24-01-17 U.S., Weather Warning, Suspicious Minds etc

24th January 2017

A word from the channel: First of all I would like to thank you all for your interest in my work with spirit and the messages that spirit have given us all to learn from. Just recently my faith and trust in spirit and God has been tested to the full as I lost my father in April last year, 2016 and more recently my mother who passed to spirit on the 6th January and just a top that of we were told that our dog has a condition that only gives him a year or two at most on this earth. To some it may seem strange to have this concern for what some would term “just a dog”, but if you have a heartfelt love for animals you will realise that we are no different to them as they have souls just as we do and are worthy of the same love that we give to our families and friends. I would like to ask you to bear with me at this time as my focus on spirit through trance has been somewhat, understandably hard to focus on. I will still continue to sit in trance, but at the moment it may only be on occasion, approximately once a week. I am sure after a period of time my connection to spirit will once more resume on a regular basis. Thank you once more for your love and interest in spirit through my trance, make God bless you all and like me when times get hard, do not lose faith as we know through the transcripts, through faith, that life continues and the next I mention of love, Michael.

Transcript of Message on 24th January 2017

Suspicious minds greet you with wary eyes, for they know not your troubles, but are aware of your being. Despite their neglect of the Lord they watch you with curious minds. For who is this man who would declare us unfit to rule the nations of the world, what is its purpose? What does he expect a gain? These are the men who stand aloof, watching over the many, not allowing them peace, for their world is ruled by greed and despondency.

At various times in the worlds history have seen such tyrants that would thwart the plans of peace, to bring misery to many and upheaval to the world. The upheaval caused brings much sorrow to many, in their homes and places of work, as they worship in their places of love, for their minds are focused upon how to gain an extra penny with which to assist in their finances.

Be assured that many will follow your words in anticipation of the one to come. For they know the words are good and brought by a being of exceptional status (spirit). We mean no harm to those of the world who would not listen to us, but be gentle with their minds and their thoughts and bring them peace as we proclaim ourselves “The Beings of Light” from whence you came and will return, as do all creatures upon the earth.

Envelop your heart’s with love and the nature of kindness to assist those, not just the pure of heart, but those who struggle with their circumstances that have befallen them. We mean to bring peace to your peoples, but alas the time is not now, for the roles must be played out, as if a play upon the stage of life.

Circumstances will permit us an audience with those men who do not wish you to know of our existence. We have a broad mind. Focus your love on the things that matter at this point in time of being.

Hmm, tremendous amounts of energy will be felt as the surge brings a force overwhelming to your coasts and lands of Europe.

We feel many tender hearts will suffer as they become aware of the losses incurred by these men of humiliation. Their torturous ways will not be permitted to continue within the nations of the continent. You will not hear of their demise, for they wish it to be kept behind closed doors.

You have come across men who do not believe, hmm, they think your mind is imbalanced. Propagate your love to envelop their hearts and souls and say to them, that your heart is good and intentions of Allah (God) are of the highest meaning. Be not ashamed of who you are, for although their focus, their focus is lost, bring about change in those who temper their words in well-meaning aggression, for they are unsure of the road they take and will not open their hearts to the blessings therein.

Willmott is a name, hmmm, of a man who has come into his own. He has chastity for much temperament to offer those who welcome his assistance. So often we find that the men who bear the most responsibility are those men who are less fortunate than yourselves, they bring peace to others through their thoughts of goodwill. Be at peace with those who would cause you concern, for they will learn in their own special way the true meaning of the light and that which it encompasses.

Balance of life has been altered in recent times. Persecution of the many has been rife. Your planet suffers at the hands of the man who would extract the barrels from her heart, she is weary of torment and will react in a storm, a surge, a wave that will decimate the hearts of many. A fair weather warning will be given to those who cross her path, but her secrets are hidden.

The man said “climate change was a lie!” What does he know, he is a contributing to the ill will, to your mother Earth humph.

His maiden is a lady who has struck a path with his heart, her sadness is obvious to be seen as she takes his hand in office. She cannot submit her will, for his forceful character will not permit her sanctuary in his heart.

Many men of your world lay bare their thoughts in their hearts if only you could see. They are unforgiving of fools who will mediate the many of their own kind to bring a purpose of wealth and not welfare.

To those others, the sanctimonious mind will strike at the hearts of those of love and he will tear out the very emotions in the performance of his duties. Careless talk will bring whispers of disillusionment of many but his office remains despite his words used.

What a sorry state, that union of men who have come forward to make themselves known. The politicians of your world misunderstand the thoughts and will of many as they discuss their futures! Bargain your minds not with intolerance for your blessings will be many. Ahhhh.

Conveyance is a word that brings much despair to many, as they sacrifice their homes to bring bread-and-butter to the table. Never has there been such a time since those early days when the Masters ruled. You are slaves of the establishment. A mastermind of your disappointments hides in the layers of bureaucracy. Be assured he will be found, for he is a mass (cancer) humph, beneath the skin of many hmmm.

Control your mind – (channels note; at this point I remember my thoughts go back to my late mother and Oscar our dog).

Feather weight minds will lash out at you as you instruct them upon the misgivings of those who would satisfy their minds with greed and power. Focus not upon the world as it is today, but of the future that will bring benefits to all. As in many things, pain must be endured to reach that point in time of nobility.

To your Masters we bring this message, “That we are here to condemn them, to ridicule them and show them for what they are.” We are not a master race, but we are a race of beings who would see justice done on your planet. Be not your hopes and fears but your love to beckon us forward in the time to come.

Your harvest is an annual event by which many celebrate, there is wisdom in this. Be calm as we allow ourselves to be seen once more in the skies of Oslo and of the European nations. Don’t be blinded by the fools who would deny us access to their minds. Bring us peace, as we bring you our love. Possibilities are abound if the rules are obeyed, will sacrifice of hearts and minds.

Your obedience is observed by many within the spirit world. A blessing this brought to you in ways you cannot understand and yet you are fearful for the times ahead, my boy. Be not ashamed to say that you have fears in your lives. We need not tell you that your concerns are real, but you must understand that all beings of life must terminate their time. Hope will be brought to you all through the Lord’s name, Jesus, as he ponders on many wishes of the heart, and we are of the light, the one being, creator of all.

Time to release and speak further of the book of love, for those who would listen, as assistance is offered on this day through your pages of the Internet. Bring peace to those who have fear in their hearts and allow them to see the words of wisdom as spoken by Jehovah.

May God’s love guide you, bring you peace and assurances of much love. Amen.


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