27-11-16 Noah, Events in our Oceans, Messages from Spartans and Arcturians, etc

27th November 2016

Relinquish your towers of ivory and step into the cold morning of the dawn and issue a practice of love to the world. We wish once more to take your hand and lead you through the garden of Eden, to spread the word of the holy being that comes to you all within the very near future. Be blessed by his purpose and love. Hold our hands together in the practice of love and worship of him, for the commonwealth of man is the good within all that will affect change in your patterns of life.

We have come so far on this journey of love my children, to bring a purpose and will to those who would read the words and the words of the Bible.

Your practices seldom reflect the needs of the many, but as the light grows, so your purpose will expand to engulf the many nations upon your planet. We are the Arcturians, a race of beings who will assist and endeavour to bring peace once more to your world of blue. Let go your thoughts of anger and despair bring about a purpose of peace, to love one another and all that live upon your planet.

Reckless minds will bring about much turmoil in the fight between the light and dark which rages currently in your world of beings. We have seen many appalling things, creatures of destruction hiding behind the masks of many, they translate their thoughts of wisdom into actions of perilous deeds to denounce that being of light. For they see their saviour as being one of Ahmet, Achmed, who is seen as embarrassing with the father, our Lord of mercies. The father our Lord who is also Allah. hmmm, don’t they understand that they are controlled by the might of many who have cast illusion before them, not allowing them to see the truth that lays before their eyes.  (NOTE: Ahmet or Achmed, if you do a google search it comes up with a ventriloquist, so we are not sure about the spelling, we are open to suggestions.)

Struggles will commence soon within your atmosphere. Within days the light will engulf your planet. In fear, our rage is a storm. Have courage and bear witness to the magic of the Lord, for he is all powerful within the realms of life, the creator of many visions of love. Be a man and worship the thought of freedom from tyranny, banish the thoughts of neglect and regret, allow us to intercede within your lives, to once more bring peace to the men of the earth.

We have no wish to conquer your race, but just to abolish those beings who bring suffering and destitution to your planet. Let us once more become the Lord’s of trust, so that we may impart wisdom upon your people.

Your men of science, their minds are narrowed by their physical abilities. Their pointless concerns are trivial in comparison to that which comes, but their leaders will assume a responsible role to assist and affect change. Every man has a purpose within his own being to become a better being of the light. Target your emotions and don’t let fear intercede with your thoughts. Bring about a response, a change in the thoughts of men, that is your responsibility.

(New Voice comes through)-

Transform yourselves this evening as we speak through the mind of this one. We have not been heard before, but we are a welcoming kind to you creatures of the earth. Prospects are grim as the siege begins, we cannot intercede, nor take part, but we can suggest a purposeful meaning to your thoughts.

Be not afraid of what is to come, for all life engages in trials and tribulations. The fact remains that life continues, hmmm, so fear should not be a thing to be cast out, for it is fear that heightens your senses and brings about a meaningful, purposeful change.

As you squabble among yourselves for the spoils of your earth, you ignore the vastness that exists beyond. Men of fortune would have a hope, but the riches to be brought from their explorations will bring benefit to them for their investment, but there is a two sided purpose, yes they will finance and explore the universe in the hope of their own prosperity, but that purpose will also serve another, to enlighten mans minds to the existence of others who bear no ill, will nor malice towards the creatures of man. Many benefits can be derived from that exploration, medical advancements. Procurements of minerals to provide sustenance. Your minds are narrow and weak and nurturing will take much, but the universal aspect of all creatures is growth and advancement, or death. Which will you choose? As men and beings of the earth, there is a vast amount of knowledge at hand should you have the will to accept the hand of friendship from us, those beings of light who care for you with a hope of peace.

(Another New Voice) –

Hmm, I am a noble being, of a race of beings that will speak to you tonight. My mind is crisp and fragrant with an aspect of love. We beckon you, nay invite you, to the floor of our paths and beyond. We have met once before in the dreams of man where you walked upon that hallowed ground asking for those markers to be moved, so that you might assist in bringing peace and love to your world. We agreed, and as agreed, things have moved on a pace. We wish to inform you that the brotherhood have met once more and have agreed the boundary markers of your lines may be placed a little further to expand your knowledge and wisdom to impart upon those beings of light. Only in your dreams will you see us, for we are that of spirit of an age long gone. We are the Spartans of life and we bring you peace everlasting.  (NOTE FROM THE CHANNEL: This paragraph pertains to a dream that I had some time ago which is added at the bottom of this transcript)

Sometimes the truth cannot be heard for the forest of trees that muffle the sound. Your landscapes become barren as you waste the trees of life within the forests and the great nature reserves of your earth. You are a unique species, to expand your mass and destroy in your wake.

Many species are on the verge of decay as your men of wealth defile the land in the search for precious metals and for the crystals. Those deep blue clear crystals, you see them “How pretty you say,” a sparkler of beauty. At what cost did you purchase that stone of the earth? Or would you rather know its real value, its energy which enables your world to function.

You rape your mother Earth in your quest for riches, when all the time the riches are within your grasp, within your mind and your will of purpose. Those stones of grey that are cast aside, as used shells of no value within the minds of many, but they have purpose, they are of your mother Earth and she is in need of them and your displacement of that precious earth reflects the scars upon the face of your earth. Be blessed in the knowledge that we are the Spartans who will correct and decide what is right, with a purpose of love.

Commodus has words, for he was a man of ignorance upon your planet:
“I was a ruler of many and master of none, my thoughts bore ill will to those that I conquered. I gave little in return as I took the pledges of men and threw them to the wayside. You too were once part of that immense nation and had a focus upon our desires. We have all learnt since of our misgivings. I desired many things and would go to any length to hang those beads, those stones around my neck. I was the author of many tragedies and built the monuments to death.

As I grazed upon my riches in life, I neglected the thought of “Messiah”, the leader of our world. I was a man of ill will and ill repute. I gave no quarter to those of the senate who would impeach me and attempt to dislodge my reign. They should have known better! But no, I remain a man who asks forgiveness from the Almighty. My actions and noble deeds were nothing but a nightmare for the many. I asked for the slaughter of 10,000, men, women and children in my honour, they did as I requested. A shameful disgrace. A leader of many and a leader of none, my purpose was a disgrace and I ask that the men of your present day look to themselves as ‘Caesar’ and how as I, they order the masses into conflict for the benefit of one.

Relinquish your desires for the riches of the earth, for they are nothing, they mean nothing. Gone are the days when my purpose was to desire those jewels of life. Be aware I have learnt my lesson and still seek forgiveness for the many who died in my name. Don’t let this future be yours, men of the earth, bring compassion and love to the many of the nations. Stop your fighting and lust for greed and land and begin a practice of sharing of love and resources. Hmm, I see the many things that reflect upon my own time and wish I could lend a hand, but alas, this is your path that you must take, be wise have a care. Articulate in your thoughts, in momentous.

Anno Domini, peace be with you brother, brothers of the earth. We speak this evening of the many things of cruelty of man, but you need a focus upon his love. For on this day there was a meaning and purpose, long forgotten and the creator gave life to all to go forth and multiply within the world. His purpose was missed as greed and avarice and the dark forces lay claim to man’s soul, we beseech you to become men of focus once more and bring peace to your brothers and sisters of life. We can assist in many ways, in thought and in deeds and action, but it takes your will, a sacrifice to bring these measures to the fore. Our thought is not of discrimination but give us your appreciation for the things that were given.

A Rose you see before you as she enters to speak the words of wisdom, a shaft of light shines and the purpose grows,

I am the Rose of the heavens who bring you greetings from those of the light, be blessed with the knowledge of the Almighty. You rehearse your love in your circles of light, become a member of love to unite the world once more. Many regions of the earth I visited, many thoughts and feelings I felt. Unknown this truth to you, but I am a man of my word and I still have focus upon God’s creation. Come hither and listen to the words of a wise man, Noah, who once spoke of many things within his book of attributes. Bless those of love and deny those of a negative purpose. He lived in the garden of Eden of life, his purpose was great, he astonished all with a measure of love as he constructed his ship of wonders.

He stood in amazement as I spoke to him, asking had he fulfilled his purpose to bring peace and love once more to the earth of men. He banished all thoughts of self as he brought himself into being a focus. The many, they did laugh at him as he constructed his ship, they asked, “Noah, why, for art thou a man blessed with knowledge and yet you listen to the words of no one?” They did not know his thoughts in mind were of a kind far beyond theirs.

He constructed his ship as per instructions given. Not all were saved, as was intended and there was rebirth upon the world of men. I have to say this the capitals of your city will suffer in the wake of man’s indignities. Question not your minds purpose, deliver the messages.

Pope Francis, he is a man of a tender heart. His nature will be heard. Hmmm. Yours is but a small part but a vital role, as is your readers of these words. For you are the arteries, the veins of life and the willing heart of the being that controls, you have to obey your impulses as you pump the lifeblood. Help us, to help you, bring peace once more to your life.


Hummm, I am here once more. A man of much regret I have to say, but here I am! I have many words to impart of wisdom and knowledge. I came once before as the man of Stephen and I imparted my minds thoughts upon the masses around you, I implored those who would not listen to bring focus. I escaped punishment on your earth, neglecting to think of “the hereafter” and my role and purpose within that life. Yes you know of my deeds as they are well documented in the archives of history. I served man in my papal position, I allowed men to feed my thoughts with the crowns of Jewels. My authority was supreme, but I relinquished that love, purpose that brought me to that position on high within the men of Earth. Let my will speak now, allow me to say this, that I am grateful for the lessons I learnt. Hmmm. I have long since departed your world and have learnt many lessons throughout time, the master, Lord of love, assists many upon your world of life. I neglected him even in my purpose and rank. I paid the price, I ask forgiveness which was granted. I am Stephen, that man of deceit who would assist those of ill will for a flagon or two of wine, a beaker or cup of jewels. The treasures of life are nothing compared to the treasures of love for God. Hold fast in your world, never seek temptation, deliver yourselves from evil and bring light and purpose to your world through your love and fellow beings. My history is a sad one and can be sought in those records. My term of office was short and undignified. Hmmm, I retain my papal position within my thoughts, but now, I have an aspect of love to give. Be blessed by the Lord, our saviour. Amen.

A New Voice speaks-

Tragic times indeed, when men have lost hope and vision of their purpose, but be blessed by the words given, for they have many lessons to give in thoughts of men. Merchant ships cast adrift upon the seas of mercy, as the storm hits, so those vessels embark upon the unseasonal tides of the oceans of the world. A kaleidoscope of events are currently occurring throughout your oceans. Your men of science have knowledge of this, they hide the truth. Haven’t you wondered why your atmosphere is changing? Do you think it’s really pollution of the air? Could it be another source that affects the tide of men and their life upon your planet? Deep within the oceans of your seas we spoke of men and beings, they see the decay of man and know the time will come when they will cleanse those oceans with love. For if man continues to beckon disaster, truly it will come.

But let’s not speak of such tragic events, for we should have focus on the good and meaningful hearts that exist throughout your world. The men that fight for the right for mother Earth and those of their kind. They are the true heroes who worship the Lord and are able to bring focus to those of suffering. They are angels within your life, born to man’s breast, to bear the indignities in the hope that one day change will come, and that the influence of their love will seek a restful place in the hearts of men. The flowers of life you are, but as flowers of the garden, be wary of those of ill intent. Flourishing bloom, bring purpose to your lives and love and an aspect of care for man, tend your garden of Eden, allow its flocks of creatures to graze in the fields of love. We are the Angels, we need your focus to give blessings to those who work within the light.

Valerie and Kevin, Sharon and many more of your acquaintance are blessed with their love for the fellow man and the spirit of the Lord.

Mike once told his wife, “Sharon you are my sweetheart, my tender love for ever more. You held my hand and helped me cross my burden of pain, I will be forever grateful. My Harley I once spoke of as being a love of mine, but no love can compare to yours. My daughters, son, require assistance and guidance as you struggle to comprehend your lives of that once great nation. Hmm, be blessed in the knowledge that your light is seen in your circles, three of four. Sharon, ignorance is no excuse of the men of our country, for they will perish for their thoughts and indignities towards our people. I will come once more to see you in the fall, a time of celebration. Thanksgiving is gone, but the purpose of the Almighty has yet to come. This hallowed eve, this Christmas Eve, know that my focus will be upon you, my hand upon your shoulder, my thoughts of love are gift wrapped with the flowers of heaven. Be blessed my children, listen to your mother, for your father is in heaven. Deny her not your love or compassion in her time of need, for she suffers pain at this time, a burden upon her shoulders. Question her judgement, but know that it is sound and with much, much knowledge and wisdom. You question the need for church, well, be blessed to know that your attendance should be given in that little parish, that church of our saviour. She is but a small church, but nonetheless blessed with the sounds and voices of love. Honour thy mother as you would honour me, I am in a place of safety and bring joy to you all, I am your father, God bless.

The knowledge and wisdom of one will come in the autumn of the term of office of him. We will bring him much knowledge of wisdom.

(Description of Dream by the Channel as mentioned earlier:   Dream 16-06-15  – I and another had to place some border markers, we were going through a tunnel again but it was suggested to me that we place the boundary marker in the tunnel, I suggested that it would be better at the point where the edge of the mountain was, we continued until we came out of the tunnel. It was quite rugged but we continued until we got to where it was flat, we needed permission to put it there, as we walked I noticed that we were on a plateau and I looked around, we seemed quite close to the summit, we walked along a path lined with huge houses and by the gates of the houses were these massive planters ( flower planters ) so I said to my friend, I wouldn’t like to be the one who has to move them. They were carved out of the rock, two on the bottom and one on top like a pyramid, I also observed that the outcrop of rocks had been beautifully painted, then there were people of the local tribes.  We said hello and continued on until we reached a temple where the chiefs were, we went in and approached them and my friend bowed, so I did as well, they did not seem to see me but my friend continued to ask permission for us to place the boundary markers and the chiefs then had a discussion, they finally agreed, we got up and bowed and said ” Ogla ” to them and left, then I woke.)


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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