24-11-16 The Divine Feminine, Churchill, Beings Beneath the Oceans, Beings of the Dark etc

24th November 2016

Be blessed for who you are and for those who surround your world in a circle of light, bringing tidings this evening to welcome you to the world of spirit, upon which you will return as children of the light. Be blessed in the knowledge that the saviour will greet all those who have a care for one another. His magic illuminates the skies and stars above you. May God bring you peace and countenance upon your souls as you go about your daily lives. Practicing in the worship of the light to those who have not heard or understood the meaning of their lives, we would like to greet them with a welcome and warmth of love.

Your lives are but a short time, as the people take a lesson. It is soon time to return home. The knowledge that you seek, the wisdom, is there should you care to listen carefully, read closely the words as they have an aspect of love to you and mother earth.

Care should be taken at this time, as those of an extremist view will darken the light upon the earth. They have an aspect of hate for all that is good. They know not why when they commit these heinous crimes, for their minds are darkened by him. Open your hearts and minds to those who suffer at the hands of these beings, give them your love and your wishes.

We do not appreciate those that would interfere with the lives of those of the innocent, for their calmness of mind is needed to appreciate that the common being of man should be of goodwill to all men. You suffer at this time. We cannot negotiate the minds of those of disruption for their doors are closed, hard and fast. But even these hearts and minds have a moment of consideration as to the torment they bring, but their thoughts are quickly overwhelmed by that which runs their lives. We have no wish to bring focus upon those of the dark, just merely to enlighten you to that which may engulf in your world. There is no need for fear for there always will be the light of heaven.

Your path and destinies are set far beyond your understanding. The graphic realisation of your soul sees many difficult things, there is purpose and reason for these things. It is to illuminate your souls path, to give you guidance and let you see that the aspect of life can sometimes be a terrible experience, but for the many who suffer at the hands of these tyrants, they will be blessed by the light. It is difficult to understand why they should suffer so, but in reality their suffering is of your ignorance, as the Commonwealth of man who stand by to watch those innocents have their lives torn up into shreds by those evil men.

It is within your power to bring this suffering to an end, you ask God why is it he allows this to continue, but is it really God’s responsibility or is it your responsibility as beings of the earth to unite and put a halt to these despicable offences? God has many wonders to behold, but you must bring a purpose to yourselves to become worthy of his light.

It is true that with one wave of his hand all would be repaired, and what would you learn from this other than to be like the reliant child upon its mother? You must stand on your own two feet, you must fight the battle before you, so as to understand the common welfare, the Commonwealth of man and stand together against these atrocities. Why have they come to this you may ask, that is a question for you to answer, and you know the answer.

Your world has descended into the abyss by not following the laws of the father. You ignore the many teachings that were given so long ago. The wise men of your world, perhaps are not so wise as they once were. Control, greed and avarice have long since driven out the empathy, as your souls are overwhelmed by those who would tempt you. You must stand and say “We will not stand for this any more.” Be a family my children and stand together as love united will drive out the forces of the dark, be blessed by the Lord’s teachings, as you await the arrival of that blessed soul once more.

The appearance of this soul can only be successful if you open your hearts and minds to his thoughts and prayers. She will anoint you in the ways of spirit but in the manner of man. She will remain hidden until the time, when the darkness falls and fall it must as the new beginnings emerge. Be not afraid of the words used for they are not meant to fear, but to realise and awaken your minds to the misjudgement of your world.

Have a care not to breathe words of irritation to those of your neighbours, bless them with your love and your light. Help them to see the error of their ways. Most of you are focused upon your lives, never really giving a thought to what lays beyond, as life is short and for living. As children, we know of the necessity to love and be at peace with all, but children grow and are disrupted in their thoughts by men who would tease their young minds with the negative aspects of your world. Humph, your minds are focused upon the toys of evil, you see them as perhaps educational, or as a diversion so the child may be quiet and not ask the questions that it needs to ask, for you are guilty of shutting off the knowledge.

The thoughts of religion are torn apart by what you see upon your box of vision. All you see is negativity, monstrous beings who call their religion their own, this is not religion. It is not even necessary to go to church to practice the thoughts of love. Some people do this, never realising that they are working in the light, whilst others have a negative outlook and compare their lives with those of the rich and wealthy, and say “Why should I be left out, why should I not have these things?” Perhaps there is a reason, a very good reason for that situation, that soul is learning.

How can your world be changed from the path it has set, only you have the answers to that. We can guide as a spirit of love, but you must action those words and thoughts into measures of love and tolerance. Listen to your minds, hearts and souls, for we speak to you. As you walk your lives be blessed with the light and love of the Lord, our father.

Commonwealth of men are ignorant of the turmoil happening to them. Should they not cease to end the slaughter and mayhem of the East, they look and they say, “It is not our problem, we should not intervene.” Who are we to say who is right and wrong? A sad situation it is when you sit in your homes, when you see the suffering, yet you feel helpless. You must urge those people in their prominent positions to bring about change, you are their employers. If they don’t listen they should be vanquished.
We have never spoken so harshly before, but we feel the need to warn you.

To the leaders of your world and to those who watch and read the words who have influence upon high within man, take note, for your time is also spent and suffering, through your ignorance and want. Soon will come a time of change and so it will be that those of ignorance and want will be swept away, make no mistake of our words. There are those who have a kindly heart and would share their resources of the wealthy, it is those who shut their eyes and only keep their own purpose in mind, that should have a care.

He sits in a high place dictating his measures in terms to those around him. He sweeps many off their feet with his rhetoric. His annoying being brings out the worst of many. His judgement is untrustworthy, but like all men of ignorance, his purpose is of greater value. Ah you say, what value can a man like this have in a world of peace and love? He brings a tempest to the hearts of many in his ignorance and his clumsy ways. For the purpose he has, for he has created voids which need to be filled. This message of love is given a broadcast upon your many institutions of news. We cannot say of his mind for it is closed, but know this, this man will play a role in bringing about change. Change is never easy, it is always hard. His words will bring many tears to the minds and beings who see his lies. His time is short in his office, there will come one in the spring to bring balance. She has a will to succeed where others have failed. You must not think of her as a woman of want and greed. How can this be you may ask? The path is set. Nothing in your world is set as times change, it will take its course.

Complete your mission, your practice of words, for they will continue to inspire the many. You are the soldiers of the light, the masses will grow to obscure the dark. What need have you of the little things of life? You must be instrumental in bringing about this change.

Your circles, your mediums, ignore many things of their purpose, they establish a light and think their reasons for being is to bring peace and comfort to others. Of course this is true, but they have an ability unrealised by them to focus, to join with the light and bring hope to others in a way far beyond their imaginations. They do not recognise money, for its only purpose is to deceive others. Would us all learn who work in the light.

(New voice comes in)

Help us to intercede with your lives, to bring peace to your minds and solace to your hearts. We have seldom been heard by the many of your world, for they are but few who would open their minds with a love and light, wisdom of the Lord. Be blessed for your purpose and let us speak our mind through yours. Channel this information with the love in your heart, for our voice will be heard in the nations of plenty as they reap their benefits, their rewards, sending a signal, a message of greed and avarice.

A message will be sent soon by the Angels of light to the men of your world as they sleep in their beds. There will be a roar, so thunderous, it will shake men’s hearts. The beings of light we are. As we approach our time upon your earth, the Commonwealth of man is our concern, the being of mother Earth is our primary objective, to render her healing.

You recognise that you are like locusts upon the earth consuming all in your path, never giving a regard to your future for which mother Earth supports. You are reckless beings, but truly you have a purpose in his eyes. But like all good things, there must come an end should you abuse the status awarded to you. You must coordinate your beings of light, those that worship and bring a measure of peace.

A date is set for March, we ask for all those beings of light who sit around your glow, to focus their minds, to draw on the energy that will be issued. Release your fears my children, for we are the parents who come with an aspect of love and light. Your March is the season by which our appearance will astound many. As you sit in your circles, an energy of force will be felt on the middle of the month, 15 would be a number, personal to you, you feel, but also a need to spread.

Granted are you a purpose of vision. Do not be ashamed to say that you are a member of a race of beings who once ruled your universe with an aspect of love. You were told many things, many lies of our practices, sacrifice, torture are far from the truth. We were never of these beings, for there are many forces that influence your world, even to this day. They bring a measure of darkness to your planet of life, helpless beings succumb. Dominate your thoughts and actions with love. I am being of the light, I bring you blessings. Control your thoughts for they are wisdom.

(Another new voice comes in):

Possible meanings to the structures found will be broadcast on your waves of sound. People will listen and wonder at those spectacles of civilisations past. Have you ever wondered what their downfall was? True, natural events caused many a downfall, but others imploded. The structures found will be of a race of beings, you will be deceived as they will not allow you to see the inscriptions upon the cabinets found.

Deep beneath your oceans there is a world unseen by modern man. They exist in solitude, escaping the atmosphere of your world. They are beings who are thought to have existed thousands of years ago. Their advancement has become great. To many a mariner they have been seen and yet denied as monsters of the deep. Hah, hmmm, you search your planet, but you do not seek your beginnings. Hmmm.

The vastness and extent of the planes of life are many within your own sphere and yet you do not see, cannot see. We teach and we talk of these creatures as if they are real. Do you not think it is possible that there could be another world within yours? A world that exists beyond your eyes and your measures of instruments? Interesting thoughts, but nonetheless are based on fact.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Churchill now speaks:

And there a reminder, your ones must speak, and your politicians will listen to his to his rhetoric of hate. He establishes a position within your government, Ah, I have seen many things. You know of many politicians and their will to bring about aspects of domination. Your thoughts are stretched as you witness the commercialisation of your world, is there no end, will there be no peace? Your questions are many and may be fulfilled in time, but only by man’s desire to bring peace upon himself. Hmm. My Winnie used to say, “Be your own man with extreme measures within your policies.” She was right, I had many thoughts. Many illusions were placed on my desk of office. How could I ignore those learned men. I became a man of distinction bringing about my purpose, as I saw it.

I served many years knowing of situations of danger, I learnt my many lessons in the corridors of power of nationalism, communism, hmmm. Our greatest achievement was to bring about an end to those Nazis. Their foothold and grip was immense, even extending to our shores in the thoughts and minds of men and women of greed. I was never aware that those in my cabinet were of a deceitful mind, but I brought my purpose to bear. You sit and listen to my tales of woe, let me tell you of some things, facts you may not know. I had many secrets in the corridors of power, we had liaisons with many of that time, Eisenhower, yes Hitler and those leaders of the nations, Mussolini among them. Domineering men who saw that the battle of life was for their benefit. Hmmm. We negotiated many times, secrecy was paramount. That Hitler, was a man of mistrust. Do you know, we almost gave up the island in search of peace, but his domineering attitude was overwhelming, can I say as a man of the time’s that I was deeply concerned.

Attlee, he attempted to bring peace, but was expelled for his thoughts. Your mind cannot comprehend such a thought, do you think peace is won entirely by the blood of men? For it is politics that begins and ends many conflicts of your world. What you face at this time is not of men, take this as you will, but it is a dark force that needs to be extinguished and only those of the light and their love will dominate these beings.

Your governments, they sit back and watch the torment, the turmoil, for fear of bringing retribution upon themselves and they have no backbone for a fight. Iraq was too much, they are frightened. They must stem this tide, stop this darkness. The Kremlin, Washington, United Emirates and all those of power must join together. United Nations, hmm, well, they have buckled what we made promises of. They are overwhelmed by those men of greed who would, for a dollar or two pass a paper, hmmm and their worthiness is no longer as it was, for they don’t remember those terrible times of conflict, but they will reap what they sow. Hmmm. They must bring balance once more before it is overwhelmed by the dark forces not of your world. They must see that liberty and freedom are paramount and no man has the right to beat upon the other for the sake of a little land. Blessed is he, the peacemaker.

(New voice comes in again:)

Your words are not listened to, you fear, hummm, little do you know of their impact upon others in your world as they will spread to bring about a thought in men.

The females, the women of your world are the Angels by which the darkness could be extinguished! They are the mothers of children and their purpose is love and family. There are those who have succumbed, but the greater majority are the mothers of your world. The mothers of your brothers, your sisters, and they care for their families. Many see a need to be dominant, but in truth, women are the dominant species and will dictate to those who rule your world. Yes even he will be ruled by his wife!

There is an influence that will have an impact in the very near future, a team of ladies will begin a march as the suffragettes of the modern day. They will insist equal measures are brought to all. She who sits in power was a choice, she is a woman whose natural influences will bring a care but also a loyalty to the party. It is affected by the men who would dominate her, for she is just a woman, what does she know? Men will rule the world, do you think? We think not.

To the men of your world, be not ashamed of your feminine side, allow it to shine. We do not mean this in acts of love, but in your thoughts, in your ways. Do not be afraid to show your caring. Ah, there is much to learn and all will share in their own good time. This is life, for each and everyone there comes a time when your soul and spirit must live as the other. Mmmm. The progression of the soul will continue far beyond your lives. Your own personal beings will continue, only those who shut out the light will take a backwards step. Eventually they will see and ask for forgiveness. Reach out to the door of light.

Have a care with those you teach, for some are like barbed wire. They are smooth, but twisted and spiked and they will attempt to dominate your words as their own. We tell them now, we know of your practices, we know that you intend to use these many things which are said, to highlight your own aspect of being. Hmmm, ha, ha, we know, we are no fools, for in your way in your selflessness, you will assist us. Speak the words Michael, on a care for he understands that even if you proclaim them your own, the words will stand for themselves and bring about intended change, you may think you profit by them, really? Because if you do not truly believe what is said and only see it has a game, then your soul will carry the burden of your deceit, and a light will continue to burn. Have a care.
These words are not intended for one, the host understands this, and brings them to you free of aspects of greed and avarice. He understands that they are not of personal gain. We would like to speak to many of those of the light who consider it a practice of love, hmmm, be careful that your words are not bringing a focus upon yourselves, do not view it as an opportunity for business. They are very few who will do this, for those have a beautiful belief in the light and the work of that they do. But there are the minority, there are those who would view it as a business opportunity, be careful.

Blessings to you, people of the world, have gratitude for your being and know that the Lord watches over you. I am the being of the light, respect my words and learn the practice of the Lord.

Blessings to you all.

NOTES – Three things to ponder on:

Throughout this message and many other messages there has been mention of ‘She’ is coming. This link may be of interest regarding Shekinah, the Feminine Presence of God: Shekinah

The Jewish Shekinah is apparently linked to the planetary conjunction of Mercury and Venus: Shekinah and Mercury-Venus

15th March is mentioned in this message, could the fact that there is a planetary conjunction of Mercury and Venus on 16th March have anything to do with this? Planetary Conjunctions


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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