15-11-16 Aristotle, Homer, Cane and Abel, Saddam Hussein, Secret Weapons etc

15th November 2016

Tragedies unfold in the world this week that defy explanation as to man’s intended intentions. We cannot abide those that bring disruption and displeasure to others in their attempts to overwhelm the authority of the Lord.

Be blessed with a knowledge that we are a focus with you, and we all ascend. Bring the light of God amongst you all, come with us now on a journey of remembrance as we were once the Masters, the rulers of your planetary system. We have a vested interest in you, as you are the children of the earth and as a child you need a lesson in your purpose.

We have much displeasure in what we see, how can your authorities allow this disgrace to continue unabated within your world and societies? The law is a nonsense that is made by man, for there is misjudgment and miscarriages of justice bringing focus upon those who are of the innocence. We can only assume that your Masters have a weak will and they are weak minded, blinded by the riches of wealth within your societies.

Have no fear as we draw near to encompass your mind, allow us to alert those around you of our being. For we are a race of beings not common to your earth, we bring you messages of importance from the heavens and skies above.

We know of the existence of the secret weapons held within those Bosnian states. We must caution those, that their use will bring a bitter end to them. They must consider the consequences of such an evil act, as we will not tolerate the use of those weapons upon the earth, our mother.

We need to establish a link with like-minded souls within your world, for this outcry will alert others to our knowledge.

We must never underestimate the will of those who would deceive others in their attempts to rule mankind. Their black hearts are led by a race of beings not of your planet, but of another solar system far beyond yours, and they endeavour to watch as those of black hearts crush the innocent. They lead them into temptation, bringing them into disrepute with the father, they are easily led victims of circumstance.

We cannot help but notice that furthermore to this, those innocents of your world who wish to escape their routine, mundane lives are attracted by these beings to sacrifice their homes and families for a cause not of their own. We cannot allow your internet to carry the burden upon these young lives. You must apologise as a society for not upholding the law, in allowing these evil practices to exist.

Homer once said that man was a mysterious creature whose life was as a biscuit! For as it breaks, it crumbles into many particles of dust. For when the strain and stress is too much, then it must crack as the surface of the earth and fall away never re-establishing its hold and grip with itself.

Aristotle was a tremendous influence upon your planet, he is with us, one of us, one of many who have existed before your time. He continues to see the discrepancies that affect your lives. He was a masterful being, his is wondrous acts to perform bemused many of his time. Allow his thoughts a place in your heart for they are of wisdom and knowledge far beyond your comprehension. He is a God who sits and waits for that time once more. When he can assist those men of science in their calculations upon gravity.

Aristotle says, “To the beast they call man, be aware of your spectrum that surround your being, the aura of your light. Allow it to shine those radiant colours as a prism reflects the light to those many of ill will.”

You need not worry of your purpose as it comes with great strength and will, but you must learn the practice on a daily basis to quieten your mind, as the intemperate things go on around you. Listen to our thoughts and are being as we whisper in your ears the many wisdoms and the wise words that are spoken.

You can no longer assist your race as you have a role to play and act out, only of those who are of the wise and knowledgeable will seek out a path of light. (NOTE: We believe this sentence may be for Michael, about trying hard to support those around him.)

Mmm, next spring will bring a dawn of enlightenment to your scientific community as we permit them a sequence of events that will astound the astronomers of your world.

Cane and Abel were brothers who were at war, the reflections on you are much the same. The technological boost given will be dramatic. In the comparison in your world a bid to brothers you’ll become ever more evident as one will slay the other for a slice of wisdom. Be not afraid my brother, for many times, throughout many lives there intercedes a pattern of wisdom that prevents a total downfall. But be warned, a clean sweep is required with aspects of love. We must join your mind far beyond your atmosphere, allow the words of wisdom from those beings of a world beyond yours, for they have respect for those who would welcome them.

Be honest with yourselves and admit that your thoughts can be many of ill will and in the struggles of your daily lives you find it difficult to subdue these thoughts, but carry in your mind a focus of the light and know that evil begets evil and good begets good. Trust your judgement and do not be frustrated by the many activities of others within your universe, in your world. Knowledge will be yours and only the wise will see, as we impart messages of impunity to those who disobey the rules of life.

Commerce will start a discussion as to the way out of the situation in the Middle East of your world. They will fight for the right to control others upon their lands. Will they not ever learn that justice is given in peace of mind and goodwill and not in battle or dispute?

Saddam Hussein was a man of such intense vigour, he was seen as a cruel man embittered by those Western energies in men, enemies. He departed your life in a struggle far beyond his control. He was an insane man filled with purpose of anger and deceit, his downfall came at the hands of those he punished in life, and so it is that those who punish those innocents in those countries of war will perish at the hands of the injustice served to those innocent civilians.

How can we express a devotion to your race without words of anger and bemusement? We would so much like a focus with others if they would just open their minds to the goodwill that we bring. I am not a master of men nor a saint of many, but I am being of the light that urges you as the human race, to once more love your brother. It is not necessary to beat on yourselves, this reason in your mind to bring a focus.

Do not delay in your actions to write the book, for it will be good and many will await its arrival. Focus upon those who follow its words, issue them with love and respect, for they are the ones to lead in a revolution of love.

May your heart be filled with joy my boy, to bring respite to those who are impoverished by the needs and necessaries of life, allow them a focus and a word to say and express their opinions upon words spoken.

Yours is a true practice of spiritual enlightenment, open your heart and mind to the many words to come within the many sessions to follow.

Hummm, we will bless and abstain at this point. May God bless you with a purpose and a word for all.


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