Personal Message to All

Some followers of the messages may well be wondering why there has been such a long silence from Michael, our channel. He has asked me to place a message on his behalf.

So far 2017 has brought Michael several weeks of extreme personal stress and much sadness. First of all the loss of his mother, a very serious illness of his beloved dog and now the very sudden and unexpected death of his wife. Not to mention coping with his own health problems throughout all of this and the stress of moving home, which was to be a joint venture with his wife and he will now do alone.

Michael has asked me to pass this news on to you so that you will understand why he is not attempting to channel messages at the moment. Although he intends to be back!

We all know that despite our belief systems and understanding that our loved ones never truly leave us, it is still a massive emotional blow, and of course we desperately miss their physical presence.

There was some indication in messages last year that a difficult time was ahead for Michael.

I know all who follow the messages will understand and be sending their thoughts out to him as he recovers from this traumatic time.


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