15th January 2017 – Coping with bereavement

Note: The following was channeled after the passing to spirit of the Channels mother, her name is Valerie, not to be confused with his friend and co-creator of this blog site who is briefly mentioned in a few other messages. He has decided to share this even though it is mostly a personal message for him. It may help others coping with times of grief.

15th January 2017

Tragedies unfold before your eyes and as never before, your words are spoken with a meaningful heart to those loved ones who now remain upon this planet.

Give a thought to those who are in desperate need at this time, whose minds? are focused upon sanctuary and peace to live in a world united and without fear.

Blessed are they who come to the Lord and ask his forgiveness for their sins are simple ones and in need of restoration of the faith and the light of the Lord.

Your focus has become dimmed as pressures of life emit all around, bringing much sadness as you discover the feelings of love. You feel diminished, progress is slow and lives as we learn with each stroke the lessons to be learnt of life, of giving and of forgiveness and forbearance of others who art within your world and family.

Be blessed in the knowledge of our love this evening to yours and the families of those who grieve at this time as they miss their loved ones who have crossed the threshold of life. Be not ashamed to say of your sorrow and your tears, for to let them flow is the natural release to bring peace in your hearts.

Reflect on those times of your love and bring peace to your heart in the knowledge that all that could be done, was done.

With love in your heart, learning the message of love is a painful process through which many of your world will pass. Those who would ignore the lessons taught will become enveloped in their own dark place, but those who release that love, and their anguish of loss, will become universal in the light of love.

The message of love is clear to all who will open their (Channels note; my voice changes at this point) …. hearts and minds and listen to them, for it brings peace and love, knowledge and learning by which you may progress your souls path. Be not afraid of the love that is shown to you, even though it may be misunderstood at times, for you all belong within the family of the light.

Let not those who would misguide your being enter your lives, dissuade them of their intentions to deceive and let them know that you only issue love in return and your light will be seen as a beacon to them, reminding them of the love that they have missed through their eventful lives.

(Note: The next line doesn’t seem to make much sense, we are not sure what is meant by ‘the nudge’.)
I bring the nudge, irresponsibility with their thoughts of the lightning, but if they glimpse the light just the once, then they will see a path before them that they might take to bring peace upon their purpose and their soul.

Your love for your mother, Valerie was immense. She was a blessing to all who knew her, her purpose was great and her life unbeknown to her, for she became a child of the light, a newborn once more to the spirit from whence she came. Have peace in your heart in the knowledge that all rest in the everlasting love of the Lord.

Compromise your heart not with thoughts of invalid memories, for your memories are good. You display your emotions in love with respect, a tenderness of heart will be seen by many who witness the procession as it passes by.

We will once more call upon you to bring the messages of love to many as they sit and wait for a response.

To you, a passage of love will be given. Your strength grows and your souls will be great, but this is the path of love. The future holds many things to many individuals of your world, their paths may be unclear to them at this point in time, but they will all come to see the road upon which they tread. Their paths are many, varied and wide, but eventually all will reunite within the light.

Triumph was brought to him on seas of misconception, his eyes lit up with joy as he found himself a master of illusion, and beckoned to him and called his name as he came fourth. His words are of respect, but he must concede it was true by that of the media, for what does he believe in? How much different from yourselves with hopes and dreams. We will not speak of this tonight but reflect upon the matters of love.

Consider yourself a responsible person and reflect upon those times of intuition that all feel in these times of self. Bring forth your memories you have of the life of joy. Do not be sad for those who have lost in the battle of life, have once more crossed the barrier of life. Bring hope to others that their lives may be filled with joy. To reflect upon ones love is a responsible thing to do, to bring joy to others is a greater purpose to those who give.

Allow us your love now and reflect upon those many things that love has brought. Michael, I am here as a witness that you have lived a life of much shame and much goodness, for all journey the wild path of life. Bring peace to your heart and know that your journey has been long and varied with good reason, to encompass all before you. Help those who have a heart to listen, to understand that goodness exists within all who have reached out for our love in heaven and understanding.

Common practices dictate that the worship of the Lord is unnecessary, as who is he but a figment of the imagination? Ah, such short sighted few, who would speak these words, also speak of the Lord, but do not let it in, or allow others to see. Hmmm. For they have not strength of vision to become one of the light.

Sacrifice not your heart in despair, but illuminate it with hope and the love that he will bring to others. To bear witness to these things of sorrow is to bring joy to others, do not escape the hearts design for freedom. For in the love what bring free.

We cannot impress upon you enough the necessity to bring your purpose to bear on others. Neglect not your responsibilities at this time, but bring hope to those who have witnessed and experienced your expressions of love. For now we have come full circle in the light of man, bring peace to your heart in the knowledge that to become one with the light you must first experience pain.

Troubled minds bear witness to your words, you have become a teacher in many respects. Do not compromise your hearts wishes, but bring joy to those who have a will to listen. There are many aspects to life that have to be experienced with the passing of time. Within each phase a lesson is learnt that will bring joy and love within your thoughts.

Never be ashamed or disillusioned by those many that would overshadow your mind and say “It is but your imagination.” but if you know energy around you at this time, you comprehend not the path upon which you tread and although you feel we have the knowledge, there is much to be learnt.

Allow us to signify a time when peace will become a friend to all.

Your purposes are a blessing in disguise. It does not interfere with your meaningful expressions of emotion. Combat your fears for they are of the negative that would obstruct your path with thoughts of disillusionment and wickedness and insecurities. Know that yours is a path of joy in many respects, regardless of the situations you may find yourself in.

There are times within a man’s life when he must neglect his loved ones for his purpose to bring reflection upon his soul and even though it is a curse, it does not sacrifice the love, but strengthen it with new vigour of cleansed minds.

You must depart from your ways peoples of the world. Become one with the light and the beauty therein and establish a world upon which love may be reborn. Hmmm.

A commonwealth of many are with you, they stand by you, welcome them with open arms as you embrace your purpose. Fear not those of wicked minds, for their strength has no power, their only power is as ?.

Be that bright spark of light as a star shining in heaven.


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