27-12-16 A Message of Love, Faiths of the World, Creators of our Own Destiny etc

27th December 2016

Consolidate your thoughts in prayer, as he, the master, dictates your love in worship. Be not afraid of the past nor the future to come, as there are very many aspects of life in which your body will exist.

Focus has been brought upon the lavender in your room. It is good to sense that sweet nectar, that scene of colour of the lavender, as it is the colour of the great spirit.

Focus your mind upon us this evening my son and let no other intervene, as we connect our thoughts with your mind.

Trouble us not with your fears, for they will be many, a burden on many in your world. Your peoples must appreciate that they bring this upon themselves, for freedom of thought, speech and expression are rife within your world, neglecting the light of the Lord of mercies, who once ruled your planet in the far distant past.

To him their minds must all turn, to bring you greetings and a welcome so profound, that your knowledge will increase in the ways of spirit and of the master. Do not expect miracles as they will not occur within a man’s life if he does not bring focus.

Troubled are your minds with those of the Americas, who bring disgrace upon their nation with their thoughts of self. How many more times must we intercede with the minds of those of the rich and powerful to bring them focus upon their path of greed and wealth.

Formidable times ahead are forecast in the thoughts of many in your world, for they see the path is written before them, not of pleasure, but of much displeasure as the armies battle for progress.

Your world is at war with itself, its aggression is obvious to us of the United planets.

We are here this evening to remark upon the incredible events that will occur within the June.

NOTE: We believe the following words to be an EVP – electronic voice phenoma which sounds something like – ‘What oh’ he hears.’

Many times we have forecast a bleak future for your peoples, you are the creators of your own situations. The messages we bring are of love and support, so that you may have an inkling as to your path.

Be not afraid of those who come, for they bring fair weather within the storm of life. It so happens so many times that mans desires override his thoughts and needs. He is a selfish animal who looks to himself and his own purpose, never understanding that it is a purpose of joy that he should be sharing amongst the many of your world of indignations. Compare us not with those who would wage war, but help us to understand the mindset of those who cannot see the woods for the trees. Mm, their path’s are shaded from the light. They only see the dark passage before them, hmmm, neglecting all others that stand in their way.

Many times we have spoken of those communists, and their party. Their way was shaped by a man many years ago, who foresaw a nation who would work and live together in the common practice of life. Alas it got out of hand as those of power and greed took hold and became the masters of misery.

Stalin, a man of aggression was a man ignorant of his intolerances, his persecution of the many left many dead, families disrupted by his purpose, hummm. His futile ways were seen by many as arrogance and ignorance. His situation became obvious to the parties of the world as they looked on in despair at his red army that marched with boots on the ground, with an aspect of distrust and hate. Many of solidarity worked to rescue their being of this group that it came to the fore and became noted to the world.

Alas it seems that once more, all has given way has given way to the mighty strength of one, his nature is not of bitterness, but he sees those of the West who terminate thoughts of peace with injustice and intolerances impertinent to his ways. He feels his nation is his and his alone to lead. He will not tolerate or suffer fools gladly and if things tumble before him then he will grasp the situation and fulfil his promise. A grim situation that doesn’t bear thinking about. We cannot understand how it is that man will participate in such activities as he does.

Focus your mind upon the possibilities that peace would bring. Eliminate that superstition, that suspicion and bring a practice of love to the fore, as you are noted as being a man of courage by many.

Comprehend your fears my son and deal with them in the way and the manner given, do not persecute those who do not understand the true meaning of the words that are passed by us. By offering them a hand of friendship, help them to understand that these words are teachings by which they may learn, hmm, a more open-mindedness and perception of the Lord.

Knowingly we say to you, that your situation is grim but change is on the way, for all must move over with time as new practices and beliefs occur within men’s minds. The cosmos is a place of great escapes, its vastness is beyond your reach at this time. However, with your minds focused you may travel stars and witness the things that you cannot witness in the theatrical sense. Open your minds, allow your thoughts to be vanquished and believe in what you see. Bring focus to your mind to see the things that would allow you freedom of thought.

We are the Arcturians who whisper in your ear of the things to be and have been. We are a race of beings of the nature of goodness, kindness of hearts. Our thoughts extend to the many who suffer at this time throughout your dark world. How can such beauty as your world, hold such dark secrets within?

Many nations have appealed to your thoughts, of your leaders, but they are ignored, vanquished as if they never were, and we cannot understand why it is that they wish to bring a practice of ill will to those of your world, for what will they gain of this? Immaturity that they display in their being. Hummm, community and commonwealth should be a factor that is seen as beneficial to all within your blue planet.

Your comprehension of peace is a dark one, for you create a dangerous position as you escalate your arms race. Hmmm. How can this bring peace, it will only antagonise other nations in your world as they see your strength grow and they feel threatened by your anger as you declare yourselves the United States of the world. Hmmm. You were once known as the peacekeepers of your world but now are you not the aggressors? Do not see the many faces of your beast?

There are many, it is true to be said who are of a kind and good nature within your union, it is not their fault that they are led by beasts who dictate terms and conditions, but they have the power to rectify these wrongs, they sit back and say that they know better, they are the government who we must obey, but you are merely sheep.

They have many who would take displeasure at the demonstrations held in Philadelphia in the time of reckoning.

His presence will become known as “The Master” you will disregard the rules of the nations of plenty as he sacrifices his soul to gain a purpose of power. Hummm.

His murmurings and mutterings of his ill will are heard many times, people say “This is rhetoric.” Really! You need to listen with better ears, but if you support him then you will support your own fate!

The Muslim faith has become a radical thought in many minds. Do not fear, for what is discrimination, for they have a practice of love beyond your understanding of the Christian world. But know this, our thoughts are as yours for love and peace and kindness. Men of minority have signified themselves as being of Islam are cruel and wicked individuals who would bring their name into disrepute. The understanding spirit that the genuine Muslim is a man and one of peace and of family, their practices are different, as measured by their time, but this love of honour, of God is deep within them. Truly remarkable how they resist their temptations to lash out at those who would condemn them of the wild. They are to be commended and admired for their loyalty to their God, and it is truly remarkable how the Christian world do not observe and retain their thoughts of their religion. They must be given an example by these brothers of the Muslim person, for they must see that their practice of love should be as all religions in your world.

We have never seen such differences in your world as today, discrimination, racism and the heartache of many who sacrifice their lives in the name of God. Their twisted views are seen as the majority, but this is not true, do not accept those thoughts.

Understand that Allah was a man of great beauty and love, his disciples and descendants are of a beautiful race of beings who exist today within your world, in their mosques, with joy, laughter and love and obedience for him, the great spirit.

Bring your nations together through your practices of love and do not judge one another by the mindless thoughts of those who would bring disrepute to these beings.

Many times we have spoken of the Lord our father and of Jesus and give new thoughts in reference to them, but they are not of the one religion. Despite your differences and your ways of life you are all one spirit. Learning and practising each other’s lives throughout eons of spans of life. How can you learn of the differences of the many by living one life? How you exist with each other in thought.

Your minds coexist in spirit as one and each of you will take a part of the other to bring the specific learning to yourselves so that you may advance beyond your present being.

Our love for you has never been vanquished, we sit here and wait for the day to come when man will turn once more to the light of heaven and recognise himself as being of the one entity.

You abolish thoughts of practices in particular religions are of no consequence. Have the thought that God is within all.

Those of the dark practices who infiltrate many whose minds are of “garden of thought” hummm, they will torment and tease to bring fractures among your people, but it is your love that holds as the cement and the glue. Do not allow these fractures to grow, bring peace to yourselves and your countries in your world, in your thoughts.

For he will understand that your emotions are felt throughout time within the ether of your planetary system, hummm, as radio waves travel forever within the universe, so your thoughts exist, your minds coexist in a place unknown to you during your life, it is a place of beauty from whence you came and which you will return should you have an aspect of love to your brothers and sisters and the creatures of your world.

Be blessed in your thoughts of love now and forever more, amen.

Darkness descends upon your world as you wander aimlessly. The fools that lead your nations bring a practice of ill will to many, unseen to the eyes of the peoples of those nations. Mmm. They have secrets, dark secrets which they will hide in many layers, so that their attention of focus can be seen as acceptable.

Ha, it is laughable how people consider themselves immortal and feel that they should hoard these things hummm. Do they not understand that they are of the material world and cannot be brought beyond that place, hummm. It is your love and emotions and your thoughts that will bring pleasure or displeasure to you as you pass from your world to that of spirit. Your money has no meaning here, your gold is of little value to us. The only treasure lies within your heart, so bring joy to others in the season of plenty and help them to understand the love of the Lord Jesus, of the Lord Mohammed and all those of the sects and religions that exist in your world, even those beyond your understanding held within the tribes of the jungles, deep in those forests of your world.

Their beliefs are not dissimilar as they pray to their God. Did man teach them of the Lord and of God? No of course not, it is a natural thing for them to understand that all things are created within heaven and they exist in this world and know that all things given, are of the creator. They had no books or education, hummm, they need nothing of these to look at the surroundings that they live in and to see the wonders that are given by God Almighty. Hmm. They understand that theirs is a world of love, friendship, relations and beauty in their own ways. They seem primitive to the outside world, but truly who are the primitive ones? Those who worship the earth and give thanks for the benefits and goodness that it brings, or those that abuse the systems in the things that are provided by nature!

Truly a situation has occurred in the Congo jungles that are unheard of in your Western world, you will not hear of the shameless massacres that have occurred, for they will not give you an insight into the rich mans ways and how they want to selfishly take that which belongs to mother Earth.

Who have diamonds of beauty are stolen by the lives of the innocents who live on the scraps given. Shameless ways, the heart of the stone will be shown to the world as a beautiful object. Its orange glow and colour will be observed by many who will say “What a wondrous piece of natural material”. Huh, but it will bring shame on those who lust after its beauty.

We have spoken of crystals before to you, and to your lack of understanding of their true nature. Truly you are ignorant of the things that your natural world provides you.

Hummm, you mix and create substances that are opposites in the world of nature and are kept separate for a reason, the reason is their poison, toxic qualities if mixed. Do you think mother nature keeps these things separated because it just is?

There is a reason for everything that exists in your world, there is a cure for all illnesses within your world should you open your eyes to the natural world that surrounds you instead of destroying it by fires for the sake of land and greed. Look at the properties held within. For truly you are sacrificing your own existence as you decimate the forests of your world.

Your atmosphere chokes as you burn the timber that carries the moss and the creatures that have an ability to bring healing to those who suffer from the diseases of modern man.

Hmmm, those primitives we spoke of, have no reason to doubt the abilities or the properties upon the plants around them, they know of these things, your men of science know of these things, but deny them to you, for what profit would there be in telling you of the properties of certain species of plants indigenous to your world. They deny many of the sick their entitlement to respite and cure as they seek to profit from your desperation and illness. What terrible things mankind do to one another. Your social aspects have become desperate, as you accept many things that were once forbidden.

We speak of much sorrow in your world brought by men of deceit, as they rely upon your gullibility in your pursuit for happiness, and your flexibility is truly remarkable when you do not see the deceit brought amongst you.

Carry forth this message of love and say to those who accept the poisons of nature in the form of narcotics, say to them, have the will power and the love in your heart, for we recognise the difficulty of this and the inability of them to focus upon the rights and wrongs. For there are many of the dark who shade their eyes to the purpose and path that they are on. They only worship greed and money and sacrifice the lives of the many as they bring displeasure and call it pleasure! So many young lives terminated by these intolerable things.

Mmmm, you choke upon your atmosphere, is it no wonder as you decimate the forests of your land.

Huh, huh. We speak of many things, of your practices of ill will towards mother Earth and the natural world.

You condemn yourselves to ill practices that choke you.

Your world is one of beauty, can you not see? Hmmm. You have vision to see other worlds in your vicinity and you are as unique in your universe, yet you lack the vision and the scope to help yourselves to see beyond your narrow focus. We cannot intervene, but we can assist in ways of thought.

Your Mayans in minds are a marvel that you do not understand. Trigger those memories of the past.

As nature gives instruction to those newborns, creatures of your earth. They do not need textbooks to understand how to fly or where to go to nest, or how to travel your world and navigate over vast distances. They do not need to be taught these things, for they look within and trust their senses, and you have lost this ability as you rely upon the technologies of your world and deny your natural abilities by those substances that you take in. Hmm.

Truly a vast season of goodwill will bring immense terminations of those of displeasure. For like a cancer, those things of the dark will grow if you do not stem the tide with your thoughts of love. We spoke of the ether and how things remain in the ether. And so it is, that those ill thoughts and practices grow each and every day and pollute the ether, but those of love and kindness, who are still the majority, must fan in the way, the flames of love, hmm, and deny those dark forces.

Do not bring displeasure to your brother and neighbour, bring them hope and love and joy in the season and time of giving. Be of the pleasant man, who would look at somebody and pass the time of day with greetings and give them a hand should they fall. Do not neglect their needs for your own selfish practices. Feed them your thoughts of love so that they might see that truly, men have heart.

We completely understand how you must feel this time, but give to those, even if they selfishly hold back their gifts.

The thought of love is given to you all, help yourselves in your lives to help your children learn of respect and love.

Open your hearts and minds to our Lord, our father, and peace to you all will blossom as the primrose of spring. Amen.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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