17.11.16 Alien Abductions, Bible Passages, Arcturian Messages etc

17th November 2016

It came as a sudden shock to me that I passed at that moment in time to the heavens above. I was a man, a mere mortal who had denounced the saviour for my life of unworthiness, but I came to know and respect him as the saviour of mankind. My heart and my thoughts are with purpose now, as I am being guided by those angels of life and love.

It was well documented that I was once a tyrant amongst men. My life was popularised by many authors and their books, giving my name and priesthood a majesty that it did not deserve.

I am here this evening, you may call me Stephen, to announce that I am no longer the man that I was. I am a man of joy who wishes only love upon those of the physical world. I ponder at the times that were, and those malicious lies are rumours that were spread among you.

It is true I was no angel as being of man, but I am now joyous in the knowledge of his love. My practice was given to me to serve others in the ministry of love, I became disloyal just like many of your world who perceive a position of intolerance as being a gift to them. They must look at their lives and the intolerance they issue to those who would be beneath them.

Many authors of wisdom have written about the many times when life was simple, when man understood the words of the Lord and the meaning and gestures of love. How times have changed and now man does not respect his elders nor his leaders, for they have become corrupted. In the final analysis of any man’s life we take into account his status in life, not in position, but as to his disposition and practice of love and purpose. Yours too will be assessed, as will others. No man is without sin, for sometimes it is necessary to become one of those, to understand and realise the true purpose of love and man. Mmm.

We come tonight with a reverence of our Lord to whisper in your ears that no man shall be king over the Lord of Heaven’s. We have come to whisper in your ears of the purpose of this man who stands before you, as he is the gateway to the knowledge that must be given to those who call themselves “decent men”.

Many times we have heard that man betrays his brother for the sake of an ounce of gold, for what worth is this gold? It counts for nothing in the world of spirit, your joy will come with many riches, not in that precious metal, but of love in your heart. Be a father, denounce those who offer a bribe or two for you to become their puppet.

We have seen many times a man brought to his knees by his lust, not of love, but of wealth. It is sad to see that their focus is of dismay. It is a pattern common to your man this day. Confusion reigns throughout your world as to which is the right path to take. Men do not see that their purpose is a spiritual one as they adorn their cloaks in a manner of arrogance. They feel the need not to help the poor man in the street, for who are they to grovel at his feet? Huh, he is of a superior mind, one who has worked hard to attain his position in life. But truly, what purpose is that position if not to serve those who require help and assistance and a leg up to bring their purpose of love to all.

The common valour of man has all but disappeared in your modern technology. The roots of evil have taken hold as your mindless thoughts watch those screens of betrayal. It is not worthy to forget who you once were and what you are part of.

The stream of life has many tumbles, the water will take the path that is easiest to negotiate. Some will fall over the rocks and the rapids of life, while others will be as a stream meandering through the valleys of green. Not so much haste, but taking their time to absorb the nutrients that are fed in that stream. Don’t be the rapids of life, in a rush to overcome obstacles. It is far better to observe, go around these obstacles to make a path easier, but as the waters go around so they absorb the knowledge and see the turmoil within. Hmmm, it is easy to be said that it should be of the quiet stream meandering, as life is an obstacle course which often leads to mayhem. There is a moral to this story, it is a simple thing to understand, that if your minds are the rapids of life, then know that the stream will come in spirit. Why follow a course that brings a rush? Be that meandering stream and absorb the goodness that life can bring.

Too many times we have spoken of many things concerning the lives of man, we have an aspect of tolerance and patience, but ignorance is no excuse for the behaviour of some. We are beings of the light, those that come with much wisdom and knowledge to impart upon those who will listen to the words spoken. Be not ashamed to understand that your lives have a purpose far beyond your minds comprehension. We are not here to issue you answers to your problems, for your lives have many issues to be resolved. You face much disturbance at this time and juncture of the earth’s existence. You are the cause of many problems creating those rapids spoke of. Your vibrations fluctuate. The time of man, your men of worship no longer rule, as men of the church, for they to in part have succumbed to the ways of your day. Isn’t it time to take a step back, away from the brink upon which you stand? Look back to how time was much slower and the base of life easier as the streams through the valleys.

Man’s intolerance of one another will grow to bring a response inevitable when two currents meet. Turmoil, indistinguishable from each other will ensue as they fight to take the one path. Don’t be a member of that race who would issue ill practice towards others, see the light shine in your eyes and know that peace will overcome all in time.

Thoughts of anguish and despair occupy many minds in the realms of man. What would you have us say? A satisfying lecture on the rights and wrongs of living, or a little knowledge to guide you upon your path’s and journeys of life?

Too many times before we have seen man throw away a God-given gift of life, for they are in despair of knowing which way to go, they don’t see an end to their problems, so they finalise their lives. It is sad to see those young victims of your selfish world, for they come to us in despair and unsure and frightened of what has become of them. Surely, healing will be given, but it takes time to mend the soul of a broken man, but there is a golden light as this man becomes a worthy member of spirit, with his knowledge of how he rode the rapids of life. For he will become a teacher to others, not in the classrooms of your life, but in the thoughts and minds of those who contemplate these same terminations. They will speak to them, reassuring them that life will become better, hm, not all are heard, but the few that do hear become better people, begetting better souls.

Ring out the changes, toll the bells, let the sounds and vibrations reverberate throughout the lives of men. We are the Arcturians, those beings who have bought a practice of love to your life. Let it be known that our will, will be done as we enter your atmosphere. Our structures of life are different to that of man, thought is our choice of language. Our physical beings can be seen should we choose. Some speak of devils! Ha ha , well, we are strange to your eyes I am sure! Your classrooms of life speak of us as if we never were, they do not hold the concept that life exists elsewhere within the solar systems and universe’s of God’s creation. Oh yes, we have a creator in common to all of us, all that live. We do not denounce his being, but we embrace his love.

We are the warriors of life, we come as scientists to study and assist the beings of life as they go about their existence. We observe, taking notes as you would, trying to understand the complexities of mankind. It is difficult. Abductees you call them, those that we borrowed to study, not so strange when you consider what man does to his animal life upon his planet, do you not do the same? Do you not study them in your labs of life inflicting pain upon them to see the response and effect? We do not do this our of cruelty for we too suffer pain, we too have been subjects of your very own beings, hidden miles away. Probes they inserted, inflicting pain upon the creatures before them, and they gasped in wonder at their frailty as they pass before them. Dishonoured, disrespected as a lab rat, but we hold no grudge.

We would like to bring purpose to your men of science. In their volumes of books they study the physics and science of your world and the atmosphere that surrounds you, never truly understanding that one day a spark of light will become obvious to them and they will wonder why they had not seen it before. That spectrum of light that rains upon your planet, withholds many secrets, many benefits to your beings of life. We come as caretakers, as parents.

To track our existence you would look in the annals of time to those places far beyond your universe. Your men have and will discover an alien species as they call it, as they explore distant places. Of course they will not allow you to know these things, but we tell you now, that other life forms exist and surround your planet, and see it as a beacon of interest as your science men will look upon a subject in a Petrie dish and probe as to its meaning, hmmm. We do not wish to cause despair at our words of frustration, for we have an interest in your planetary system, your scope of life is narrow and complex in meaning.

You look to the skies and you understand that you are a small part of a larger being. Take care not to overstep the boundaries of science and love, for a spark is all it will take to ignite the gases of your atmosphere. Truly we say unto you, Nitrous oxide is a gas with an explosive value, it seeps into your atmosphere unnoticed by many, but it will contaminate and inflame a burning atmosphere. You cannot prevent all, as nature itself produces the natural gases, but you yourself are a doom on mother nature by your hideous machines, you pump the air that you live on with much noxious gases, oh, what stupidity, irresponsibility. We cannot comprehend in our thinking, but know this, you will pay the price for your ill concern to your mother. Don’t betray our thoughts of love and replace it with fear of beings of other places, we can cleanse your atmosphere but we cannot cleanse your minds for this is your task. Assist us so that we may assist you.

Many will disbelieve the words as you write them in your book. Many will say “What a fool” to believe in such things that cannot be seen, truly they are blind and unwise to think that their existence is all that there is in time and space. What a primitive race of beings you are, your arrogance is appalling.

There are those with focus who see as and acknowledge us. Many worthy men of status in your world know this, but your men of greed and those who will not relinquish their power will hold a blindfold over your head for as long as they can. It is not for us to relieve you of this, you must see for yourselves. When you look to the skies in the heavens, think about how minute you are and that there are endless possibilities of life that exist beyond your atmosphere of poison.

Will you come to a time of peace and love? We fear it will take much for you to abort your ways of cruelty in your present existence.

We will keep our distance, but in your thoughts, in your minds, we will place those precious thoughts that enable man a little wisdom. We will not solve your problems, but we can assist. Have a care not to extinguish your open mind to one of solitude and darkness.

We are as ants in our appearance, as best described as insects! Have you ever looked at your ants and the societies and networks that they build, how they assist each other in their busy lives? You, as a channel have an image of our being, (channels note I did see an image in my minds eye of both a triangular shaped head and a cats head!). You see a cat, a face of triangulation, hmmm, you are not afraid, be not afraid.

Our existence was of denial to your men. Evidence accumulates of the many populations that once existed upon your earth. You see your lives as the human being, your shapes and forms are adequate for your existence upon your planet. It is not unreasonable to assume that other planets hold different pressures and atmospheres, therefore life has evolved to exist upon them. There is nothing new in this to your men of science and those who study the ancient beings of your world.

Your precious memories are few of our race, but your weapons of war are not much different. As you evolve, your primitive minds. We are not accustomed to ill will towards us, we do not respect those who would appear to us with intensions in a manner of war. What is it that you fear? Is it knowledge and wisdom or a race of beings that don’t appeal to your eyes? I think that many upon your planet would be welcoming to see strangers visit, but fear would be in their hearts, so we stand back. We feed your minds a little at a time, so that one day you may accept us. You must evolve, we are not ants of your earth, we are of a similar feature and yes we know of their existence, for we were once part of your civilisation in Mexico, as you call it.

The Hebrews worshipped us, mmm, as did many other nations, as they viewed us from the heavens in our ships of gold. God’s, they called us and God’s we are not. We are merely beings of a distant planet. Time has erased our memories, but still features can be seen today.

Your planetarium, your house of science do not acknowledge the presence of life forms. Help us to inspire those minds in the dark to ignite a thought that life can and does exist elsewhere beyond your small star. Will you come you ask, will we be seen? We cannot at this time, as a danger to us from your men of ignorance who will shoot first and ask later. But there will come a time when the world will see a positive outcome of change. We have infiltrated many sectors of your life. Your very being is easy to control, your minds are narrow and fickle at heart, but we will amass in thoughts and ideas to unleash your minds potential.

The flower of love is given to those with purpose. A blessing to all would be given of the light. I am the father of mercy and accept your prayers of worship, thoughts and good deeds, become men of the light.

Pressures upon you at this time are immense, but not insurmountable. Focus the practice of love to bring an outcome of goodwill. Valerie and Kevin work hard at your side, they are members of a race of beings unknown to them. They are enlightened by thoughts that they do not understand, but their hearts are good and their minds and souls practice a love that they do not deeply understand, but they know the good that it brings and the fulfillment for others that it gives. Your mind my son, is a focus. Become strong to bear the brunt of what is to come. Allow us to intercede, to bring wisdom and thoughts to nourish the mind of the men that you seek to enlighten.

God’s Gospels were many, but rarely read. So we will bring an aspect to a verse Chapters 9 – 10 Exodus, should be read. It is a warning filled with love, a contradiction you may think, but we are the teachers of the light. You must read carefully for they contain words of much wisdom. Help us to inspire those who follow the words that you write. I am the father of time and I bring messages of displeasure, but with a practice of love. As the floodgates open, so the light will flow to overwhelm those who bring a practice of ill will. You have heard Noah and the exploits, he was a chosen one, not of your world. Men will need to see that their ways are no longer tolerated, a clean sweep, a new brush, a new dawn.

Castaway your fears in your minds of doubt and read the words of wisdom held within the passages of John chapters 20 – 15 / 6 for they are the words of a mission of love. Compel your minds not to hate, but to give freely of your love and compassion. Allow your wings to spread, your love to grow for the many your nations, as your White horse brings power, sow the seeds of light and love.

You will not hear the words of those that choose to listen, for all will listen in their own time. They will see that truly the existence of those spiritual beings are as real as their minds and thoughts. We bless this day and bring a focus to those who need assurance.

To you, we give our blessings and a practice of love to the world.

Angels of light and mercy be upon you now.

Spectres of light are seen by your men of science as they flash across their screens in their observatories. Wondrous they think, from whence did they come? We never see them coming, are they are part of the asteroid belt? Or a disruption has brought their path this way. Your earth is a fragile creation as is all other things that occupy time and space. Could it be that man has created a problem and now must face the consequences of his institutional research? Wasn’t it once said, “For every action there must be a reaction,” and so it is, that your practices of weapons of war will bring about a reaction, unexpected. You fire your missiles into space so they may not be seen as they explode their expressions of disturbance, in time you are caught, these ripples will rebound. Your narrow minds cannot foresee the dangers, and for the common man there is nothing to do but watch in despair. Hmmm.

There will come a time when we will assist your world, to restructure it and bring focus of love back to the light. But for now, it must run its course.

Tremendous amounts of fear will be felt, naturally occurring, for your lives are vulnerable. But all should know, peace will come. Fears are only momentary in passing of time and of your lives. Cradle your knowledge, the wisdom of the Lord and the comforts that he brings to you all, as he whispers in your ears, “Be not afraid of me, but become me, part of the light, the light of love. For no animal shall suffer within that light of love and man being no different, will rejoice in worship as a commitment of light and love. There are those who will not bend to this, for they see themselves as being their own man. Hah, they only hurt themselves in their denial. A blessing to all who practice in the light and love.

Tonight we will say a prayer of special thanks to the creator of life as he observes his beings and their many practices: “Our Lord, our saviour the king of time, bless us with your love and a practice of will that we may share with others the good tidings that you bring. Let us not descend into chaos, but assist those with a care and a love that only you can bring. We are your humble beings of your many universes. Help us to inspire others in our daily lives and routines. We are your humble servants, our Lord Creator. Amen”.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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