02-10-16 Evidence of Ancient Life Beneath our Seas, Michael Caine, Circles of Light etc

2nd October 2016

The tightrope of life is a strand of DNA that is stretched taut. As you walk your lives, the heart and memories of old, remember the future is bleak, but not written yet. For you are the writers of your own stories, you are the masters and key-holders to the future of life upon your planet Earth.

Know that we are here to establish a communication with those within power, for he will terminate our existence with a manner of indignity. He knows of our circles of light within the realms of your planetary orbit. He cannot continue upon his path with his murderous intent upon the peoples of the earth. For we of the Arcturians, will disable and disarm the armies of torture.

How can we express our feelings of anger towards those men of intolerance who murder and slay their own people with disregard for their abilities. No respect for human life, with a negative view upon all, who in his eyes only seven meagre purpose.

Count Christi, he was a member of an organisation, existed before your time. His attitude was of war but not peace, for he delved in the black arts, what an ignorant man. Do not understand the Lord Almighty is the only one with purpose, allow your path to follow him. We cannot tell you much of his energy, for he hides it well. Within her black walls, dungeons of his mind. But we know this, those indignities will become his own if he continues to practice in a manner of evil. Corpus Christi they shout, they called a writ. We will not answer to those who persist in targeting our ships above your skies. Humph. (NOTE: Does anyone have ideas who or what this is about?)

You have purpose in the words that you write, but keep it simple. The men of tolerance would not read the complex messages held within. They shut their eyes to the possibilities of lives ever after, as they know their sins and crimes against humanity will be brought against them in those forthcoming days.

Tonight we wish to welcome a new member to the brethren of light, for she is full of purpose and a saintly manner, we must welcome this lady that comes before us. Madam, she would be called. Constantly we have admired her efforts to bring peace in your world, she is little known by the many who practice evil. But she comes this evening to whisper in your ear a word of comfort and acknowledgement to your purpose: “Come hither my merry men, be blessed with the light of the Lord as he showers his love upon you, in indulgence of your practices. He sees your world, not as weapon of war, but as a flower yet to open and the beauty held within. As the insects that scale its outer walls for the way, so the flower will blossom into a beauteous being. It has not been easy as a woman to be recognised by many of your world, but I have come this evening to reassure those with purpose, that their endeavours are always met with beauty and love. Focus your mind Michael, upon the possibilities that the Lord, the saviour could bring to your world of dark. Allow him into your hearts and let his breath speak through you as a man of the world. You know best the attitudes of man towards his being and he is reliant upon those of the light to guide others to his door, to his being. (NOTE: Again we are uncertain who this lady is, maybe it is just the message that is of importance)

Do not negotiate your mind with sampling the world of sin, but occupy your mind with thoughts of love and respect and compassion for those who have least within your world. Be blessed with his love and know that his purpose is within you all. Only those black hearts that shut out this truth, will know only pain, fear and sorrow. For you all build your lives within this life, some are master craftsmen, some are mediocre builders, whilst others, they do nothing! They do not see anything they do not want to see anything, but it will be their loss. But always, as always, there is reconciliation to those hearts who would have mind to begin afresh within the world of men.

We have not come this evening to talk of murderous people within your society, we have come to issue and grant you peace in your lives, should you only ask. We are the beings of light who once before trod your earth with footsteps so light you would hardly notice them. We were beings who had purpose within the realms of light, as we transmitted our love through thought. We once had a palace of gold that shone as beauty throughout the world, it became a symbol of national pride, an emblem of love that shone throughout the universe. Long gone are the days when we were established upon your earth, for we found a way, a better way to transform our beings, so that interplanetary travel became an instant, a blink of the eye. You will be aware of our presence as you dictate your writings to the world. Be not afraid of the future my son, for it holds many wonders, many beautiful things, that as yet are not seen by man.

In your commentaries upon the state of the countries of the world and indignities set against his peoples and mother earth, are well noted. You lack the vision to respond to others who call you a charlatan. Valerie, she protects you as a mother protects a child. She will call upon those with questions, to answer to her. Why is it your mind will not allow our words to flow? (AUTHORS NOTE: I sometimes feels a little embarrassed by what is said, so I shuts it out. But this time they were determined to speak). We will continue as intended, for your mind sets up a barrier, you must not build walls.

Valerie, she is a woman who has special needs, but her tender heart and loving care extends selflessly to the world, as does her husband who sits there and writes his memoirs in a book. He never forgave those who would not hear him out, hmmm, but he does not harbour grudges, for he too is a man of the light and like a match that sets a flame, they burn bright with each other’s hearts. Their fortitude is a measure of love and unparalleled by many. They have grasped the issues of life and taken the bull by the horn as it were, hmm. They radiate light within their home and their cat who was blessed with their company, sits upon their bed as if it never changed. They feel as it moves across the bed to lay at the feet of Valerie, a purr is heard but ignored by the many as he sits upon the bed of love. He is at peace with his brothers and sisters who were of his litter, they collect together and remember those days of their youth. Ah you think, what does an animal know, ah you would be surprised at the memories that are held within the smallest of creatures upon your earth. You think yourselves the only ones capable of such a feat, but believe us when we tell you that all life retains a memory of purpose, of being, and the shadows of things that were, remain within their souls as memories of love or uncaring.

Crisp are your memories of your childhood, hmmm, but lacking are your memories as you grow old, as the cells in your mind recede. The old grey matter they call it, well, it’s a term, but that is not important. What is, is the power that runs through it, the energy that thrives upon the life. Did you know that your lives are of the light? Well of course you did. But also, that the messages you bring are for those in the world who are less fortunate than yourselves and do not understand the beings of the light and the hereafter.

There are many in your world who have a caring heart but shut it out for fear of it being seen. An unusual practice, but common. Worship those around you that share your love, give them rest and light. You are no healer, in the physical sense, but in the minds of others you give them peace of heart through the messages imparted upon you. Be not of the lion with your anger, fierceness, but be gentle, retain that strength of the lion but temper it with love, for it will be needed shortly in the trials and tribulations set before you. We will not allow you to know the reasons, but to reassure you that we will be by your side and you will be tested to the full. Have peace in your life, temperance and love and a tolerance for others who are ignorant in the ways of the Lord. Be blessed with talents that are given in recognition by others, that their lives are of value and of purpose.

Michael Caine, an actor of many films. A gentleman at heart, hmmm he is of your world, but he has an inkling of what life is about. Strange that we talk of someone who exists at this time in your world of men, but he was worth a mention to let you know that as an actor he excels, as a man he is deeper than you think. Why do you need to know this you think? Hmmm, as a measure, as a guidance. Do not be fooled by his demeanour, for he expresses his alter ego within your world. Be not ashamed of what we speak for they are lessons in the balance of life. You were once of the light and will become so again, all in good time, but you must find a measure of peace in your heart.

Capsules were found beneath your seas. Spectacular finds they will tell you, immense excitement at the prospect of finding evidence of past lives. Atlantis they will cry, oh they are so wrong! For this was a place of men which sank beneath the waves in a torrent of tidal wash. Its disappearance was immense, the loss life was great, but its ornaments remain as testament to its existence. Pillars they stand, not so tall, nonetheless there. The People’s of this temple were tolerant race of beings, they existed many millions of years ago. The earth has many secrets held within the waters of your seas, you cannot even speculate as to their immense capacity of knowledge that far exceeds your own. Tribunes, tributaries are measures, hummm, how can we express their being to someone as you, but let us state this, that their beings were of courage and of light. They were comparatively smaller in stature, but larger in life, for they knew how to live. They once had a measure of dignity not found in your world today. They dressed as Romans as they walked their palisades and temples of love wearing their beards. The women dressed in their robes with a garland of flowers around their waist. They were peoples of the earth who respected her love and giving. They were not a forceful race, but a kind and pleasurable being. They encountered many alien life forms, the likes of which you have not seen, perhaps you may never experience, because your world is dark now, it is not of the light as was then. Their temples shine as they were adorned with gold, silver, a common metal then, not revered as being that of wealth, but as being a staple of life and the mother Earth as a precious metal. Oooh, they were a marvellous, gentle, kind race of beings. We had the pleasure of meeting them once and their kindness overwhelmed us as they did not look upon us as being “creatures of another world” but as fellow beings of light, as you must when the time comes and we once more make ourselves known to your world of men. Oh they will run and scream in terror as they will not understand our purpose, our mission of love, hmmm, but you must be there with a guiding hand to instruct them that there is no need to fear, but to honour and accept our being as that of being one of the saviour. Did you know he was one of us? Huh, well there are many secrets held within the walls of the Vatican that they will not tell you of, oh no, your ears must not listen to the words spoken within those scrolls and scriptures for they fear the loss of your passion. Silly men who do not tell the world the truth, but would it make a difference though? It’s a hard nut to crack in your words, the dark surrounds and has a grip on the world like no other time, but allegiance to the light will bring mercies to those.

A war will be necessary, it is unfortunate things to say, but how else will the indignity stop? Man has become a desperate animal, lost his focus upon the possibilities of a world beyond your earth. Only the few remain who shine the light of love, but this will be hard to be extinguished by those of the dark for they cannot reach the souls of man, only his bodies.

Desperate times indeed Michael, do not fear, for there must come a time for all in the world, a time of ending and of new beginnings for all who live upon the planet of life. Be not afeard, for there will be a continuance upon your planet, but not necessarily of the human kind.

The mother Earth she weeps at the deliberate indignities set upon her. They break up her surface and she weeps inside, for she is not just a stone, she is a living being, a creation of God, as you all are and are part of this being. It is up to you whether you take him in or whether you shut him out, whichever you choose will be your destiny. An option for change is always a possibility, but it is up to you.

Common wealth of knowledge will be gained as you muster together to bring in the face of our adversary, the right. You asked earlier, what a man like you could do to change the focus of the world, well it’s not a lot, but a positive mind will achieve that purpose. Do not berate yourself as being a lowly being, for you have minds and strength of your own, be aware of it in you. As you all form your circles of light the strengths will grow within all of you if you bind this light together. The groups who joined in prayer and meditation are a start, you must encourage them and bring them to another purpose of being. They are your friends, your future.

Transmit your minds thoughts my boy. A level of interest in your words is being created beyond your knowledge. There is the one who watches, reads and listens to the many facets in the things told. He does not pretend to understand them all but he watches with interest nonetheless. Ah, he may have purpose for you within the general population, within your time. Accept his acknowledgement and appreciate his interest, for he will assist in the book of love. He can promote your words in a way far exceeding your own abilities. The book is written to give a practice of love to man, keep this in mind Michael. No self-expression, no words of explanation, as the explanation is in the words themselves. You struggle to put pen to paper and to draw up approval. Relax, the time is there.

– – – – – – – – – –

The Rose, the petal will fall upon you as you promote, hummm, those beings. I am here, Mrs Stokes, Doris to many, you know my promise to return should the opportunity arise. I have seldom spoke to many of my passing and you know of me through my books of love, my life stories. Pamela/Stokes, a combination of love. Truly remarkable your ascendance into the light, out of nowhere, hummm. Keep control Michael, for your mind must operate in a manner of love and allegiance to the thoughts of our father to enable your purpose to be fulfilled. I am here with my Michael, my John. Memories filled full of love as I once witnessed this place of spiritual realm, so you can also travel within your mind to explore the places of tranquillity. Have courage in your writing, do not be thwarted by the thoughts of others, you need no help other than your own abilities as they will shine. Pamela guides you in ways you do not understand, she has a mind and a focus, the will of the people. I was as you, a working class person, nothing to hand but my own goodwill and a measure of love and tolerance. Never be defeated by the thoughts that you are just merely a man. Speculate and formulate a position of caring for others and in your writing, be honest and follow the words of your thoughts. Transmit your love through the energies present that will uphold you and give you upliftment with a measure of love. Time is but a curtain that calls for us all, as we cross that veil of light you will see a man of distinction, not of pride or ego but one of a purpose. Never let go your feelings of love, share it with compassion, show it to others with pride and teach them the path of the light. You fear your memories coming in, don’t worry, tell it as it is, you were born of England, your friend Winston has given you ideas how to be a master of your own life and destiny. Ah, I must go, to my friend Mary I say this, “I returned!”  Humph, well she’s joined us now, so it is a pointless message but one I wanted to say. Have a heart, live your life as God intended, let the purpose unfold and unite and bond you all in love.

– – – – – – – – – –

Do not weep for those who suffer Michael, for they have God in the hearts, they have peace of mind. ( AUTHORS NOTE: it was at this point in my minds eye I could see a temple with stone pillars all in white, and in front of me was a figure dressed in white robes with his hands clasped as if in prayer, he invited me to sit and it was so peaceful. I was in the presence of Jesus himself – that is how he made me feel. ) You see him stood before you in a robe of white, hands clasped in prayer. “Come join, walk with me. Temperance and tolerance and love allow your heart to shine, you know me? Father, thou art with me in practice of the Lord. Sit and eat the grapes of life, know the wisdom is with him, do not speculate a man’s future, for it is written with love.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Do you not sit and wonder, and gaze at stars above? Do you not understand that the universe is but a small part of the greater being? You are but grains of sand in a vast desert of life. You cannot understand the vastness of all aspects of life. As you walk within the sand you feel the grains move beneath your feet, this is a sign that all things change and move on. Your footprint will remain for a time and then will vanish as if it never was, but your soul will remain in that place, invisible to others, but with purpose and to energy.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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