11-10-16 U.S. Election,Binary Codes,Words of Wisdom etc

11th October 2016

Of wisdom and the light you are. Your being exercises the fragile truths between the life of men and that of spirit and of God. Welcome to the world of light as we take you on a journey, a splendid memory of many past regressions. For your journeys have been great to bring you to this point in this time. It is not just the medium who has stepped on this earth once before, but all who read the words and listen to the wisdom held within.

Know the truth of their being, for they can no longer hide the truth from themselves.

The masquerade on the earth. Have you not seen too much bloodshed already, do you not wish for peace and unity and peace in the world with love and tolerance? We must embark upon a mission so fantastic that you will not recognise your journeys and your triumphs.

Please be seated and be aware of your being, exercise your minds as a raft of light, allowing it to drift upon the oceans of life and upon those things that matter most. Enhance your beings with a true love of the Lord and know that his mercies are great within the realms of your planet Earth. Those who forsake his word import his name into disrepute, they will regret the times they have denounced his name. Help us to inspire them and bring them to a recognition that all who live upon this planet are of spirit.

Those minor insects to the tallest trees and the largest mountains. They all have purpose that goes far beyond your understanding at this time. But you can imagine that if one should collapse and fall, then the others will struggle and topple, for you are all reliant upon one another. The mountains of the earth are grand in their splendour, but they too have a heart and a weakness. If man continues upon his path of intolerance without thought for the earth that supports his life, then these very same mountains will have something to say. Not of gratitude but of intolerance against your actions. You must acquire a mind and a will to practice the love in many ways and in many forms, for it takes but one small step to bring about an action of love.

We have frequently thought of you as beings of the earth, who negotiate their lives in turmoil and confusion, but there are those who have a focus on the light and an awareness of the beauty that could be within your material world. Talk to us, welcome us, allow us to partake of your lives, to help in your struggles.

The medium sees a butterfly, a butterfly signifies beauty, but most of all change and new beginnings. For you must prepare yourselves to become a chrysalis, to unify and bring that splendour to the fore.

Depart from your ways of anger, relish not the trinkets of life, but bring a pleasance to those of your neighbours who live so close and yet so far. Help them to understand the purpose of light, and as one spark ignites another, so the light and flame of love will grow, like an enormous, spectacular eruption that will be unstoppable as it illuminates the darkness from within.

Do not disappoint us by saying that you are unable to complete this task as it is within you all to bring purpose to one another, for your lives are connected by a thread in a union of love that can only be broken if you turn away from that light. Nevertheless, those souls who departed from that path are as always given an opportunity to regret their actions, as God is loving and forgiving, and will welcome all those who relinquish their ways to a better way of life and love of spirit.

Welcome to those who have courage enough to follow the path of light. Do not extinguish these words in your mind as being mere trifles of a mere mortal. For you know as a friend. Hearken to the words of wisdom that he brings before you. With his knowledge of little he does not understand the grand scheme and purpose, but he will not disappoint in his efforts to bring you words of comfort and joy, for his path is long and arduous, but with a skill of the craftsman he will negotiate the twists and turns of life to separate his mind from the physical, to the spiritual being of light that he is and that you all share in your various roles of existence. We have a natural tendency to be for forgiving to all.

Some are extreme in their anxieties, their paths are like a maze of dark. For what do they seek with their anger? They don’t know. They are blinded to the light by the ignorance of those who torture their minds with words of poison. Like the rattlesnake, shakes is tail and hisses the words, they fear its bite and listen to that innocuous sound. They fear for their very souls, that if they do not obey and commit these heinous crimes that their place in heaven will be extinguished. We talk of Islam (for clarity: Islamic extremists) and the belief that martyrdom is the way to the gates of the Lord our God. Let them know that their purpose is a fraudulent one and that if they wish to enter the gates of heaven, then love your man, love your fellow human and bring them not those words of hatred to the fore, for they are of misguidance by those who rule and dominate your world. They task you to do their work for them, don’t blame yourselves for your thoughtless actions and deeds, don’t become martyrs of the dark, relinquish those ways and bring yourselves into the light and love.

Upon the Mount where once Mohammed stood to speak his words of wisdom and love to you all. There is no shame of one’s religion as long as their hearts are of God and of love. Our prayers go out to you as members of the human race, inhabitants of the earth and we wish you a path of light that will extend your minds and open your hearts to mend the fractures that exist between you.

Frankincense and myrrh were gifts as gold to those of those times, they sat squatted in their mud huts as they worship the Lord and give praise to Allah. Their hearts were good, their minds were sound as they followed his light.

Greetings to you and blessings to all those who follow the word of the Lord, our father in heaven. For he exists within your hearts, one and all. Never let your focus fade from the paths you have been set, your minds are free to bring decisions. Do not allow those who would misguide you to blur your focus. Become as the light and separate the light from the dark. Be focused as the beam of the light that shines through the fog, cutting through the mists of time and focusing upon the path before you.

We are here with a measure of love and a purpose for all to attune their minds to the vastness of space and time, to grasp the situation at hand and know that we are here as beings of the light to assist your earth away from the crimes of war.

We exist only in the imagination of some, but we are real. We are here in the realm of man.

Fragile your minds to think that “How can there be such beings and yet such atrocities in this world?” We have spoken before of the spark that ignites the next spark, but it is only extinguished by the ignorance of those who will not listen. This is the way to bring about change, small steps of love and light.

As one man greets another and unfolds his knowledge, imparts its upon the other so that the other will think upon the words spoken. Navigate your minds in a measure of love to bring focus upon those around you. Small steps and a little knowledge is all that is needed to kick start their hopes and dreams of a better future.

Men of the world have long been warlike and inhospitable to other species, even of their own kind. Change is about to occur in a magnificent way that will unify your departments of war into an aspect of realisation that there are many things beyond your earth, many wonders. Your experiments of time travel are feeble, you must reach a point in time not by folding light, but by bending time. This cannot be achieved by man as yet and the possibilities exist within the minds of a few. We can assist in so many ways if you would just accept our measure of peace.

The men of money worry about their losses, they are pathetic men who have small minds and no imagination. Let us become a member of your race to join with you and assist in many ways that would seem miraculous to your standards. Help us to bring tolerance to those of intolerance. Join us in prayer as we hope for a better future and an alliance between men and those beings of the light. Don’t complicate your minds in worship with words that are not from the heart. Focus your minds and your intentions of love and peace. Our father, he sits there and watches over all, his gracious being exists only in the light and in the minds of those who have a will to listen. Invite him into your hearts and allow his energy to become yours and know that the path of righteousness and the worship of the Lord our father in heaven, is but the only true path that will lead to joy and happiness within your souls existence.

Common wealth of men have been bought together to accept the legal boundaries and bindings. Why do you listen to such men whose focus is of control? The upcoming elections of the Americas is of great concern. We cannot accept either candidate as being of the light. How can it be that such harmful people have been brought to this point?

We fear an almighty revolution that will occur shortly in the major cities of your world as the intolerance grows against him who would split the nations of Earth. Did you not learn from that evil that brought you war and misery? We cannot accept a bargain with such beings as they have dark minds and practices. Statistically it will be noted that the votes of these elections will be hummm, impartial. Many will not vote for they fear the indignities to be brought against them as their leaders jostle for position, like rats avoiding the snake. Your future is dim, but your voice will be heard. Give thanks to the Lord and he will come to bring justice to the states with a measure of the light and love.

Thomas a Becket, he once stood for Parliament. In his time he was a member of the elite who dominated the Kings mind. He persuaded many to their death, he was a reckless man. You know of him he has spoken of his regrets before. He combats his thoughts with light and love, as you must combat yours, not to be a man of intolerance but a man of justice. Do not divert your attention away from the light, but welcome it, applaud it with your love.

St Barnabas I was. A monk, a man of meagre means. I wore my brown cloth and a sash around my waist was used as an instrument prayer and focus. We were the brothers that discussed many things on the pattern of life and of our Lord our saviour. We worshiped day and night pleading with him for structure within our lives. We were many in our monastery of peace and love. We welcomed the pilgrims as they walked their path of life, some were ignorant, some were cruel, but for the most part they were kind and we were forgiving. We gave them treatments as they lay in our halls, repairing their flesh and helping with their illness when they succumbed to the plague of death. Our hearts rang out as brothers of true love, our monastery grew as a beacon of light, as our hearts grew in stature.

Come now Michael be blessed with the words of the father in heaven and give thanks for those days of your lives when you were a man of meagre means.

As brothers of St Jude’s were of Cornish descent, you have embarked upon a mission of love to bring the words of purpose and of God to the many. We welcome your aspirations to bring a practice of love to your fellow men. As brothers and as monks we embarked on the same mission to help all those who knocked at our door and asked for forgiveness and assistance upon their pilgrimages. You are as a monk who will guide those to the words of light. See the Dove as it flies to bring peace and love to you all and the nature of tolerance to your brethren. Sit in your chapels, in your homes, in the quiet and bring focus to your minds of the lives of the many of sorrow within your world. Give thanks for your meals as your stomachs are full. Your harvests are great and yet your feasting will not allow those to share of your fellow man. We see the hunger, the hungry and starving of your world who exist on a meagre bowl of food. Have a thought for them when you next sit to your meal and give thanks to our father in heaven for your blessings.

Strike the bells of love within your hearts and your being – domini et es domini (lord and master) – to the chapels of your mind make it a sanctuary of peace and love as no man can enter without your consent and will, willingness. Have happiness in your lives as you tread the path of many before you, have the courage to face what may come, no matter what it may bring. Envelop yourselves with light as your protection and they will guide the heart to listen to others as they tell you stories of woe. Do not discount them as fools but take them in to your heart and mind and acknowledge them, for this is all they need. The fellowship of men will unite into a wonders and triumphant weapon against the dark. All you need is a will and hope that your faith will become triumphant.

Sandra Bullock, an actress of some fame, once more we speak as someone of living as an example to you all of how one can triumph over adversity. She is an actress of your screens of silver. She once lost focus of her life allowing her fame and fortune to stifle her mind of beauty. She writes her memoirs as she recalls those years of struggle. Her wealth and fortune, they may mean little, for she is an actress with a heart of love that not many will see. She has joyous memories of her family, in the parks and the picnics, attending the graves of loved ones and those who have departed. She still enjoys a modicum of fame but has recoiled from that light for a time of contemplation. For you all must bring a focus to your lives, not make it an act of false hope, but one of wisdom and caring for others.

Spurred on by your love we will embark to embrace your words to help others of your earth. We give you our faith and trust to issue the many things of spirit. Tremendous amounts of courage will be required as we fling out the gates, the doors of the light. We embark upon a mission of love upon your earth, to bring you focus on your ways of hate. We mean no harm, just a little tolerance and understanding will be sufficient. We have many ways of teaching those a focus as we adjust the sails of their minds.

We bring you greetings and peace of thought as we enter your atmosphere many times, in many seasons of your earth. We are creatures from another world that will bring mysteries of other life to your beings. Be not afraid as our ships reach a point in space and time. Your men of war are aware of our being and they issue us ultimatums through their radio waves in the hope that we understand there intolerance to our resolves and missions. We will grant you peace and freedom from corruption. It will be hard fought to win over those minds of the dark. We have not tolerated your actions in the past to dispute our being. Those who have the power of the world know of our intolerance towards them, but we must, in some small way bridge that gap of ignorance. How can we inspire those of injustice to change their views and allow as an audience? We do not wish to dominate your lives, but merely to inspire you to a better way of living. Mmm, we are the men of Mars! Or so leaders would have you believe. Martian theories will be thrown out the door. We have inhabited many worlds beyond your solar system and they are so extreme they do not compare with yours.

You must open your hearts and minds and desires to allow us an audience, be not afraid, we have come in peace. Trust in us for we are the light, the life force that brings balance to your earth. Archimedes, he once spoke of us, for he had wisdom. Joyous times ahead as we greet those who would give us an audience in their minds, as you see the pyramid of light, know that this reflects our true being, our mantles of love can be seen to this day in the deserts that were once green. Quite frankly you would be amazed how much we knew.

Cover-up is apparently a common means to hide the truth of our existence. Creatures of the earth called man, are insignificant to our ways and our coming. Be prepared for an onslaught of such things your eyes have never seen. We will speak to those who have focus, allow us in. We will grant you peace and a life of happiness and the world will understand. We have hearts of gold that will assist your men of science in leaps and bounds. Have you not wondered why it is that your existence is but a short one? You are but children never asking of existence. We spoke of butterflies and change but you have to create a pathway of love and light to enable a focus. We are the Arcturians, we speak through this flesh being, his mind attempts to open up. He sees the light of love, the fragrance of roses will envelop his efforts.

2×2+4 = 6, in an equation of mass far beyond your understanding, the algorithms needed to assess this sum are as follows: 2-4=6 tricky you think, but not if you understand that the four equals proportions that are equal to whole. An equation of binary code will also be a part which follows a sequence of numbers, 11 01 10 10 01 to (or 2) a mathematical equation of figures. Combine these numbers to form the answers are needed. Your minds will need focus.

We know of many things that will assist your world. Be not ashamed of who you are for you bring these messages with faith and trust.

Tell your man Kevin he is assured the answers to his questions.

She has come as a member of the light, he frequently asks about the disappearance of the one who he will not name. She joins us as an angel of light. She wishes to inform her mother she bears no resentment for the choices made that evening. She is no longer with you, but a light of heaven. Her brother, he smiles upon her as she appears to him in the night, in his eyes. He tells his mum of this, how can she understand what a child sees and feels. Her burden is felt. Let them know that I am now in a place of light and love.

Angels of light and mercy shine upon all those who suffer indignities in your world of man. The children that are lost are never truly lost, but reborn into the light of heaven. Trouble your hearts not that the disappearance of many of your species as they are comforted in the arms of the Angels of the Lord, who blesses them and showers them with love and light. The Archangel Michael wishes you to know he gives them protection, an assurance of comfort and love.

Too many times before we have asked you to bring purpose to your lives in the light and love of the Lord. We will never forsake you, but continue to bring you a practice of love and tolerance.

Desperate times ahead will be felt by many, as the triumphant marches through the streets of the cities. They mark on occasion of the downfall of man, for he is of intolerance. A landslide of victory will assume his authority. He will lead multitudes into a desperate battle of role (or Rome), he will bring about change in a way he cannot imagine, it will be a downfall of all those who issue intolerance against those of the world. A measure of peace will be brought in the end game. As collateral gains will be of no significance. He envies those, can you believe a man of intolerance envies those who have faith and trust in simple lives? He shows his arrogance as a face inside, he knows his misgivings. He ignores his thoughts of judgement, for he is a man of power, why should he care about the thoughts of the multitudes who have nothing, who show no respect to his authority. He will bring about change in a fashion so extreme, the world will look on horrified as he triumphs, marching through the streets, banners waving high, as if he was a man of some importance. His extreme measures will be dealt a blow in his term of office.

You see many who celebrate his being, they are so blind. What an almighty mess. Those corrupt leaders who abide by the rules of the negative in their institutionalised minds.

(Mediums Note: I believe this was Winston trying to get through once more)

Monstrous men whose allegiance to the dark will be obvious. That his collaboration with the Kremlin will become mentioned in the corridors of power. (sigh) Will man never learn?

I must have my say I cannot sit no longer, forgive me. Friends, I was a man of greatness that brought many to focus to fight those of intolerance of our time. Hmm. I watch and see many things in your world today, they are not so different to my time. Different faces, different values and such terrible weapons of destruction that I never faced. Hmm, you will need to have strength and tolerance and a willingness to love all to overcome the shadow of darkness. Hey, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, hmm. We have given words of encouragement and we would like you to become free of your burdens.

Go now in peace with the blessings of the Lord and a remembrance of those who have passed these tragic times. Valence (value) of the dictators that will draw your world for intolerance.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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