new beginnings, for life is too extreme now, too complex to conceive a new start in the existence in its present form. We must practice and begin a sequence to flavour your planet with love!

Complete and understanding is necessary to establish a truth between the nations of war. Iran will join the battle against what they see as Westerners, imbecile’s.

We see a man before us, a man before his time who has come to establish a link of possibilities within the realms of spirit. You commonly term such a being as that of an angel. His focus is upon you to tread the path of light with merriment and joy at the possibilities that are abound within your world. An establishment of light will begin shortly to announce our arrival from these.

We are sure and certain that we will be met with many indignities as they clash and grab their arms before us. We cannot submit to their demands nor their actions, but we will have our say before all who stand before us with arrogance and weapons of war.

Jerusalem fell once before in the dark ages of life, and so you must cherish your time of being my son, for Jerusalem will fall once more as we berate those of intolerance who persist in their pointless manner, bringing indignation and suffering upon the children of the world.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Martha, she calls my name from afar in the distant hills of these valleys and mountains. She brought forth a value in my life, Thomas. I cannot begin to tell you how it warmed my heart to know that she is at peace in the hills and valleys of heaven, for we worked in the valleys beneath the black hills in those small communities of Wales. Do not allow yourselves to become distant, embark upon a journey of love and peace. Those valleys are wide and treacherous to the unwary. We know of your situation within your lives of uncertainty, but sing out your hearts in a joyous course to bring back the light of love. Thomas was a man, Harding, (Hardy!) His poems of peace and love were great, warm and welcoming to those of the hills and valleys of the north-east. He sat many times before the stream of life thinking of those things of pleasure as he listened to the trickle of the stream, the whispering grass and the tinkling of water. His mind will drift far and near through the valleys and seasons, to bring his words of compassion and his own memories and experiences. Thomas Hardy encountered many issues, bereavements and unsatisfactory situations within his life, but he shone through with a measure of peace and love as he wrote his words of rhyme. Peace be upon you all, for all who seek the wisdom of the illumination. As we sit on the brow of a hill overlooking the valleys below, thought in mind of the things that were and are to be. We were nation of miners, diggers for that black gold. We knew our worth as men of the pits. We sang many times of the words to bring us joy to our hearts. Complete your tasks with that same joy Michael, never let the troubles of your world diminish your abilities. The pains are few, but you must negotiate many obstacles, as we sit on the fence of rock and view the valleys below, have an understanding of man’s purpose.

You wish a rhyme, a sequence of words that assemble together in a pattern of love. Let me bring you words of spontaneous emotions:

Flowers of the world as we sit in the grass of life whispering our secrets to the wind. Let our hearts be joyous of the times that were, let our beings feel the worth of our needs. Our precious hearts beat out the with a rhythm time in a relentless manner, burping away the hours of the day until the time we must once more pass to the world of love. Our benevolent hearts will sing out the praises, our father who sits in heaven cusping in his hands in a way of beckoning. Do not let your own sorrows become your tomorrow’s, bring focus to others and allow them a piece of your mind through our words.

– – – – – – – – – –

Ahh. Combat your fears my boy, allow your mind to read the words of wisdom to the pastures of a of the land.

Ah, Thomas a Becket brings welcome to you all. To be frank my friends I have come once more this evening to bring the master’s voice in words of prayer and worship. As you see the Celtic cross before you, you must whisper the words of love to all men upon your earth. Reach out your arms and let them know his value within their lives. Preach ye not to the multitudes who would scorn the words of our father, the Lord, but let them listen with a casual ear, to the murmurings of a once meek man.

To him on high we sing our praises and ask that he grants us wisdom and peace within our hearts of our lives. He is the creator of all life, all being. He hears man’s desire for war as that of a, impatient child. He cannot speak of punishment, but of teaching. The Masters words are full of love.


I was once a noble man, with an influence that reach far and wide of the nation. Chapters and annals written about me reflect my dark side but I have my good. The French would welcome me as I would welcome them as we sang the praises of our father within the chapels of Notre Dame. Fierce times, men battled the many armies of indignation, the swords clashed and the shields clattered as they tumbled in the fields before Avalon. What an almighty mess we have created with our indignations behaviour before him upon high. I was a man of peace but my indulgences were many. I cannot say that I was proud, but his forgiveness was great.

As I ask you all to seek the truth within your hearts, for you are men of the earth filled with spirit, that will once more regain that power.

– – – – – – – – – –

(Strange vibration heard on the recording before these words).

You are tested by your practices of love, your purpose is great and yet to unfold. But you must not suffer intolerances against others. Be brave, rejoice in your heart. The white horse comes with the shining light to assist in your power and energy. On the path are treacherous pitfalls as you walk. Be not afeared of him as he walks before you clearing the way with the light of his love. Have purpose my son, the many pointless words and phrases to abide by are reassurances that are necessary, as his love unfolds for all before him. Search out your hearts and have focus within them to bring you joy hummm.

We will join you as you focus upon the world peace within your communities of circles. Valerie has suffered greatly in the past, she will not tell you of the things that she tolerated. But know this, her circle of light is that of love and as it shines out to other nations on the morrow, you can be sure that that light will be seen by all those of love. Bring your own purpose to assist in communication, help them to achieve a mighty light, to bring a positive change upon the world of men. As your minds focus as engaged minds, the spirits of light, we will joy you to help in your thoughts, we cannot focus upon those who would wage war. Your prayers are heard and maybe answered with a respect and love befitting your worship. We will join you, our energy will be felt as you submit your minds to your peaceful purpose my children.

(NOTE: A peace meditation was arranged for Wednesday 8pm UK time, linking a group in the UK and USA, both groups reported seeing light, colour, feeling presence and experiencing physical sensations around them). 

– – – – – – – – – – –

(NOTE: A personal message follows for a regular follower of the messages – permission has been given to share it, so that others who have lost loved ones may have comfort that their loves continues on.)

Mike, he comes with words of love and admiration for his one and true love. She worships the many things of his photographs within her dormitory. She holds his shirt and weeps, the tears of pain for his loss and the sad memories that she brings forth. Why does he not answer? Why are her words not heard by him? Mike, he knows of your anguished dear, he does not blame you for the things that become a measure of purpose in you. We are a force of love with treasured memories. I hear your words, you feel hopeless, like a lost lamb in the forest of life. But practice your love in your circle my dear, for it shines bright. Your new found love will bring you purpose. Yes I know! He is graceful and has a willing heart, my blessings to you. Cry no more my flower, my petal of joy, for I bring you news of your success within heaven. Be aware my love for you will always have a purpose in your life. Be not afraid of change and grab the hope of happiness once more my petal. For we shall meet in the shrubbery of the hereafter, to laugh once more to the joys of our love. Your fragrance is close my dear, I am your love, your one and only. Sharon, fret not your words of regret for not performing the duties I wished when I passed. You need not worry my dear, as situations change on a daily basis, could not be helped. Fragrance of your flowers by my side will forever be in my thoughts. I passed in peace to a loving light (a whistle is heard) that shone so bright to guide my path, and you heard me say many times that could not share our many secrets of troubled years, but now they don’t trouble me any more, for they were just a passing phase. God bless. My girls. As I watch over in her troubled life by men, she seeks the one with so much love and enthusiasm, she is a given child, with a heartache that cannot be fulfilled. She blossoms like the beauty of the cherry blossom on the snow-covered hills of the Americas. Truly, I am a proud father, let her know, life holds many treasures and the one will come by the name of “Tony” to bring her purpose. Control your temper dear, be not of the tiger but of the lamb. This is your failing, you have your father’s anger, but let it pass and know that my love will always be with you as a father. God bless my loves.
Hummm, my car! Where is my car? Mustang of beauty ha ha, I love that car, was a treasure. The open top, huh, oh well, meagre things.


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