11-12-16 Flexibility and Balance, Jack the Ripper, Lessons to be Learnt, the work of Mediums, Christmas etc

11th December 2016

Your energy flows as a river. The stream of life, it comes across obstacles which narrow the stream and brings a rush of forcefulness in extreme measures. You must delay your purposes in the spring but allow the river to flow and take its natural course in life. No harm will come to you or those who would listen to the wisdom given. Rest assured that comfort awaits you in a myriad of sequences to become obvious.

Your thoughts are blessed with the love of the Lord and this consumes your mind day and night, and so it is, as it should be to allow him into your heart. Do not allow displeasure to belay your focus, brush them aside and ask their forgiveness if needs be.

Together we walk the path of righteousness and a connection long since made prior to this life. Your ways and wisdom are becoming noticed in many aspects of life. Do not allow your wisdom to betray your mind, keep a focus and balance of things in life that are important to you so that you may continue your journey of love.

It becomes necessary as we draw close to you to bring an aspect of light upon those of intolerance who will initiate a dreadful purpose in your world. Hmmm, they come to bring shame upon your race as they negotiate their minds with dark thoughts and needless suffering to others. They are extremists of life, those who would bear down on others with no particular need or importance, but just to become a measure of displeasure to others. Their purpose is dark and beyond your focus at this time, but they gather in the meeting places behind closed doors and with a measure of hate towards those who would bring light to the world, but strength and valour are your name, you must compare yourselves not with these, but with those of the light and to bring a purpose of love to those who would hasten to your side for words of comfort. These words bring joy to all and the many lessons taught should be noted, for they are of high importance to the Lord and master of the heavens.

Your being is a matter of concern to you and others, your frailty of mind will be strengthened with the words of wisdom given in the next decade to come. Compare yourself not with those of long ago of Jacob, Isaac and those prophets of the time. You are a vessel by which we have means of communication. Keep your mind clear and allow the words to flow as others join to bring their wisdom to impart upon your nations of life.

Joseph sang many times of his purpose, he was a man, who in an act of desperation caused a multitude of displeasure. His name was renowned in his time, his dark purpose was cast upon those who he saw as ‘Illegitimate creatures of the night’. Did he not once say that he would rip the heart out of those who walk the streets of London and Paris? He was a dark soul who brought doom to many. She came to me, to ask why it was that she should suffer the burden of his blows? She could not understand that life is granted to all, but to all they should live in the light and those that succumbed to the dark, will be consigned to the dark, and those that befall as victims will know peace and love.

It was a matter of circumstance that he fell across her, he became a man of no particular interest in one, but just to those who crossed his path at night. His knives were a source of displeasure as he tore through them with an arrogance. His thoughts were that, if he did enough, then the streets of his London would be cleared of these ‘pestilence’ as he thought. They were women who did no harm other than to bring harm to themselves through their actions and practices. None of them deserved a tortuous end. Jack you think? Hmmm, maybe. A soul of the dark. Many dubious, questions were asked of his identity, but none imparted the truth for they were in fear of his vengeance. Todays past is your tomorrow, can you not see that is dark aspect is also present in today’s actions?

Indiscriminate bombings upon those of innocence who have nothing more than what they stand in, for what harm can they do them? These men of the dark betray their true selves to those of the innocent. Many have died since and have perished at the hands of these beings of the dark and there will be more suffering in your world if you do not take a stand and say “We are not of that dark, we are of that being of light”. It’s sad to say that in truth as your darkness envelops your world and the light of the Lord is evacuated from the minds of the many, even, your children are unaware of his presence and teachings. So wherever there is a vacuum there is a space to be filled and if you allow this to continue, the minds of your children will also be filled with those dark thoughts. Don’t allow them to become the victims of your ignorance, teach them the light in the manner directed. Allow them to see that there is love and truth in the Lord our father.
Your schools declare themselves as being ‘non-conditional’ (Non denominational) no bias to faith so they teach the children nothing. They have fear of offending others of the aspect of light, they do not understand that integration of your religious beliefs is a requirement to bring all to one understanding of the Lord.

Muskavarther? (or mascabado? – which in Spanish, means unrefined) – A word you do not recognise Michael, nonetheless it has meaning to some of your world. Don’t let your thoughts interfere with the words given, allow them to flow as the river of life, not necessary to understand or interpret their meaning, but just to speak and allow them to flow.

We have come across many with an aspect of love to the Lord our father in spirit in your kingdom of life. They suspend their thoughts for fear of ridicule and dominate their minds with a purpose of working for spirit. In truth to work with spirit you must also have faith in the one, the father our Lord above. For how can you say that you work for spirit if you do not believe or speak the word of God, or Jesus of Nazareth to those you come across? Hmm, your churches have become mindful of the men’s illusions of your world they worry about, hmm, belief and ridicule if their words are not chosen carefully and practised in a way so as to bring proof. Why do you need proof? Why is there no judgement upon faith and the thought of love to the one above, you are people that connect with those who have passed beyond your world to bring hope and faith to others, but if you do not truly believe in the Almighty spirit that rules the world of spirit, then how can you be truthful in your words? Many will take a bitter displeasure to these words, for they have a good handle on things, they think! They will think it’s your mind and your purpose to deceive others and bring disrepute to them, in truth this is no such thing as we are that of spirit, we are those who will not tolerate a masquerade of those light workers who perform their duties understanding nothing of their practices. Sure, they bring peace to those who take in their words and it is true to say that their loved ones have passed to spirit and are at rest, but who are they to say that some are not passed beyond, that some they are unable to communicate with, their thoughts are like a telescope, narrow in focus only seeing what they want to see and all other things are illusions to them. Let me tell you this now, to the people who believe and pray to the Lord and work in a practice of light, yours is the true path of the light. Those who work and say they work for the light, need to cast a shadow upon their thoughts to disillusion others, bring a thought of peace to their minds. To sit and ponder upon their practices and think “who is this spirit? If it is not God then who is it?”. You are all of spirit, you are all equally as part of God, God the Spirit, God the Saviour. Do you not see this, that your souls and minds are controlled by the very thoughts of the Lord and master of the heavens and when you vanquish those thoughts and leave a vacuum, then the dark with overshadow you and your vision will be lost.

We mean no disrespect to those who practice mediumship in the light or work for the light, but just to ask you all to think about what you say and what you mean? Because you cannot speak of one thing without the other, for this would be discrimination against all of spirit.

– – – – – – – – – –

Sanctions are given to those who have had miscarriages of justice in your world, they seek repentance. A reward for their injustice given, hummm, what would this reward do for them? Other than to give them gain. True, it is a sorry situation to see man persecuted for no other reason than for others to beat upon them and justice should be served in a way, in a manner, so it is to be seen. Financial gain is not the way to bring a practice of satisfaction towards those injustices, but to bring justice, you must bring those who impede your life with dark thoughts and dishonour you. Those are the ones who should be brought justice and seen to be given justice, but remember my children it is not your place to punish. We talk not of punish in money or material terms but to punish in a way of the dark. Be contented that those who brought these accusations against you are now in the public eye and can be seen for their shame, this is punishment beyond any monetary benefits that you might receive and I would urge you, if you still pursue the finances and gain of suits against those, then relinquish that money, relinquish that gain and give it to those in need, those who are uppermost in our thoughts who suffer at the hands of the many. The money you acquire is for your personal satisfaction. Be warned.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Yes indeed, it is, we have Christmas once more, we’ve spoken before on this subject. Talked about the loss of the faith of our Lord Jesus who was born at this time. We told you he was a star man and that he was born of the light and so it is that he is a man of the stars. His presence among you will be brought once more, as has been told many times. We repeat ourselves, not because we wish to beat upon you, but just to impress upon you that your suffering will linger if you do not accept his being. Hmmm.

Ah, I was lost for a moment there, but Christmas time should be a time of celebration of his name, to bring joy to the hearts of children and to those who have lost loved ones, in thoughts and memories bittersweet to them, we hear their cries and whimpering for the ones lost who cannot sadly join them this year, or in previous years, but rest assured their being is with you nonetheless, we are in spirit granted a time for a practice of love, you will be aware of signs given of their presence.

To each spirit a time is given to recount their lives and call upon their loved ones to bring them peace in the knowledge that life goes on, and even in spirit, such times as the birth of Christ and the death are celebrated as equally as yours. He is among is now, a man of notability and of humble, humble appearance. He will not tell you is name, he will not give you a clue, when you meet him in spirit he will just bid you good day and ask you of your love and life.

It is truly amazing that you can walk through life being blind to the pleasures of spirit, to the thoughts, to the love that is all around you and yet shut out. Free your minds from this life and open your thoughts to the possibilities boundless within the world of spirit and the heavens of light. There are many of those who would wish you well upon the day celebrations and there are those of the lonely who sit alone, in despair, not sharing that same illusion of happiness. Have a kind thought towards those who are unable to share your celebrations, those who suffer indignities beyond your possible understanding.

There are many in your world who require sustenance of life and love, and to those few who contribute to their needs, although it is little, it means so much. We are not here with a begging bowl for monetary gain or purpose, we just wish to enlighten you to the world around you.

Oh yes, how Scrooge, in Dickens creation hmmm, you must read his journal for it is basis upon the fact not illusion, not imagination. Charles Thomas Dickens hmmm a story writer of many a tale, a wise man, who forsaw the future and the many things of man. A comedian of sorts in his thoughts, in his gestures, as he poked fun at those who caused ridicule to others. A man with an athletic mind who could create a poem within a mere fraction of a second, he had a purpose, a purpose as all. You must all follow your purpose in life, have the courage to see it through and be not afraid of those who would ridicule you with their malicious thoughts, for what do they know have they ever seen or read any of the articles and the facts of life, where is their belief? You cannot ridicule those until you know the facts, be strong in your thoughts, narrow your focus to the minds of love.

(NOTE: We are not sure why the name Thomas is mentioned with Dickens, there are various men of that name who have had an association with him, but it is not part of his own name.)

I fear much confusion was caused as my thoughts were given. Be honest, be blessed of the truth in the words. Confusion is not to be feared in life, for there is confusion in all things of life. The rights and wrongs, the do’s and don’ts, dot the I’s cross the T’s perform in a professional manner, why not just be yourselves, why not perform as yourselves hmmm. Life is random and the passage of life can also be rugged and random, so therefore you must adapt and not be rigid in your thoughts to conform with others ways, bring a practice of flexibility to your minds and open them to the possibilities, that although obstructions may come your way, there is a path to be found that will bring you to the other side of those thoughts. Inflexibility should not be seen as a purpose or direct route, be flexible in the things of life. If the man in the street says to you that you are weak and feeble, say to him that his strength is just an illusion and his purpose is of nothing.

If that rock should not move then think, “How can I move this rock?” But if you cannot move the rock, then why not move yourself, why be inflexible yourself, be not as the rock, but find a path and walk that path with the delight that your intellect and your flexibility of mind has brought you to the other side, despite the stubbornness of that rock! Ha ha! Ah, there are many things in life that you will come across, ah, those obstinate people who will not give a penny for their thoughts, hmm, but if you look and listen to their words you will notice there inflexibility and the uncertainty in their voice, for they will give away their purpose as surely day follows night.

You need not be a soothsayer to see these things, but just be flexible in your thinking and in your minds purpose. Do not condemn those who cannot not follow in your path or believe of your thoughts, or even the words of spirit, but allow them time, for they will see the purpose. Their stubbornness of thought and of belief will give way as situations in life unfold before them and they seek a purpose to which to turn to, to bring them a path of direction and light. Then their minds will begin to flex and their thinking will change and as the light grows, so their purpose will change and they will see the way forward and think, why did I not see this before?

Ah, men of focus rarely have an inflexible mind, for the true man of focus is able to turn his attention to many directions and thoughts. It is only those of the ignorant and dominant that are inflexible as the rock. Hmmm. Is it no wonder that their irritation is seen when those of flexible minds are able to re-divert their path and bring them to the other side, ignoring their ignorance, their status. Ha ha! It’s funny to see how their thoughts suddenly change and they ask themselves, how did he get to that side of me?

God is flexible, do not be ashamed to speak his name, as it is a word that he is the being of all light, of all creation. God is your word, others choose a different name, Mohammed, another The Great White Spirit, another the Manitou of life and other names beyond your comprehension from other civilisations that exist around your world at this time. Why have you not seen them? Heard of them? Perhaps you have, but just don’t know it.

This is what we say when we talk of inflexible people, but those with a flexible mind who may bring their thoughts around that obstacle and say “Perhaps there is another form of life, perhaps there is another way of life in which we can lead a true purpose of spirit and love.” Those are the people that can see these other civilisations, those other dimensions of life which do not just exist upon your planet, but exist within the ether around you. For there are many, many dimensions that exist at one time in the ethers of life.

Space and time are also flexible, they are not fixed, they are not in a position that they should not move, but you know they expand continuously, flexibility again at work. Be flexible in your mind when you read the many words given to this man, be not ashamed to say, yes, perhaps there were and are other civilisations other than yourselves. Great expectations by many of meeting these beings, unfortunately will not come to pass until a measure of love is reached by your nations of plenty. They intercede rarely in your lives, only to show once now and again that they exist. Many would welcome them, but there are those who would cause them distress as there own flexibility will not allow them to give up their practice of greed and position. But, as we say, inflexibility gives way to flexibility, but all in good time.

We thank you for your attention this evening and would like to give thoughts of praise to those who suffer at this time, watching their loved ones and their demise. Help them to understand that life does not end, but begins in a new dimension of love. Mmm.

Possibilities abound, much truth spoken by those words. There is always possibilities, always a truth in rumour. Be blessed in the knowledge given and don’t let your hearts and minds fade in circumstance, in the situations upon your planet. Regardless of your thoughts in your many ways and practices of your lives, know that much truth is given in this evening’s words. We leave you with a thought, be not that man of valour who would destroy all in his path to reach the end goal, but be that man, flexible of thought, who has a mission of love and will give that love to reach the same end, but with a practice more pleasing to all.

Our words confuse you Michael, do not betray them, allow them to ring out to those who understand. Meld with their minds and bring them peace, God bless. Amen.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Ignorance is no excuse for crimes committed misjudging the mind, hummm. In truth some minds are not developed but for most, their truth is known and although they claim insanity, are fully aware of the injustices they bring to others, for they only seek to escape punishment of your earth men. Be warned that all injustices are seen in the heavens above and all will answer to those crimes committed.

Once more we reinforce the fact, there is not punishment as you would think of punishment upon your world of life, but there are punishments in many ways, not of torture or of displeasure, but of lessons to be learnt.

The creation of God you are, a life force upon your planet that smothers her being at this time.

Will you ever be flexible to come out of this unfortunate path?

We foresee a time that man will open his eyes, but it will take much persuasion and displeasure to bring a focus. It may be that you will bring about your own demise, but as with others, one civilisation opens up to another, and one creature dominant of the earth, will open up to another.

We have spoken before of previous civilisations and even animals such as dinosaurs who once roamed your planet unabated gave way. A sudden disaster or misfortune. Even if life upon your planet ceases, which it must not, there are other worlds and beings of which you are part of and are yet unaware, for as the stepladder you must ascend, you must evolve in spirit.

This is what life is about, it’s about evolution of spirit and not of body hummm. Where does it lead you may think, what is the ultimate goal of the ascension of the soul within spirit of love and light. That is a question that will dog your minds for many more eons.

As each step is taken so the knowledge grows and the wider illumination becomes obvious. It is a goal you must all attain and the answer to this goal will not be given, for it is only your truth and your being that will reach the top flight. Maybe you will start again, maybe it is never-ending.

Know this my children, your life and soul are two different things, your soul is a continuation of energy which retains its knowledge and love. Your life is of your bodies which must ultimately be deceased. It is merely a shell for which your soul will travel and your soul will travel in many different forms to bring about many different aspects within your learning and your souls path.

So once more to reflect on flexibility, do not expect to come back as a man upon this earth, do not fear equally, for you will not know of your past indiscretions, but you will have a knowledge to tap into should you wish to reflect upon in your thought. It is time to go, thank you for your obedience.

Questions may be asked by all, we will not ridicule your questions but give you answers, but you must listen, be flexible in your thoughts to acquire the answers, those answers, which will come in many various forms.

– – – – – – – – –
(NOTE: This following section is spoken with a tone of kind insistence and loving dismay, much as you would speak to a loved teenage child who has brought disgrace to his or her family.)

Caesar’s men are plenty, his armies roamed your earth with ignorance and intolerance to those native beings of your world. Do you see his injustice to others, do you see that his fall came swiftly and he fell to his knees in anguish, never realising he brought his own demise, do you not see as Caesar’s nations fell, so yours will take a tumble?

Imagine if you will, a triangle, a pyramid upside down and as the weight grows and you spread out, if you do not spread out with balance and justice, then there is imbalance and injustice and so eventually this pyramid or triangle must tumble one way or another. It is inevitable that your world of man will also tumble if you do not cease to bring injustice’s upon others and start to live a life of balanced attitude. Hmmm. We could not let this man go tonight without expressing our displeasure as we see it, as your men of anguish bring imbalance. Equally those of you who wish to seek peace and see the injustices done, you must bring balance in love and light and face up to these people and say “No more, no more!” Do not become angry and dispute them with violence, but give them education, let them learn the lessons that they have not learnt and show them the way to balance their lives and to know that there injustices against others are merely an illusion of the dark and not that of the soul of the light.

Ah we despair so at your beings. It gives as much displeasure to bring these words in this tone of tolerance, intolerance to those who bring imbalance to your world, but my children you must learn, you must learn to live together and see the purpose by which you are born from this world of spirit. Bring peace to those who have nothing, hmmm, your joyous times are celebrated with feasting and much pleasure, but spare a thought to those who have despair and much anguish at this time. Mmm. We are harsh in our sound, but how else you tell the child of his intolerable ways? Be a man or woman of intolerance and you will surely, truly find intolerance against you. Bring one of love and peace to others at this time of your feasting and should you see a man in the street or woman or children need, then give your love and thoughts to them. Money will help, but it is not money they need it is guidance, teachings. Hmmm, Thank you for allowing us our words and do not presume that our anger is directed in a negative way, but in that of frustration upon what we see. God bless you all my children. Do not denounce these words.

(NOTE: The channel not only passed these words but felt the emotion within the spirit which left him drained as never before.)


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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