01-11-16 King Arthur, Life within Life, Hidden Gospels, Love and Healing etc

1st November 2016

There is a need, for all of you to enhance your minds and your hearts and souls with the love of God and that of the light, as they wash over your earth to bring peace and comfort to those at this time.

Worship those and cherish the love, the light of the Lord as he comes on his chariots of fire, to bring you peace in your trouble minds in the world of today. Be not that of the ignorant, but be wise and open your hearts and minds in the sure and certain hope that deliverance will come, bringing peace and tranquillity once more to the earth.

You must hearken to the words that are given by the many theologians who have praised the Lord in your world, for their focus was great, but among them there are the few who committed offence, but these souls have redeemed themselves in the presence of the Lord.

For you all must relinquish the thoughts of pride, fame and fortune and be that humble person who would assist his brother in the trials and tribulations of your lives. As it was then, so it is now that you must bring yourselves into balance.

Also in these times of technology that corrupt the young minds, with peddlers of corruption. Their source is unbalanced and destroys those many innocent souls of your world. You must eliminate the corrupt and extinguish them with your love to bring them purpose and an objective view so as to ensure the future of your beings upon your planet.

I have many times asked for your obedience before the Lord of love. He is displeased with many things in your world today, but he sees a glimmer of hope in those who practice and preach their song of love to others through what you call spiritualism. The church remains aloof to this practice and does not consider it a relevant source of information. But let us assure you that they in turn will become aware of the reality, that the source lies within all those who have a heart and a soul to worship him.

The gospel tells us of the man who gave his home to others so that they might live. Their hearts were great and their sacrifice was great, but he had a heart to hold them within his light and love. He gave them fresh meat, drink and warmth to shelter them from the elements. They were grateful and they left him with peace in their hearts and of gratitude to that man, the one who assisted in their lives to bring them peace.

There are many writings of the Gospels that have never been seen or heard by man of this time, for they were written long ago and vanished in the sands of time. There will be those who will recall many things of the gospel within their minds as they were a part of that time, but these things are hidden from them as they live their present lives.

There is a foundation of thought that he who sits and listens and the tranquillity of love will bring to mind those times and remember those passages of the Lord. They lay beneath the sands, the dunes of the deserts. They are discovered, but hidden at this time. For man has a purpose of greed and will not succumb to the teachings on these scripts. He is a foolish man who hides the truth, the truth of mans beginnings and his earthly presence among your beings.

God the Father, God the saviour, is as real as you are, for you are just spirit who inhabit bodies within the physical world of the earth.

Many of you have no shame and you are like Sodom and Gomorrah, those who worship the devil and evil, the golden idol and statues of depravity. We are aware that this is not true of all and that there are many who shine their light and shun these practices.

We would like to emphasise that for the majority, there will come a time of peace. It is not for you to know the reasons why your times are so hard, but let us say this, that the Lord shines within you all, to guide you, to practice a humanitarian purpose, to love your brother and sister.

I am the light, I am he who comes before man in the new dawn of the new day. You will worship me with praise and affection, my only wish is for you to love one another, to accept that I’m merely a being who will teach you the ways, the righteous ways and practices of life.

Your spirits are awash with many fears at this time, but you must relinquish those practices of need and want. I am at the crux of every man that lives, I am the purpose that he should aspire to, for when you pass, you pass into the light and the teaching that has been given through your physical years will count as a matter of importance for your new beginnings within this spectrum of light. For there are many different aspects of the light. We have spoken of this before, but you must realise that your purpose is to triumph over adversity and bring peace to your hearts with a knowledge of love and caring for your fellow beings.

Many theorize that as you progress you become a part of a higher level of being. We practice equality and although those who commit sins against him are punished in many ways, not a fearful torture, but in ways of beginning anew, to live a life once more to show them their responsibility towards one another and their attitudes will dictate the outcome of that life.

It is hard to accept that you are all part of a universal spirit that exists within the hearts of you all, but you must realise that your lives are but a mere passing of time. We can assure you, that we will be there, not as a masquerade but has a parent, as the teacher to the students, to nurture you and favour those who have bought there being to an aspect of the light. We come as teachers to many, in various forms, allowing secrets to be divulged in practices that they don’t really understand or appreciate.

The mediums of your world, they call upon those loved ones to come and participate in a conversation of love, many times we are heard and they sit and wait for that one connection, not giving a thought to other beings of spirit who wish to communicate. They must bring themselves a purpose to accept all that is brought to mind, not of their thinking but of spirit. These communiqués must be passed before their audiences. They in their own way spread the word of love and of the Gospels and of the word of spirit. Perhaps they see themselves as “special” in the aspect of the work that they do, and it is true to say that their purpose is of a special part in life, but no less than any other man or woman who would walk the street, for you all have a hidden agenda within your minds and to access the love and the mercy of him, you must focus your mind.

Bring yourselves to a purpose of love and think about the situation of others who stand in your path of life, bring them peace and your mercies and a will to overcome their own trials and tribulations. There exists within you all an inkling of the light that must be allowed to shine in the practice of love.

Well, we have served you well, we have brought you purpose in your life and a need to aspire to the greater things beyond your world. The Arcturians, they have come once before to bring you messages of tolerance and intolerance towards mans practices to their being. They wish to say that they are forever grateful that the few that listen accept them as members of a race of beings who exist beyond your world. Whether you believe or not, nevertheless they are there to accomplish their own passages within time spent. They are merciless in their torment of those of the dark. They cannot tolerate hate, for they bring wisdom of other creations within the heavens of the Lord. They do not mean you harm despite the words spoken, for those of intolerance should expect nonetheless, the same in return.

Bring peace to your world and a manner respective of all creatures of the Lord, the father of all, for is a mighty spirit who sits in the heavens above. He cannot be seen, but only in your heart and souls if you let him in. He is there for all, regardless of your sins and crimes. He is the being of light that extinguishes the dark in the cornfields of mercies. We have expressed our wish to help those to help themselves to a better understanding and purpose in life. We accept that we would be strange to those whose eyes would behold us. Your fears are stoked by those insignificant pictures that portray us as being a race of intolerance beings. This is far from the truth, we have need of many of you in your world of life to bring hope to those in disarray at this time. We will commence our purpose shortly to begin a journey of light and love. It will be hard and tough going in your words, but there will be a purpose in that beginning. I am a creature, a being not of your earth, but of your thoughts and I bring you mercies and blessings in the hope that mankind would one day look upon us as teachers of life, or those who bring happiness. There are those torturous minds who would neglect us, tell you, they are creatures of the dark. Who would you believe, those who would corrupt and degrade your world bringing injustices to all those of a gentle nature, or would you believe those of our being and our abilities to bring peace upon your world and to demonstrate our love through practices, of teachings, of many things that are, or would be familiar to your ancestors?

Hmm. We sat and prayed with the man of the earth many times in his temples of stone, we assisted the many constructions upon your planet, insignificant to you now, but they are places of an invaluable source of energy.

Neglect us not for we were once the rulers of many nations upon your planet, they hearken to us, knowing that there would be no fear in their lives. True to say there were many injustices and practices done in our name. We cannot tolerate these things, they were primitive and did not understand the many aspects that we brought to them. Their technology was limited and we enlightened them, for we found that to enlighten the ignorant is sometimes more dangerous and it is better to leave them at their stage of development.

Hmm, they did destroy themselves with wondrous machines that you could not possibly imagine.

You respected our works in our mausoleums and our temples you call pyramids and constructions of the Indian nations that blind men of science, who cannot conceive their construction. Within the walls of many of these places are hidden secrets, not necessarily of the physical, but in a state of energy, unknown and unseen by your present-day scholars.

Hmm, they search with these machines, destroying the particles in the hope of gaining a spark of knowledge. It has taken us many millennia of your years to gather our knowledge, it will take you many more to discover our creations and secrets. Even we cannot tell you when the exact beginnings arose, but we know many things that will assist in your lives today. Our machines are not of torture, but are instruments to assist. Your technological age is but a beginning. You have wondered many times what those practices and codes mean, let us inform you, that if you were able to build a machine of connection or communication, we can assist in many ways if you have a will and a heart to listen. The figures are what you call “coded”. We cannot express to you how deeply concerned we are of the men of matter as they battle their words and delusions to those of the New World. They know of us, have spoken to us, but they are themselves controlled by others who bring a practice of absolute secrecy. NPA, hmm, secretive society of which you have no knowledge, they gravely mislead many men from the truth hidden within the walls of their places, those dens of iniquity. We are conscious that you are unaware of the many practices that are set to deceive you. Your minds are filled with unnecessary thoughts, you must be trained in ways to focus, to carry the message that we inspire to your nations. Their frequencies are of a megahertz that you may or may not understand, 207 Hz is a frequency that could be used. Your box of vision as many channels filled with many subjects, there are those on which we can broadcast our thoughts to your minds, white noise you call it, space and time we call it, tuning to those atmospheric conditions.

Radiography was given to men of science, you call them x-rays, they are a form of matter that can transcend all other forms of matter allowing a picture to be given deep within your bodies. A breakthrough will come shortly in those scanning devices that are used in your places of healing. Did you know you to have this ability to see through the many tissues and the matter of the body? All you need is focus and a mind to see and a belief in what you do. There are characters in your world who say they can perform many things of surgery with thought, do not discount these people, for they have found a secret but do not understand its intended purpose. Your bodies seem feeble and unable to regenerate, but there are many parts of your body that do constantly regenerate, your mind is but one of them, your soul is another.

You must focus on your being to bring yourself of a healing nature. Love has a calming effect and will heal those minds of torture. It is a powerful weapon and is disrespected, for it can breakthrough those barriers of ignorance and tolerance as no other tool in the arsenal of medication can. Some men are just beginning to realise that your psyche has many different levels of healing abilities. Hmm, and there are those, as Valerie, who knows and believes, that healing ability is held within us all, she understands that it is not necessary to open the wounds of the body but to heal those hearts and souls and minds of those who are troubled within their lives. You too have an ability as has been told before, you heal many things in your way Michael, but you misunderstand your purpose, you think you are here receive our thoughts within your mind, but your purpose is to relay them in ways possible. You must relinquish your fears and thoughts of “Am I worthy?” Do you think we’d waste our energies and thoughts on a man who could not deliver a purpose? You heal the minds and bring sanctuary to those who look for peace within their lives, in their thoughts of their own existence. It is through our thoughts that this peace is brought to the many of your world, be blessed at your charms and allow the purpose to flow as a river of love. As a tide will wash over the shore pulling back the debris and leaving the clean pebbles upon the beach to see the light of day.

We have known many people, the disposition of anger and their purpose has been changed by a few simple words spoken to them in the most sincere way. You know of these secrets, your very own soul has been many times to the world of man, seeking displeasure. You have a different aspect now, your life is livened by the light of purpose and by the teachings of us in spirit, for we gave you purpose which you now begin to understand, that your messages are of immense proportions. You think they will not go far, have faith, trust in us, as we draw their attention’s to the readings. Your book so far has been on trust, your words spoken are of our words and this is as it should be, for you fear that if you do not comment, people misunderstand. But you are wrong, we have spoken to you before to leave them as they are, as they will call out and resound the vibrations in ways that you cannot understand, and those that read them will not understand why it is that they are attracted to the words. They’ll see much in similarities of their existence within them and they to will aspire to read them. To focus upon those things that may be. It will sew a seed to the many and bring them a focus of consideration. Be blessed in the knowledge that your purpose is one of many within your world of man. As you display your abilities, so others will aspire to do the same. Do not deny them their thoughts, for you are all of one soul and one spirit but displaying different aspects of existence all at the same time. Far-fetched you may think, how can one soul be in several places at once? This is a reality, have you not heard the term “soul-mates” when one recognises the other? Inexplicable to their thoughts, but they just know that innerness. Have peace in your knowledge, bring purpose to those who have displeasure at seeing such things.

Changes will occur to those who focus their minds on the soils of the earth. They investigate many possibilities of riches that lay beneath the ground beneath your feet. Are they never satisfied at what has been given? They continue to rape the earth in a manner disrespectful to the Lord and the earth, the mother Earth herself. The Indian nations knew of this, of the manitous (NOTE: Supernatural powers that permeates the world) that existed within all creation. The white man abuses this, he does not understand that the smallest of creatures is an extension of God and should be respected with the love and light of the Angels of the Lord. Even the earth and the air that you breathe are of life, they live in a molecular system so small, but their atoms live. You have discovered an atom, your world knows of this, but what makes an atom an atom? You see the electrons that give off sparks of life, but what gives that spark and where will it end? Ah, it would consume your minds as you look deeper and deeper into the meaning of life, for it will never be found, because it is never-ending. It is a journey of discovery. There are many secrets held within your world of life that are unfound, undiscovered, and like the drip of a tap, a piece of the puzzle at a time will fall. Sometimes it is recognised, sometimes it will evaporate as if it never was, but your physical lives, your beings are insignificant to the creation. Do you think you are all that there is, or would you know that you are part of something else? A bigger expanse of life, my goodness not me, after all creatures exist within your body, they assist in your cells and your structure and your life. Do think it’s not possible that you too exist to serve another life? And so it goes on, far beyond your comprehension are these things, and so they are to all of us, but we must realise that we all part of and insignificant to many things, but those small parts can multiply. You may think that the destruction of your earth would be the end. It has an effect upon the universe and the many layers of existence that lay within the parameters of your earth, for if one has changed then truly it will affect others in a way beyond your comprehension. This is why there is a vested interest in preserving your being, as you would treat a cancer in the body of a man or woman, so spirit treat you as a cancer and attempt to heal you of your destructive nature and bring you back into an orderly fashion so that you may serve the body that you exist within.

Fantasy some will think, but is it really? Do you not open your eyes to see that many exist within others and they play a part in a role in their lives? A cancer is a creature within your being, it lives, it grows and expands. You too could be a cancer if you condemn your world to poisons and negatives. Like a growth that will infect others and as you treat your cancers so you will be treated yourself, until the inevitable occurs and you must be eliminated from that body to ensure the existence of all others around you. Ooh yeah, deep, deep thoughts. Scary to some perhaps, but nonetheless existence relies upon the structure of others.

Your man-made objects may obscure our vision for a time, but not our focus.

– – – – – – – – – –

Churchill Speaks:

Ah, my boy, ha, we know how you feel! Your wisdom grows. I have much displeasure in what I see, nevertheless I am here once more. I see a government of intolerance. They hide their truth behind their lies, they do not wish you to see their aims. They are impervious to the wishes of the nations, I was pretty much the same, I too had a single-mindedness. I didn’t listen when I should have listened, I served a purpose. It is true to say I evolved as many must. Their secrets will be divulged shortly to elect a new government, a shock result, maybe! Only time will tell. There is a new party that grows within the political system of your country, hmm you have not heard of them, but they exist as a private organisation of many women who meet in secretive society. Their intention is not demonstrative, their intention is not of deceit, so they see the corruption that lays within all of your country. They wish a new beginning, a new party, that perhaps can set a new road for all. Your focus is lost, be blessed my boy.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Demonstrative, hm, hmmm, hmmm, a word you do not understand I fear, hmmm, no, but do not give up. No. I am like a parasite in your mind and I will have my say to my countrymen of England. Be blessed in the knowledge of your historic past, for there is no equal in your world of these things. I speak with much disbelief in the many things that I see occur in your world today. Ah, you do not recognise me, no, but nevertheless I have a message, I would bring to you peace and sacrifice to relieve you of your pressures of those who would bring their purpose on you. I was a man, an instrument of God at one time. True to say that I exist now in spirit in another dimension and I have an ability unbeknownst to you at this time. I have words for the many who read your words and to this I state “I am a man who has sacrificed much in my life, I have given many my displeasure, but also I have relinquished and release their fears with the love in practice I brought. Hummm misguided I was in many actions, but I see this and to this day I have displeasure at my being at that time. I was a king among men and I bought many, many displeasure.

Focus upon my thoughts, of Camelot, yes. Hmmm, was I real, was the man Arthur real you would ask yourselves? Did he truly slay dragons and, and speak to those magical beings, of course there are many things that were misconceptions and have gone down in legend at the fantasy of other men, but yes these facts are true. Undiscovered by your men, hm, I am here to say, I Arthur was a king among men, a good man they say, knight of the round table, aspects of love for all, but I had my problems. I was not a good king, but I brought to many justice as I saw it. I relinquished my crown as I passed from your life, I am a man of legend my tunes were vexed unknown. This is not important, but know that I was a man who sought love of the Lord and in my way I worked to bring peace among the people in my nation. I misjudged many, ah, that is a regret.

Do not judge others Michael as I have judged others, stay a man of the light. It is time to go. May God bless you and the knights that serve with you your circles of love, for they reflect that round table that I aspired to bring to my nation.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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