29-09-16 Merlin, Churchill, Binary Codes etc

29th September 2016

Greetings friends, I am one of those who have come before to bid you welcome. Your planet Earth is of interest to all societies of the extra terrestrial world and you yourselves, were once a part of the great master race of beings. Their focus was upon the heavens above and their star signs still exist to this day, the expressions of their being.

We have to insist that you call a halt to the murderous intent of those in Syria. How can you stand by and watch such awful things happen to those souls in the street and houses. You have witnessed much on the box of vision and your heart goes out with heartfelt with emotions, but this is not enough my people, you have to bring a moment of joy to their lives, sing out your voices, let your praise be heard by the Lord Almighty in heaven, as he watches over those who suffer indignations at the hands of their evil master.

Bring us not into debate about the rights and wrongs of the peoples of Damascus. Their efforts to stimulate a peace will be thwarted by those of ignorance who come from the East, to ridicule the West and their belief of their one true master. His manners of faith, of peace and hope, not of glory of war, but of love and the Trinity, the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost dwells within the house of the Lord.

Their hopes and dreams of domination cannot and will not be governed by the men in white shirts. They are a race of creatures not of your earth who guides their thoughts. Their black hearts which turn their eyes and backs on their religion, they are twisted into thinking that their will is their own, but in truth they have sacrificed their will for the way of that dark one.

Do not let your hearts be dominated by fear my children, as there is love all around you, as the Angels whisper in your ears of their forgiveness for your meagre sins, trust in him our father in heaven for he has seen all and will not allow this to continue.

Our ships approach in the dawn light in the misty clear skies of the East. We have become accustomed to your ridicule, but we are a race of beings that will dominate your planet and bring it a focus of love as we enter into a new dawn, a new era. You know our words to be true as we have given many truths to you. We cannot dominate your heart, but we can control your lives with a wisdom of long ago.

As Merlin once spoke of, hmm, of those magical days, days of Camelot.

Greetings to you, I am here once more, the potion of love to issue man. The Dragonheart was once mine. I guided many and steered a few to the wisdom which I shall impart upon you and yours. There is a wizard within your world of man, he conjures up a host of fears in a storm of love. You will not recognise his being of love, for he is well hidden within the walls of a city. Nevertheless, he exists, expressing his words to those throughout and across the world. You have many magical things and wonders that did not exist in our day, but we were people of the earth. We used the resources to hand, we never neglected from whence it came as you neglect your source today. What an appalling mess, it seems to me the world has become. No more dragons to be slain, no more hearts to be broken by the victorious words of Lancelot who swore an oath upon the table of love that he would defend all from the might of the Dragon, it seems that he has lost his will in the battle.

We’ve come to a climax as the Dragon feasts upon the news of those in desperation. He is an opportunist who waits for a time when men are weak, then he will strike with his breath of fire.

If I were a man but once more, would I not recognise the world from once I came? No, it is a pitiful place. My name Merlin, reads well in your books of literature. The stone and steel were bonded by a chemical that could be released with the dose of amber. Ah, you know, the sword in the stone was a story of strength and for those who partake to pull its length from the stone could only do so with wisdom and knowledge. It could be released by simple mechanism. That King, he knew the wisdom of the sword. He released it and brought about a peaceful resolution to the troubles of the time. He ruled for many years, 30 would be about the figure. My companionship was a rough-and-tumble one, he would comment on my disruption. I would threaten him, would it not discourage collusion in plans of the source. The ring of love, for he knew me well and for all our doings we were as brothers. Camelot is no longer seen, long gone as the ravages of time. That man who stole our heart in the Welsh mountains. Farewell, blessings to you all.

My name is Lucas, I am a soul from the world of man. I was a distinguished character within your books of writing. Heed my words and listen to them vigilantly. I need not tell you of the frequency of intolerance in your nations now. I made my mark upon the pages of many Scriptures. We wrote words of many things of life, they were good words of times past, an historical record you would call it. I was a mathematician in my time, I understood equal thoughts, need, ah,ah ha the fractions of our time. You sit quietly in the hope of hearing something wonderful, I really don’t know what to tell you, your temperament is good, tinged with a little difficulty, but nonetheless a heartfelt gentleman as I was. I broke with my books upon the stands of those establishments in the 1800s. 1789 the most pleasurable time of feasting, serenading and generally popularising my efforts. I met esteemed gentlemen from the parks of the fair. They would arrive in their horse and carriage and their top hats, shone their black velvet. Of course I was a gentleman and I would not betray their thoughts, their secrets were to unfold as they drank their wine with careless mouth, ha,ha,ha,ohh! They never understood how I knew the completion of their plans to liberate their friends from those merciless ones in an unpopular uprising. We had many arguments about space and time, something you would like to know. Your space is occupied by a volume, with a number that matches that of a volume of equal statistics. Your mind is weak in the mathematics, I will simplify. One plus one equals two, can you get two into the space of one? Impossible you would say, indeed, the area would seem smaller to the average man. What if you could bend that light? Fold it in two in a spectrum of light, then would it not pass through the one, being by half? Something to think about. Those energies would be needed for such a feat. Your role will match the pull of the earth, you strain against it not understanding that it can be released with a measure of love and magnetism of the heart. Your mind is a maze of many wonders, ah, but you abuse it, not allowing those ideas flourish. When they do, your men of science in their dogma create hazards to obligingly block said things. Ah stupidity! Is it no wonder your advancement of man has ceased and become stale in the stagnant waters of war. Your creative abilities are stifled by your thinking. Your science, a creative scientific mind is of great need, but you must release your thoughts beyond the boundaries of possibilities to excel and exceed your limitations of that sail.

We are the Arcturians, we have immense power and possibilities abound, we can impart many things of knowledge and wisdom if you will just have a heart to listen. Michael we need to show a possibility in you to open the eyes of man. Let it be known, our hearts and minds, for our very souls who wish for better times. There is a thought that maybe if we were to dream together of a better world it would be so. It will take much more than this, much tolerance, ah ha, for a national obligation for those who would wage war, their end is coming and their thoughts will be stifled by our expressions of mind. We cannot win a war without first understanding their minds. They are of ignorance, their hearts are sad and dark.

In your commentary exceeds your thoughts at times my boy. You know not from whence it came, but you have faith and trust, this is plain to see. You are a magnificent specimen, ha, you have regrets, your thoughts as they are of pride and ego. But who would be saying this of you? Hmm? If it weren’t for your abilities.

Dramatic sequence of events will astound the many as we adorn your skies with colourful illusions. Your hearts will sink as they vanish into the light and we will hear your call for guidance. But we cannot interfere without the Mother Mary’s blessing. You must stand back and watch those innocents perish before your eyes, our hearts sink at the very thought. So many will perish before the dawn of the new light, but perish they must to bring about change. It is a hard thing to say, to imagine that some will lose their lives for the good of others, but their souls will rejoice in the heavenly place for their sacrifice.

Tonight we would like to rejoice the life of one such soul who saved, she saw many things of abhorrent visions but she survived. She will bring about change in her early years, she submits her voice to the those nations of the East. Welcome in the master of all, of light. Sing out your praises, for he will become a leader of men to ease you from the dark forces of the night. Open your hearts and minds and treasure the thought that his memory will be with you once more in his second coming upon your plane of Earth. Tangible amounts of feelings will be felt as he enters your beings, ah such bliss.

Humph! Mary Poppins, she sang and danced her happy tunes to the boys and girls of the cinema. Oh dear, did we laugh! I have many such memories of happy times of my days. As a boy, as a child, which was cut short, but happy days remain in my soul.

You seek the lion, I hear your mind, Samuel? No. Thomas? Maybe! Ha,ha,ha, we all like a few games on this side of life you know, hu, hu…hum, you recognise me! Hummm, it’s hard to describe how I feel at this time, to see my countrymen with such shame. They exceed their authorities not, establishing the will of the people, hummm, what a disastrous outcome for that country of mine. Ohh, those Frenchies who torment the government of the house with their accusations of intolerance against those beings who would invade our shores. Do they not know that we are British? Was it not us that we came to their aid many times? Did they not welcome us in their streets of Paris? Ah, did we not give them victory over those Prussians? Hmm, they forget many things, they have become bold in their manner towards the nations of peace. They are no longer the nations of Europe, but are that of the hungry wolf who bays at the door, for the pittance to be had. Though I was a man once more, hmmm that he would feel my indignity, ah, that grieves me so that I can no longer mastermind a plan. Ah, ah well, c,est la vie, but remember you are British, you are made of sterner stuff than to let some Frenchy walk all over you. Let’s see that spirit once more rise, not in anger, but in obstinance. Let him hear our voices of discontent, hummm Angela Merkel, hummm, hummm, what can I say, a scheming woman I have no doubt. Masterminded many things of intolerance towards our nation, she has many regrets of her own, alcoholic. (NOTE: The recording sounds like alcoholic, but we would not swear to it!) We should not say but they were indignant people, an axe to grind I fear. Hummm, she will learn her lesson in the near future, she has made mistakes that will not be forgiven for allowing them in to torment her peoples. Tis a worry, for those Nazi’ s are never gone, they lay in wait like the Wolves at the door. Truly your heart and mind is of emotion, let them hear my indignity from this side. We must speak in terms of love to prosper. And, I learnt my lesson well, for I made decisions, hard decisions, which I came to regret hm, in my demise. But I am forgiven as I walk upon your path to guide your hand. I am your strength, that lion strength. Take my hand and let us walk together in the face of adversity and allow the world to know we are British, not to be messed with, ha,ha,ha! I must go, others wait. Ah thank you for your purpose.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

(NOTE: The following two paragraphs have caused a little confusion, the first is spoken in very crisp and correct English, the second in a Welsh accent. We cannot verify any Welsh connection with Disraeli and although the second paragraph sounds like it should be David Lloyd George, we can only find reference to his father being a farmer. His uncle had influence in his upbringing, he was a cobbler. After these paragraphs there is a pause in the recording and words that sound like, “Trick your mind.” So we leave the transcript as it was channelled and leave it ‘out there’ for possible future verification.)

Indeed I’m here, as a gentleman who knows his own mind as did I, Disraeli. Hummm Disraeli, you may have heard in me, a predecessor no less, in my hat. Hah, I got to agree, hummm that Winston has a point. Yes, I was a man of Wales, I carried motions, hummm not popular, but then what politician brings out popular decisions. We have difficult choices to make to run a country, to give its people freedom and to make choices. Ah well, I made mine hummm. Sometimes wrong, sometimes right, but they were of a good heart with a measure of tolerance towards the people of Britain. England, Wales, Scotland were united, but look at it now, sad to see the breakup of a wonderful country. Hmmm such differences of man.

Well, my light, it shone once, my father a miner in those hills the dark dungeons of the prison of the mines. I rose from a common boy to become a leader of a nation, a master to some, politician to others, Prime Minister to many. I sat in that house, took my watch out of my pocket and looked at the time and thought, where’s it gone ? Where’s that boy now? Oh well, I have responsibilities and they were least of that, they looked to my humble countries, he knows he was of Wales. Ah my house still stands in that street of Cardiff. My home town was basically a village. There I was, that boy who became a man, who rose to power in that house. They call my name father of Wales. My time was done, I was credited with many changes in the safety of our homes and mines. They grafted hard in that black bitter coal. My mother, she would sit by the fire to await my father’s arrival, it was small, one-room, a lobby, one-bedroom for all in the cottage, you see I, I cannot remember times of sadness there. We would hold our sticks above the board as a game, my sisters and brothers were many. I rose to a position after many years of fighting. It is not hard to gain a position of height with a will and a mind Michael. Turbulent times must be met, the strength in that wisdom of Winston, my predecessor, my peace. You must fight to reach the heights necessary. Now I bid you farewell.

Trick your minds.

There will be resistance with a measure of love as the opposition rises within the party of red. What a turbulent mess that party, oh dear, what has man become. A monster of greed, need and want. Not all mind, not all. Figuratively speaking it would not be possible now to turn the tide of those men of wealth. A storm of the light will be needed to reach their hearts and minds. What a waste of good spirit.

I am James, we have spoken before. Many speakers this evening have come with their wishes and love. The sanctions set against you by the ministers of the parties will be fierce ones, they will not agree to allow those in through the door. Why is it that humanity can no longer share the wealth of the earth as given by the master, our Lord, father in heaven. We once preached words of praise in mystical times of the Lord. Who had preached as those from the Mount, giving them glorious words his name was known to many as the carpenter lad. He was not afraid to show his worth to the peoples of our time. His fear of unpopularity was real, but he knew his father adorned with love and would guide his steps. Do not be despondent with your thoughts my son, for many tread that weary path of enlightenment for others. It is not always possible to reach the hearts of men, but if you plant a seed, the seed will grow. But plant it in the fertile lands of those hearts and minds who are happy to accept the light of the Lord. There are some who would not understand, but the seed will grow nonetheless and bring an uprising of enlightenment in their minds.

The poppy seeds of Belgium will soon fire once more. In those desperate hearts of the men who suffered in flounders upon the lines, those many lines of death.

I am James, ( this is the author’s great-uncle) I knew of war. Your father, he is with me now Michael, he did not know me for our times were not shared. He knew of my plight from his father. We were brothers, we angled together, happy times in those lakes. Ah, I hear your praise for me and thank you for your words in remembrance. I perished in that Belgium, from wounds received as you know. Mum and dad greeted me upon their arrival in this world of light. We are all together, easy now. We must move on as a sequence of events unfolds, as yours will unfold. The popularity grows in the hearts minds of many, they know it is not wisdom of you but the wisdom of spirit that speaks through you that gives them hope of the resurrection. I am here as witness to that. My comrades, they join me, lads in the battlefields of Flanders. Reckless boys, glory with thought, clawing in the mud and filth. Many perished such awful, terrible endings to their lives. There was a blast that swept me off my feet, I remember little more. Oh well, we sit together now embraced in love in our families circle of light. Figuratively speaking you are me, for you are of my blood. Be a brave chap, don’t let the side down, chin up what, what. Ha Ha! Those officers make me smile with their stupendous arrogance, well some were okay. Hmmm enough, I go to rest, but now you are a champion of the world Michael.

Shape your world to an array of light with numbers and fractions that were given in thought, your binary practices have measure, those ones and zeros once more to become clear to the minds of focus. Let us answer his reply in a manner he will respect. We see him sat in his study, overlooking the landscape. His mind is of circles, of fractions and much contemplation. Study his mind with books, a globe stands in the corner and the glass in his hand as he concludes that maybe, just maybe, there may be one who will fulfil his answers. It is not necessary for him to be objective about these things, have an eye for the truth. Your limitations are many, but we see an opportunity to pass this information of ones and zeros, let the count begin: 11101011 new line, 10001110101 universe. One defined by a symbol to a match an antiquity of his love. He knows of his vase of ancient times. We will say to him “Grief that for the lad’s of the many and those who would not see, bless you for your thoughts.”
Come the harvest come the feasts, Stephen to your world my son. (NOTE: St Stephen’s Day is 26th December)

POST SCRIPT ADDED 5th April 2018

Reading this extract from the message of 29th September 2016 made us think again. Particularly as we have been looking more and more at numbers, frequencies, sacred geometry etc:


Shape your world to an array of light with numbers and fractions that were given in thought, your binary practices have measure, those ones and zeros once more to become clear to the minds of focus.  Let us answer his reply in a manner he will respect.  We see him sat in his study, overlooking the landscape.  His mind is of circles, of fractions and much contemplation. Study his mind with books, a globe stands in the corner and the glass in his hand as he concludes that maybe, just maybe, there may be one who will fulfil his answers.  It is not necessary for him to be objective about these things, have an eye for the truth.  Your limitations are many, but we see an opportunity to pass this information of ones and zeros, let the count begin: 11101011 new line, 10001110101 universe.  One defined by a symbol to a  match an antiquity of his love.  He knows of his vase of ancient times.  We will say to him “Grief that for the lad’s of the many and those who would not see, bless you for your thoughts.”
Come the harvest come the feast of Stephen to your world my son.



Let the count begin:  11101011 = 235  (think in terms of: 2,3,5,8,13,22 etc)

10001110101 = 1141


235 is a sequence from the Fibonacci Series, the golden ratio. (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt2OlMAJj6o )


1141 is also known as a hexagonal number, in geometry if we create a circle with central point and then create other circles drawn from that central point it produces a hexagon or ‘seed of life’, this pattern can be created indefinitely and is a pattern seen throughout the whole of creation.  (See this link: http://www.numbersaplenty.com/set/hex_number/ )


We focus on the words: ‘Shape your world to array of light … ‘ and at the end the words, ‘One defined by a symbol to match an antiquity of his love.’  Would it seem correct these numbers are leading us to think of the most sacred mathematical shape of the universe, The Seed of Life? The very building block of the universe. A pattern also repeated in many crop circles.


For anyone interesting in learning more there are a couple of fascinating half hour You tube clips starting with this one (better than watching TV for sure!) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY74AFQl2qQ


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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