13-12-16 A Reminder to Think of Others in Our Season of Joy

13th December 2016

Truly remarkable, the situations in your world. Shelter those who would betray their thoughts and become those of the dark. Your practices of love are shallow at this time as those beings ingress into your lives and the many objects of obedience. You clamour for those latest styles, those things that would betray your thoughts to the world and give them a clue as to your being. Although we have a use for such devices to navigate the minds of those, and the wisdom brought within the words, we also condemn their use in the minds of the young. Do not allow your temptations to override your good judgement, but bring an aspect of love and light to your children at this time of year.

There are many misjudgements made as to why it is men cannot afford to squander their money upon those in most need. You would sooner buy an instrument, a toy, rather than see your fellow human being rest in ease with a full stomach and a bed for the night. So if you consider buying an extra gift, why not help those who need it most? Rather than a gift which is unloved and un-cherished.

We have spoken upon many things of the season of joy. We do not understand your minds wishes to grant others a measure of peace when they are so adamantly focused upon their own pleasure.

Your beings are strange to us. Obnoxious minds reach out and call out injustice for their crimes, for they have not considered that their ways are of injustice.

The criminals of your factories of money laundering are hard at work, disrespecting your being and stealing those things from your hearts. How do you put a price upon someone’s love?

Tremendous thoughts, when will power will be needed to bring about his gracious love and being to the fore. We have heard many tales of love in the season of joy. Take a hard look at those things that your money is spent on and give some thought to others.

Crucially, we must convey a message tonight to those of your world who would listen to the words and bring focus to your mind. There are those of misguided judgement, they practice their love, though not willing to share in their experience with those of man. Why so we have to point these things out, when it is obvious to your eyes that they combat their own fears needlessly.

Ah, again and again, we have to complement those who stand up for the writing, what they believe, and their courage is a tremendous thing as they focus their thought upon the Almighty. We give you no praise for measures that are sent from your minds, only to say that our love is with you this evening.


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